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Endorsement from Tammy Bruce:

Tammy Bruce, a lesbian who is a New York Times best selling author, and a fiscal and national defense conservative who is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host broadcast on 153 stations, endorsed Mitt Romney. Although she disagreed with him on some important social issues (perhaps his support for traditional marriage, plus she is pro-choice), she understood he is an honest, forward thinking individual who will strive to treat gays and all people fairly and beneficially. Following is her endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney for president:

"Mitt Romney is a forward thinking individual who, through business, understands the importance of people, our impact and influence. His success is based not in contempt for people, but in working with them... Romney does have perhaps the most romantic backstory--his is the only history made of helping other people gain success...

"I'm for Romney ... Do I disagree with him on some important social issues? Yes... And the one time when I actually thought we had found the perfect candidate and president, Clinton, he and his wife ended up betraying both the gay and feminist communities--not because they were philosophically opposed to something, but because it was politically expedient... Romney, as a one-term governor of Massachusetts, has not yet been changed by politics... I'm sure McCain and Hillary Rodham were very nice, reliable, and decent people. Once. They are no longer. Mitt Romney still is, and we would be served well with a man of his integrity and character representing our extraordinary nation.

"All of our lives are wonderful because of the genius of George Washington, the Founding Fathers, and all who came before us who fought, struggled and died to ensure the safety and future of the United States...

"Let's send someone we can all be proud of--let's send Mitt Romney into they fray and we'll be able to fight for a man, regardless of what letter is after your name, who will keep our nation strong, and citizens free by keeping government out of our pockets, and defending her to the ends of the earth.

"Vote Romney.

"We do have a choice, ... I'd say that choice is clear. In order to avoid an impossible Catch-22 in November, all Conservatives and Classical Liberals must coalesce around Romney... because Romney is the better man, more authentically conservative, and a decent person...

"Today's Leftist, as embodied by an opportunist politician like Hillary Clinton, not only will lie to you to get your vote, they then enact policies which take more of our money ultimately sucking away our personal liberty...

"Romney is right--Washington is broken. Putting [a senator, such as] John McCain in the White House is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It may look like we've done something, but nothing at the core will change".

"Tammy Bruce is the bestselling author of 'The New Thought Police' and 'The Death of Right and Wrong'. She is the host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show, serves as a Fox News political contributor, and writes regular columns for Newsmax.com and Frontpagemagazine.com, and for her website and blog, www.tammybruce.com. She lives in Los Angeles."

"Tammy Bruce is an openly gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Bush authentic feminist...

"Flagshipped at KABC Radio and nationally syndicated with 153 affiliates, The "Tammy Bruce Show" premiered in 1993 in Los Angeles. Additionally, her editorials and commentaries on significant social issues have been published nationally and internationally in a wide variety of magazines, newspapers, and on television and radio programming. Ms. Bruce is also a Fox News Channel Political Analyst, and served on California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Transition Team."

"The biggest problem these days really is about getting somebody who is not lying to you. It is about having a candidate who actually doesn't have contempt for the population... At least Romney, even though I disagree with him on some very significant issues, is a man who's reasonable, who works with people, and who will help keep this nation strong so I can continue to do my work!"

(Tammy Bruce on Hannity & Colmes, Feb 1, 2008. Tammy on Romney part starts at 2:14 minutes into clip, ends at 4:31.)

Tammy Bruce: "John McCain is effectively Hillary Clinton in drag. That's why the establishment media is for him, its why The New York Times has endorsed him. It's why the democrats love him. There's a reason why he's the democrats favorite republican, because he is Hillary Clinton in a suit... Hillary Clinton is going to wipe the floor with John McCain, you make no mistake. They're terrified of Romney, they think he's Reagan. He's not, but they realize it's going to be a lot tougher...


"Let Romney face Huckabee, that's the difference. Vote Romney!"

Bob Beckel, Democrat party strategist: (trying to sway fox news viewers against Romney right before super-Tuesday) "The toughest opponent we would have by far is John McCain... John McCain is the one person we are worried about..."

Tammy Bruce: "That is Bravo Sierra (B.S.) Bob Beckel! That is the biggest load of Bravo Sierra (B.S.) that there is. Democrats are thrilled at the idea... Hillary would be thrilled with McCain, the democrats are thrilled, the establishment media has endorsed him and so has the establishment political framework, because everybody knows Romney will be the one who brings change... Vote Romney."

