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Free Press endorses Romney, Obama

Voting in early caucus and primary races has shown that Americans have different opinions about who our next president should be. Even a small group like the Elko Daily Free Press editorial board had vastly different opinions about whom to endorse.

Our discussions resembled the mixed volley of results from the few presidential primary/caucus states that have voted so far.

We finally concluded former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama are the most likely to be successful at solving Nevada's major issues that have been festering under a dysfunctionally divided Congress.

On the Republican side, we support Romney because of his strong executive background and his ability to achieve results in a state that is dominated by members of the opposite party.

His “strategy for a stronger America” promises to lower taxes while improving education and making our nation more competitive in the global marketplace. He also understands the threat America faces from jihadists in the Middle East, and proposes a “Marshall Plan” to unify moderate Muslims against terrorism at its source.


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The Democratic candidates all plan to withdraw from Iraq as quickly as possible and dramatically increase spending on social programs. This week's debate in Las Vegas failed to draw much of a distinction between them.

However, we believe the one most likely to accomplish his goals is Sen. Barack Obama.

He has also pledged to consider the impact of royalties on mining, while Romney sent one of his five sons to visit an Elko County gold mine and learn more about the proposed legislation.

Make no mistake - this will be the make-or-break issue for northeastern Nevada voters in November. Our next president must be committed to preserving the hardrock mining industry in the United States.

We should note the Free Press endorsements followed earlier discussions in which we determined that the candidate who comes closest to reflecting rural Nevada's principles and values is Rep. Ron Paul, with his emphasis on limiting federal control and maintaining civil liberties.

We don't believe Paul will be the Republican nominee, but this former Libertarian may ultimately break away to become what this race needs - a credible third-party candidate.

In a contest with no clear leaders, the choices Nevada Democrats and Republicans make Saturday will be all the more important in determining who ends up on the ticket in November.

We urge all eligible voters to get involved in the caucuses and to stand up for their beliefs.

Members of the Elko Daily Free Press Editorial Board and writers of the editorials are Rhonda Zuraff, Jeffry Mullins and Doug McMurdo.

The community adviser is Larry Robb.

Community Speaks

Story Commenting Forum

All views and opinions expressed in user comments are solely those of the individual submitting the comment, and not those of the Elko Daily Free Press or its staff.

Oldster wrote on Jan 22, 2008 8:02 PM:

" I wouldn't hesitate to vote for a Muslim if I felt they were the best candidate. It's unfortunate that anyone feels this portion of the "myth" even requires "de-bunking". "

Philosophae Doctorate wrote on Jan 22, 2008 6:12 PM:

" Bigupa--why should no Hussein ever represent the US? How about a Sanchez, an O'Patrick, a Freitag? Is this how you vote; by name? Take your own suggestion and read up on the candidate, and I don't mean those idiotic emails that have been floating around about Obama being a muslim etc. They were debunked months ago. "

3450527 wrote on Jan 22, 2008 6:06 AM:

" Why do those in the media have an uncontrollable urge to tell us who we should vote for? Do we now have to suspend belief (as if we didn't already) whenever we see another story or editorial? Do we need now to take into account the paper's announced bias? Maybe I should be thankful that the bias is admitted to, instead of hidden and constantly denied like so many 'national' media sources... "

bigupa wrote on Jan 21, 2008 6:22 PM:

" I cannot support Barack Hussein Obama for president. In my opinion no Hussein should represent the United States. Call me crazy, but this should be a concern for all American's especially in this day and age.

I am registered Independant because I have supported republicans and democrats in the past and have not participated in their respective primaries. I chose to support Hilary Clinton and change party affiliation in an attempt to beat Obama in Nevada, it worked.

So please all concerned Nevadans read up on "Barack Hussein Obama", look past his color, and ask yourselves if a person with his past should be president. I say 'No' and will vote republican before Obama and I think other independants and democrats should do the same. "

michaelb wrote on Jan 19, 2008 9:34 AM:

" Please note the people who are now slandering Obama (not a muslim, gives the pledge without any complaint) are all right-wingers. They're trying to bring up the red scare, 2nd amendment, etc.

As a registered Republican, I disavow these tactics. Obama may have some progressive policies, but he's got a traditional, conservative approach to it. He doesn't want to ban all guns, he wants to allow states and cities to disallow the streetsweepers and assault rifles from their streets. In other words STATES RIGHTS on gun control. Live in a rural state? Your local politicians will not take away your guns.

The guy's the real deal. He got police support for videotaping confessions. He models his revolutionary, visionary style on Reagan's ability to create majorities in the 80's. It's not about labels, people. It's about ideas. Don't listen to the scare tactics; go to snopes.com to get the scoop on those liars. "

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