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Meat Loaf



“ “... I want you to know that there is one man who will stand tall in this country and fight the storm and bring the United States back to what it should be – Gov. Mitt Romney,” Meat Loaf said to roars from a crowd packed into a football stadium here.

“ “Like I said, never before have I endorsed a single candidate ’til now, so let me hear y’all repeat after me,” Meat Loaf said, leading a call-and-response with Mitt Romney’s name, the crowd repeating it after him.

“Meat Loaf wasn’t done. After playing a musical interlude, the musician grabbed the microphone – which at times was decorated with a red cape – and continued his endorsement.

“ “Mitt Romney has got the backbone,” he said. “Go out and vote. Let me tell you what: I know there’s one thing that you’ve been taught your whole life, is that you never argue politics or religion with your friends. But 2012 is completely different.

“ “I have been arguing for Mitt Romney for a year,” he said. “I made three phone calls today to Democrats in California, and I got two of them to switch to Romney, so two out of three ain’t bad. So you get out there...

“ “Look, these guys have other things to do, you know – they have lives,” Romney said. “They can go to a concert where they’re getting paid, but they decided instead, because this election counts so much, to come here, and I want to thank them for their generosity and support.”

“At the end of the rally, as fireworks went off overhead, Meat Loaf joined Romney on stage and the two joined to sing “America the Beautiful” together.

“In an amusing coincidence, Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, appeared earlier today on the daytime cooking show hosted by Rachel Ray, during which she made her husband’s favorite dish: Meatloaf.”

Joining Meat Loaf, former Lonestar lead singer, country star John Rich, and also country star Randy Owens performed in support of Mitt Romney.

The Marshall Tucker Band also performed for Romney:

“Hitting Ohio during the final two-days included performances by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Sam Moore, The Marshall Tucker Band, country star Rodney Atkins, gospel-country group The Oak Ridge Boys, and Tim Rushlow (lead singer of hit-making group Little Texas), while various other artists including Big & Rich, Trace Adkins, Meat Loaf, John Ondrasik (Five for Fighting), Cowboy Troy, Lee Greenwood, Ricky Skaggs, Mark Wills, Lorrie Morgan, JoDee Messina, The Roys, Jamie O’Neal, Bryan White, Jett Williams, Baillie & The Boys, Lisa Matassa, Jeff Foxworthy, Collin Raye, John Michael Montgomery, T.G. Sheppard and more have criss-crossed the United States to entertain crowds at rally events...

“Christian artist Michael W. Smith endorses the Romney...

“Rodney Atkins adds, “I support what Gov. Romney plans to do to support our military and families. And furthermore, I just believe in Governor Romney.” ”

Lynyrd Skynyrd frontman

Lynyrd Skynyrd frontman


“Lynyrd Skynyrd frontman Johnny Van Zant is looking to make a new name for the band in Republican politics.

“The singer recently lent his star power to Florida Republican Ted Yoho, who scored a surprise upset of Rep. Cliff Stearns in a congressional primary earlier this week. Van Zant is also supporting Mitt Romney’s presidential bid, and will be on hand at the Republican National Convention where the band is slated to perform alongside Trace Adkins and Kid Rock...

“ “I did not vote for President Obama … His whole platform was change, change. Well, very little has changed I know for the people that are our fans,” Van Zant said...

“Van Zant, a former Democrat, says he was inspired by President Ronald Reagan.”

Janine Turner

Janine Turner - played Maggie O'Connell on Northern Exposure

“America's entrepreneurship was fostered by our founding father's vision of a republic-- a small government limited by the constitution's enumerated powers.

“Speaking of a republic, when Benjamin Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall, after signing the constitution, he walked out and a woman approached him, and said ‘Sir, sir, what have you given us?’

“And he said, 'A republic, ma'am, if you can keep it.'

“I believe the best way to keep our republican form of government is with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan...

“Mitt Romney will preserve this exceptional American legacy… Mitt Romney will restore the American dream.”

In the above video, Turner was not the only celeb supporting Romney.

The Oakridge Boys performed 'Amazing Grace' (at the 50 minute mark), but first they said "It's an honor and a pleasure for the Oakridge Boys to be here to represent our great party and to represent Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for the next president and vice president of the United States."

Neal Boyd, Opera Singer and winner of 2008 America's Got Talent performed 'God Bless the U.S.A. (I'm Proud to be An American)' (at the 16:50 mark) then did a shout out that included "God Bless America -- We built it!"

Country star Lane Turner performed "I Built It" at the 38 minute mark.

Many other groups are being featured live during the three day convention, including 3 Doors Down, Kid Rock and Trace Adkins.

“Other big names that performed and/or attended the RNC this week included Journey, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Taylor Hicks, Kid Rock, Dave Navarro, 3 Doors Down, Zac Brown, and Sara Evans.

Other Popular Singers Include:

“North Carolina native behind 40 #1 hits & 6 Grammy Awards to perform at Governor Romney event in Asheville, NC on Thursday...

Platinum-selling country star Ronnie Milsap will appear and perform at the Victory Rally with Governor Romney in Asheville, NC...

“Numerous entertainers, including Kid Rock, Sam Moore, Lee Greenwood, Trace Adkins, Jo Dee Messina, Collin Raye, Jamie O’Neal and more, have joined the campaign to bring Mitt Romney to the White House.”

“Muscians who support Mitt Romney. Were you aware?

