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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

★ American Conservative Union Chairman Al Cardenas

Al Cardenas
Al Cardenas


Announcing his support, ACU Chairman Al Cardenas said, “Throughout this campaign I have heard from many candidates on how they are uniquely qualified to get our country back on track. While I am proud of all of them, I know that one man stands head and shoulders above the rest. That man is Mitt Romney. I have seen him up close for many years and I know he is the conservative we need to lead our country. Throughout his life, he has shown proven experience in job creation, balancing budgets, and turning around troubled enterprises. I’m also quite proud of his vision for the future that he has outlined, including his plan for more jobs, lower taxes, and less government. America needs Mitt Romney and I am pleased to stand with him.”

“Ahead of today's meeting, Al Cardenas said, "Governor Romney rightly believes that the best ally of peace in the world is a strong America. He sees the new generation of challenges confronting our nation from abroad, and he is ready to lead our country. I am proud to be among this distinguished group working with Governor Romney." ” ((Governor Mitt Romney Announces Latin American Policy Advisory Group - Feb 28, 2007)

Cardenas is the former two-term Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida. While in this role, he was appointed by the Republican National Committee Chairman to serve on the Executive Committee. He was the first Hispanic to head a major state party and remains the only Hispanic Republican Party Chairman in Florida history. In 2004, he served as Co-Chair of the Bush-Cheney Florida campaign. He is a regular opinion editorial columnist for El Diario, the largest circulating Spanish-speaking newspaper in America, and has appeared frequently on many English and Spanish TV news programs. Cardenas has represented Florida at every Republican National Convention since 1976 and held positions for both Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. In Florida, Governor Jeb Bush appointed him to the Board of Trustees of FAMU. He is also a national board member of the American Conservative Union. He was recently named as one of Poder Magazine's Top 50 Most Powerful Hispanics. Cardenas is currently a partner in the Tew Cardenas law firm which has offices in Miami, Tallahassee and Washington, D.C.

David Keene
David Keene


David Keene Endorses Romney - 2008

"Keene, who endorsed Romney on Thursday, tells Newsmax that Romney is a ''good conservative'' and ''the best of the bunch.'' " (NewsMax)

David Keene is President of the American Conservative Union, the country's oldest and largest conservative grass roots organization, which has one million members.

Judge Robert Bork

Judge Robert Bork

“Mitt Romney deeply understands that the rule of law and the integrity of our courts are essential components of our nation’s strength and must be preserved. He will nominate judges who faithfully adhere to the Constitution’s text, structure, and history and he will carry out the duties of President as a zealous defender of the Constitution. We fully support Mitt Romney’s campaign and look forward to working with other members of the committee as we advise him on today’s pressing legal issues.” (Judge Robert Bork in joint statement)

''No other candidate will do more to advance the conservative judicial movement than Governor Mitt Romney.'' (Judge Robert Bork)

Robert Bork, a best-selling author, was a supreme court nominee by Ronald Reagan.

Chief Counsels, partners and other prominent attorneys representing and fighting for conservative groups and causes have also come out in favor of Governor Mitt Romney.

» Endorsements and comments from leading legal professionals

Many, many of the people in Ronald Reagan's inner circle have come out in favor of Mitt Romney, including the people who managed and worked on Reagan's campaigns, members of his cabinet, and friends and political appointees.

These people include John Bolton, Bay Buchanan, James Baker, and many others.


Ann Coulter


★ Ann Coulter

''Coulter continued, “Right now by far and away, no matter what the media tells you listeners — Romney is the odds on favorite and he’s a pretty good candidate. I did not think he could win a year ago. But now, I think Obama has such a glass jaw and Romney has done very well. I think Romney could actually beat Obama.” ''

"Romney is the strongest candidate. I think republicans want to beat Obama, and Romney is the best one to do that... Romney is by far the most conservative, tied with Michele Bachmann..."

(Ann Coulter on Hannity - Dec 14, 2011)

“The mainstream media keep pushing alternatives to Mitt Romney not only because they are terrified of running against him, but also because they want to keep Republicans fighting, allowing Democrats to get a four-month jump on us.

