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Christian Coalition officers

Pat Neal, former Chair of the Board of the Christian Coalition of Florida —

“Mitt Romney is pro-life and is a true conservative on issues of family and faith. The members of this committee are tired of the liberal policies of the Obama Administration and are confident that Governor Romney will stand up for the values that have made our country strong and will appoint judges that respect the Constitution and the rule of law.”

Others Supporting Romney in 2012:

Warren Lutz, a Leader in the Miami-Dade Christian Coalition and the Faith and Freedom Coalition

John Giotis, organizer for the Christian Coalition of Pinellas County and served on the Jacob Javits Fellowship Board

Marili Cancio - Member of the Christian Family Coalition Finance Committee

Drew McKissick, "a Christian Coalition of America officer who ran a successful campaign to ban gay marriage in South Carolina said Thursday he is endorsing Republican Mitt Romney's presidential bid and will work for the campaign."

"Drew McKissick is the national coalition's secretary and board member."

"The Christian Coalition is a non-profit charity and says it is non-partisan and doesn’t endorse candidates," however its officers, as individuals can. The state executive director of the Christian Coalition for Florida, former state Rep. Dennis Baxley of Ocala, also endorsed Governor Romney. (Tampa Bay Online - Jan 25, 2008)

The former national executive director, Randy Tate, also endorsed Mitt Romney.

" “In his four years as Governor of Massachusetts, I was impressed by Mitt Romney’s willingness to take and defend conservative positions on pro-family and pro-growth issues. As President, I believe that Governor Romney will govern as a conservative committed to defeating the Jihadist threat, strengthening the family, uplifting the culture, and expanding the economy through free-market principles,” said Tate."

The former Executive Director of the Virginia Christian Coalition, Gary Marx, has also come out in support of Governor Mitt Romney. Mr. Marx is also the Executive Director of the Judicial Confirmation Network.

Joe Wiegand, Former Director of Voter Education for the Christian Coalition of Virginia also publicly endorses and works to support Mitt Romney.

Dee Benedict, a prominent GOP activist and former Christian Coalition leader in South Carolina, is also actively supporting Mitt Romney. (EvangelicalsforMitt - Oct 8, 2006)

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and President of BOND, and a board member of the California Christian Coalition, endorsed Mitt Romney. (http://www.bondinfo.org/media/press/2008/pf/pf_2-4-08.htm, http://www.worldnetdaily.com/speakers/jpeterson.asp)

Bishop Gilbert Thompson

Bishop Gilbert Thompson—
Senior Pastor of a megachurch
President- Black Ministerial Alliance

“Although Baker-Gomez [a veteran Democratic strategist and now chief of staff for state Representative Gloria Fox] characterizes Bishop Thompson as “a star supporter of Romney,” she’s inclined to view him as largely apolitical... But the nature of a megachurch’s mega-ness—the sheer numbers of citizens and dollars and square feet involved, the emphasis on growth as a cardinal virtue—tends to thrust its leader into the public sphere”. (Boston Magazine - The Kingdom and the Power - Aug 2006)

“In 2003, Thompson hosted Romney’s inaugural prayer breakfast at his church, then known as New Covenant Christian Church, and praised Romney as "an obviously great man with great wisdom." Since then, the Bay State Banner, Boston’s African-American newspaper, has described Thompson as a "Romney advisor" and quoted Romney calling the bishop his "kitchen cabinet." ” (BostonPhoenix.com - Jun 24, 2005)

Gilbert Thompson has built a megachurch 7,000 souls strong, the biggest congregation of any black church in greater Boston. Since 2004, he has also been the president of the Black Ministerial Alliance (BMA), an organization of Boston's black clergy, representing 20,000 members.

Kris Mineau— President of the Massachusetts Family Institute

" “On marriage and cloning, he has provided aggressive leadership as a positive, pro-family governor,” says Kris Mineau of the Massachusetts Family Institute."

