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   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

* Race42012.com Founder, Senior Editors

Founder, Managing Editor Kavon W. Nikrad:

''Of all the available choices, I believe that Mitt Romney stands the best chance of defeating Barack Obama and preserving the promise of America for generations to come. Mitt Romney has asked all of us to “believe in America” once again. In the end, I must admit that I believe in Mitt and his ability to return our nation to greatness.''

Senior Editor Dave Gaultier:

''My reasons for selecting Gov. Romney as my candidate are similar to those laid out by Kavon in his endorsement, so I won’t extrapolate on those points further. Instead, I will use this piece to focus on one key area in which Romney stands head-and-shoulders above his competition, and that is his ability to expand the GOP electoral map beyond the traditional “red states” that regularly leave Republicans struggling to break 270 electoral votes during presidential elections...

''I believe that Gov. Romney, if nominated, will almost certainly defeat President Obama, and will probably do so while winning close to 35 states.''

''Race42012.com began as Race42008.com in June of 2006. Traffic increased from a handful of visitors each day to hundreds of thousands of daily unique visitors at the height of primary season. Eventually, Race42008.com achieved a Top 100 Political Blog and Top 100 U.S. Political Blog designation from preeminent blog ranking site Technorati.com''

RedState.com Editor Erick Erickson

Note: Erick supported Romney in 2008. In the 2012 election cycle he has been very outspoken against Romney in a bewildering way. Some have wondered if it is because he has been paid off by opposition (at the beginning of this election cycle, redstate advertised his endorsement for sale, although redstate has challenged that they use the practice in an inappropriate way), if his biases have hardened this round (in his endorsement, he acknowledged that as a southern evangelical he had some discomfort with Romney over his religion), or if there is another explanation. Below is his endorsement and additional information:

''Were the Presidential Preference Primary held today, I'd be voting for MItt Romney...

''My preference is Rudy, but his positions on social matters prevent me from voting for him. I hope he'll have a come to Jesus moment...

''Romney has my vote...

''So if the Presidential Preference Primary in Georgia were tomorrow, I'd vote for Mitt. Sure, he has waffled on social issues -- but I think that highlights his pragmatic approach to politics. He was never going to get elected as a pro-life candidate in Massachusetts and he knew it. I won't fault him...

''At the same time, Mitt Romney does not excite me like he does some. He's very polished and very smooth. His RedState Radio interview was great...

''I'm left, at the moment, with several choices. The one I'd prefer (Rudy) won't get me with his presently held views on social issues. The one I'd love to go with (Brownback) just isn't viable right now. That leaves Mitt Romney and Insane McCain -- and that, as it is, is a no brainer for me.''

Bold: higher traffic site

''Giluiani had leadership. Romney had conservatism. Make no mistake about that.

''The people who want a conservative have found their man, it seems. Mitt Romney was pitch perfect and willing to talk social issues — something totally missing from Giuliani’s speech. And people noticed.

''I have to say that it was a tremendous speech. I actually could not listen to all of Rudy’s, but Mitt’s was great...

''Mitt was followed by Ann Coulter who put the red meat conservative seal of approval on him. It was an excellent speech that should resolve all fears conservatives have about Romney.

''The race is on -- it's now between Rudy and Mitt. McCain is a non-starter.''

During the 2008 election cycle, Romney had strong support on RedState. E.g. Romney took 2nd place, with Fred Thompson taking 1st place in an online RedState poll on Dec 10, 2007:

So far in the 2012 cycle, Romney supporters on Redstate have mostly been silenced. The few courageous people who boldly support the governor get attacked by moderators and sometimes banned.

The most outspoken supporters, the founders and operators of 'Why Romney?', have provided well documented arguments on and to redstate.