“Meanwhile, everyone knows the nominee is going to be Romney...

“He is not part of the Washington establishment, so he won’t be caught taking money from Freddie Mac or cutting commercials with Nancy Pelosi.

“Also, Romney will be the first Republican presidential nominee since Ronald Reagan who can talk. Liberals are going to have to dust off their playbook from 30 years ago to figure out how to run against a Republican who isn’t a tongue-tied marble-mouth...

“Conservatives ought to start rallying around Romney as the only Republican who has a shot at beating Obama.”

''One clue that Romney is our strongest candidate is the fact that Democrats keep viciously attacking him while expressing their deep respect for Mike Huckabee and John McCain... The candidate Republicans should be clamoring for is the one liberals are feverishly denouncing. That is Mitt Romney by a landslide.'' (Ann Coulter)

Ann Coulter is a columnist, speaker, and six time New York Times best-selling author.

“Running against an incumbent president in a make-or-break election, Republicans need a candidate with a track record of winning elections with voters similar to the entire American electorate... Only Romney and Santorum have won a statewide election in a blue state, making them our surest-bets in a general election.

“But if Santorum wins, we lose on the second most important issue -- illegal immigration -- and he'll be the last Republican ever to win a general election in America.

“Just as Americans ought to be able to learn the perils of a welfare state by looking at Greece, we ought to be able to learn the perils of illegal immigration by looking at California.

“Massive legal and illegal immigration has already so changed the California electorate that no Republican can be elected statewide anymore. Not so long ago, this was a state that produced great Republican governors and senators like Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, S.I. Hayakawa and Pete Wilson.

“If even Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman, two bright, attractive, successful female business executives -- one pro-life and one pro-choice -- can't win a statewide election in California spending millions of their own dollars in the middle of the 2010 Republican sweep, it's buenas noches, muchachos.

“And yet, almost all Republican presidential candidates support some form of amnesty for illegals in order to appeal to the business lobby.

“Among the most effective measures against illegal immigration is E-Verify, the Homeland Security program that gives employers the ability to instantly confirm that their employees' Social Security numbers are legitimate. It is more than 99 percent accurate, and no employee is denied a job without an opportunity to challenge the records.

“Although wildly popular with Americans -- including Hispanic Americans -- the business lobby hates E-Verify. Employers like hiring non-Americans because they can pay illegal aliens less and ignore state and federal employment laws.

“Any candidate who opposes E-Verify is not serious about illegal immigration. If anything, E-Verify ought to be made mandatory to get a job, to get welfare and to vote.

“Kowtowing to business (while pretending to kowtow to Hispanics), Paul, Perry and Santorum oppose E-Verify. As a senator, Rick Santorum voted against even the voluntary use of E-Verify...

“Following his latest guru, Helen Krieble, Newt Gingrich is for amnesty, combined with second-class status for illegals. Instead of giving illegal aliens green cards, Newt proposes giving them "red cards" so they can stay, take American jobs, have children, receive welfare benefits, attend public schools -- and eventually be granted amnesty. The Republican primaries will be over before most voters realize what Newt's "red card" scheme entails.

“Only Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney aren't trying to sneak through amnesty for illegal aliens. Both support E-Verify.”

“As governor of one of the most liberal states in the union, Mitt Romney did something even Ronald Reagan didn't do as governor of California: He balanced the budget without raising taxes...

“Romney's approach to illegal immigration in Massachusetts resembled what Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona is doing today, making her a right-wing heroine...

“Purely to hurt Romney, the Iowa Republican Party fiddled with the vote tally to take Romney's victory away from him and give it to Rick Santorum -- even though the "official count" was missing eight precincts. Isn't the party apparatus of a state considered part of the Establishment? ...

Note: In most of the counties of those missing votes, Romney had the most votes on caucus night. Romney also led in the recount until the final weekend when a county subtracted over 100 votes for Romney.

