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Effect of Same Ruling in Massachusetts

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

"What is Proposition 8?

"Proposition 8 is a simple and straightforward voter initiative. It contains the same 14 words that were previously approved in 2000 by over 61% of California voters: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” "

"Will proposition 8 take away any rights for gay and lesbian domestic parnters?

"No... Proposition 8 doesn't take away any rights or benefits from gays or lesbians in domestic partnerships. Under California law, “domestic partners shall have the same rights, protections and benefits as married spouses.” (Family Code 297.5.) There are no exceptions. Proposition 8 will not change this."

(That means all rights and benefits ''including the right to divorce and to sue for child support.'' MSNBC - May 15, 2008)

For more information such as why proposition 8 is needed, could the California Supreme Court overturn it (no), who supports it, and other questions, see the FAQ:


Facts & Myths:
Fact: "Proposition 8 is supported by a broad range of organizations and individuals, including faith leaders representing virtually every faith in California - and those who subscribe to no faith at all. People from every walk of life believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. Over 1.1 million Californians signed the petitions to put Proposition 8 on the ballot."


Other myth-busters include the facts that:

As of October 26, 2008

• The largest spender is the 'no' side by over $4 million, $32.3 million vs. $28.2 million. (By election day, the 'no' side raised $44.1 million vs. $38.8 million for the 'yes' side, putting on a last minute campaign blitz that was misleading and inaccurate. When the 'yes' side tried to challenge them on that, the 'no' side refused "to debate Proposition 8 this weekend in a live, televised format" - Reuters.com - Oct 30, 2008.)

• "The measure's opponents received a greater share of their money from outside the state or country — 33 percent compared to the 19 percent of out-of-state contributions reported by the initiative's backers."

• "Apart from California, New York ($2.5 million), Michigan ($1.6 million), Utah (1.5 million) and Connecticut ($1.4 million), are the states whose residents and institutions have invested the most in the contest."

• Over 2/3 of the money donated from Utah went to the 'no' side, with over $1 million coming from a wealthy individual (Mr. Bastian) from there who is fighting the measure. (In the final days before the election, another wealthy indivual countered his donation by donating $1 million for the proposition, resulting in more funds donated in favor than against the proposition from the state by election day.)

• "On the "No" side, wealthy individuals making million-dollar gifts account for all but one of the gay marriage ban's top six opponents."

• On the yes side, three of the four contributors of $ 1/2 million or more were civic oriented organizations.

• Lawyers, many of whom will benefit from lawsuits if the initiative fails, donated millions.

• Most of the large contributors against the initiative are wealthy elites, including many who gave $100,000 or more.

Civil Rights and Proposition 8

Obama and McCain on issue:

Presidential Candidates view

Youtube - Biden & Palin on issue

Proposition 8 in plain English

Fun Spoof - Silly Laws

Didn't we already vote on this?

Will rights be taken away?

"Sign" of things to come?

"It is ironic that the very ones who demand tolerance are intolerant; that those who cry “discrimination” are discriminating; and that those who holler “equal rights” are actively engaged in depriving others of their rights. There has been an orchestrated effort by those who oppose Proposition 8 to silence the pro-family voices and take from them their freedom of speech and expression, their freedom to spare their children from gay indoctrination and their freedom to practice their beliefs and be true to their moral standards. No such rights are taken from same-sex partners as a result of the passage of Proposition 8."

Scuffles Over Gay-Marriage Ballot Measure Lead to Injuries, Arrest

''... a jogger spotted two men removing "Yes on 8" signs... When the witness confronted the thieves, one of them pulled off the witness' hat and smashed his eyeglasses on the ground. The attacker's large black-and-tan dog then bit the victim in his upper leg, causing deep puncture wounds...

''A similar dispute... began when a 76-year-old man and his 77-year-old wife confronted Lawrence A. Pizzicara, 53, as he was placing "No on 8" signs on their property in the 6900 block of Sandcastle Drive, blocking their pro-Prop 8 placards, Lt. Neil Gallucci said.

''During the ensuing argument, Pizzicara allegedly attacked the couple, beating them and inflicting "significant" injuries, the lieutenant said...