Following is a link to a very thorough article by 'Why Romney?' founder Ryan Larson addressing Erick Erickson on the events and statements that have occurred on Redstate this cycle:


★ Douglas Wilson, Townhall Chairman:
Why Romney Is Right for Iowa, America

''GOP voters sense a party without direction, one that has drifted from many of its core values in order to preserve power or placate perk-hungry voters. They also sense the high stakes, which explains their widespread discontent and indecisiveness: They’re afraid of making the wrong decision at a time when they feel they really need to make the right one.

''I know the feeling. I felt it myself...

''I carefully evaluated the candidates for the GOP nomination. It was a nerve-rattling experience... I considered many factors in selecting a candidate, but two in particular stand out a year later. First, I wanted to support a candidate who would unify the Republican coalition. Second, I wanted to support a candidate with a track record of extraordinary leadership.

''I found such a candidate in Mitt Romney...

''I wanted to retrace the steps of my thought process in the hopes of convincing Hawkeye State Republican - and independents - in New Hampshire, South Carolina and all across the country—to support Governor Romney.

''Romney Unifies the Republican Coalition

''To hear the media tell it these days, one might think the three parts of the Republican coalition—military conservatives, economic conservatives and social conservatives—are distinct entities with irreconcilable agendas...

''Of course, not every Republican ascribes to all three “legs” of the “stool.” But over the past 27 years, most Republicans have understood that the independent fate of each of these legs is inexorably intertwined with those of the other legs. So sometimes an economic conservative may not be a social conservative but might support a candidate who is in the hopes that the candidate will advance a free-market agenda. And so on with various other permutations.

''In a country of 300 million people, this is how politics works. And for Republicans it has to work this way because there simply aren’t enough military, economic or social conservatives who can, by themselves, carry a candidate to a national victory.

''In evaluating the candidates, I determined that Governor Romney is the best candidate to unify the Republican coalition—and therefore the most likely to defeat Clinton or Obama in November...

''Romney Is a Proven, Extraordinary Leader

''In my many years in the business world, I have seen firsthand the importance of leadership. I have seen companies succeed and fail, often due to the leadership capabilities of their executives.

''This year alone we have seen both great triumphs of leadership (General David Petraeus’ oversight of the surge in Iraq) and great failures (former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’s ham-handed management of the Justice Department). So when it comes to choosing a president, I place high value on leadership experience...

''Governor Romney not only has government leadership experience as Massachusetts’ former chief executive, but he also has private sector leadership experience...

''The Right Man at the Right Time

''Governor Romney’s ability to unify the Republican coalition and to provide effective leadership on his first day in the White House differentiate him from his GOP competitors, and position him to beat the Democratic nominee in November. I urge my fellow Republicans in Iowa and elsewhere to support the right man at the right time for our country: Governor Mitt Romney.''

''Doug Wilson is Chairman of Townhall.com, the leading conservative website in the U.S. He writes for Townhall.com and speaks around the world on the values that have made America great. He is the co-author with Ed Feulner, President of the Heritage Foundation, of the New York Times bestseller, Getting America Right: The True Conservative Values Our Nation Needs Today.''

(archived page — original link expired)

(Townhall had well over a million unique visitors a month in the months before the 2008 general election.)

Note: While Mr. Wilson is no longer the Chairman at Townhall, he has demonstrated continued support by posting a picture on his website of he and his wife with Mitt and Ann Romney, with the words "Political Ally" over the top. (Douglas Wilson - Public Policy)

David Brooks

* David Brooks, New York Times Op-Ed columnist

''Over the past several months, Mitt Romney has been an excellent presidential candidate. He has performed superbly in the debates. He has outorganized his rivals. He has relentlessly stayed on his core theme of putting Americans back to work...

''the challenges ahead are technically difficult. There’s a reason that no president since Reagan has been able to reform the tax code. There’s a reason no president save Obama has been able to pass health care reform. These are complicated issues that require a sophisticated inside game — navigating through the special interests, building complex coalitions. They are issues that require executive expertise...