"Mineau is among those Massachusetts social conservatives who are grateful to have had Romney in the statehouse... “For the four years of his administration, Governor Romney provided strong leadership on key conservative social issues — whether it was politically expedient to do so or not.” He tells National Review Online, “I believe Mitt Romney has done an excellent job in defending traditional family values in Massachusetts despite an extremely hostile legislature and judiciary, not to mention an attorney general and secretary of state who both opposed everything the governor stood for.” ...

"Mineau adds, “From the onset of the infamous Goodridge court decision in 2003, Governor Romney has opposed same-sex marriage and, I believe, correctly sought to overturn it through a constitutional amendment. In 2004, he invoked the state law that prohibited out-of-state same-sex couples from marrying in Massachusetts thus preventing the exportation of these so-called marriages to other states. In 2005, he ardently supported a citizen petition for an amendment to end same-sex marriage that wound up gathering a record number of 170,000 signatures. Throughout 2006 he lobbied the state legislature that was refusing to vote on the amendment. His intense involvement culminated with the filing of a suit in the State Supreme Judicial Court in December to mandate the legislature to hold the vote as required by the state constitution.”

"Mineau directly credits Romney with getting the state legislature to vote on a constitutional amendment on gay marriage earlier this month. He explains, “The court unanimously ruled on December 27 that the legislature was constitutionally obligated to vote. This ruling, coupled with the governor threatening to not sign the end-of-year legislative pay raise, resulted in the legislature passing the amendment on January 2nd, the last day of the session. This could never have happened without Governor Romney’s leadership.”

"Mineau is among the signatories of a letter expected to be released on Thursday by a coalition of “organizations dedicated to fighting for the pro-family agenda in Massachusetts.” ... The letter, which organizers provided NRO with drafts of Wednesday night, defends the governor’s record and praises his staff for their commitment to affirming a culture of life, protecting traditional marriage, and defending religious liberty."

As an example, the article notes another Massachusetts Christian values leader's statement, sharing Mineau's appreciation.

"It’s a view echoed by Marie Sturgis, executive director of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, who says, “Having Governor Romney in the corner office for the last four years has been one of the strongest assets the pro-life movement has had in Massachusetts. His actions concerning life issues have been consistent and he has been helpful down the line for us in the Bay State.” "

Rev. Roberto Miranda

Dr. Roberto Miranda—
• Senior Paster of a large Boston Church
• Founder and Chairman- Covenant for New England
• Chairman- Voteonmarriage.org
• Founder, President- COPAHNI
(Fellowship of Hispanic Pastors of New England)

Open Letter with other Massachusetts pro-family leaders, Jan 11, 2007:

“As you know, Mitt Romney became the governor of our state in 2003. Since that time, we have worked closely with him and his excellent staff on that [pro-family] agenda.

“Some press accounts and bloggers have described Governor Romney in terms we neither have observed nor can we accept. To the contrary, we, who have been fighting here for the values you also hold, are indebted to him and his responsive staff in demonstrating solid social conservative credentials by undertaking the following actions here in Massachusetts:

Staunchly defended traditional marriage. (details are then given)

Worked hard to overturn "same-sex marriage" in the Commonwealth (details given)

Provided active support for a successful citizen petition drive in 2005 to advance a clean constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Filed suit before the Supreme Judicial Court. (details given)

Fought for abstinence education. (details given)

Affirmed the culture of life. (details given)

Stood for religious freedom. (details given)

Filed "An Act Protecting Religious Freedom" in the Massachusetts legislature to save Catholic Charities of Boston and other religious groups from being forced to violate their moral principles or stop doing important charitable work.

“All of this may explain why John J. Miller, the national political reporter of National Review, has written that "a good case can be made that Romney has fought harder for social conservatives than any other governor in America, and it is difficult to imagine his doing so in a more daunting political environment."