''Pizzicara was arrested about 8 p.m. and booked into Vista Detention Facility on suspicion of battery and elder abuse.''

Five held on suspicion of stealing "Yes" on Prop. 8 signs

"FULLERTON - Five people were arrested early today on suspicion of participating in a sign-stealing spree the suspects said originated in a downtown bar, Sgt. Mike MacDonald said...

"When the officer approached the driver, she noticed three "No on Prop 8" signs in the vehicle. She also located 10 torn-up "Yes on 8" signs on the front floorboard with three McCain-Palin signs...

"MacDonald said all five admitted taking the signs."

New Arrests In "Yes On 8" Sign Stealing Spree

"Authorities announced a second arrest today in connection with the thefts of election signs from North County roadsides...

"Investigators are looking into reports of other thefts of placards promoting the state proposition, which seeks to ban same-sex marriage, in the coastal city, Diamond said."

(archived page — original link expired)

Opponents of Traditional Marriage Engage in Dirty Tricks

Lists nearly 3 dozen incidents in cities and counties across California including:

"ORANGE COUNTY • "Caught in the act." A Prop. 8 opponent from San Francisco was caught in the act when she ripped up a Yes on 8 sign right in front of the Irvine Republican Party campaign office on Sunday. Office workers made a citizen's arrest. The woman was charged with misdemeanor vandalism and will appear in court."

"Whittier • A car with a Yes on 8 bumper sticker was egged."

''SACRAMENTO • KCRA3 posted a report on its website Monday: "Dean Jenkins said a 'Yes on Proposition 8' sign was stolen from his front lawn. 'We came home from Disneyland...and it was gone,' Jenkins said....'I think it's a way of voicing how we feel about certain things. And a sign is taken away from your property...they're taking away your voice.'" ''

"SAN MATEO COUNTY San Mateo • About a dozen Yes on 8 signs were stolen from the grounds of St. Matthew parish. Other signs on parish property were destroyed: volunteers returned to find two signs ripped off their frames and the frames bent and a third sign had a gash cut down the middle."

"SALINAS • At Sacred Heart Catholic Church, someone stole all the volunteer sign-up postcards, so now the Yes on 8 campaign has no way of contacting those volunteers. Additionally, a Yes on 8 sign was bent and thrown in the trash."

Opponents of Traditional Marriage Engage in More Dirty Tricks

More than a dozen more incidents including:

"LOS ANGELES COUNTY Santa Monica • On Sunday a Yes on 8 bumper sticker was put on a supporters car, and on Tuesday while they were in a local store for only 2-5 minutes someone vandalized their car, peeled off the bumper sticker and then keyed the entire length of their car."

"SAN LOUIS OBISPO • Supporters of Prop. 8 are victims of having bricks thrown. A brick was thrown through the front window of an elderly couple’s home, as well as through the front window of a car."

"SAN DIEGO COUNTY Chula Vista • Three arrests were made Monday evening when three men were caught stealing Yes on 8 signs."

Prop. 8 sign vandalism on rise

'' "We have communities all over the state, including Orange County, where there will be 200 signs put up and the next day there are less than 10 percent of these left," he said.

''In Modesto, someone attacked and seriously injured a man waiting to distribute yard signs to other supporters of the ban, according to The Modesto Bee.

''Since the signs arrived from China in early October, the campaign has distributed 150,000 "Yes on 8" signs just in the county, Warnick said.

''The Irvine Police Department has reported the most Prop 8 sign vandalism by far... eight Yes on Prop. 8 signs have been stolen or spray painted. Two of those incidents ended in citizen's arrests for petty theft, Lt. Rick Handfield said.''

Woman Blames Prop. 8 Opponents For Slashing Her Tires

''A woman in Bay Park woke up Saturday morning and found someone slashed two tires on her minivan...

''Susan Lopez says she was targeted because of the Yes On Prop 8 sign she has in her yard...

''Lopez says her tires were also slashed back in 2000, when she supported Prop 22, which kept same sex marriages from being recognized in California until this year.''