''Romney’s skills are not to be underestimated. In the first place, he doesn’t throw interceptions. As with quarterbacks, the chief job of a president is not to give the game away with unforced errors. Romney does not take excessive risks. He doesn’t make decisions without advance preparation.

''He does adapt. It has been stunning to see how much better Romney is as a candidate this time around than in 2008. This improvement must have come from a pretty thorough period of self-examination and self-correction.

''He seems to know how to pick staff. His economic advisers include R. Glenn Hubbard of Columbia, Greg Mankiw of Harvard, former Senator Jim Talent and Vin Weber, a former congressman. This is the gold standard of adviser teams.

''He could probably work well with the leaders of his own party. If Romney were to be elected, he would probably share power with the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, and the House speaker, John Boehner...

''He comes from a blue state. Candidates who come from states where their party is in the minority are much more likely to be elected. In government, it really helps to have a feel for how people in the other party think. Neither President Obama nor George W. Bush had this.

''Finally, Romney can be dull. Political activists like exciting candidates. But most people, who have lower expectations from politics and politicians, just want them to provide basic order. They want government to be orderly so they can be daring in other spheres of their lives. Romney is the most predictable of the candidates and would make for the most soporific of presidents. That’s a good thing. Government would function better if partisan passions were on a lower flame.

''It’s exciting to have charismatic leaders. But often the best leaders in business, in government and in life are not glittering saviors. They are professionals you hire to get a job done.''

“Romney continues to run an impressive presidential campaign. Last week, ... Romney delivered his most important speech yet. It was politically astute and substantively bold, ... Romney grasped the toughest issue — how to reform entitlements to avoid a fiscal catastrophe — and he sketched out a sophisticated way to address it.

“The speech was built around the theme that government should be simpler, smarter and smaller. First, he established his bona fides. Romney reminded his listeners that when he went to work at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, he inherited a $370 million deficit. He left behind a $100 million surplus that went into an endowment fund.

“Then he argued that over the decades government has become bloated and lethargic. In World War II, the Navy commissioned 1,000 ships a year and had 1,000 employees in the purchasing department. Today, Romney said, we commission nine ships a year but have 24,000 employees in the department.

“Romney then laid out a measured fiscal strategy, starting with a promise to bring federal spending down to 20 percent of gross domestic product, which is about the precrisis average. He then turned to entitlements...

“The experts were impressed. The Romney campaign operates like a smooth-running White House, with a process to identify the core issues, cull ideas and present options to the candidate.

“In his speech, Romney proposed some sensible Social Security reforms: gradually raise the retirement age and slow the growth of benefits for richer retirees. His Medicare plan is more radical because the problems are more fundamental...

“Romney proposed keeping Medicare just as it is for everybody currently in or close to the system. But he would slowly introduce a premium support system, with less-affluent beneficiaries receiving more support than more-affluent ones.

“Many reporters claimed that the Romney approach is similar to the Paul Ryan plan. It’s actually closer to the plan that Pete Domenici, a former Republican senator, and Alice Rivlin, a former Clinton budget chief, devised. Romney would create a premium support system, but he would also give seniors the option of a government-run insurance plan that works a lot like the current fee-for-service Medicare.

“This is politically smart... But it is also substantively smart...

“Romney is running in an atmosphere in which it is extremely difficult to remain serious and substantive. Yet he is doing it. Democrats should not underestimate him.”

Mareen Dowd

* Mareen Dowd Pulitzer Prize Winning, NY Times Columnist

''We had two Christmas miracles this year. The first was that Kevin was there to celebrate his favorite holiday. After a random blood test last summer, my brother learned that he had a 20.3 centimeter malignant tumor in his kidney...

''Kevin survived to enjoy Christmas with his wife, Ellen, his three sons and his 15 crèches. I knew my favorite conservative was really sick when he stopped railing against the vast left-wing conspiracy. And I knew he was really well when he said he was ready to write his annual column...

