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* Nancy Reagan

“Nancy Reagan announced Thursday she's backing Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election...

“ "I offered my firm endorsement of his campaign for president," Reagan said in a statement issued by her office. "Ronnie would have liked Gov. Romney's business background and his strong principles, and I have to say I do too. I believe Mitt Romney has the experience and leadership skills that our country so desperately needs, and I look forward to seeing him elected president in November." ”

Reagan Sec. of State George Shultz

“One day after Mitt Romney clinched the GOP nomination, two former secretaries of state came forward and threw their support behind the former Massachusetts governor, according to Bloomberg.

“Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State under George W. Bush, gave her official nod to Romney at a fundraiser in California. “If America is going to rebuild its strength at home, rebuild its sense of who we are, it needs a leader that also understands how really exceptional the United States of America is, and is not afraid to lead on the basis of that exceptionalism,” Rice told about 300 donors in Hillsborough, near where she teaches at Stanford University...

“George Shultz, the Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan, also announced his endorsement and defended Romney's record at Bain Capital. “What he has done at Bain Capital has been a major contribution to the American economy,” he said.

“Shultz, who also served as Secretary of Labor under Richard Nixon, added of Romney: “He has learned and instinctively can feel what it takes to get this huge amount of money that is sitting on the sidelines of our economy to move forward and invest.” ”

John Bolton


* John Bolton

“Of all the candidates, Mitt Romney possesses the strongest vision for America’s leadership role in the world, and I am proud to endorse him,” Ambassador Bolton said. “President Obama has sapped America’s credibility abroad, weakened our military and failed to lead on issues vital to U.S. national security. President Obama has left America exposed to ever increasing threats. Mitt Romney will restore our military, repair relations with our closest allies, and ensure that no adversary—including Iran—ever questions American resolve.”

"John R. Bolton served in the Reagan Administration as Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice and General Counsel at USAID."

"John R. Bolton was the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations from August 2005 to December 2006. From 2001 to 2005, he was Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security. Ambassador Bolton also served in the George H.W. Bush Administration as Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs... He is currently a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and Of Counsel at the law firm of Kirkland & Ellis."

Ambassador John Bolton - Fox News with Greta - Thursday, Jan 11, 2012

Bay Buchanan


* Bay Buchanan

“If Americans want a real conservative in the White House, they need to look no farther than Mitt Romney,” said Bay Buchanan. “These few years of President Obama’s failed leadership have weakened our country across the board. We need a president who will immediately reverse Obamacare, stop Washington’s out-of-control spending and finally secure our borders. Mitt Romney is the man who will actually get these things done. America simply can’t take another four years of Barack Obama.”

Bay Buchanan served as Treasurer to Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaigns in 1980 and 1984, and was an accountant on his 1976 campaign. President Reagan appointed her Treasurer of the United States in 1981. She is a frequent guest on numerous cable television shows and speaks frequently on college campuses.

“Conservatives need a candidate who not only shares our views, but is committed to putting them into action. Mitt Romney is the strong leader we need to reverse Obamacare, create jobs, and secure our borders.”

James Baker

* Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff, James Baker

“Former Secretary of State James A. Baker III said Thursday that Mitt Romney would be the Republicans’ strongest nominee against President Obama, arguing that the former Massachusetts governor’s private-sector experience would resonate with voters in swing states.

“ “I think that Romney would be our strongest candidate in the fall,” Mr. Baker said at the International Republican Institute’s annual dinner, where he was given the organization’s Freedom Award.

“Mr. Baker said he is bullish on Mr. Romney “because he’s had private-sector business experience” and because he is most likely to appeal to voters in swing states.

“ "To win a general election, you’ve got to win the voters in the swing states," he said. "Those swing states are Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida - and I think Mitt Romney would probably appeal to those independent voters more so than any of the other people running on our side." ”

James Baker was President Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff and for part of Reagan's time in office, as Secretary of the Treasury. He was retained by President George H.W. Bush as Chief of Staff and was also Secretary of State under President Bush.