(archived page — original link expired)

Vandals hit two San Jose homes with signs supporting ban on same-sex marriage

(A short video of the vandalism goes with this story)

''The Byrnes and Ybarras, friends who live across from each other on the small cul-de-sac, had their garage doors spray-painted in large letters with the words "No on 8."...

''The rear window of the Byrnes' minivan was also hit with red spray paint.''

(archived page — original link expired)

Wrightwood man arrested for stealing Prop. 8 signs

''November 4, 2008 - 5:37PM

''WRIGHTWOOD • Deputies arrested a man for stealing “Vote Yes on Proposition 8” signs on Election Day when, during a traffic stop, a deputy saw numerous signs inside the man’s vehicle, sheriff’s officials said.''

3 NorCal Teens Arrested For Stealing Prop. 8 Signs

"ROSEVILLE (AP) ― ...after finding 53 Yes-on-8 signs in their car. Greene and Flieder were taken into custody on suspicion of possession of stolen property, conspiracy, petty theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The 17-year-old also faces possession of stolen property, conspiracy and petty theft charges.

"Gunther said the three were arrested after an officer on routine patrol became suspicious when he saw a green car parked at the curb with its doors and trunk open. About the same time, a resident called police to report seeing someone take a Yes-on-8 sign out of a neighbor's yard.

"In San Jose, police on Monday were called to a house in the southern part of the city after homeowners reported their garage had been spray-painted with "No on 8" messages."

300 signs supporting Proposition 8 stolen from Chino Hills church

"About 300 signs supporting Proposition 8 were stolen Tuesday from the St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church courtyard...

"Sheriff's Sgt. Rick Swigert with the Chino Hills station confirmed the theft Thursday afternoon...

"Parishioners have recently had signs stolen from their yards, Dumdum said."

Prop. 8 signs disappearing from Wilmington church lawn

''A Catholic church in Wilmington and some of its neighbors say the repeated disappearance of their "Yes on Prop. 8" lawn signs is about more than just the theft of plastic and wood.

'' "They're trespassing on my property, but also on my rights to express myself," said Patricia Sullivan, a resident in the 500 block of West Opp Street...

''Sullivan said thieves earlier this month took the time to unwind wire she used to fasten her sign to her chain-link fence.

''She replaced the sign, and it has withstood hijacking so far, but was torn in one attempt Sunday.

''Sullivan said it's important to her to show her support for the measure she says will restore "dignity" to marriage.''

(archived page — original link expired)

"Yes On 8" Yard Sign Stolen in 2 hrs 15 minutes. New Record?

"So Saturday afternoon, Stephanie and I said a little prayer over our "Freedom of Religion / Yes on 8" yard sign and tapped it into the front lawn. We live on a visible corner of a busy street in what's affectionately known (by all parties) as the "gayborhood." We knew we were going to stick out a little bit.

"Not two hours and 15 minutes later, while I ran around the block for some groceries, somebody who really doesn't understand or appreciate democracy very well walked off w/ our sign. This is a real pattern across the State, related to this one issue in particular, for some reason."

Prop. 8 supporters suffer vandalism, violence

''Rev. Jim Garlow says signs urging a "Yes" vote on Proposition 8 are being stolen, churches have been pelted with eggs, cars have been parked outside the homes of supporters bearing the message "Bigots live here," and some supporters have been physically assaulted. Garlow says a pastor even had the windows of his car shot out because he was displaying a "Yes on 8" sticker. "One man in Modesto was beaten as he was handing out 'Yes on 8' signs, and had stitches in his eye," he adds.

'' "We have boys dying...protecting our freedom in Iraq, while we have our freedom being taken as people rip signs out and destroy them and deface them," says Pastor Garlow. "It's quite an amazing venue to find ourselves in [here] in America." ''

California: Attacks Against Prop. 8

Lists many acts of vandalism throughout the state, including:


''At around 1:40 p.m. Friday, vandals spray painted "No on Prop 8" onto the outside of the church located at 7950 Hazel Avenue...