''Here’s his political plum pudding:

''It’s time for some sense and sensibility... There’s only one who can beat Barack Obama. Romney was a governor and a businessman, and we will need that kind of expertise to pull us out of the president’s famous ditch...

''The Republican primary voter will not decide the general election. The independent voters, who deserted the Democrats in droves in the midterm elections and are poised to do so again, will be the determining factor. Republicans should be focused on who can win the general election, not who has the most muscular conservative DNA.

''Second, let’s get the conversation back to the president and his job performance. It will be easy to benchmark since he left office after two years and nine months to campaign full time for the same job but this time as the Republican populist Teddy Roosevelt...

''The Tea Party has many strong points: fiscal sanity, orderly demonstrations and a penchant for cleanliness that the Occupy Wall Street group should try to emulate. But they must understand they are part of the Republican defense against the president. They cannot run around like the Knights Templar ready to die for their ideals. They compared themselves to the soldiers in “Braveheart.” Did any of them see the end of that movie? I recommend they watch “Patton” and adopt his credo, “Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.” ...

''A lot is at stake in the next election: the Supreme Court, federal regulations on business, the American way of life. We should look at Europe (which the president so greatly admires) and ask if we want that to happen to us. In five years, it will be too late. If you think you’re better off now than you were four years ago, be sure to order “La Dolce Vita” and “The Fall of the Roman Empire” from Netflix.''

Martin Sieff

* Martin Sieff, Fox News Op-Ed columnist

''I love Herman Cain: I applauded Rick Perry’s entry into the presidential race. But if conservatives really want to roll back government, keep America out of new and far more dangerous foreign wars, generate new jobs and save the country from total financial ruin, they have only one realistic option: Rally behind Mitt Romney.

''How can I say this right after the revered George Will scathingly dismissed Romney as a flip-flopper and a “pretzel candidate?” ...

''Will has been even more contemptuous about Herman Cain. He’s dismissed Rick Perry. He was scathing about Michele Bachmann. His superior disdain for Sarah Palin before she decided not to run was so thick you could cut it. And who was the one candidate that ran whom Will loved and didn’t sneer at? Tim Pawlenty!

''To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, Will may like no one (except Pawlenty); But we’ve got to have someone. [... George Will in 2000 and 2004 sang hosannas to Bush II’s conservative credentials.]

''The first and most important reason for choosing Romney is that he, and only he, of the remaining Big Three candidates has any chance at all of beating Barack Obama.

''The second reason, which is never given, is that ... he would do far better in the White House to achieve the most important goals of conservatives than either Cain or Perry...

''All three Republican candidates left with a real chance are admirable men who would be a colossal improvement on the president: But ... Conservatives also need to wake up to the cold, hard reality that Rick Perry and Herman Cain have already shown by their actions and appointments that they will not be remotely as conservative as they claim if they win the presidency...

''Romney will also be his own man on foreign policy. Alone among the three leading Republican candidates, he has dared to buck the High Priests of Free Trade orthodoxy and stand up to China on the vital issue of defending American industry. He has shown the brains, the character and the courage to big liberal orthodoxy in this crucial area.

''George Will has always happily endorsed the reckless outsourcing of American manufacturing and wealth to China, so of course he hates Romney. Liberals from Bill Clinton and Thomas Friedman to Barack Obama love to outsource jobs and let American industry and business collapse at China’s expense. Just like George Will.

''Romney alone among leading GOP candidates combines sound principles of reduced taxation and smaller government with protecting our own economy. In these crucial areas, Perry simply lacks all credibility despite his jobs creation rate in Texas.

''Many of those jobs came just from expanding government, the same trick Obama tries. Perry has shown not the slightest recognition that the United States is bigger than Texas and he will have to learn a lot more to govern in Washington than he ever did in Austin. And Cain is widely perceived as too off the wall outside the conservative base.