“1. Kid Rock, 2. Lynyrd Skynyrd, 3. Aerosmith's Joe Perry, 4. Avenged Sevenfold, 5. Beach Boys, 6. Charlie Daniels, 7. Sammy Hagar, 10. Dave Mustaine, 11. Styx, 12. Gene Simmons, 13. Alabama, 14. Ted Nugent, 15. Meatloaf, 16. Rush, 17. Bobby Steele, 18. LL Cool J, 19. Chad Sexton, 20. Dave Smalley, 21. Joe Escalante, 22. Michale Graves, 23. Shawnee Smith, 24. Brad Whitford.”

Other Hollywood Celebrities, Musicians and Comedians:

“With powerful endorsements from celebrities like Clint Eastwood and Robert Duvall for Mitt Romney as President, some in the Hollywood, Entertainment and Sports industries are calling this season the “Romney Revolution.” ...

“Kelsey Grammer, Chuck Norris, Andy Garcia, Jon Voight, Patricia Heaton, Dean Cain, James Caan, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Selleck, Gary Sinese, James Woods, Erik Estrada, and Lorenzo Lamas are endorsing Romney.

“Other Hollywood types include Jerry Bruckheimer, David Zucker, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Jon Cryer, Victoria Jackson, Angie Harmon, Gerald McRaney, Heidi Montag, Connie Stevens, Joe Eszterhas, Powers Booth, Scott Biao, and John Ratzenberger...

“Also, in the music field on the Romney Revolution are Kelly Clarkson, Donny and Marie Osmond, Charlie Daniels, Ted Nugent, Lee Greenwood, John Rich, Daddy Yankee, John Ondrasik, Joe Perry, Hank Williams Jr., Gretchen Wilson, Gene Simmons, and Randy Owen from Alabama...

“Other comedians endorsing Romney include Dennis Miller, Drew Carey, Adam Sandler, and Adam Carolla.”

'Dirty Jobs' Star Mike Rowe

“People say politics is a dirty job, but lucky for Mitt Romney, he's bringing in an expert who is used to rolling up his sleeves.

“Mike Rowe, the host of The Discovery Channel TV show "Dirty Jobs," is joining Romney in Ohio Wednesday after offering Romney his vote...”

Leah Messer

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer

“ “Teen Mom” Leah Messer will definitely be voting in the upcoming election. So, who will the MTV star be voting for? After Tuesday night’s heated debate, Leah has endorsed republican candidate Mitt Romney, Wet Paint reported on Oct. 17.

“Leah understands the importance of voting this next month’s election, as the younger generation will inherit the country in whatever economic state it’s in over the coming years.”

“Like Alexandria Sekella of the soon to air TM3, Leah voiced her support for Mitt Romney.”

Actress Melissa Joan Hart

“Melissa Joan Hart Verified ‏@MelissaJoanHart Can’t get too political in only 140 chac but for those asking, I’m voting #RomneyRyan.”

Actor Chuck Woolery

TV Star Chuck Woolery has been actively supporting Mitt Romny. For example:

Follow-up Tweet:

"I was able to sum up the election in about 7 words."

"Quick Chuck Facts: ...

" • Filmed over 2,000 episodes of Love Connection.

" • Has hosted Wheel of Fortune, Love Connection, Scrabble, The Home and Family Show, The Chuck Woolery Show, The Dating Game, Greed and Lingo

" • Chuck’s current show, Lingo, is Game Show Network’s #1 show..."

Actress Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash

Stacey responds to twitter followers with courage and class:

“When Stacey charmed audiences so memorably opposite Alicia Silverstone in 1995's Clueless, her performance only confirmed what many in Hollywood had anticipated from her debut on both The Cosby Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and from her precocious comic turn as Richard Pryor's daughter in Moving (1988), opposite Damon Wayans in Mo Money (1992), and starring with Mark Wahlberg in Renaissance Man (1995). Along with reprising her character in the Clueless TV series, Stacey has worked steadily in television and movies.

“Last year she grabbed everyone's attention as Kanye West's woman of mystery in the music video All Falls Down. She'll next be seen starring with Michelle Pfeiffer and re-teaming with her Clueless director Amy Heckerling in the romantic comedy, I Could Never Be Your Woman.”

Stacey talks about Mitt Romney, the twitter reaction, etc. - Oct 9, 2012

The following article has additional info on the furor and her reaction.

Nicki Minaj

Singer Nicki Minaj

“The renouned rapper stunned her predominately African-American fan base recently when she appeared to slam President Obama as being "lazy" in Lil' Wayne's song "Mercy (Remix)"

“ "I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy b------ is f------ up the economy," Minaj rapped...

“ "Haha. Team Nicki! I Love Mitt Romney too. I, like Nicki, worked hard for my wealth and refuse to let Obama dictate who I share it with!" Paul Brown tweeted.”

Whether caving under fan-pressure or not serious in the first place:

“President Obama appeared to suggest as much in an interview with the Orlando, Fla., radio station Power 95.3. Asked whether he thought Ms. Minaj’s lyric was an authentic endorsement of his rival, Mr. Obama said: “I’m not sure that’s actually what happened. I think she had a song on there, that – a little rap that said that. But she likes to play different characters.”

“Ms. Minaj gave credence to the president’s interpretation of the song on Monday, writing in a post on her Twitter account: “Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humor & sarcasm Mr. President, the smart ones always do…” ”

Actor Scott Baio

“The actor, now starring in Nick at Nite’s new comedy, “See Dad Run,” stopped by Access Hollywood Live on Friday where he explained why he supports the Republican Presidential nominee.