Judge Robert Bork

Judge Robert Bork

“Mitt Romney deeply understands that the rule of law and the integrity of our courts are essential components of our nation’s strength and must be preserved. He will nominate judges who faithfully adhere to the Constitution’s text, structure, and history and he will carry out the duties of President as a zealous defender of the Constitution. We fully support Mitt Romney’s campaign and look forward to working with other members of the committee as we advise him on today’s pressing legal issues.” (Judge Robert Bork in joint statement)

''No other candidate will do more to advance the conservative judicial movement than Governor Mitt Romney.'' (Judge Robert Bork)

Robert Bork, a best-selling author, was a supreme court nominee by Ronald Reagan.

Chief Counsels, partners and other prominent attorneys representing and fighting for conservative groups and causes have also come out in favor of Governor Mitt Romney.

» Endorsements and comments from leading legal professionals

Kate O'Beirne

“It seems to me that Mitt Romney’s willingness to make specific pledges and outline a platform helpfully moved him beyond the typical GOP platitudes about smaller government. Grover Norquist noted that the former governor was the first in the field to sign his tax pledge and now Romney has married it with a spending pledge. In an effective, ahem, contrast, he noted that when it comes to government spending “I like vetoes.” ...”

Kate O'Beirne served in the Reagan Administration as deputy assistant secretary for legislation at the Department of Health and Human Services.

After that she became vice president of Government Relations at The Heritage Foundation.

She now is president of the National Review Institute, the nonprofit, public policy organization founded by William F. Buckley, Jr. in 1991 to advance the conservative principles he championed through policy development, public education, and advocacy.

Ronald Reagan administration leaders

Conference Call with 4 Reagan officials:

Ambassador Rich Williamson:

“I guess I’d just open by saying all four of us feel that it was an honor and a privilege to serve with President Reagan, to know him, and to support his transformational presidency. And we see in Mitt Romney many of the same characteristics of a steady hand, reliability, consistency. And I think that Speaker Gingrich, by exaggerating his role in the Reagan Revolution, evinces an effort to be grandiose and for political reasons, try to overstate the role he played in supporting Ronald Reagan. He was a backbencher. He took opportunities to criticize President Reagan’s efforts to the four of us, who all were involved in foreign policy matters and defense matters.”

Secretary John Lehman:

“Well, first, the reason that I have been actively supporting Governor Romney is I’ve spent a lot of time with him. And he is, without question, the Republican who really gets it in defense. He has a strategic mindset. He understands the way of the world works. And he understands the importance of strong deterrence. He has been able to grasp, I think very quickly, what is so severely wrong with the way we’re procuring weapons, which is just out of control and is unilaterally disarming us.”

Dov Zakheim:

“What attracted me to Governor Romney frankly is that he’s grounded. I mean this is a person who really has both feet planted on the ground. Who’s very practical, who understands national security, who understands international relations, who knows the importance of our allies, who knows why a defense posture that is viable and strong is critical, not only to deterring enemies but frankly to reassuring allies. And they’re both very, very important. And that’s why he supports a strong national defense posture.”

Ambassador Gerald P. Carmen:

“Who has the judgment to be president? Certainly Governor Romney has shown over and over again as others have said that he’s knowledgeable, calm, strong, he has it all.”

• Ambassador Rich Williamson – Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs 1988-1989; Special Assistant to the President and Deputy to the White House Chief of Staff 1981; Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs, the White House 1981-83; US Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the UN Offices in Vienna, Austria 1983-85

• John Lehman was Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan, from 1981-1987. (John Lehman)

• Dov S. Zakheim spent 6 years in the Reagan administration, including a Deputy Undersecretary of Defense from 1985-1987. He was the Undersecretary of Defense from 2001-2004. (Dov Zakheim)

• Ambassador Gerald P. Carmen – Ronald Reagan 1980 Campaign; Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration from 1981-1984; U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva 1984-1986

About 3 dozen Reagan Coalition Members

“Supporters of Ronald Reagan are supporting Mitt Romney because he is the best chance conservatives have to return to the prosperous Reagan years. His economic plan will unleash job-creation in the private sector, his trade policies will open markets around the world, and he will stand up to countries that have pledged to destroy our allies. Mitt Romney will restore faith in our country in much the same way Ronald Reagan did thirty years ago.” — Ambassador Gerald P. Carmen

Ambassador Carmen served on Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign and then as an Assistant Secretary of State, Ambassador, and other positions under President Reagan.