“We are aware of the 1994 comments of Senate candidate Romney, ... they do not dovetail with the actions of Governor Romney from 2003 until now - and those actions have positively and demonstrably impacted the social climate of Massachusetts.

“Since well before 2003, we have been laboring in the trenches of Massachusetts, fighting for the family values you and we share. It is difficult work indeed - not for the faint of heart. In this challenging environment, Governor Romney has proven that he shares our values, as well as our determination to protect them.

“For four years, Governor Romney has been right there beside us, providing leadership on key issues - whether it was politically expedient to do so or not. He has stood on principle, and we have benefited greatly from having him with us.

“It is clear that Governor Romney has learned much since 1994 - to the benefit of our movement and our Commonwealth. In fact, the entire nation has benefited from his socially conservative, pro-family actions in office. As we explained earlier, his leadership on the marriage issue helped prevent our nation from being plunged into even worse legal turmoil following the court decision that forced "gay marriage" upon our Commonwealth.

“For that our country ought to be thankful. We certainly are.”

signed sincerely,

Roberto Miranda

President, COPAHNI Fellowship of Hispanic Pastors of New England

(And other top family values leaders including Richard Guerriero, Immediate Past State Deputy, Massachusetts State Council, Knights of Columbus, and the presidents of the Institute for Family Development, Massachusetts Family Institute, Massachusetts Citizens for Life, the Chairman of Coalition for Family and Marriage, and others.)


A Princeton University graduate, Dr. Roberto Miranda received a PhD. with honors at Harvard University, and is now on the board of trustees of one of the top Christian colleges in the nation. (Gordon.edu Board of Trustees Bio) In 1984, Dr. Roberto Miranda started leading an evangelical church in Boston that had only 5 members. Under his leadership, by 2005 it had 1,200 members. He still serves as senior pastor of that church.

In 2005, he became chairman of an organization called voteonmarriage.org, created to pressure the Massachusetts legislature to allow citizens to vote on a marriage amendment to the state constitution. This organization was at the forefront in the fight to stop same-sex marriage, working as the umbrella group for all groups and people fighting for that cause, including the bishops of the four Catholic Dioces in Massachusetts, the Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston, the Massachusetts Family Institute, etc.  Among other accomplishments, they gathered nearly three times the signatures necessary to require the legislature to vote on the measure, then when the legislature refused to comply, joined the governor in successfully suing the legislature to act. (Boston Globe - Romney seeks to force gay marriage vote - Nov 20, 2006, Voteonmarriage.org - News)

In 2001 he founded the Fellowship of Hispanic Pastors of New England (COPAHNI), of which he is president.

He is also founder and chairman of an organization of Christian Leaders called Covenant for New England. Its first meeting in 2005 was attended by 34 church leaders and Christian activists from Boston. It now comprises a group of about 70 leaders. (CovenantforNewEngland.com - About-Timeline, Zoominfo.com)

He formulated the plan for the group "in the aftermath of the legalization of same-sex marriage. The vitriol he said he witnessed between both sides inspired him to draw up the plan".

The Rev. Ray Hammond, pastor at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, who attended that first meeting stated:

''I think that what Roberto is talking about is very much in the same vein of the civil rights movement; it's in keeping with the abolition movement''.

Ever ready to criticize and condemn him and any other effective leader for traditional marriage, a pro-gay marriage leader stated ''I would say that beneath a gentle exterior is someone who holds truly extremist views about being gay''. However, The Boston Globe reported:

''Christian leaders praise Miranda as a visionary, a charismatic but humble preacher with the credibility to lead any social movement... He also wants more communication with those in the gay community... "It's not just a matter of 'I want to change you,' " he said. "It's more a matter of wanting to expose them to a different perspective." Hammond said Miranda's goals can appeal to the secular mainstream.''

“Governor Mitt Romney has left this state in a better place than it was when he came in.

