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   Reader question and answer

Did not Romney and his wife contribute to Planned Parenthood several years ago?

As is well known, Romney did change from pro-choice to pro-life. As noted here, Rick Santorum changed from pro-choice to pro-life too. Planned Parenthood claimed they got a $150 check from Mitt Romney's wife in the early 1990s. All through the 1990s, going up through 2006, Rick Santorum provided them literally with billions of dollars in funding by his yes votes and going along with the status quo (as did Newt Gingrich) verses showing any kind of opposition to that government funding.

In the 2000s Romney has given thousands of dollars to pro-life causes. And speaking of charity, Santorum has averaged an income of over a million dollars a year the last several years working for lobbying firms and so forth, but has he donated to any pro-life causes since becoming pro-life? Not that I've heard. Guess how much total he has given to any kind of charity or cause? 2%!!! Supporting the cultural institutions is a big part of winning this cultural war.

(P.S. - Ronald Reagan was not only once pro-choice, as governor he signed the most expansive pro-abortion law in the history of California, causing abortions to sky-rocket in California. Every action Romney took as governor was pro-life. If you want to understand Romney's record and platform, please visit the abortion issues page.)

~ Correspondence on March 16, 2012