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Ron Paul Movement Tactics and Goals

The mode of operation for the Ron Paul organization is to:

• Prolong caucuses and conventions until people leave and they can get a majority.

• In previous, private meetings select stealth delegates who masquarade as delegates who are not tied to Paul in an effort to get enough generic votes to combine with Paul votes to elect those delegates.

• Use any method underhanded or otherwise necessary to win delegates.

These strategic points have been reported in the news and demonstrated in state after state.

Their stated goal is to take over the leadership and organization of the republican party, and without receiving a majority of primary election votes, appoint their preferred presidential candidate as the republican nominee at a republican national convention. Having failed to do this in 2012, they hope to reach that goal by 2016 or 2020.

Ron Paul leaders, activists and strategy plans have outlined this as reported in the news, as documented in the following link:


(These Ron Paul organizers are also generally ill-mannered, divisive, and largley comprised of democrats and hard core libertarians who have no intention to ever support any republican presidential nominee except Ron Paul, as news samples below demonstrate.)



Campaign manipulations and fraud:

Ron Paul puts 6 identical delegate slates (containing the names of the same 25 people) up for vote, publishes a bogus voter guide called a 3rd party voters guide that tells voters one is the Romney slate, another is the Gingrich slate, another is the Santorum slate, identifying one as actually a Paul slate, identifying one as the Tea Party slate and so forth. The guide called Romney's actual slate an undecided slate, as with Gingrich's and so forth.

Ron Paul activists posing as helpful citizens distributed the guides to the voters, and the Ron Paul campaign chairman told the news it was an attempt to bring clarity to a somewhat confusing situation.

This deception helped get Paul more delegates in this round than the others, although the Paul campaign chair afterwards denied it helped:

“Ron Paul supporters distributed a "caucus voter guide" at Louisiana Republican Party presidential caucus sites Saturday steering voters to choose one of six virtually identical slates of Paul supporters, which the guide variously characterized as backing Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, the Tea Party, defenders of faith, family and freedom, and "Citizens Against Traffic Cameras."

“Charlie Davis, who is running the Paul campaign in Louisiana, described the "third-party voter guide," which was the handiwork of The Dead Pelican, a Louisiana political website, as an attempt "to bring clarity to a somewhat confusing situation." Davis said the "activists" passing out the guide were also passing out a copy of a story from Friday's Times-Picayune explaining the complicated caucus process.

“The Dead Pelican's Chad Rogers defended the voter guide. "To the best of my knowledge, this is the most accurate description and perhaps only real in-depth analysis of the different slates involved," he said in an email.

“But the distribution of the guide seemed more designed to maximize the vote for the Texas congressman than to clarify anything...

“On the ballot, only the delegates' names were listed, without any identification of which presidential candidate they might prefer... On the caucus ballots the delegates were arrayed in nine different slates... and voters could either vote for a slate or pick 25 individuals...

“The Romney campaign was asking its supporters for vote for Slate 5, which also, in a move toward party unity, included some delegates from Slates 2 and 3, which had been backing former House Speaker Gingrich and former Pennsylvania Sen. Santorum. In kind, Slates 2 and 3 included some pro-Romney delegates...

“The guide described Slate 5, the one officially backed by the Romney campaign, as "undecided/unknown," and suggested that while 45 percent of its delegates are Romney supporters, "this slate won't accrue as many bound delegates to Mitt Romney as slate #1 does, but it seems that the original intention was to a be a Pro-Romney effort."

“Meanwhile, Slate 1, composed entirely of Paul supporters, bore the "Romney: Believe in America" campaign logo and was identified as the Republican Unity Slate. The guide stated, "Voters for this slate will accrue more unbound delegates and alternates for Mitt Romney at the 2012 National Convention." ”

“Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, dominated the Louisiana Republican caucuses held Saturday... delegates who back the libertarian congressman, who is now the only one of Mitt Romney's adversaries still standing, won the lion's share of the contests, carrying the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th Congressional Districts.

“As a result, under party rules, Paul is guaranteed at least 17 of the 46 delegates to the convention at which Romney will almost certainly be nominated for president...

“The delegates elected Saturday will go to a state convention June 2 in Shreveport, where they will choose the delegates who will go to the national gathering in Tampa.

“Based on his victory in the state's March 24 primary, Santorum is guaranteed 10 pledged delegates, and Romney, who finished second, is guaranteed five.

“The balance of the 46-member delegation will include at least 17 Ron Paul delegates; at least one other Romney delegate in the person of National Committeewoman Ruth Ulrich, who just endorsed him...

“Turnout at the caucuses was low. For example, the top vote-getter in the 1st [congressional] District, Bernard S. Smith, received only 922 votes.