Nearly 3 dozen Reagan coalition members have joined Ambassador Carmen in this statement of support for Mitt Romney.

These people served in Reagan's campaign and/or served under him as cabinet members, Ambassadors, Attorney Generals, a judge and so forth:



Comparing Reaganomics with Romney economics

“Ronald Reagan raised taxes as governor of California, imposing a $1 billion tax increase his first year in office. It was the largest tax hike by a governor in the nation's history, raising income, corporate, sales and inheritance taxes. Five years later, Reagan raised taxes again by another $1.5 billion...

“But even Reagan didn't stop the growth of state government: While he was governor of California, the budget increased from $4.6 billion to $10.2 billion...

“Every single budget Romney submitted included income tax cuts -- all of which were rejected by the 85-percent Democratic Legislature. (The last time Massachusetts legislators approved an income tax cut was when it was attached to a bill raising their own salaries by 55 percent.) ...

“He cut state spending by $600 million, including reducing his own staff budget by $1.2 million, and hacked the largest government agency, Health and Human Services, down from 13 divisions to four. He did this largely by persuading the Legislature to give him emergency powers his first year in office to cut government programs without their consent.

“Although Romney was not able to get any income tax cuts past the Democratic Legislature, he won other tax cuts totaling nearly $400 million, including a one-time capital gains tax rebate and a two-day sales tax holiday for all purchases under $2,500.

“He also vetoed more bills than any other governor in Massachusetts history, before or since. He vetoed bills concerning access to birth control, more spending on state zoos, and the creation of an Asian-American commission -- all of which were reversed by the Legislature.”


Comparing Reagan with Romney on Life issues

Governor Romney is pro-life, and like Ronald Reagan, once supported abortion rights.¹

However, unlike Ronald Reagan, who signed an abortion law while governor that caused abortions in his state to sky-rocket ², Mitt Romney has a consistent pro-life record as governor.

As Ronald Reagan's son, well known conservative pundit Michael Reagan, has said, "Romney's record shows he should be totally acceptable to all conservatives".³

Governor Romney's record on abortion related issues, and a history of his views can be found here:



  (Ron Paul is the only contender who has refused to endorse the nominee in each of the last two presidential elections.
   In fact, by his own admission, he hasn't voted for or supported a Republican for president for decades.
   He claims he is the only true conservative. And he claims to be a true Reaganite.
   Since he's told his followers to continue to fight the party and nominee,
   it seems appropriate to share his true words on Reagan.)

Ron Paul on Ronald Reagan

“Boy, it sure burns me to have a national holiday for that pro-communist philanderer, Martin Luther King. I voted against this outrage time and time again as a Congressman. What an infamy that Ronald Reagan approved it! We can thank him for our annual Hate Whitey Day.” — Ron Paul, Feb 1990

Ron Paul calls Ronald Reagan a Failure:

MR. RUSSERT: “You're running as a Republican. In your--on your Web site, in your brochures... there's a photograph of you, Ronald Reagan on the right, heralding your support of Ronald Reagan. And yet you divorced yourself from Ronald Reagan. You said this:

"... I want to totally disassociate myself from the Reagan Administration."

“And you go on to The Dallas Morning News:

"Paul now calls Reagan a `dramatic failure.'" ”

REP. PAUL: “... A failure, yes, in, in many ways... I think that--matter of fact, he admitted in his memoirs that he had a total failure in Lebanon, and he said he relearned the Middle East because of that failure. And so there--he--you know, he...”

MR. RUSSERT: “But if he's a total failure, why are you using, using his picture in your brochure? ... George Herbert Walker Bush, this is according to Ron Paul: " 'Bush is a bum,' Paul wrote in November 15th, 1992 issue of his newsletter, the 'Ron Paul Political Report.'" And asked about the current President Bush, whether he voted for him in 2004: "Paul says no: 'He misled us in 2000.'" Asked if he voted for Bush in 2000. No, " 'I didn't vote for him then, either. I wasn't convinced he was a conservative.'" And actually, in 1987, you submitted a letter of resignation to the Republican Party: "I therefore resign my membership in the Republican Party and enclose my membership card." If Reagan's a failure, Bush 41 is a bum, and you didn't vote for Bush 41--41's a bum and 43 you didn't vote for, and you resigned from the Republican Party, why are you running as a Republican candidate for president?”