''Kids, all students at HART Middle School, had a chance to see a vandal at work, as some crazed-lady driving a white SUV, with No on 8 signs plastered to the side, was ripping down YES on 8 signs.


''The words "love for all," "no on 8" and "equal rights" were sprayed on three sides of a supporter of Prop. 8's trailer.''

vandalized carProp. 8 supporters contend with vandals

''Supporters of Proposition 8 in Chino Hills, California, have met opposition from local officials as well as vandals...

''Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) senior counsel Erik Stanley got a call from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills explaining their plight.

'' "They related to us that the city of Chino Hills was threatening to fine home owners $25 a day for putting 'Support Proposition 8' signs in the yards of their houses and was threatening to fine the church $250 for distributing the signs," he says...

''Prop. 8 signs were stolen from the yard of one family belonging to the church, and graphic messages were scratched into their two cars. The vandals keyed "Gay Sex is Love" into the car's paint, while also writing other degrading phrases in permanent marker "all over both vehicles."

Restores Democracy, keeping the democratically chosen definition for marriage,
blocking the San Francisco court's 4-3 ruling that took away the will of the people.

Yucaipa neighborhood falls victim to political vandalism

''In orange paint typically used by construction workers or accident investigators, someone scrawled "No on Prop. 8" on cars and garage doors...

''One homeowner who lives on Via Buena and asked that her name not be used said her garage door, fence, iron gate, stone columns and her "Yes on 8" sign all had orange fluorescent spray paint on them, totalling up to $1,000 in damage.

''She said five cars and about half a dozen homes on her street were painted.''

Yucaipa neighborhood wakes to 'No on Prop. 8' graffiti on cars, fences, garage doors

''YUCAIPA - Vandals blanketed a small Yucaipa neighborhood overnight Friday, tagging more than two dozen vehicles, fences and garage doors with graffiti opposing the same-sex marriage ban on Tuesday's ballot...

''As Yucaipa resident Dave Sanders put up "Yes on 8" signs at the corner of Fifth Street and County Line Road on Friday afternoon, motorists honked and yelled "No on 8" and "Yes on 8." Sanders wasn't surprised by the vandalism, having worked with his brother-in-law to put up hundreds of signs, only to see most of them torn down or stolen.

'' "The lifespan of a sign is about 18 hours," Sanders said. "All the signs we put up a few days ago are gone. Every single one." ''

Yorba Linda also has Prop. 8 sign woes

''The two arrests were made for sign theft on Oct. 12 at about 2 a.m., Smyser said. A patrol officer spotted two silhouettes on the northeast corner of Yorba Linda Boulevard and Imperial Highway taking signs out of the ground, Smyser said.

'' "The officer asked the two people what they were doing and they said they were against Prop. 8," Smyser said. "They had 10 signs between the two of them." ''

vandalized sign vandalized fence


As shown, many prop 8 opponents respect no-one else's rights, property, safety or liberty including freedom of choice and speech!

''All caught on tape, the video shows one protester grabbing the styrofoam cross from Burgess' hands. Another protesters is shown stomping on it. Burgess says she was struck on the head and spit on...

'' "I don't want to keep it peaceful anymore," one protester yelled. "We should fight! We should fight!" he shouted.

''During a live interview with KPSP Local 2, protesters encircled Burgess. Yelling expletives and hateful slurs, the crowd turned their anger on our news crew. Many were angry that the woman was given a chance to express her opinions.''

''The 69-year-old Palm Springs resident originally declined to press charges when asked by police and joked she felt lucky, at least she didn’t lose her wig in the tussle like Cloris Leachman did on Dancing with the Stars...

''Palm Springs Police made no arrests, but say they spent about 40 minutes on Saturday trying to convince Burgess to press charges.''

(archived page — original link expired)

''Supporters of Proposition 8 in California have been subjected to harassment, intimidation, vandalism, racial scapegoating, blacklisting, loss of employment, economic hardships, angry protests, violence, at least one death threat, and gross expressions of anti-religious bigotry.''

This report gives many, many examples, including some already listed on this web-page.

Gay-marriage activists assault elderly woman who's for Prop 8,
Stomp on cross.