“Ron Paul supporters distributed "voter guides" at caucus sites that steered voters to choose one of six virtually identical slates of Paul supporters that the guide variously characterized as the right choice for backers of Paul, Romney, Santorum, Newt Gingrich, the Tea Party...

“While congratulating the Paul campaign "for apparently capturing their first state delegation in this presidential election cycle through an excellent get-out-the-vote effort today," Sarah Roy, chairwoman of the Greater New Orleans Republicans, characterized it as an "odd and undemocratic result" ...

“ "The result of this ill-conceived and confusing caucus clearly does not represent the will of the vast majority of Louisiana Republican voters, as Ron Paul recently received only 6 percent of the vote in the Louisiana presidential primary," said Roy, who on behalf of her organization called for the state party's leaders to resign for designing Saturday's "debacle." ”

This fraud succeeded by a small margin. Had as few as a dozen misled people switched their vote to slate 5, Romney delegates would have won instead of Paul's, and a swing of 50-60 would have captured most of the rest of the delegates. (e.g. Congressional District-2 result sheet)

As a result, 111 delegates, or 74% of the 150 state delegates chosen were Paul supporters. (CBS News)

KSLA News - Jun 2, 2012

“SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - There was a major split at the Louisiana Republican State Convention Saturday in Shreveport.

“The goal of the convention was to elect 30 delegates to represent the state at the national convention in August.

“Ron Paul supporters took over with what they call the majority convention, and elected its own set of delegates to represent the party in Tampa in August...

“ "Some of the things that went on in the meetings were out of order and we felt they were unfair," majority chairman Connie Bernard tells us. "So we duly elected a new chairman in the committees yesterday and revised the rules and we presented revised rules this morning and adopted the revised rules."

“Most of the people in this group support Ron Paul...

“However, Jeff Giles, with state convention's Credentials Committee, says the rules were simply tightened to be fair to the delegates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum won during the primaries.

“ "It became apparent that the integrity of those delegates that were allocated to Romney and Santorum for doing so well in that primary were potentially going to be stolen. You run as a Santorum delegate or as a Romney delegate and go to the convention and vote for Ron Paul. They're doing it all over the country," Giles says.

“Paul won four of the six caucuses, but only got about six percent of the votes in the primary. Giles says his caucus success was noted and his delegates were fairly chosen based on that. He believes this takeover is out of order.

“ "There was a way for them to get control of the delegation. A clear and simple way. Win all six districts. Get your caucus people out and win all six districts. They failed to do that." ”

“Delegates to represent Louisiana at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL were chosen today, but not without issue. Ron Paul supporters took control of Louisiana's Republican State Convention Saturday, starting their own. It's a trend Paul supporters are doing around the nation, and it's leaving the Republican party divided.

“ "A majority of the folks at the convention elected him as chairman," Connie Barnard said, referring to Henry Herford. That 58% majority supports Ron Paul. They broke away from the Republican State Convention, turning their chairs away from the main podium and starting a convention of their own. Barnard, who is the vice chairman of the majority convention, says this separation was caused by convention rule changes...

“ "All we're saying is the Republicans of Louisiana are going to know what we did, they are going to accept what we did," Minority Convention Credential Committee Chairman Jeff Giles said. "They're going to say, oh, y'all were being fair. Y'all were making sure Romney got his 5 delegates and Santorum got his 10."

“Giles says the rule change was to prevent Ron Paul supporters from stealing Romney and Santorum delegates.

“ "We just tightened up the rules. We made it more responsible so that delegates for those candidates would be elected," he said. "Instead of Ron Paul people posing as supporters of those candidates." ...

“ "Ron Paul got nine thousand three hundred something votes," he said. "Santorum got ninety thousand votes. Those voters need to be represented in Tampa."

“As for now the Republican Party in Louisiana remains divided, and both conventions have selected delegates for the national convention. The Republican National Committee of contests will hear the case of both conventions in Tampa come August. That national committee will then decide which delegates will represent Louisiana during the national convention.”

“The libertarian septuagenarian controls the state delegations from Nevada, Iowa and Minnesota. But a candidate needs five states to be officially recognized on the floor. Paul supporters have made claims to Louisiana, Massachusetts, Oregon, Oklahoma and Maine. But Romney's coterie of lawyers skillfully used the rules and interpersonal negotiations to peel each away.”

“(Reuters) - Police said a Ron Paul supporter was arrested and complained of injury after refusing to leave the Louisiana Republican State Convention on Saturday, a boisterous event where backers of the Texas congressman argued for a greater voice...

“At the convention on Saturday, Paul supporter Henry Herford, 56, was asked to leave the convention by a representative of the executive board that organized the event, said Shreveport police spokesman Sergeant Bill Goodin.