REP. PAUL: “Because I represent what Republicanism used to be... I stand for the ideals of the Republican Party.”

Editor's note: Ron Paul's harsh criticism of the Republican party goes clear back to and includes its first president, Abraham Lincoln, e.g. this interview.

“America must decide who to trust: Al Gore’s Texas cheerleader, or the one who stood with Reagan.” — An ad from the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Committee

“We pulled this comment from an ad that accuses Rick Perry of trying to “undo the Reagan Revolution” ... Photos show Ron Paul looking chummy with the Gipper as a deep-voiced narrator describes the Texas congressman as a bold Reagan supporter.”

“The Paul campaign’s attack ad pointed up Perry’s support in 1988 for Al Gore, who ran as a conserva-Dem in the primaries that year. The Perry campaign fired back by releasing the text of Paul’s letter from the same presidential cycle explaining that he was leaving the Republican Party to run for president on the libertarian ticket. Included in his rationale was his disappointment in the policies and performance of Pres. Ronald Reagan:

“President Reagan, as governor of California, had a line-item veto and virtually never used it. As President he has failed to exercise his constitutional responsibility to veto spending. Instead, he has encouraged it.

“Monetary policy has been disastrous as well... America will suffer from a Reaganomics that is nothing but warmed-over Keynesianism.

“Candidate Reagan in 1980 correctly opposed draft registration. Yet when he had the chance to abolish it, he reneged, as he did on his pledge to abolish the Departments of Education and Energy, or to work against abortion.

“Under the guise of attacking drug use and money laundering, the Republican Administration has systematically attacked personal and financial privacy...

“Under Reagan, the IRS has grown bigger, richer, more powerful, and more arrogant... His officers jailed the innocent George Hansen, with the President refusing to pardon a great American whose only crime was to defend the Constitution. Reagan’s new tax “reform” gives even more power to the IRS. Far from making taxes fairer or simpler, it deceitfully raises more revenue for the government to waste.

“Knowing this administration’s record, I wasn’t surprised by its Libyan disinformation campaign, Israeli-Iranian arms-for-hostages swap, or illegal funding of the Contras. All this has contributed to my disenchantment with the Republican Party, and helped me make up my mind.”


“Paul has little room to criticize politicians for changing their party affiliations. He campaigned for president as a Libertarian in 1988, after running for office seven times as a Republican and serving as a GOP member of the U.S. House for more than six years at that point.

“So why didn’t he vie for the Republican nomination? Because he’d renounced the party — along with Reagan’s presidential policies...

“Paul mentioned Reagan 14 more times as he accused the party of violating the conservative principles... He knocked the former president for supporting anti-communist guerrillas, for increasing deficit spending, for expanding the federal payroll and for giving the Internal Revenue Service more power. He even reached back in time to criticize Reagan for his sparse use of the line-item veto as governor of California...

“Paul continued disparaging Reagan throughout the 1988 nominating process, telling the L.A. Times at one point that he wanted to “totally disassociate” himself with the two-term president...

“The Paul campaign has a history of manipulating the facts when it comes to Reagan-related issues. The group produced an ad in July claiming the former president had reluctantly raised the debt ceiling because of pressure from Democrats. In reality, his reluctance had nothing to do with the debt ceiling, but instead with a set of automatic defense cuts that would take effect if he and Congress couldn’t reach a deficit-reduction deal.”

“Paul wrote that "Reagan and the Republican Party have given us skyrocketing deficits, massive monetary inflation, indiscriminate military spending, irrational and unconstitutional foreign policy, zooming foreign aid, the exaltation of international banking and the attack on our personal liberties and privacies." ”

“They claim that Bush has squandered the glories of the Ronald Reagan legacy... [but] Bush is the extension and fulfillment of Reagan's legacy...

“Reagan extended crazed CAFE rules, forcing cars to be smaller and more dangerous, and implemented mandatory air bag and seat belt requirements. Before George Bush, Reagan was the most protectionist president in history.

“Yet I remember that no one was allowed to criticize Reagan from the Right, even up to the minute he left office (not that that stopped me!).”

