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Well really this is about me-- this is the story of one man's journey from having a negative impression of Mitt Romney to a positive impression of him.

I had read some negative things in the news and had a decidedly negative view. But as time went on I read some very impressive things about him and also read information that both contradicted and refuted things that gave a negative impression.

Eventually my opinion became more neutral and then quite positive.

In 2008, with less than two weeks before Super-Tuesday and less than one week before the Florida primary, I realized that Mitt Romney was probably going to lose, and it was simply because many people were like me in that much of the information they would come across would be negative and inaccurate, and they would probably never encounter many of the significant and important facts showing how impressive he was and the kind of leader he would be. On an impulse, I bought a url (the name aboutmitromney.com) on the evening of January 23rd, 2008 after getting home from work. I had no web-design or plan for what I would put on the site, other than I knew I wanted to find links to articles I had read that others might find useful or interesting.

I collected some information from searches on the internet and started to assemble it on a few very simple, yet primitive web-pages. Here is a picture of how the first screen full of the site looked right before super-Tuesday: home page pic

Of course viewers were relatively few, but I got some positive email and saw my site referenced in some blog comments that were after some articles.

This may have been a bad thing, because it just encouraged me to work on the site over the next few years in anticipation that he would run again in four years, and it has eaten up far more time than I ever wanted or expected.

But I wasn't doing this for my own bravado, and in fact most wouldn't know who I am anyway as I am just an ordinary person without fame. My first name is John, it may as well be John Doe for all anyone knows or should care.

After all, this is not about me, this is about Mitt Romney.com