''Right now, my own “dream-ticket” would be Romney-Cain...

''Another remarkable reality is that it was Gerald Ford and the first President Bush, whom conservatives hated at the time, who did more to truly cut government spending and shrink the federal deficit than the far more popular Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

''Because Romney comes from the same GOP tradition as Ford and Bush I, he will also have the confidence to reject the super-hawks on foreign policy who will try and lead him by the nose into reckless new foreign wars as they did with George W. Bush...

''Romney is the one who can deliver the goods for conservatives on the most crucial issues when he gets to the White House. Remember, it was George W. Bush, the hero of George Will, who famously chocked on that pretzel – not Mitt Romney.''

Martin Sieff

* John Stimpson, Fox News Op-Ed column

''At a time when economic insecurity will be the paramount issue for voters, he is the Republican Party’s best chance to win the White House in 2012.

''Not since Jimmy Carter was president has there been such a crisis of confidence in America. Unemployment remains above 9 percent. Our debt-to-GDP ratio is more than 95%, a trajectory that is unsustainable.

''Standard & Poor’s recently downgraded the country’s coveted AAA credit rating. And our elected leaders continue to kick the can down the road on reforming Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the country’s three major budget-busters...

''At a time when jobs and the economy will be the two overriding issues among voters, the focus in this presidential election will be who is best qualified to turn America around and get the economy back on track. That candidate is Mitt Romney.''

Jonathan Alter
Jonathan Alter

''On the July 24 edition of MSNBC's Imus in the Morning, Newsweek senior editor Jonathan Alter characterized Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) as having "more baggage than Paris Hilton on the Riviera." Suggesting that "calling her [Clinton] the front-runner is silly at this point," Alter instead touted two potential Republican candidates -- Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).''

» Magazine and newspaper endorsements

* Ramesh Ponnuru, Senior Editor - National Review

''Romney isn’t merely the candidate who is likely to win the Republican primaries. He’s the candidate who should win them...

''In 2008 he was the candidate behind whom Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, among other conservative notables, said that the conservative movement should rally in order to stop John McCain from getting the nomination. He has not moved left since that time...

''If Romney was to McCain’s right then, he is still. He’s to George W. Bush’s right, too. Bush never came out for the Medicare reform Romney has endorsed. Bush never said that Roe v. Wade should be overturned, either...

''A President Romney’s judicial nominees would be superior to President Obama’s simply because he would not be trying to stack the bench with liberal activists. But they are likely to far exceed that low bar. Each Republican president since the Nixon-Ford era has nominated a higher percentage of conservatives as justices to the Supreme Court than his predecessor. That’s mostly a testament to the growth and development of the conservative legal network. Romney is likely to look for nominees whom conservative lawyers like — Robert Bork is a top adviser — who are professionally accomplished, and who cannot be portrayed as extreme. If Republicans hold the Senate they will almost certainly be confirmed. If they do not, they will probably be confirmed.

''Romney’s regulatory agencies will be relatively restrained. His appointees to the National Labor Relations Board will not punish Boeing for locating a plant in a right-to-work state. He will act, within the limits of his legal authority, to keep the Environmental Protection Agency from imposing expensive restrictions on carbon emissions. He will reinstate conscience protections for pro-life health-care workers...

''Romney’s public positions and his political interests both suggest he would govern as a conservative, albeit a cautious one...

''Weighed against the available alternatives, Romney comes out ahead — way ahead — because he is the only one of the primary candidates with a good shot at achieving a prerequisite for advancing a conservative agenda as president: namely, actually becoming president...

''He is also reasonable, articulate — phenomenally articulate, by the standards of recent Republican presidential candidates — and reassuring. Democrats will try to make him into a scary figure, but they will have less to work with than if Republicans nominated Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Perry, or Rick Santorum.''

* Toronto Sun Columnist - Mitt’s the man

''If I were an American voter, my main priority would be to get rid of Barack Obama as president. He simply isn’t up to the job...