(Tammy Bruce on Fox News, Feb 4, 2008.)

Endorsement from Anthony Del Pellegrino

Anthony Del Pellegrino, a gay, manages and consults campaigns in the New Jersey and New York areas. He is a "former campaign manager for the New Jersey Republican Assembly and Senate Republican campaign committees," helping to elect several republicans in that role and in other roles. He has "been the chief of staff to legislators in the New York State Senate and the New Jersey State Assembly, served as the regional director for the New York State Assembly Minority Leader and served in elected and appointed republican party positions in both New York and New Jersey." Following are his statements that he published about Mitt Romney.

POLITICS & RELIGION....Denying America Good Leadership - Feb 12, 2007

With presidential elections more than a year away a lot of information will be disclosed, deciphered and distorted as we go through a long presidential nomination and election process. However, I would like individuals to stay focused on the “real issues” and the “real character” of the men and women whom seek the presidency of the United States.

It is in that vain that I put forth Mitt Romney for your consideration. Being republican “red” in a democrat “blue” state I know that my cause is an uphill battle but sincere and rational New Jerseyeans of any color should be able to look at the facts surrounding the candidacy of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and realize that he is worth taking a look at.

As Governor, this conservative leader took a practically bankrupt state and brought about economic surpluses while closing a 3 billion dollar budget gap. He streamlined government and made it more effective. Romney reformed the Commonwealth’s education system allowing young people to compete for good paying jobs and created a scholarship fund that rewards the top twenty five percent of Massachusetts high school students with a four year, tuition-free education to any Massachusetts college or university. He also championed a package of education reforms, including merit pay and important new intervention programs for failing schools and English immersion for foreign-speaking students.

In 2006 the Governor signed into law private, market based reforms that ensure every state citizen health insurance without a government takeover or higher taxes.

After four years as the governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney left a state that is better educated, a citizenry that has health insurance and care, an economy with more than 100,000 new jobs and a treasury that is robust. These accomplishments should not be overshadowed by political distortions or distractions. Yet to date, the most oft spoken word about Mitt Romney in the media is “Mormon”. His religious affiliation is what many choose to focus on.

The nation needs to realize that we are not governed by any religion but rather people of different faiths. Roman-Catholic J.F.K. presided over our nation, yet the Pope did not legislate our laws. The U.S. is currently at war with Muslim extremists……..the extremist individuals not their religion. I bring these facts up because we must understand that regardless of Mitt Romney’s faith and the misconceptions or biases surrounding his faith, his accomplishments, abilities, governing philosophy and ideology are what matter in an election for government office.

Instead of focusing in on Romney’s personal faith let us look at the privately held beliefs that he wants to implement for the continued prosperity of America. They are as follows; Defeating the Jihadists, Competing with Asia, Stopping Runaway Spending, Getting Immigration Right, Achieving Energy Independence, Affirming America’s Culture and Values, Simplifying the Tax System, Investing in Technology, Extending Health Insurance To All Americans and Raising the Bar on Education

Mitt Romney’s ten issue agenda for America is what matters. Regardless of any Judeo-Christian, Islamic, Buddhist or other religious affiliation, his “American Agenda” is what makes the difference.

In an age of political correctness that prohibits us from being able to display the ten commandments because of it’s religious connection and the left-wing belief that religion has no place in government, I would sure hate to see people suddenly deny an accomplished man the presidency because of his religious connection. The College of Cardinals elects a leader to save our soul but the American people elect leaders to keep our nation safe, strong and prosperous.

SARAH CINCHED IT!! - Sep 07, 2008

I did not support John McCain for president. I supported Mitt Romney for President. Then Fred Thompson entered the race and I backed him, but although I was there for Thompson's campaign, Thompson didn't show up to his own campaign. So I went back to Mitt Romney. I felt that Romney offered more of a true adherence to conservative principles than did McCain. I liked his freshness on the national stage, his positions on the issues, his integrity, history of success and his ability to articulate the issues and his positions on them.

However, when the battle for the nomination was over and the dust settled, I knew I would be supporting John McCain's candidacy for president. For me the starkly different directions that our choices offer made my support unquestionable.