“Romney cheerfully campaigns on, the biggest outsider and most conservative candidate we've run for president since Reagan, while being denounced by the Establishment as "too Establishment." ”

“Ronald Reagan raised taxes as governor of California, imposing a $1 billion tax increase his first year in office. It was the largest tax hike by a governor in the nation's history, raising income, corporate, sales and inheritance taxes. Five years later, Reagan raised taxes again by another $1.5 billion...

“But even Reagan didn't stop the growth of state government: While he was governor of California, the budget increased from $4.6 billion to $10.2 billion...

“Every single budget Romney submitted included income tax cuts -- all of which were rejected by the 85-percent Democratic Legislature. (The last time Massachusetts legislators approved an income tax cut was when it was attached to a bill raising their own salaries by 55 percent.) ...

“He cut state spending by $600 million, including reducing his own staff budget by $1.2 million, and hacked the largest government agency, Health and Human Services, down from 13 divisions to four. He did this largely by persuading the Legislature to give him emergency powers his first year in office to cut government programs without their consent.

“Although Romney was not able to get any income tax cuts past the Democratic Legislature, he won other tax cuts totaling nearly $400 million, including a one-time capital gains tax rebate and a two-day sales tax holiday for all purchases under $2,500.

“He also vetoed more bills than any other governor in Massachusetts history, before or since. He vetoed bills concerning access to birth control, more spending on state zoos, and the creation of an Asian-American commission -- all of which were reversed by the Legislature.”

Morton Blackwell
Morton Blackwell


Romney Scores Veteran Conservative Endorsement

"... that conservative icon (and personal hero to yours truly), Morton Blackwell has endorsed Mitt Romney for President." (Matt Lewis)

Morton Blackwell is the founder and President of The Leadership Institute and the GOP's National Committeeman from Virginia.

George Landrith
George Landrith


George Landrith Joins Romney for President

"Throughout this campaign, Governor Romney has distinguished himself as the clear conservative choice. His vision for this country will return Washington to our most basic conservative values of lower taxes, smaller government and individual responsibility. I am proud to support him and his conservative vision." (George Landrith)

George Landrith Has Served As President Of The Frontiers Of Freedom Institute Since 1998 and is an adjunct professor at the George Mason School of Law where he is a recognized authority on constitutional law and jurisprudence, federalism, global warming and property rights.

David McIntosh
David McIntosh

Fmr. Rep. David McIntosh endorses Gov. Mitt Romney

“ "I am proud to make today's endorsement. Governor Romney has the vision to bring true conservative change to Washington and strengthen our economy. As President, he will advance a pro-growth agenda that strengthens our economy, encourages innovation and creates jobs. From business and the Olympics to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Governor Romney is the proven leader we need in Washington today. I also am convinced that Governor Romney will appoint judges who will exercise judicial restraint, respect the rule of law and appreciate the Constitution as written," said David McIntosh...

“Former Congressman David McIntosh Is A Co-Founder Of The Federalist Society... During the Reagan administration, McIntosh served as special assistant to the Attorney General and special assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs. During the first Bush administration, he served as executive director of the President's Council on Competitiveness and assistant to the Vice President. In Congress, he represented Indiana's Second Congressional District from 1995 until January 2001.”

The Federalist Society was founded in 1982 “on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be.”

Glenn Hubbard
R. Glenn Hubbard


★ R. Glenn Hubbard

" “Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified to lead our economy to robust economic growth and job creation,” said Dean Glenn Hubbard. “He is a conservative businessperson who understands how the economy works, and who has the experience and skill to get our nation’s economy on track again.” "

Hubbard provides the foreward to Romney's economic plan (For the pdf of the full plan, as well as summaries and other info, click here)

''Hubbard is currently the Dean of Columbia University School of Business and previously served as the Chairman of President Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers. Hubbard also held the John M. Olin Fellowship at the National Bureau of Economic Research and is a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute...