“ “I believe in Governor Romney for a lot of different reasons. I’ve met him many times and he’s a straight up guy, he’s a good guy, great family man [and] his kids are fantastic,” Scott told Kit Hoover and Billy Bush. “I think we need to be fixed in this country.” ...

“The former “Charles in Charge” star has been actively involved in the Romney campaign and plans to continue to help out however he can.”

Scott Baio

Scott Baio

"The star from the '70s sitcom "Happy Days" gave the legal limit to Romney's campaign in November. He has also made a few appearances on behalf of Romney"

Orson Bean

Orson Bean

"The actor who played Roy Bender, Karen McCluskey's love interest on "Desperate Housewives" in 2009, and was a popular guest on Johnny Carson's show and a regular game show host since the 1960s, donated a total of $1,000 to the Romney campaign in December and March of this year. The popular host of "To Tell the Truth" is a well-known conservative who was father-in-law to the late Andrew Breitbart."

Jerry Bruckheimer

Jerry Bruckheimer

"One of the richest men in Hollywood, the film and TV producer who created "CSI," "The Amazing Race," and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies donated the maximum individual amount to Mitt Romney in March. He's been seen at a couple of Romney fundraisers... he must have had a change of heart in 2002. Before then, the vast majority of his contributions were to Democrats."

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon

"The CEO of WWE and Wrestlemania creator has contributed the $2,500 legal limit to the Romney campaign. He jumped aboard Romney's political train early. His contribution came in June of last year."

Tina Sloan

Tina Sloan

"This soap star who played Lillian Raines on "Guiding Light" gave $500 to the Romney campaign in November. She attended the same Hollywood fundraiser as Scott Baio. On her Twitter account, she describes herself as the mother of a Marine who served eight years and was deployed to Iraq."

The above endorsements are documented at:

Clint Eastwood

“SUN VALLEY, Idaho (AP) - Clint Eastwood just made Mitt Romney's day.

“The "Dirty Harry" star and Oscar-winning director of "Unforgiven" and "Million Dollar Baby" endorsed the Republican presidential candidate Friday night during a Sun Valley fundraiser.

“ "I think the country needs a boost," Eastwood told The Associated Press as he joined other Romney supporters for the private campaign event.

“Standing at Romney's side, Eastwood said he was filming "Mystic River" in Massachusetts almost a decade ago when he first saw political advertisements featuring Romney, who was running for governor at the time.

“ "I said, God, this guy, he's too handsome to be governor, but he does look like he could be president," Eastwood joked. "As the years have gone by I began to think even more so about that."

“Eastwood, 82, said he hoped Romney would restore "a decent tax system that we need badly ... so that there's a fairness and people are not pitted against one another as who's paying taxes and who isn't." ”

"It's now more important than ever that we need Gov. Romney and I'm going to be voting for him as I know most of you will be ... we've got to just spread the word and get the whole country behind this..." — Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood's much talked about speech, Aug 30, 2012

(During Clint's speech, an audience member yelled a couple times 'Clint, Make my day!' Finally the crowd got him to lead them in that. He got a huge reaction from the crowd his whole, entertaining speech.)

Chuck Norris

“Truthfully, I believe that Mitt has the skills and organization to defeat Obama and stop his fundamental transformation of America.”

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy


“Time for Republicans to unite behind Gov/ Romney, a great leader who can win the White House and rebuild our economy for all Americans.”

“Foxworthy, a Georgia native, said Romney has the experience needed to get the U.S. economy back on track.

“ "I avoided politics for 53 years," he said. I don't like politics, I don't like big government. But I do love this country...Mitt Romney is the guy with the best chance to beat Obama and take this country back." ”

Comedian Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez


“Now, Mitt Romney has comedian Paul Rodriguez, an erstwhile Democrat who voted for Obama in 2008.

“Rodriguez is featured in a new radio advertisement in Spanish that tells Latinos that the Nov. 6 presidential election comes down to “the type of future we want to leave to our children.” ”

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent

“In case you didn't know, Ted Nugent really, really, really likes guns. The Motor City Madman is known for his conservative views on... well, everything...

“He talked to Romney by phone while he was at a sporting goods store in Michigan "celebrating the orgy of guns and ammos and bows and arrows and camouflage clothing and hunting and fishing and outdoor family supplies."

“Before endorsing him, Nugent demanded that Romney pledge there would be no new gun laws or restrictions on Second Amendment rights in his administration. Romney obliged. Nugent also warned Romney about the "out of control" U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

“Nugent said "America is in a suicidal tailspin" but he decided Romney has the "best shot at bringing the U.S. Constitution, common sense, and the American way back to the White House."

“Nugent tweeted his endorsement on March 2 (sic):

“after a long heart&soul conversation with MittRomney today I concluded this goodman will properly represent we the people & I endorsed him”

Trace Adkins

Country Star Trace Adkins: “I want to be able to whole-heartedly support the nominee... It's going to be Mitt Romney and I'm going to support him 100%.”

April 14, 2012

Lane Turner

Country star Lane Turner (see pictures and info here: NewCountryStar.com): "Mitt Romney will preserve this exceptional American legacy. Barack Obama will destroy it."