“Mitt Romney cares, and he is fearless. I know that he is a man of compassion. He is a man of integrity. The kind of character that he has, and the concerns that he has [demonstrate that]. He believes in family. He's always wanted to know what was going on and how he could help.”

26 second excerpt:

click to Play

Romney and Brown

Brown and Romney hug

January 2007:

''Republican Gov. Mitt Romney, who took the state by storm with a late entry into the governor's race amid a fiscal crisis four years ago, visited the sprawling state capitol building yesterday, thanking lawmakers and key supporters and making decisions on a final stack of bills on his desk...

''Per tradition, Mr. Romney handed over a 19th-century Bible, an antique gavel and a pewter key to Mr. Patrick in the governor's office, then walked alone to greet supporters who were stationed around the Statehouse.

Leaving statehouse

Leaving statehouse to greet Rev. Brown, others

''On leaving the meeting with Mr. Patrick, Mr. Romney walked down a red-carpeted House corridor lined with state troopers to the Grand Staircase, where he greeted recipients of the Adams scholarships, officials of the Massachusetts National Guard, the Rev. Jeffrey Brown - who led the state's Katrina relief program in 2005 - and the family of Melanie Powell, a victim of a drunken driving accident whose death prompted tough new laws for repeat drunken drivers.

''From there Mr. Romney met with his wife and walked out of the main entrance, down the stairs and out to Boston Common amid a 19-gun salute, as part of what has been called the long walk or at times "the lone walk" of outgoing governors.''

“I knew it would be powerful, I just didn't know how powerful it was going to be. It was very moving. That's a president. That's a leader.”  (Dee Dee Brown, wife of Rev. Jeffrey Brown on Romney's Faith Speech)

Jeffrey Brown has been the Pastor of Union Baptist Church since 1988, expanding a congregation of 100 mostly elderly people to a vibrant congregation of 600 people today, filled with young and middle aged people. (Boston Globe - Sep 12, 2005)  Chartered in 1879, Union Baptist Church will be 130 years old in April.

"Rev. Jeffrey L. Brown, M.Div., is co-founder and past chairperson of the Boston Ten Point Coalition, an ecumenical group of Christian clergy and lay leaders who mobilize the community around issues affecting black youth, especially those at-risk for violence, drug abuse and other destructive behaviors. In April 1999, he founded Ten Point International, a resource for churches around the world interested in overcoming violence in their communities."

Eddie Huff

Eddie Huff—
Missionary leader, Youth With A Mission (1981-1992)

“I was in El Paso, Texas over the Christmas holidays when a pastor and dear friend told me he had expected me to write something about the upcoming Presidential elections, and particularly about Mitt Romney... Let me say from the outset that these are my personal views and opinions, and are shared as such. They do not reflect upon any ministry or organization that I may be affiliated with. My views are also from a conservative or Evangelical Christian point of view...

“I have come to the conclusion that Mitt Romney is the best overall candidate from the conservative and Evangelical point of view...

“He is a great father of 5 sons, and has been the husband of one wife for over 35 years... On the GOP side, Governors Romney and Huckabee, with John McCain are the strongest pro-life and defense of traditional marriage supporters.
“From my observations, Mitt Romney also possesses most closely the character and temperament of a godly man. He remains consistent and calm under pressure...
“If we leave the social and moral issues for a moment, and look to the fiscal side of things, Mitt Romney comes out even farther ahead of his competition from a conservative point of view.”

"From 1976-1978 Eddie attended Melodyland School of Theology in Anaheim, CA, in their M. Div. program and is a licensed minister."

“From 1981 to 1992 Eddie with his wife Vickie and 4 children served as missionaries with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Eddie was director of Musicians for Missions in Amsterdam, Holland from 1981-84, then became director of the Augsburg, Germany YWAM base... In addition to these duties Eddie spent extensive time in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa leading teams doing relief work, and teaching for Youth With A Mission bases there.”