''He says he thought Romney “was the smartest” of the contenders and the candidate with the best understanding of the ‘big economic problems’ which we face. He stresses Romney’s executive experience as Governor, Chairman of the Olympic Games and as business executive, remarking that he believes these experiences demonstrate that Romney is a “practical problem solver” with the skills to implement his policy objectives. He notes that the day before the interview he spent eight hours with Romney, discussing policy and observing Romney absorb information and manage and direct his staff. These skills, says Hubbard, will be essential if a president wants to “get things accomplished.” ''

“Hubbard said he was attracted to Romney as someone who believes in modest government and who tries to use government to solve problems in a businesslike way. "Given the problems we have, having somebody with a strong business background and a good worldview on the economy is a good thing," he said.”

“As an economist and supporter of tax cuts, Hubbard's work has earned him positions with two conservative organizations in Washington, D.C. He was a fellow at the American Council for Capital Formation and presently directs the tax policy program at the American Enterprise Institute think tank... Hubbard, author, co-author or editor of several books and author of more than 90 scholarly articles, taught at Northwestern prior to joining Columbia in 1988.”

“Mitt Romney’s bold plan will immediately restart America’s economic engine, grow our economy, and put people back to work. It is a comprehensive, pro-growth, fiscally responsible plan that will make the United States economically competitive by lowering tax rates and reforming the tax code. More so than any other candidate, Mitt Romney offers a plan that is realistic, responsible, and America’s best opportunity to get our economy back on track.” –Al Hubbard, Former Director of the National Economic Council

Another economic heavyweight endorsing Romney:

★ N. Gregory Mankiw - Robert M. Beren Professor of Economics at Harvard University

Georgette Mosbacher
Georgette Mosbacher

* Republican National Committee Finance Co-Chair Georgette Mosbacher

“ "Look, we’ll raise the money that’s necessary to beat Obama," she said. "It’s not going to be any harder than it would have been a month ago, or two months ago, or six months ago. Now it’s pretty clear. Perry has dropped pretty quickly. And I would say that the race is now Romney and Obama... our first and foremost goal is to defeat Obama. And we do believe Romney, in terms of independents, will be a strong candidate. We will coalesce behind him now." ...

“Mosbacher said she would be on the phone for Romney as soon as the Christie decision becomes official.

“ "The time has come. With the primaries being moved up, the time has come to get behind him," she said.”

* Fmr. Republican Party Chairman Ed Gillespie

“I’m excited to join Mitt Romney’s campaign team. His plan to reduce taxes, balance the federal budget, strengthen our national security and protect innocent human life stands in sharp contrast to the ruinous policies of President Obama. His record of strong leadership as governor and proven history of great accomplishment in both the public and private sectors show he has the ability to make the tough decisions needed to be a good president, which is sadly missing right now.”

* Republican National Committee endorses Romney

“Mitt Romney can now boast of having the official support of the Republican National Committee...

“RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement... "I am excited that these two top-notch operations will start to integrate and present a unified team to defeat Barack Obama." ...

“Romney's campaign and the RNC have already established a joint fundraising committee.”

Audio discussing Mr. Priebus's announcement:

(He says many things like, "Someone asked me about if this was an endorsement or not an endorsement. It's an endorsement, I mean, it is beyond an endorsement, it is a complete merger.")

Paul Weyrich
Paul Weyrich


Romney wins backing from Paul Weyrich

''I've looked at him and he's the best guy... With a clear conservative vision to move America forward, he will strengthen our economy, our military, and our families.'' (Paul Weyrich)

"Weyrich, a prolific writer and frequent commentator, is the founding president of the Heritage Foundation, the influential conservative Washington think tank, and a cofounder of the Moral Majority, the religious group that grew into a powerhouse under the late Rev. Jerry Falwell." (Boston Globe)

Paul M. Weyrich is also the founder, Chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation, which since the 1970s has researched and promoted "the cause of cultural conservatism". (Freecongress.org donation.aspx, flyer.pdf)

“The man often described as the father of the religious right has thrown his support behind Mitt Romney, becoming the latest social conservative A lister to give the former Massachusetts Governor his blessing. In announcing his endorsement, Moral Majority co-founder Paul Weyrich praised Romney's "clear conservative vision" and "exceptional record of putting conservative values to work." ”

Certain religious conservatives unsuccessfully worked hard to change Weyrich's mind. Weyrich responded:

“Nearly every critical message against my endorsement used the governor's Mormon religion as the reason I should not have done so...