Kid Rock

“Before a packed crowd of more than 1000 supporters, presidential candidate Mitt Romney accepted the endorsement of Kid Rock tonight at the Royal Oak Music Theater. Kid Rock and band then performed his anthem "Born Free," which has become the Romney campaign theme.”

Kid Rock performs Born Free for Romney Supporters - Feb 27, 2012

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, famous real-estate mogul, star of hit reality show "The Apprentice" and presidential candidate, endorses Mitt Romney:

“ "Mitt is tough. He is smart," Trump said with Romney at his side at the brief announcement at a Las Vegas hotel bearing his name.

“ "It is my honor, real honor, and privilege to endorse Mitt Romney," Trump added.”

"You look at what's going on with China, you look at what's going on with the other OPEC nations and how they are absolutely destroying this country, and he's the only one who talks about it," Trump told a group of reporters at an impromptu news conference in Las Vegas. "So that was very important to me. I thought he did very well in the debates, that was very important.... I think if he debates that well, I don't think Obama will fare well against him."

After Donald Trump announced that he will be backing Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, the business tycoon told Neil Cavuto why he made his decision to back the former Massachusetts governor.

“I think that he will do really well. I loved his performance in the last two debates. I thought they were great and if he performs that way he will beat Obama very, very decisively in the debates and, I think, the election.”

Trump said that he certainly wouldn’t run for president if Romney gets the nomination.

When it comes to Newt Gingrich, he said, “I do like him. I do respect him, and he’s a member of my club in Washington. He’s a good guy, but I do think that Mitt Romney, who is also somebody I like and respect, I’ve said that also from the beginning, he’s going do very well against Obama.”

“If the right person gets in, this country becomes great again. That’s all I get out of it,” Trump said.

Trump holds his own against Fox - March 16, 2012

Melania Trump


Melania Trump

hosts fundraising party for Ann Romney's birthday

"Her birthday may be Monday, but some of the biggest gifts Ann Romney brings in will come the day after.

"Mrs. Romney is the guest of honor at a birthday fundraising event Tuesday in New York City for the campaign, hosted by Donald Trump's wife, Melania.

"Trump spokesman Michael Cohen said 400 people are expected at the event in the couple's residence inside Trump Tower. Cohen said the event sold out in a week, and is expected to bring in "well in excess" of $600,000.

"Cohen said Trump will stop by the fundraiser to wish Mrs. Romney a happy birthday."

Ivanka Trump - March 28, 2012

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan

“Four years ago, Lindsay Lohan referred to Obama’s Presidential victory as “amazing,” but cut to 2012, and it seems the “Mean Girls” star has had a serious change of heart.

“ “I think unemployment is very important for now, so as of now I think (my vote) is Mitt Romney,” Lohan told reporters, including FOX411′s Pop Tarts, at the Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink Launch Party Los Angeles on Thursday night.”

Gene Simmons

KISS bass player endorses Romney 1-27-2012, reafirms endorsement 4-3-2012

"Count Simmons in the Mitt Romney camp..." [Big Hollywood then shows a clip of why]

Interviewer: "Who do you like in the Republican primary?"

Gene: "... and who's got a chance? Mitt Romney’s got a chance … and he’s got the experience. He’s run successful companies, knows how to make money... [It's] Who can do the job, and I believe Mitt Romney and President Obama are going to have a very good dialog, and I want to hear that."

“I voted for Pres. Obama last time, but I have to say, I'm very disappointed in his job. He's been a piss-poor president as far as I'm concerned. Mitt Romney has some issues I don't like, but I will tell you, he's much more qualified. He's a businessman, ran the Olympics into profit, it was a disaster before he came along. He's run businesses. He knows how to create jobs. President Obama is a wonderful family man, and that's about where the resume stops, actually.”

“Gene Simmons is most famous for sticking out his tongue while singing in the band KISS, but now he’s sticking out his tongue at President Obama too. Simmons appeared on Varney & Co. this morning and told Stuart Varney that he is embarrassed by the fact that he voted for Obama in 2008. Coming from a man who usually wears make-up in public, that’s certainly saying a lot...

“ “I want my vote back. This is a good man . . . but I don’t think the man is qualified to understand the structure and what business needs, which is to be well-informed. . . . Our President had two years of local experience, was born in Hawaii and never ran a business in his life.” ”

Rapper Shyne


Bad Boy Rapper Shyne

Shyne: “Obama... He's another corny one. I hate corny people, man. What's corny is when you don't do what you say. And when your actions don't make sense. His actions don't make sense... I don't believe in all that not because you black, you don't get a pass. If you're corny, you're corny. Thank G*! he was the president and showed America that an African-American is just as good as anybody else, but after that he don't get no passes. Screw him.”

MTV: “So, if you could vote, if you were allowed to vote, at this point, would he get your support?”

Shyne: “I'd vote for Romney... Obama ain't got no love, man!”

“The former Bad Boy rapper took to social media to make a statement about the present administration’s foreign policy.

“How obama put the hit on kadafy but assad murdering tens of thousands of his own people in Syria & nobody doing nothing?”

“... Shyne is the son of Frances Imeon Myvette and Dean Barrow, the current Prime Minister of Belize.”

Jane and Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt's Mom


''Two days after the Springfield, Mo., News-Leader printed a letter to the editor penned by one Jane Pitt, LGBT activist group ThinkProgress identified the author of the Mitt Romney-supporting, gay-marriage-opposing missive as Brad's mother... the same woman whose son once said that he and his girlfriend wouldn't marry until everyone could legally tie the knot.''

