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Obama retentlessly Negatively Campaigns

“Obama is waging a relentlessly negative campaign of changing the subject from the one that, overwhelmingly, most Americans care about – the economy. Every week there is a new issue his campaign seizes on, preferring to talk about something, anything other than jobs and 8.3 per cent unemployment...

“Obama used not to mention Romney by name. In Las Vegas, he did so nine times... [but] he was careful to call him ‘Governor Romney’ and not stoop to the kind of attacks he has left to his campaign and its allies (such as accusing him of being a felon or linking him to the death of a woman from cancer)...

“Obama has taken on Ryan by name – presidential candidates, never mind incumbent presidents, don’t normally stoop to mentioning the bottom half of the opposing ticket.”

“Since Romney became the presumptive nominee in May, the Obama camp has dumped tens of millions every month into advertising to define the Republican candidate before he could define himself. In total, including August's numbers, the Obama campaign has outspent Romney on advertising by nearly 600 percent -- $171.4 million to just $30.3 million.

“The advertisements, which have painted Romney as everything from a right-wing extremist waging a war on women to an out-of-touch robber baron hiding his wealth in offshore tax shelters, have helped to define Romney to voters in a negative light during the crucial period of time during which they were being introduced to him.”

Unable to provide a positive argument for reelecting himself, Obama mud-slings:

“ “I know that sometimes modern campaigns aren’t pretty to watch, because basically so much of it involves millions of dollars on television,” Obama told his audience at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh today.

“ “Most of the ads are negative,” Obama said, “and at a certain point people get discouraged and start feeling like nobody in Washington is listening to what’s going on to ordinary folks all across the country.” ...

“The way the president told it today, it sounded as if the Republicans are responsible for the tenor and volume of it.

“Of the 68,443 ads that Obama has run on TV (local broadcast, national network & national cable) in the 30-day period ended July 2, 52,016 had an “anti-Romney message” — 76 percent of the total, according to New York-based Kantar Media’s CMAG, which monitors campaign advertising...

“So Obama’s been running heavily negative lately.

“ “Over the next four months, you’re going to see more money spent than you’ve ever seen before, more negative ads,” Obama told his audience today...

“Obama’s ads ran three times as frequently as Romney’s (23,815)...”

“While the Obama camp has reportedly spent four times that of Romney on TV spots, the margin is a bit smaller online.

“Since each campaign launched in Spring 2011, Obama for America spent $26.9 million on digital ads through May 2012, including text messages, according to ClickZ Politics analysis. That's 3.5 times Romney's $7.6 million. In 2011, Obama's online ad expenditures merely doubled Romney's.

“A recent Associated Press report stated Obama for America has spent $100 million on TV ads thus far, while Romney has spent just a quarter of that...

“In April and May Romney dropped around $2.4 million on digital ads. Meanwhile, Obama's reelection campaign piled on with $7.5 million in online ad spending in that time, more than three times that of Romney...

“Together with the Republican National Committee's $104,000 in online ad spending thus far, Romney and his national party counterparts spent $7.7 million on digital ads through May...

“Obama and the DNC's online ad spending combined totals $28.8 million through May.”

SCARBOUROUGH: “One of the numbers that really jumped out at all of us around the table was the question on who was the more negative, who's running the more negative campaign, and almost by a two-to-one margin, the respondents said the Obama campaign was running the more negative campaign than the Romney campaign.”

AXELROD: “Partly, Joe, that's because the Romney campaign and their -- and their friends in the super PAC world have just spent tens and tens of millions of dollars specifically on spots accusing Obama of running a negative campaign. So I'm not surprised to see those numbers jump a little.”

SCARBOROUGH: “So it’s not your negative ads, it's their negative ads accusing you of being negative that has caused --”

AXELROD: “I think that had an impact on the numbers.” (MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” 7/25/12)

ABC News’ with Jonathan Karl—

“KARL: ‘Turn on the T.V. in one of these states, and you'd think the election was next week. A bombardment of political ads, the vast majority brutally negative.’

“OBAMA: ‘Most of the ads are negative and at a certain point, people get discouraged and start feeling like nobody in Washington is listening.’

“KARL: “That's right. Over the past month, Obama's own campaign has run its ads more than 68,000 times, nearly 80% of them attacking Mitt Romney. Negative and loose with the facts. Take this Obama ad.

“OBAMA AD: ‘Romney's never stood up to China. All he's ever done is send them our jobs.’

“KARL: ‘But that's not true. Romney's former company Bain Capital may have invested in companies with operations in China, but there is no evidence that they shipped any U.S. jobs there under Romney’s leadership.’”(ABC’s “ABC World News,” 7/9/12)”

“Barack Obama has made his mistakes as a politician and as a president, but here is one thing he indisputably did right: pummel Mitt Romney with a volley of attack ads once Romney sewed up the Republican nomination... As far back as August 2011, Obama’s political hit men were signaling the inevitable to Politico: The president, "resigned to running for reelection in a glum nation," had little choice "but to run a slashing, personal campaign aimed at disqualifying his likeliest opponent." ...

“ "What ever happened to hope and change?" asked Bob Schieffer of CBS News. He apparently forgot that even the sainted Obama hope-and-change campaign of 2008 spent heavily on negative ads—more than the McCain campaign did...

“The serious questions raised by the early Obama ads are not whether they were too much but too little: Was waiting until May behind the curve? Are the ads vicious enough to inflict lasting damage? ... Given the anemic employment numbers... Obama is embarking on one of the roughest political races in memory...

“An effective attack ad doesn’t require strict accuracy... It has to land a punch as propaganda, not journalism...”

“The Obama campaign committee spent a tremendous amount of money in June, at a rate of nearly $2 million per day, according to federal elections filings submitted over the weekend.”


“In 1980, when President Reagan asked Americans, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago”, it was still possible to campaign on a theme as simple as the job performance of the other guy...

“After 2010, the numbers were crunched, and it was clear that Obama and the Democrats could not win a mainstream campaign... There was no more pretense of a national election, only a frenzied rush to polarize as many groups as possible and join them together into an acrimonious coalition, not so much for anything, as against Republicans.

“There isn’t any inspiration here... A dozen mini-civil wars being stirred up to divide Americans and set them at each other’s throats for the benefit of the Obama campaign...

“Obama can’t win on the economy. He can’t win on foreign policy. He can’t win on any aspect of his administration. All he can do is stir up violence and then promise to heal the country in his second term... It’s not a new game, but the Democratic Party has never played it quite this baldly in a national election. And if it succeeds, then national politics will have finally been reduced to the level of a Chicago election...

“This is an UnAmerican campaign. It is an Anti-American campaign...

“The Obama campaign is not accidentally divisive. It did not stumble into divisiveness. It is not even divisive as a byproduct of its real aims. Divisiveness is its aim. Divisiveness is the only way that a divisive administration can hold on to power...

“Bain is a metaphor whose details don’t truly matter. The target audience for that swill doesn’t really care where Romney was when a steel plant was shut down. It doesn’t care that like so many private equity bigwigs, the man who actually was in charge is one of Obama’s bundlers. This isn’t about truth, it’s about menace...”

The above article referenced one of the Obama alliance's most desperate and outrageous mud-slings--That Mitt Romney killed a man's wife.

Not only is such rhetoric outrageous in and of itself, a cartoon was created showing its absurdity.