“Mr. Romney listens. We don't agree on everything. I don't know of any candidate with whom I agree on absolutely everything. The governor gives me the opportunity to make my views known to him. He is open to reasonable argument... I believe the governor will stand up to Sen. Hillary Clinton or whoever the Democrats nominate.” (Beliefnet.com - Nov 16, 2007)

"Weyrich said other candidates sought his nomination, but that he reached out to Romney, not the other way around. “I was impressed with the dynamism of the candidate. He’s a candidate that will impress the American public.” " (National Review - Nov 6, 2007)

Weyrich endorsed Romney the beginning of November 2007 and continued to support him throughout his presidential campaign. When Governor Romney dropped out of the race Weyrich endorsed Mike Huckabee.

In a National Journal article on March 24, 2008, after Mike Huckabee had also dropped out, Paul Weyrich weighed in on McCain's choice for a V.P., stating ''If he selects somebody bad from our point of view, it's going to be very difficult,'' then adding ''It would help if he selected Mitt Romney, but he won't.'' (McCain's Defining Choice)

Less than two weeks later, it was reported that Weyrich had joined a religious Political Action Committee that included Governor Mike Huckabee supporters, which was called 'Government is not God PAC', in proclaiming that John McCain should not choose Governor Romney as his Vice President. (CNN Political Ticker - April 4, 2008)

In actuality, Weyrich did not give consent for his name to be used in their adds, and four days later the Free Congress Foundation sent a press release, where he stated in part:

''Recently I received a phone call from someone asking if former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney should be Arizona Senator John McCain's selection for Vice President of the United States.

''I said, "No" because I did not think this was the best path for Romney right now; nor was it, in my view, the right fit for McCain. My understanding was that this was to be a personal letter to the Senator; it was not clear to me that this was to be an advertisement. Thus, I now request that my involvement in this effort be disregarded as this effort to influence the Senator moves on.'' (Paul Weyrich)  (TheAmericanMind.com - April 8, 2008)

After all those efforts failed to pressure Weyrich to recant and undermine the significance of his endorsement, as a last resort the rumor mill kicked in with certain blogs and stories reporting a claim that Weyrich regretted endorsing Romney and not endorsing Huckabee. The veracity of such claims should be viewed in light of what Weyrich is known to have said that he thought of Mike Huckabee:

“Huckabee, I came close to supporting him, and if we were running for some sort of religious organization, I would support him, but we’re not. He has compromised on so many conservative issues, I simply can’t be for him. Every time you turn around, he’s taking the wrong stand on a different issue.” (National Review - Nov 6, 2007)

On December 18, 2008, Paul Weyrich died at 66. (Fox News)

Other conservative think tank leaders endorsing Romney:

* Adam Goldman - Board of Advisors member, The James Madison Institute (Nov 14, 2011, JamesMadison.org)

• John Cogan - Senior Fellow, the Hoover Institution (Feb 9, Aug 22 2007)

• Matthew Spalding - Director, the B. Kenneth Simon Center For American Studies
(Jun 13, Oct 3 2007), The Heritage Foundation

“In the worst possible circumstances, he confronted one of the toughest issues of our politics with considerable moral seriousness and political skill. That’s the mark of a conservative statesman.” — Matthew Spalding

Morning Joe - Joe Scarborough

“He's an accomplished governor. He was an accomplished businessman, an extraordinary businessman... If this guy gets through the primary process, he's going to do very well...”

Joe Scarborough serves as host of “Morning Joe” weekdays from 6-9 a.m. ET on msnbc. Previously, Scarborough hosted “Scarborough Country” in primetime on MSNBC starting in 2003.