Incidentally, Brad and Angelina Jolie's plan to get married anyway. Also, Angelina's dad, John Voight is also a Romney supporter:

Jon Voight

The star of "Midnight Cowboy" and father of Angelina Jolie.

''Voight told the crowd he was backing Romney because he was "strong" and "honest." He declared President Obama had "decided to follow his father's footsteps and take us to socialism." ...

''Explaining to the audience that he wasn't sure how to "chit chat with a famous actor" when he phoned Voight to ask for his support, Romney said he decided to talk about his kids.

''"I started talking about my five boys," the candidate explained. "I said, you know, it's easier to raise boys than girls. Well, after a long pause, he says, 'Tell me about it.'" ''

“Because he’s honest, because he’s charitable, because he’s pro-Israel,” Voight replied when I asked him today why he had endorsed Romney. “He’s a great guy, a great man... and he has a passion for Israel...”

“He’s a friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, and that speaks well, because I think Benjamin Netanyahu is a great man,” Voight added. “I think it would be a big relief for all Israelis who have any understanding of present politics to have a President Romney.”

Outdoor Television show Host Rob Keck

Endorses Mitt Romney:

“As a hunter, as a conservationist, and as a father and grandfather, I’m very concerned about the future of America and the ability we have to pass along our rich hunting and angling heritage to the next generation. In order to ensure that America’s future is as bright as our past, we need an outstanding and trusted leader, someone who understands business and can fix our economy – that man is Mitt Romney. Mitt also understands the importance of wildlife conservation, as well as hunting and angling’s economic and political engine that powers America. He will ensure that this tradition continues and is strengthened.

“It is time to ‘Answer the Call,’ and express the power of the American sportsmen and women. I urge you to head to the polls this primary season and put Mitt Romney in the White House. He will fix America and lead the way in helping protect and preserve our rich hunting and fishing heritage. Please cast your vote for Mitt in this primary season and elect him this November.”

Cindy Crawford  

Cindy Crawford

''President Barack Obama has lost the support of one worldwide figure – super model Cindy Crawford. She helped out Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney with his $10.25 million fundraising telethon Monday, Politico reports. In 2008 the 45-year-old Crawford supported Obama.''

Update: ''Crawford, who sported Obama apparel during the last presidential election also contributed monetarily to his campaign... Annett Wolf, a spokesman for Crawford told CNN she appeared in the video as a favor to Romney's son, with whom she is friendly. "She's not politically aligned with any party or candidate," Wolf said.''

Randy Owen, musician and lead singer of legendary group Alabama (RandyOwen.com), Pat Boone, a popular singer whose latest album came out in 2006 (wikipedia) and who was the second most popular singer of the late-50's early-60's (after Elvis Presley - tsimon.com), and the Osmonds, all supported Mitt Romney.

Famous TV personality and producer, Robin Leach, who first became well known by hosting and producing "Lifestyles of the Rich and famous", also supported Mitt Romney, as did Joseph Abboud, famous fashion designer and chairman of Joseph Abboud Worldwide.

Former Miss America, Charlene Wells Hawkes also supported Mitt Romney, stating "Mitt Romney gave Utah world-class leadership. He turned around our Olympics."

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, "Porn legend Jenna Jameson... The adult-entertainment pioneer exposed her political preference for Mitt Romney Thursday night while sipping champagne in the VIP room of a San Francisco gentlemen's club... Jameson's political leanings appear to have changed since 2007, when she said during an interview with PR.com that Democrats are better...

"Ron Jeremy - who was named the No. 1 Porn Star Of All Time by Adult Video News - recently told the Boston Herald that while Romney is a "good man" and an "amazing father," he'll be casting his vote for President Obama come November."

The Naked Cowboy

“The Naked Cowboy, the most recognized of all Times Square street performers, has hit the “campaign tail” for the Republican nominee. Robert Burck, aka the Naked Cowboy, took to his Times Square post on Tuesday (October 23) with politics on his mind, and the name “Romney” inked across his tighty-whities.

“ “I believe in a small, decentralized, fiscally responsible federal government,” he told CBS Local. ”I believe in an economy with free market principals, and I believe in the strongest national defense on earth. And those are the antithesis of all the things Obama is doing.” ”

Hulk Hogan

Interview on Oct 9, 2012:

Marc Lamont Hill: “You're also supporting Mitt Romney? That's the word on the street.”

Hulk Hogan: “That's where I'm at right now.

“Something needs to change in this country. There's no reason why this country shouldn't be up and running and everybody healthy and happy and prosperous, and in abundance, and We need a change, you know.” ...

Marc: “Does Mitt know you're endorsing him?”

Hulk: “I think he knows I'm on the team. I showed up at an event down in Tampa, smoked my peace.”

Buzz Bissinger

Buzz Bissinger, a sports columnist for The Daily Beast, is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and the author of Friday Night Lights and Three Nights in August. He is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair.”

“After the president’s debate performance in Denver, this lifelong Democrat has made a difficult decision: he’s given up on Barack Obama. Even if his own wife doesn’t approve...

“This is not a frivolous decision, nor is it an easy one. I grew up on the Upper West Side of New York, arguably the country’s nexus of liberalogy...

“Voting for a president is based on a combination of factual and emotional perception. The tipping point was last week’s debate in Denver... I have never seen a performance worse than Obama’s, distracted, his head dipped into the podium as if avoiding the smell of something rotten, acting above the very idea that a debate does provide a pivotal referendum on his first term as it has for all incumbent presidents... But there was more than the entitlement of entitlement. He struck me as burnt out, tired of selling his message although he has always been terrible at selling his message when it veers from idealism into the practical.