Eddie is the executive director of the Booker T. Washington Inspirational Network.

Eddie Huff is the chairman of the Tulsa Black Republicans (ZoomInfo.com), has owned his own gospel recording label, and is a member of the National Center For Public Policy's, Project 21, where he has written numerous articles. (Zoominfo.com)

Rev. Myke Crowder

Rev. Dr. Myke Crowder—
Senior Pastor- Christian Life Center
Member- National Clergy Council's executive council

A minister who is on the National Clergy Council's executive council in Washington, DC. and who is a minister with the Evangelical Church Alliance had this to say:

“As a minister with the Evangelical Church Alliance, America’s oldest association of evangelical clergy, I will cast my vote for Mitt Romney with full confidence in both his character and ability to lead our nation in the direction I believe we evangelicals can be comfortable with. Nothing rare here; I am hardly the first evangelical to voice support for this Mormon candidate for the highest office in the land...

“I have learned and confirmed that their values mirror ours as evangelicals, and voting for elected officials is more about values, character and policy than it is about religious affiliation. As syndicated columnist Cal Thomas, himself an evangelical, has written, “I care less where my ambulance driver attends church than that he knows the quickest way to the hospital.”...

“Our fight as evangelicals in the political arena is not against Mormons, who generally line up with our moral and social values and preferred policies, but with political and religious liberals who generally want to cleanse the public square of all faith and morality. In the battle for the traditional family in America, Mormons have been our friends for decades, not our enemies. Furthermore, despite fundamental doctrinal differences, Mormons have not been anti-evangelical...

“The way some evangelical pastors talk about Mormons suggests they not only couldn’t vote for one; they couldn’t accept a call to a pulpit in Utah because of their disdain for this religion. What a shame! How do we expect non-evangelicals to vote for “one of our own” when we can’t exercise the same kind of intellectually-thoughtful support across the theological aisle? The “born again” Jimmy Carter wasn’t elected by evangelicals alone and neither will Mike Huckabee or anyone else be. Expecting what we won’t practice ourselves seems to me to smack of hypocrisy... what if tens of millions of non-evangelical Americans increasingly decided, “I would never vote for an evangelical; those people are narrow-minded hypocrites!” In other words, this primarily theological test works both ways and evangelicals may find ourselves on the short end of this analysis more often than we may already be...

“This is precisely why we must evaluate candidates for public office, and especially for president, not on the basis of their church attendance, but on character, integrity, values, their public life and private behavior, their families and their vision for our country. So, while an evangelical pastor and a Mormon businessman-governor-presidential candidate may seem like strange bedfellows, I assure you, we are political and values soul mates.” (Rev. Dr. Myke D. Crowder)

Reverend Crowder is Senior Pastor at Christian Life Center in Layton, Utah, a church that has grown from 50 people to 2,600, and has 700 students enrolled in its Layton Christian Academy.

(archived page — original link expired)

Gregory Johnson

Reverend Gregory Johnson—
Founder and President- Standing Together
Baptist Minister since 1992

“for many, Mitt Romney, as a proven social conservative, would be a far better president than many of his rivals.”

On Mitt Romney's faith speech:

" “I think he was able to inspire people of faith, that with the plurality of faith we have here, there is a common good we need to aspire to,” Rev. Greg Johnson, of Standing Together, said."

When talk show host Jim Bohannon asked Reverend Johnson if he would be less inclined to vote for Mitt Romney because of his faith, he said he would not. In expressing his view on how Americans should vote he then stated:

“I personally would say on the merits of the person, his vision, his policies, his values, and how they line up with me and then how he lines up against the competition, so I would not be less inclined to vote for him”.

"Greg served as the Minister of Outreach and Discipleship at Washington Heights Baptist Church in Ogden, as the founding pastor of the Ogden Valley Baptist Church, and as the Pastor of Ministries at the Orem Evangelical Free Church." Standing Together's vision is "Advancing Biblical Unity and Spiritual Transformation in Utah". He has a local television show called Meet the pastor.

