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Grass-roots Support

Midwest farmers show their support

Farm near Adrian, Michigan — “Heal this Nation” with Abraham Lincoln and Mitt Romney

More Michigan Support

“Michigan - Go Romney!”

Local News reports Grass-roots Support

Romney / Ryan — “NOW IS THE TIME”

Washington with Romney

“Small Government for Our Land” — Washington with Romney

Ohio Farmers Showing Support Too!

Romney with Reagan

“Located at Weckerly and Ramm Rd in Monclova, Oh.”

“Wheeler Farms "Go Romney" Cornfield located at 11500 Obee Rd, Whitehouse, Oh.”

“No, it wasn’t an alien that sculpted the image of Mitt Romney; it was Duke Wheeler of Wheeler farms and Bill Ryan of Ryan Farms.

“The Whitehouse 25-acre cornfield reads “Go Romney” was sculpted in 6 hours. The corn maze is located at 11500 Obee Rd next to the Toledo Rockets vs. Bowling Green Falcons corn maze. A separate cornfield was also sculpted to welcome Mitt Romney at Ryan Farms, located at Weckerly and Ramm Rd in Monclova, Oh. In addition to Romney’s face, President Reagan is also featured. Both corn fields are located 4.5 miles from Toledo Express Airport”

“Romney is in Whitehouse, Ohio”

Farm along I-90, west of Toledo, OH

“The Comeback Team” — Windham, OH

“Ohio needs Mitt Romney in the Whitehouse!” — New Waterford, OH. This crop picture also has "Kasich" and "Romney" by each sculpting.

“You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong” — Abraham Lincoln.

“Ryan for better days” — Eaton, OH

“Speak softly and carry a big stick” — Pres. Roosevelt

This is on the farm of William Meyer, and is carved out of a soybean stubble field.

Iowa Farms Showing Support for Romney

“That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom” — Abraham Lincoln

“BOONE, Iowa — An Iowa family is showing their support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney by adding his face and a message in their cornfield... Neighbors said GPS was used...”

“Romney close to I-80”

“Mitt Romney” — viewable from I-65 in Iowa

“More crop artists have been at work in Iowa. This declaration of presidential preference is on Jim and Nancy Pellett’s land and is visible from Interstate 80 eastbound near Atlantic. Mitt Romney supporter Jim Kurtenbach of Nevada went up in a small plane with photographer Charlie Lloyd, another Romney backer, to snap photos. The word “Romney” in the top left corner of the photo can be seen from eastbound lanes on I-80.”

“A Lyon County farmer carved his presidential preference into his field this week.

“Republican Alfred TeSlaa of Rock Rapids did the artwork, said Lyon County GOP Chairman Cody Hoefert, who went up in an airplane to shoot photos of it.”

Colorado Farmer

“Romney with Jefferson just north of Broomfield, CO”

“My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” — Thomas Jefferson