''Perhaps, the greatest failing of President Obama is that he inspires so little faith in the future.

''A president is a symbol of the county. A leader. He (or she) can instill confidence, optimism, hope, resolve, determination — a whole mess of attributes. Obama doesn’t do this — hence the endemic pessimism that seems spread over America...

''OK, so it’s pretty well a given that Obama has not delivered the hope and prospects so many expected of him — and which he had categorically promised.

''Just as Obama was elected for “change,” it may be important that he’s defeated for “change.” But who among the current Republican contenders can do it? ...

''While Gingrich is acknowledged as the smartest, most innovative and exciting of the contenders, it could also be argued that he’s the one Obama is most likely to beat, head-to-head.

''I get the feeling (and what do I know?) that America has had a bellyful of Gingrich and wants to move beyond him. The only one who seems to appeal to the middle — if not the ideological extremes — is Mitt Romney.

''More importantly — since he seems sensible, decent, relatively able if he were to get the job — he’s the only one of the Republican contenders who has a chance of knocking off Obama.

''Polls in New Hampshire, where the Manchester Union Leader resides, show Romney with double the support of Gingrich in the state, with everyone else in their tailwind. Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum bring up the rear with 2.3% and 1.8% support respectively.

''For Americans who want Obama gone, the choice seems simple: Will they take it?''

* Boston Herald Op-ed - Mitt is a Republican’s sanest bet

''Romney may be too vanilla for some. But if the Republicans want to win back the Senate (and the White House), he’d be just the right flavor''

★ Paul Mirengoff— Attorney leading a high-traffic blog

''It is time for Republicans to get serious. After flirting with just about every candidate in a large presidential field, is is time to come home to the one candidate who has the demonstrated ability to run the largest organization in the United States, the Executive Branch of the federal government; who has never been touched by the slightest taint of scandal; whose success in the private sector makes him the outsider that Republicans say they are looking for; and who has by far the best chance of beating President Obama: Mitt Romney...

''I am sure he is not as conservative as I am. But he has a solid record of conservative accomplishment as governor of Massachusetts, and if you check out his economic plan, you will find it to be entirely Reaganite, updated for the crisis we face today...

''In electing a president, we are choosing someone to run the Executive Branch. A leader, to be sure, but not a speechmaker, a bomb-thrower, a quipster, a television personality or an exemplar of ideological purity. At this point in our history, the United States desperately needs a leader who understands the economy, the world of business, and, more generally, how the world works. We have had more than enough of a leader who was good at giving speeches and was ideologically pure, but who had no clue how the economy works or how the federal government can be administered without resort to graft and corruption. It is time for a president who knows what he is doing...

''Mitt Romney is the best, by a very wide margin... Let’s itemize Romney’s virtues.

''First, he is a tremendously smart, competent and hard-working person. Many people do not realize what it takes to achieve the extraordinary business success to which Romney devoted most of his adult life. We have, currently, a president who is not particularly bright, knows little of business, has no idea how to run an organization–never having done so before 2009–and would rather golf than work. Replacing this cipher with Mitt Romney, one of the most capable men of his generation, would be an almost unimaginable improvement.

''Second, Romney has led an exemplary life. He is, by any ordinary measure, an exceptionally good man. Maybe you care about this, maybe you don’t. My own view is that character counts, usually in ways you can’t foresee. Moreover, to put a purely pragmatic spin on it, the Democrats have nothing on him. Sure, they can mount an anti-Mormon whispering campaign, and they will. But it is highly unlikely that bigotry alone can derail a presidential candidate, especially one as upright as Romney.

''Third, Romney has exactly the expertise we need for the next four years. Our country faces an enormous economic and fiscal crisis, brought on by years of politically-motivated fecklessness. We desperately need a president who understands why economic growth occurs and how jobs are created... If ever we needed a president with Mitt Romney’s skills and expertise, that time is now.