“By instinct I still cling to my Democrat roots. But I admit that as I get older, on the cusp of 58, I am moving more to the center or even tweaking right, or at least not tied to any ideology... having seen firsthand on a sustained basis the cesspool of crime and crack and teenage prostitution and sinking-house dilapidation in which 25 percent of my hometown, the city of Philadelphia, lives, in poverty... and ask yourself how urban policy has even been a part of the president’s agenda.

“The tipping point toward a candidate is perhaps the greatest act of individuality in our unique democracy, although in this day and age of unprecedented political divide, telling somebody who you are voting for has no upside: There is no respect for your right as a citizen, but outright hatred from those who do not agree with you. I fear that I will lose friends, some of whom I hold inside my heart. Of course, I will also lose friends I really don’t like anyway.

“In my other life, as the afternoon talk show host for CBS WPHT-AM in Philadelphia, I have studied the issues assiduously, or as assiduously as I can given their complexities. I know that both candidates, while agreeing on health-care reform, have radically different ideas. I know that when Romney says people with preexisting conditions will be reinsured, he leaves out the gigantic footnote that first they had to have coverage through their jobs. But I also question the ability of Obamacare to control costs, given the administrative nightmare that exists when government is involved. One of the Obamacare methods of cutting those costs, the computerization of hospital records, has resulted in massive fraud by cheating doctors.

“At the debate, Romney did not simply act like he wanted to be president. He wants to be president. He showed vigor, and enthusiasm, and excitement, a man who wants to lead... But he also revealed compassion... He recognized the needs of the poor. He recognized the need for regulation...

“Democratic supporters offered the usual antidotes to Obama’s debate performance: he was tired from running the country, the mile-high air got to him (which is why Al Gore is better off with the midlife crisis of a beard). But I don’t see Obama spending much time running the country, unless you count his recent appearance on The View, where he was far more animated and charming than during the debate.

“He has said nary a word about the debacle in Benghazi in Libya where ambassador Chris Stevens was killed amidst all sort of questions over adequate security. While getting a tongue bath from Whoopi, he rejected meeting with Middle East leaders during the UN General Assembly, so essential in dealing with a region where personal relationships make a profound difference. As Syria burns more fiercely than ever, now enveloping Turkey with its own use of military force, he purposely stays as far away from it as he can, presumably until after the election if at all...

“Four years ago, all Obama had to do was speak and everyone swooned. That was four years ago. It is now four years later. He is no longer the chosen one. He is just too cool for school in a country desperate for the infectiousness of rejuvenation.

“Romney has it.

“Our president no longer does.”

“Both presidential campaigns have tried at various times to co-opt the often-quoted pre-game chant, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." ...

“ "Friday Night Lights" author Buzz Bissinger endorsed Mitt Romney on Monday, lending some legitimacy to his campaign's use of the Dillon Panthers’ catchphrase...

“The Obama campaign quoted the slogan this May... The Romney campaign... on Sunday.”


Super Star Kris Kancler

Sober Super Star


“This is THE most patriotic song ever to be recorded in modern times”


Olympian medal winners share their views and support of Mitt Romney at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Olympic gold medalist Kim Rhode, 5 Olympic medal winner in 5 consecutive Winter Olympic games in trap and skeet shooting:

“I'm honored to share the stage tonight with a handful of Olympic champions. Allow me to introduce them to you:

“ • Dan Jansen, an American favorite throughout four Olympiads and gold medalist.

“ • Andy Gabel, a four time short-track speed skating Olympian, and a silver medal winner.

“ • Rowdy Gaines, an Olympic Hall of Famer, and a three time Olympic gold medal winner.

“ • Lea Ann Parsely, a silver medalist in the women’s skeleton in 2002.

“ • Noelle Pikus Pace, the 2007 skeleton World Champion and 2010 Olympian.

“ • Bill Schuffenhaer, a three-time Olympian and an Olympic bobsled silver medalist in 2002.

“ • Jimmy Shea, the only third-generation Olympian, winning the gold medal in skeleton in 2002.

“ • Jean Racine-Prahm, a two-time World Cup champion bobsledder, and two-time Olympian.

“ • Scott Hamilton, an American icon and 1984 gold medalist known for his backflip.

“ • Christopher Devlin-Young, an American Paralympic alpine skier who won two Gold medals and two Silver medals.

“ • Derek Parra, a gold and silver medalist speed skater in 2002.

“ • Mike Eruzione, Captain of the 1980 Winter Olympics U.S. hockey team that defeated the Soviet Union in the famous Miracle on Ice game...

“I came here tonight because I believe that today our country is off-target. We need the leadership of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to turn our country around so the millions of Americans who have taken aim at their own dreams — whatever they may be — have the opportunity for those dreams to come true just like our Olympic dreams did.

“We need strong leadership, we need new leadership and we need it now.

“We are here on stage because we know America needs the leadership of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!

“Thank you and goodnight.”

Mike Eruzione:

Captain of 1980 Gold-Medal winning, Miracle-on-Ice, U.S.Hockey Team.

“I am honored to have this opportunity tonight to talk with you about the global significance of the Olympic movement – its ideals and its meaning – and how it was rescued by Mitt Romney...