“Ronald Reagan's Contemptible Speech

“Leftists were already praising Ronald Reagan's fundraising for the Gorbachev Foundation, which has shelteredcommunists [sic] from prosecution and public scorn in Moscow. But they loved his December speech at Oxford University. Gone were the calls to cut the size of government. Instead, he was an advocate of Trilateral dreams.

“ "Will we turn inward lulled by a dangerous complacency and the shortsighted view that the end of one Evil Empire means the permanent banishment of evil in all its forms?" But those who have advocated getting back to the business of being a free country, now that Cold War is over, have never argued the evil is gone from the earth. We simply argue that not all evil is the U.S. taxpayers' to banish...

“ "Wherever there are forces" that "diminish human potential," they "must be countered." Human potential? Is New Age blather enough now to send in the Marines?

“Reagan not only endorsed our African food-stamp program [Ron Paul's term for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)],but to call for immediate intervention in Bosnia. "What I propose then, is nothing less than a humanitarian velvet glove..." he said.”

“The Myth of Ronald Reagan

“Conservative Republican columnist Don Lambro, writing in the WASHINGTON TIMES, denounced as a liberal Democratic canard the idea that Reagan hates the poor... I must say I do not come to the same pro-Reagan conclusion that Mr. Lambro does.

“Since government welfare programs exist to reward special interests... it is pro-poverty bureaucrat, pro-social worker, pro-poverty consultant, and pro-big government...

“The Anti-Communist Reagan Administration

“... The Reagan administration, good anti-Communists that they are... SUPPORTED the Red Chinese repression...

“All the administration's anti-communist rhetoric is nothing but eyewash.”

“Ronald Reagan has vetoed a mere 62 bills... Fewer than half have been aimed at overspending, and most of these had a public relations intent... he has been a partner in deficit crime with the Congressional profligates.”

“Ronald Reagan had signed secret emergency orders, through the National Security Council Directive, allowing the suspension of the Constitution. Those orders are still on the books in the Trilateralist Bush administration. Oliver North put them there...”

“The November 1989 Ron Paul Political Report reports on the Bohemian Grove and Ronald Reagan’s “old Trilateralist agenda item of four-year terms for Congressmen.” ”

“After Ronald Reagan criticized Trilateralist involvement... and promised that there would be none in a Reagan administration, he named Trilateralist George Bush as his vice president, and a host of TC appointees including Caspar Weinberger.”

In Ron Paul's 1987 book "Freedom Under Siege", Ron Paul repeatedly criticized the then current President Ronald Reagan:

“American society is characterized by hopelessness and operates without a moral, constitutional, or monetary standard. The early Reagan years permitted a temporary reprieve by glossing over the problems...

“Lie-detector tests and urine and blood tests are now common-place and have been strongly supported by the Reagan Administration -- an administration that championed limited government principles...

“Worst of all, and typical of our tragic foreign policy-in the midst of the Grenada invasion designed to make the world safe for democracy by stopping the spread of communism-President Reagan, behind the scenes, was forcefully lobbying for specific aid to "Communist-dictators" through additional IMF funding...

“The U.S. policy toward Libya further confirms our irrational foreign policy. Under Reagan we have been determined to pick a fight with Khadafi [sic], defying him with naval and air maneuvers in the Gulf of Sidra. As we try to emphasize our right to navigate in international waters near Libya... The World Court rulings against the U.S. were ignored by the Reagan Administration, yet the President insists that international law is legitimate in the Gulf of Sidra... While bombing Libya to deter terrorism, we negotiated with Syria and acted as partners with Israel...

“Taking the position that it is politically dangerous to criticize the federal deficit, the supply-siders must bear the responsibility for the massive deficits of the Reagan Administration.”

While it can be observed that the above opposition and condemnation by Ron Paul towards Ronald Reagan took place from the time Ronald Reagan was in office to the years since, it is worth noting that by Ron Paul's own admission, he opposed Ronald Reagan from Reagan's first month in office:

“Paul supported Reagan once in 1976, when the former California governor ran against Gerald Ford for the Republican nomination. But he appears to have fallen out of love with the party’s hero during year one of his administration.

“ “It didn’t take me more than a month after 1981 to realize there would be no changes,” he told the Christian Science Monitor in 1987, referring to Reagan.”