''Fourth, Romney can and will, I think, beat Barack Obama. The purpose of a political party is to win elections. It would be terminally stupid for the Republican Party to nominate a candidate whose weaknesses more or less guarantee defeat when it has, readily at hand, a candidate who can win...

''So: I endorse Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee for president in 2012. I think he can win, and I think there is a real chance that he could be a great president. Perhaps the man and the hour will meet, as with Churchill in 1940 and Reagan in 1980. But at a bare minimum, Romney can beat Barack Obama, and will be an infinitely better president. The time has come for Republicans to coalesce behind their best candidate.''

Why I'll vote for Romney - PowerlineBlog - Paul

''The rest of the Republican world has pretty much decided whether it prefers John McCain or Mitt Romney. Now, finally, I have too... voting on the basis of electability is often a fool's errand... The decision thus comes down to policy and effectiveness. I give Romney the edge on both counts...

''Nothing in Romney's record as governor (as opposed to his record as a candidate for office in liberal Massachusetts) suggests that he won't govern as a reasonably reliable conservative...

''Finally, we get to the question of effectiveness and administrative ability. Romney has demonstrated these qualities throughout his career; McCain not so much.''

Powerline Blog received upwards of 250,000 unique visitors in the months leading up to the 2008 general election. It is a blog led by three attornies, one of which is Paul Mirengoff.

» More endorsements and commentary from leading legal professionals

PREZ '08: Why You Should Vote for Mitt Romney - ConservativeBlogger.com

''I've seen a lot of politicians and, when I've seen and talked to Mitt Romney, I absolutely sense his passion--and it's a passion for America.

''Folks, believe me when I tell you that this man did not plan his career around aspirations for the presidency. It wasn't his goal or his plan to be President. He felt it was his responsibility to run because he knows that things in Washington are broken. He sees what we all see--dissatisfaction and discontent from voters over the fact that Washington never makes progress on anything...

''I'm not typically in the business of telling people for whom they should cast their vote but, to me...this time...the stakes are much higher. I feel that in order to take this country back and right the ship, we need to elect Mitt Romney to the White House.

''I don't make endorsements lightly or give away my vote easily. Not at all. You shouldn't either. A candidate for President should submit to your scrutiny and your standards and I believe Mitt Romney passes that test. I know he does for me.

''The only way things will ever get better in Washington is if we send someone to clean things up.''

Hot Air - Bryan

Bryan, one of Hot Air's two main bloggers during the 2008 presidential primary, after posting this Hannity endorsement, noted in the comments section that he will also vote for Romney:

''Fwiw, I’ll be voting for Mitt.

''apacalyps, I’m a Southern Baptist social/eco/national security con.''

''Hot Air was launched on April 24, 2006, with Michelle Malkin as founder/CEO. Since then, the site has become one of the largest right-of-center blogs on the Internet.''

The month after Bryan's endorsement, Ed Morrissey joined HotAir. (Ed also endorsed Romney. For Ed's and additional blogger's endorsements, see blue link below.)

» Additional blogger endorsements (to right of news endorsements)

Paul Allen
Paul Allen

Why I Support Mitt Romney for President - PaulAllen.net

''I'm excited by Mitt's candidancy and want to publicly declare my support for him...

''I am supporting Romney because I believe he will be the most capable administrator of the largest government in the world, and that he will tackle head on problems that traditional politicians have swept under the carpet for decades, postponing any solutions because they are afraid of the political fallout for rocking the boat...

''I truly believe that Romney's approach to governing this nation will be solid and sound because it will be based on tried and proven business, leadership and financial principles, learned from very large-scale real world business experience -- experience that no other candidate has.

''In a nation that needs a financial turnaround (our national debt is $8.7 trillion and climbing fast -- check out this national debt clock). We need a turn around artist, a gifted and articulate leader with a great vision for change and a penchant for surrounding himself with results-oriented people who won't get embroiled in petty partisan politics, but who will actual make the difficult decisions necessary to solve the problems we are facing.