“I was fortunate to compete in the Olympics as the captain of the 1980 U.S. “Miracle on Ice” hockey team. And that team was proud and honored to light the cauldron for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. That action, of passing along the flame of the Olympic spirit symbolizes something grander than all of us...

“As a result of the 2002 Olympics, I had the opportunity to get to know Mitt and Ann Romney and to see what they have accomplished.

“Mitt is a brilliant leader who is committed to the highest ideals... Just like the Olympics needed Mitt’s leadership 10 years ago, America desperately needs Mitt Romney’s leadership today...

“Thank you.”

Derek Parra:

Gold-Medalist Speed Skator.

“Today our country is struggling. But the right leaders can inspire us to push on, to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and to accomplish great things.

“Mitt Romney is that kind of leader.

“Thank you and God bless!”

Speed skater Dan Jansen at Romney call day, says Mitt ‘turned the Olympics around, and he'll turn the country around.’ ”

''Dan Jansen, Olympic speed skating gold medalist, also spoke in support of Romney. Jansen said he met Romney while the governor was overseeing the Olympics.''

Olympic Skeleton racer Jim Shea supported Mitt Romney for president as did speed skater Derek Parra. Derek Parra, who won a gold and silver in speed skating, stated in his support of Romney during the presidential primary: "I won a gold medal in the Salt Lake Olympics. But there was another big winner, Mitt Romney, the world-class leader who saved our Olympics." (Parra also keeps on his website a copy of a speech Governor Romney gave that has a touching ending that refers to Derek. DerekParra.com - Reflections in the Ice)

Christina Yamaguchi

Kristi Yamaguchi, the olympic figure skating champion also supported Mitt Romney.

"As an athlete you're training your whole life for that one moment at the Olympics. Mitt Romney brought a huge sense of hope." — Christina Yamaguchi


Jack NIcklaus

''Romney routinely brings surrogates on the road with him, but an icon like Nicklaus, who holds the record for most major golf tournament victories and is widely regarded as the greatest golfer ever, adds sporting star power to the campaign.

''Ohio native Nicklaus, 72, will join Romney at a victory rally in Westerville, a suburb of Columbus, early on Wednesday. Romney holds two more events that day, including a round-table with business leaders in Bedford Heights near Cleveland, followed by a rally in Toledo...

''Other celebrities who have appeared with Romney include singer Kid Rock, whose anthem "Born Free" is a staple at Romney campaign events; comedian Jeff Foxworthy; Nascar race champion Darrell Waltrip; and US Olympians, including hockey star Mike Eruzione who joined Romney at the Republican convention.''

PGA Tour golf star Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler


“Rickie Fowler declared his support for Mitt Romney and got some negative reaction.

“That didn't seem to faze the young star and for the most part took the high road on Twitter. His 412,000 followers seem to have stayed steady.

“Fowler has a good geographic resume to understand the electorate. ...

“people who unfollow me...u don't have to let me know you did so...getting a tweet from u makes me feel better tho :) #yourchoice ...

“Gaining followers...the new ones are better than the blocked/unfollowers :)”

John Elway

Former Denver Broncos Quarterback and current executive vice president of football operations for the Broncos, John Elway has endorsed Mitt Romney:

“Governor Romney is a proven leader with the experience and background to turn around our struggling economy,” Elway said in a statement. “In these tough economic times, we need a president who understands how to get America working again – by standing on the side of taxpayers and small-business owners who do the real job creating. I am endorsing Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan for President and Vice President because I know having the courage to make decisions and tackle challenges is what leads to results and real change. America needs a comeback team – Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are that team.”

Todd Helton, 5 time MLB All-Star, a 1st Baseman with the Colorado Rockies record for home runs, hits and RBIs:

“Roughly 10,000 people packed into the concert venue west of Denver, with thousands more turned away at the door... Colorado Rockies legend Todd Helton showed up to give his endorsement.”

Bart Starr

A Green-bay Packers Quarterback who led the team to five NFL titles and two Super Bowl Championships, Bart Starr then became the head coach of the Packers. He had this to say:

“During the course of my football and business careers, I have had the great honor of meeting and associating with many outstanding leaders. This list includes some of the best football coaches of all time and numerous small-business owners. There are certain consistent qualities in each of these men – integrity, unselfishness, vision, dedication, and a willingness to unify individuals into a team – that I see in Governor Mitt Romney. He has been successful in every endeavor he has pursued, and I have every confidence that, if elected president, he would continue that remarkable level of success.”

Greg Anthoney

Former NBA and UNLV star Greg Anthony, who was point guard for UNLV's 1990 National Champions team:

''Mitt Romney isn’t an ex-college baseball stud like the first President Bush and doesn’t have the air of a jock, but that hasn’t stopped a slew of pro athletes and coaches from backing the ex-Bay State guv.

''A review of campaign finance filings shows Romney has gotten significant support from the pro sports world, raking in maximum $2,300 donations from Boston Celtics vice president Danny Ainge¹, New England Patriots honcho Bob Kraft², Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid and legendary sportscaster Vin Scully. Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back-turned-ESPN analyst Merril Hoge has also chipped in $1,000 to Romney’s campaign, records show.''

And the Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Jason Babin has also been vocal about his support for Mitt Romney.

Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears offense still may be a work in progress, but the veteran quarterback says he has arrived at a decision on how to cast his vote in Tuesday's presidential election.