Joe Scarborough served as a member of Congress from 1994-2001. He emerged from a crowded field of five Republicans and took the seat from an 18-year incumbent, becoming the first Republican to represent my district since 1873.

Chrisinte O’Donnell
Christine O’Donnell


* Christine O’Donnell

Christine O’Donnell, the former Republican Senate candidate and a tea party favorite during the 2010 election, has officially endorsed Mitt Romney for president...

“I’m very happy,” she added. “This is not anti-[Newt] Gingrich or anyone else, it’s a pro Gov. Romney endorsement...

O’Donnell made clear that the Romney campaign did not “come to her,” and that she went to the campaign. She said she would be willing to go out and campaign for Romney.

Announcing her support, Christine O’Donnell said, “For me, this endorsement comes down to trust. I am endorsing Governor Romney because I trust him to do the right thing. He has the strength of conviction to do the right thing regardless of opposition. America needs a president who is not a Washington Insider. America needs a president who hasn't been playing the game for the last three decades. America needs a president who can turn our economy around, put Americans back to work, and will lead with stability, integrity and the values that we hold dear. I am confident Mitt Romney will be that president.”

Christine O’Donnell, the former Republican Senate candidate and a Tea Party favorite during the 2010 election, said in an exclusive interview with ABC News that she has not only given money to presidential candidate Mitt Romney but also says she doesn’t think he is getting a “getting a fair shake” from those within her own movement...

“I hope the fact that I stood up to the liberal establishment within my own party gives me the bona fides among conservatives to say this,” said O’Donnell. “I find the tone and nastiness of some of the things circulating around the internet about Romney extremely offensive.” ...

“Yes, I contributed to Romney,” she said. “While I am still undecided, I am leaning more and more towards Romney. Voters are craving strong leadership, Romney has it.”

“Right now, I’m 70 percent behind Romney,” she said. “I will absolutely max out if he’s the nominee.”

“It’s almost like we conservatives have to apologize for it, but we like him,” said O’Donnell of those in the Tea Party movement who favor Romney...

“In the midst of such turmoil and uncertainty, it’s comforting that he’s strong, solid and stands as an unmovable Oak tree in the middle of a raging storm.”


* Dick Morris

March 12, 2012:

“We need a nominee... Already there is an encouraging result, Rasmussen's latest national poll has Romney beating Obama by 6 points, 48 to 42...

“It's not a matter for me of whether I like Santorum or Romney or Gingrich better. I don't like one better than the other. I think they all have wonderful virtues. I think that Romney really understands how to get the economy moving and will...

“Anybody who votes for Gingrich or Santorum... is basically voting for a deadlocked convention, because there is no way either of those candidates can win the nomination until the convention itself... Of the four conventions that have had floor fights since 1960... every single one of those nominees lost... We can't stand six more months of cutting each other apart like this...

“This fight is over, it's over! And let's ratify it, let's put it in place. So I want to urge everybody... to vote for Romney... I think he's a d**ned good candidate...

“I want to beat Barack Obama, and you can't do that if you go into the convention without a candidate. Not if your convention is the last week of August.”

A few weeks earlier, Dick Morris said this about Mitt Romney:

“I found myself... willing to follow Romney... trusting Mitt...

“One could see Romney as the leader of his country. As for Santorum, one could only see a politician with whom one often agrees... I felt that should Gingrich meet Obama in a debate, he could critique him more easily than defeat him. Santorum could out-argue Obama. But Romney came across as one who could present a credible alternative and summon people to follow.”

Jay Severin
Jay Severin


''I'm for Mitt Romney, always have been. I believe he'd be a great president of the United States, also a great candidate against the Democrats''

''A talk-show host since 1999, Jay Severin was in 2005 nominated for radio's highest honor, the Marconi Award as Radio Personality of the Year.''

Jay Severin is also a former award-winning columnist for MSNBC.com

» Endorsements and comments from all major conservative talk show hosts