As we all know, the economy is the issue dominating our minds at the moment. In light of that, if McCain were to use the strategy that I have previously proposed, he should present an economic stabilization package. If I were managing his campaign I would assemble his economic team and hammer out the details...

He should announce that Mitt Romney will be the person who will implement this package and oversee the treasury of our nation as John McCain's secretary of the United States Treasury.

This would be seen by some as cocky. To present a cabinet before you have the house you will put them in may seem unusual but in this case it is more than appropriate...

Mitt Romney understand s how the economy works. He has operated under budgets both as a head of state and CEO. He has created wealth in the private sector, grown business and economies. He has increased employment in both the state that he ran and the companies he helped to build.

Additionally, Mitt Romney has never failed at any responsibility given to him. He took a corruption strewn, beleaguered Olympics in Salt Lake City that was losing money and turned it around. He made it one of the most secure, smooth running and profitable Olympic spectaculars in history.

He took the state of Massachusetts and overcame its Taxachusettes moniker by lowering taxes and meeting budgets.

Mitt Romney has never led a business into bankruptcy and required a government bailout or exited from the stage with a golden parachute. He grew businesses and helped others to grow their own. All in all Mitt Romney has been a solution to problems not a part of the problems and that is what we need. It is what McCain needs and any future President needs...

He May Not Still Be Running For President, But He Can Help Get One Elected

About Me

I am a guy who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. There I helped to get Republicans elected. In a town that is 5 to 1 Democrat, that is no easy task. Yet, on many occasions I was successful at it. Over time I have migrated to New Jersey.

Here too, getting a Republican elected can be an uphill battle but as a former campaign manager for the New Jersey Republican Assembly and Senate Republican campaign committees I successfully helped to elect red candidates in a dark blue state.

In between managing and consulting campaigns, I have been the chief of staff to legislators in the New York State Senate and the New Jersey State Assembly, served as the regional director for the New York State Assembly Minority Leader and served in elected and appointed republican party positions in both New York and New Jersey.

My life revolves around politics. Not the game of it but the policy and sincerity of public service that is often overlooked in politics.

When not involved in politics I spend my time with my partner Nick.

The Basics

Sexual Orientation: gay/lesbian

Relationship Status: domestic partner

Editorial from a conservative gay:

"My partner and I are gay conservatives. After being defeated in Florida a week earlier while helping out our man Mitt Romney, I was feeling especially disappointed with politics in general. So disappointed that I felt like picking a fight with my lunch buddy, since I knew he was a Democrat. I asked him who he was going to vote for and he told me Barrack Obama. I asked him why, he said because Obama supports gay marriage. I asked him if that was the only issue he cared about. Yes. ...

"OK so let me get this straight. My friend, who is an intelligent contributor to society and the workplace, has basically just told me that he is voting for Barrack Obama because Barrack is pro-gay. Feeling defeated because I know that there is no way to get through to a liberal, we spent the last 5 minutes of our lunch in silence. Inside however I was bubbling like a volcano... Our determination to fight anyone who gets in our way has distracted us from American history and the real struggles of our founders...

"Mitt Romney continually reminded people of his business experience and therefore adopted economics as his main platform...

"Obama's message of hope is dangerous... Historically when a candidate has a similar message of hope and change, the terms hope and change are used as vehicles to deliver a larger topic specific to a candidate's agenda. One example is Mitt Romney's agenda to change Washington by streamlining government, something he has done successfully in the private sector. Obama's message stops short. As a result he has ingeniously deceived people into believing that he is a blank slate...

"We as a nation should be cautious of a candidate who is able to attract single issue voters even without having to talk about a single issue. As a gay man I know the temptation to vote on just the gay agenda. However there comes a time when we must be responsible and put the well-being of the nation above personal interests."

Romney received modest but substantial support from gays:

While among Republican candidates, the socially liberal Republican Rudy Giuliani received the most financial support in heavily gay neighborhoods, Mitt Romney received the second most support.

"In nine Zip code areas with well-known heavily gay neighborhoods in six cities, including San Francisco's Castro District, Clinton took in 51 percent of contributions made to the top three Democrats... Among Republicans, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani led with 61 percent, followed by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney with 26 percent and Arizona Senator John McCain with 13 percent.