“Appearing on his weekly segment of the "Jay Cutler Show" on WMVP-AM 1000 on Monday, the Bears quarterback was asked by co-host Tom Waddle about his voting preference: Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.

“ "That's a touchy subject," Cutler said initially. "Yeah, I have been following the debates and everything. I do live in Tennessee. I'm voting for Mitt (Romney) this election season." ”

Sam Wyche, who played for the Bengals in the 1960s and coached the team in the 1980s, was the campaign’s headliner at the tailgate party in front of the bus... Wyche, who lives in Greenville, S.C., said he was uncommitted during the Republican primary but came around to Romney after the first two debates.

“ “We need a businessman,” he told RCP.”

“New York Yankees star Alex Rodriquez and center for the New York Jets, Nick Mangold

Yet others include NBC Sports analyst (and former golf champion) Johnny Miller, and Baltimore Ravens Tight End Todd Heap.

In addition, pro tennis player from 1988 to 2000 and sports commentator Jim Courier, Orlando Magic owner Richard DeVos, and Kansas City Royals player George Brett are all supporters of Mitt Romney.

Romney even got some pinstripe love. Yankee President Randy Levine was one of the 140 donors kicking in $2,500 to help the former governor of Massachusetts, the home of Red Sox Nation.

H. Wayne Huizenga, owner of the Miami Dolphins joined the Florida finance committee to elect Mitt Romney on March 20, 2007.

"Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and New York Jets owner Woody Johnson are publicly supporting Romney and have been raising money for the former Massachusetts governor."

Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons and John Smoltz, Atlanta Braves pitcher are also supporters of Mitt Romney.

Another Atlanta Braves notable supporting Mitt Romney is back to back National League MVP Dale Murphy, their former centerfielder. (Weekly Standard - Dec 11, 2007)

Other major league baseball supporters of Romney (some of whom also supported McCain or others) include:

Arizona Diamondbacks CEO and general partner Jeff Morad, and the Diamondbacks managing general partner Ken Kendrick, who stated, "I hope to get a good leader for our country". Cincinnati Reds President/CEO Robert Castellini and his wife, National League champion team Colorado Rockies vice chairman Dick Monfort, Milwaukee Brewers principle owner Mark Attanasio, and St. Louis Cardinals general partner and chairman William DeWitt Jr.

Peter Karmanos, Co-Owner of three hockey teams: the Carolina Hurricanes; the Plymouth Whalers; and the Florida Everblades.

Former Portland Trail Blazer and 16-year NBA veteran Chris Dudley endorses Mitt Romney, stating:

“I am proud to endorse Mitt Romney for president because he has the leadership, business and governing experience to lead our nation back to greatness."

Completing pro-sports leadership support from New England:

Boston Celtics owner and managing partner Stephen G. Pagliuca (people.forbes.com), who also was a Duke basketball player (WEEI SportsRadio Network) supported Mitt Romney for president.

''As a Managing Partner and Chairman of the Basketball Committee, Pagliuca has focused on enhancing the development and improvement of the Celtics basketball operations. [The Celtics are 17 time World Champions.] Mr. Pagliuca also serves as a member of the NBA Board of Governors and the NBA Competition Committee... He is currently the Chairman of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children [MSPCC], Chairman of the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, Co Chair of the Inner City Scholarship Fund and serves on the international board of The Right To Play, a worldwide children's development group that utilizes Olympic athletes to promote children's health and safety. He is also a Trustee of the Bain Capital Children's Charity.'' (nba.com)

Ironically, Pagliuca, who was born in Brooklin, NY as the grandson of an Italian immigrant shoemaker, is a democrat who ran for the democrat nomination for Kennedy's senate seat in 2010. "Though a progressive and big donor to Democrats, he has contributed to the Republican campaigns of Mitt Romney, his former boss." (wsj.com)

When challenged in the democrat debates, candidate Pagliuca refused to express any regrets for supporting Romney. When asked if he could do it all again, he refused to say he would not support Romney again. (Because a Bush supporter gave Pagliuca $300,000 for the MSPCC children's charity, Pagliuca said he felt obligated to make a donation to Bush's primary campaign, and that was a mistake, but indicated that it was no mistake to support Romney.)

Stephen Pagliuca lost to Martha Coakley in the democrat primary, who then lost to Scott Brown (who also supported Mitt Romney for president) in the general election.

¹ Danny Ainge is also a retired pro baseball and basketball player who ''became one of the important pieces of the [Boston Celtics] team that won the NBA title in 1984 and 1986, and a major contributor of the mid to late 1980s Celtics teams.''

² ''Robert Kraft announced his intention to bring New England a championship the day he bought the Patriots in 1994. In the 14 years since, he has made good on that pledge several times over, as the Patriots have won an unrivaled three Super Bowls, five conference championships and eight division championships during that time...

''In the four seasons immediately preceding Kraft's acquisition (1990-93), the Patriots compiled an NFL-worst 14-50 (.219) overall record, which included a 1-15 finish in 1990 and a 2-14 record in 1992. They were not only last in the standings, they were also last in attendance and in overall revenue. But it didn't take long for Kraft's vision to come into focus...

''The year he bought the team, season ticket sales soared to new heights, eclipsing 40,000 for the first time in franchise history. By the start of his first season, every game was sold out, a feat that had not been accomplished in the franchise's previous 34 seasons. The achievement ensured that local broadcast blackouts would be lifted and every Patriots game, home and away, would be televised throughout New England for the first time in team history.''