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Liberal Democrat Mayor Rocky Anderson and Conservative Republican Talk-show Host Sean Hannity strongly disagree on almost everything in politics. Their disagreements culminated in a nationally followed debate. (Newsbusters.org - May 5, 2007)

But one thing they both agreed on is that Mitt Romney has been and would be a great leader.


“ "He was absolutely spectacular," says Rocky Anderson, the Democratic mayor of Salt Lake City. "He was a strong leader, extremely competent. He walked into an utter disaster, and slashed spending without cutting corners on what was necessary to put on an absolutely extraordinary Olympics. . . . With his unique management skills we came out in the black--which no one ever dreamed." ”

“ "You really can't consider Mitt without also considering Ann," said Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson.

“Anderson, a Democrat, worked with Romney when he was called in to salvage the scandal-ridden 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. "There were times when he had to overcome some pretty unreasonable resistance by Olympics obstructionists," Anderson said. "When he had to be tough, he was capable of taking care of things." ”

“ "He would roll up his sleeves and be immersed in the details and deal with every problem," said Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson.”

“Romney and Anderson worked closely on the preparations for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. ...

“ "I watched Mitt clean up a mess and save the Games. For me, this is more important than partisan politics. So take it from this liberal Democrat, if you want an amazing leader, vote for Mitt Romney," Anderson said in a Mitt Romney [2002] campaign commercial.

“During an event in Iowa today, Romney told the Associated Press he did not endorse Anderson's views toward President Bush or "almost any other issue that's particularly unrelated to being a mayor." ”

During Rocky Anderson's first term as Mayor of Salt Lake City, he was supportive of and worked well with Mitt Romney in making the Olympics a success. He proved to be a competent mayor and a good city administrator. After Rocky provided a strong endorsement for Mitt Romney in Romney's campaign for Governor, the governor returned the favor a year later by endorsing Rocky's second term as mayor.

However, after being elected to his final term as mayor, Rocky Anderson became very vocal in partisan views and divisive in his actions, including strongly condeming President Bush. Near the end of 2007, Rocky endorsed Presidential Democrat candidate Bill Richardson during the democrat presidential primary. (TheNation.com)

Additional Comments:

“ "Mayor Anderson became a fan of Governor Romney's executive leadership abilities, and Governor Romney appreciated the mayor's support in making the Games a success," Eric Fehrnstrom, a spokesman for Romney's presidential campaign, said Thursday. "But Governor Romney strongly disagrees with Mayor Anderson's opinions on President Bush. Mayor Anderson's opinions and beliefs are his own and are not shared by Governor Romney." ”


Hannity: “I am voting for Romney.”

caller: “...but you had [Guiliani] on the show all the time!”

Hannity: “I had him all the time, Romney all the time, Fred Thompson all the time, Huckabee all the time, we've even had Ron Paul on this program a number of times, we've had Alan Keyes whose running, we've had Sam Brownback, Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter on all the time ...and having come to know and like all of these guys, I'm making a decision on issues. And if you ask me who the conservative, the most conservative in the race is, that most represents my values at this time, it is by far and away, Governor Romney!”