''As an investor, Mitt Romney had to find CEOs who could deliver results and he did. He knows how to identify and attract great people to his team. When he stepped in to save the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, he built a team that turned these games into a huge success, when they had been on the brink of serious disaster.

''As the governor of Massachusetts, Romney turned a huge deficit into a balanced budget, while at the same time addressing major health care and educational issues at the state level (where they should be managed.) ...

''I believe Mitt Romney will form the most effective and efficient team of any president in modern history. I believe the national debt will be attacked head on. Romney will recognize that our nation will become insolvent if we don't change our current course. He will find a way to reduce the tremendous burden the national debt places on every American.

''I believe that his leadership will inspire new solutions in education, energy, and health care, but that they won't be top down federal government mandates. I think he will be open minded to out of the box thinking and innovation. As an investor, he's definitely manifest the ability to see where things are going and back the right ideas and people. He'll do the same as President of the United States...

''Mitt's willingness to subject himself, his family, and his religion to unprecedented and vitriolic attacts, in order to win the presidency and help turn this country around demonstrates his desire to be a public servant...

''I encourage everyone to take a very close look at Mitt Romney, whose great capacity to solve problems and create value for stakeholders will help build an America that we can be proud of. An American that will remain a great nation with strong families and communities, stay competitive in the face of unprecendented challenges from Asian economies, and once again provide leadership to the world to rally together in times of crisis, when our enemies attack.

''I believed in Reagan and I believe in Romney, and I've struggled to believe in between.''

Not the Microsoft Paul Allen. This Paul Allen has founded Infobases and other companies. His blog received close to 20,000 visitors a month in the months leading up to the 2008 general election.

Politico Contributor Terry Michael

“No one else in either party’s field of presidential wannabes comes close to Romney’s communication skill and executive presence. He makes Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., look like just another charming candidate for high school class president.

“For the past year, I have been haranguing the college political journalists I teach with the prediction that Romney is going to get the Republican nomination and will likely be the next president, because Democrats have no farm team of successful governors. And America almost never elects a sitting member of Congress president (only three times in our history, Garfield in 1880, Harding in 1920 and Kennedy in 1960) because voters intuitively know the difference between a legislator and a leader.

“But I have been hedging that bet lately, after George Bush drove Republicans over an electoral cliff ... Can anyone wearing an elephant label overcome those liabilities in 2008, even if Democrats can draw a presidential candidate only from their legislative bench? ...

“Mitt Romney is Bill Clinton with his pants up.

“I’m a social-cultural leftie ... So, I find it kind of appalling that I find him appealing.”

"Terry Michael is executive director of the Washington Center for Politics & Journalism."

Only Republican in San Fran
Matt S.

The Only Republican in San Francisco

“As I've said before, Romney is my top pick for 2008. He's not just a doctrinaire fiscal conservative, like your humble host, but someone who actually has made government succeed under conservative principles.

“Now, while I would not underestimate him, I suspect he won't be the presidential nominee in 2008. He's got the management and the economics right, which are my focus...

“I think a likely ticket will be McCain/Romney... That would put him on the ticket in 2016, or perhaps 2012...

“I am not incredibly impressed with McCain, personally.”

“In a previous post, I hooked my very preliminary wagon to Mitt Romney for 2008...

“Mitt’s candidacy will basically depend on whether the Republicans decide they are a conservative party or not. If not, they will go with a Giuliani or a McCain, but both of them will have trouble with the base, IMHO. I don’t think they will bring out the big bucks...

“For the mainstream Republicans (which include free-marketeers like yours truly and family-values proponents), he will be extremely attractive.

“He has shown an impressive ability to govern as a conservative in an overwhelmingly liberal state. He comes from a business background, with a great emphasis on analytics and outcomes.”