Strategy for a Stronger America

Keeping Americans Safe at Home and Abroad

We must strengthen our military and transform our domestic civilian international efforts to meet a new generation of global challenges.

Confronting Radical Jihad

The consequences of ignoring this threat such as a radicalized Islamic actor possessing nuclear weapons are simply unacceptable.

Combating Nuclear Terrorism

We are faced today with the horrific proposition that those who speak of genocide are developing the capability to carry it out.

Strengthening Latin American Allies and Confronting Tyrants

It is time for the United States to adopt a Latin American strategy that will strengthen the institutions of freedom.

Winning the Global Economic Competition

We must improve America's global competitiveness and unleash the American economy through lower taxes and less government.

Ending Our Dependence on Foreign Oil

As long as we import much of our oil from unstable regions and countries, our national security and economic prosperity are threatened.

Curbing Out of Control Federal Spending

Politicians from both parties in Washington, D.C. have spent too much money on too many programs for far too long.

Ending the Tide of Illegal Immigrants

We must secure the border, implement an enforceable employer verification system, punish sanctuary cities and reject amnesty.

Reducing Spiraling Health Care Costs

A free market, federalist approach to make quality, affordable health insurance available to every American.

Confronting Threats to American Culture, Values, and Freedoms

The American values that have been at the heart of our historic rise to world leadership are being challenged everyday.

Raising the Bar on Education

Improving our schools is critical to the future of our country and our economy. Closing the achievement gap in our schools is the civil rights issue of our time.

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Our future depends on our willingness to hold to the principles that have guided and built our nation. It depends on leadership to craft and implement a Strategy for a Stronger America.