Rob Brendle— The assistant pastor of New Life Church, Colorado Springs

"Brendle eagerly shared his political analysis with me. The pastor thinks the country needs “a morally principled diplomat in the White House” like Mitt Romney, not a religious leader like Mike Huckabee. Nothing would be worse for Christian conservatives than a candidate who scared the rest of America with too much focus on his faith, he said."

Rob Brendle is the associate pastor of the mega church New Life Church in Colorado Springs. "This is the church Ted Haggard built from a handful of believers meeting in the basement of his home to a congregation with 11,000 members."

(archived page — original link expired)

Rev. Morris Hurd— Chairman of the Iowa Christian Alliance

"Officials with the group typically avoid making public endorsements because of their tax-exempt status, but Mr. Hurd blurted out his decision tonight in what felt like a bit of an accident... “Next Thursday, when I go to the caucuses, I’m going to cast my vote for Governor Mitt Romney.”... "

" “I don’t think I’m supposed to endorse a candidate,” said Mr. Hurd afterward, when the Caucus approached him. “I hope I don’t get in trouble.” "

"Mr. Hurd also offered some insight into where his fellow Alliance board members are leaning. He said they are mainly divided between Mr. Romney and Mr. Huckabee, with the latter probably holding the edge."

Mr. Hurd is the pastor of West Hill United Methodist Church and the chairman of the board of the Iowa Christian Alliance.

Previously, Joe Earle, Former Director Of Church and Community Development, Iowa Christian Alliance, and Keith Hunter, Board Member, Iowa Christian Alliance, came out openly supporting Mitt Romney.

Florida's most important Christian Right leaders

"Romney has sealed up endorsements from Florida's most important Christian Right leaders, including the heads of the Florida Family Association (connected to Focus on the Family) and the incoming head of the Christian Coalition of Florida...

"Dennis Baxley, David Caton, Carole Griffin and Anthony Verdugo, representing over fifty years of combined pro-family leadership in Florida, support Mitt Romney in the Florida Presidential Preference Primary...

"Carole Griffin is a pro-family lobbyist in Tallahassee and heads the Eagle Forum in Florida. Anthony Verdugo is the president of Christian Family Coalition." (beliefnet)

Other Christian and Family Values Leaders:

* Fmr. U.S. Congressman Dave Weldon, founder of the Space Coast Family Forum and Israel Allies Caucus

* Nancy Peek McGowan, twice the Respect Life Coordinator for the Diocese of St. Augustine

* Rodney Akers, immediate past president of the Florida Conference of United Methodist Men

* Pastor Derek Janney, Senior Pastor at Orlando Baptist Church

* Adam Goldman, Former Vice President for Florida Right to Life

* Reverend John-Erik Moseler, Assistant Pastor at Orlando Baptist Church

* Vicki Mullins, program director for My-Choices.net, head of abstinence education in Florida under Gov. Bush

* ...

Rev. Terrell Blair, Orange County, Florida

Former Florida Right to Life President Robin Hoffman - served on the Florida Right to Life PAC committee for more than 10 years; also past president of the St. Johns County Right to Life and currently serves as treasurer for the local chapter. (To see other pro-life endorsements and Gov. Romney's record and platform on life issues, see this page: abortion.htm)

Richard Lee— Founding pastor of First Redeemer Church, near Atlanta

“Before meeting him, I didn’t know the fortitude of his moral beliefs, and I found a kindred spirit on the sanctity of human life and traditional marriage.”

"The First Redeemer pastor has served as the president of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor's Conference and currently serves as a member on the board of the National Religious Broadcasters. Although he is in frequent demand as a speaker at conferences and conventions and the author of twelve books, his focus remains on his church where he maintains a ministry that is people centered."

"First Redeemer Church in Cumming, where Richard Lee is pastor, has won "The Triple Crown" among Georgia Baptist's largest churches. In the last three years First Redeemer has led the state convention in three combined notable categories: an increase of Bible study enrollment, an increase in Bible study average attendance and in baptisms.

"The church, only nine years old, started in September of 1996 with 87 people... now averaging 2,012 in Sunday School,... The church has two morning worship services with approximately 3,200 gathered. Services are televised to 42 cities in the United States and 210 foreign countries. Arbitron, a television marketing research group, estimates that the First Redeemer There's Hope televised service is seen by 76,000 regular viewers in the Atlanta area alone."

"As a recognized spokesman for the Christian community at large, Dr. Lee has represented the Christian cause on numerous national television programs, as well as in articles for national newspapers and magazines. A few of those are: CBS News, NBC News, The BBC, CNN News, Sonya Live in L.A., Moody Broadcasting Network, CBN Television Network, The Trinity Broadcasting Network, The Religious Broadcasting Magazine, USA Today Newspaper, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, The London Times and The Los Angeles Times. He has also authored thirteen books for various publishers such as Word, Multnomah, Broadman/Holman, Howard and Harvest House Publishers.

"Dr. Lee is a frequent speaker in conferences and conventions, nationally and internationally. There's Hope, the radio and television broadcast ministry, for which Dr. Lee serves as speaker, is now in its twenty-second year on the air. This broadcast has received the prestigious Ministry of the Year award from the National Religious Broadcasters."

Sadie Fields— Chairman of the Georgia Christian Alliance

" “I believe that Governor Romney is the best man to run the country for the next eight years. He’s the only candidate running who has created jobs,” said Fields, whose Christian Alliance — formerly the Georgia Christian Coalition — is the most active religious conservative political group in the state."

Other Evangelical, Christian and Family Values Leaders

Other Evangelical, Christian, and Family Values leaders who have come out in support of Governor Mitt Romney include:

Brian Bissell, Sr. Vice President and CFO, Colorado Christian University, Colorado

Harlan Humiston, Pastor, Meadwood Church, Aurora, Colorado

Thom Black, Co-Founder, Good News Holdings, California

Mark White, Senior Pastor, Christian Assembly of God, South Carolina

Jimmy Jones, Director, Christ Central Ministries, South Carolina

Pastor Eric Boggs, Sr. Pastor, Beech Springs Tabernacle, South Carolina

Pastor Chuck Hill, Pastor, Trinity Fellowship Church, Greenville, South Carolina

M.F. Jackson, Pastor, South Carolina

Dr. William Crothers, President Emeritus, Roberts Wesleyan College, Michigan

Bill Devlin, Founder, Urban Family Council, Pennsylvania

Tom Lovig, Ministry Representative, Moody Bible Institute, Illinois

Bob Porter, Chairman of the Board, We Care Ministries, Nevada

Phylis Witcher, President, Protecting Marriage Inc., Delaware

Dr. Robert Andringa, President Emeritus, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, Arizona

Matthew Spalding, Director, B. Kenneth Simon Center For American Studies, The Heritage Foundation, District of Columbia

Nathan Burd, Director of International Program & Public Policy, Heartbeat International, Ohio

Steve Chamberlain, Senior Pastor, Branford Evangelical Free Church, Connecticut

Tom Coates, Vice President, Truth About Gambling, Iowa

Dr. Jay Dennis, Senior Pastor, Lakeland, Florida

Dr. Paul K. Driessen, Esq., Senior Policy Adviser, Congress On Racial Equality, Virginia

Don Hutchings, Senior Pastor, Evangel Temple, Arkansas

Kathy Oltmans, Christian Activist, Iowa

John Pudner, RNC Catholic Task Force, Alabama

Camille Solberg, Former President, Wisconsin Coalition for Traditional Marriage, Wisconsin

Lori Wortz, Former Board Member, Citizens for Traditional Values, Michigan