“When Herford refused the request to exit, off-duty Shreveport police officers who were providing security at the event tried to escort him out and he resisted, Goodin said. He was eventually taken away and charged with the misdemeanor crime of entering and remaining after being forbidden, Goodin said...

“Ron Paul national campaign manager John Tate said in a statement that Herford was "attacked" by security officials.”

“Louisiana Republicans were intending to unite on what candidate they would back for President, but what they got was anything but that... Ron Paul supporters flooded the convention floor and became the majority, electing their own delegates to send to Tampa for the national convention.

“There were also high tensions prior to the beginning of the convention after voting rules were changed by the state Republican party to protect delegates previously won by Romney and Rick Santorum during Louisiana's presidential primary last [March].”

“BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana's Republican Party leaders have chosen delegates to the party's national presidential nominating convention in Tampa.

“Thirty of the state's 46 delegates were selected Saturday at the state GOP convention in Shreveport.

“Ten are supporters of Rick Santorum, who won Louisiana's Republican primary contest earlier this year. Five support Mitt Romney, who will be the party nominee for the fall presidential election. One delegate is for Ron Paul. Another 14 delegates weren't bound to a specific candidate, but the state Republican Party said those were expected to support Romney.

“There were no nominations for 13 of the 16 remaining positions. The party says that was done to allow talks with Paul supporters who refused to participate in the convention.”

“The agenda of the second day of RLC [Republican Leadership Conference] donned top billing which included Ron Paul. I have never seen such a scary and weird following of another human being other than those cult leaders we see every now and then in the news... Many of his fans who are among the Tea Party movement have given me the “It’s not him, it’s them,” song and dance routine...

“But back to the people: Paul’s followers are not indicative of who will select our next president. Thank goodness. They were spiteful, hateful, ugly children who were paid to make noise and act like a bunch of fools. You can spot them a mile away in a sea of conservatives and are usually referred to as many names such as “Paulites,” “Paulbots,” “Paulanistas,” and my favorite, “Paulistinians.” They generally all had some type of purple, blue, or black hair, tattoos, piercings…you name it. They came off the bus all the way from Mars, carried their Ron Paul placards and filed into the ballroom on demand prior to and during Herman Cain’s speech, and sat on the floor like kindergarteners taking orders. The offensive part was the booing and jeering they did at Cain when he spoke of America being Israel’s friend. These people were disruptive and did not engage along with the program among others during the conference. They were there for one purpose, one mission.

“The angst I began to feel was shared by many others who felt compelled to cheer a little louder for Cain despite the booing and hissing. Herman Cain finished his speech in an impressive, unwavering, and professional way. He was classy. Paul’s supporters were not...

“After Cain exited the stage, Ron Paul was happily announced by Charlie Davis, the CEO of the conference, and these kids jumped and screamed on cue from all directions, swallowing the audience...

“As Paul began his speech after the noise of his followers calmed down, many of the rest of us quietly exited the room. I was so offended, so angry; I wanted to choke one of the little ignorant Paulbots. They weren’t there because they were for God and country or for the monetary policies they believe in that Ron Paul proposes. They were there to worship a man...

“So the LA GOP had to see this coming. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone. Attendees from CPAC still complain of the coup that took place earlier this year and events prior. From what I see in the order of speakers, Ron Paul really disrupted two great speeches from Herman Cain and Sen. Jim DeMint.”


“Maybe we should also ask the question about definitions of a Constitutional Republican and a Romney Republican. On the jump, I'm going to pass along some Republican e-mails showing a fight in the national convention nominating process in which Ron Paul insurgents are playing the system to get some delegates. You'll note a party regular alleges Republican primary voters have effectively been disenfranchised by the maneuvering...


“Dear District 2,

“Victories: First let me tell you that what we did at our District Convention was only the beginning... In White County we gained 3 out of 5 of the District Committee, plus about 6 or 7 out of 24 as delegates to the State Convention. In Saline we gained 6 out of 7 District Committee members as well as 9 out of 33 delegates to the state convention...

“We are still fighting this and will be for years to come. If we stay with this, we will be in charge of everything by the time the next presidential election occurs, likely much sooner. If you have never joined your Republican County Committee then I ask you, no I beg you, please do! Come join our AR Revolution and help us vote out the party establishment. They joined together across the state last night to attempt to keep us out. In several areas they were successful, and in others they were not...


“Fourth District County Chairmen;

“I know you are all aware of the outcome of the Special District Convention on June 9 at which a small group of delegates gang voted and elected a slate of Delegates to the National Convention who are Ron Paul supporters. The Republicans who voted in the Primary Election voted 73+% for Romney and less than 14% for Ron Paul yet they minipulated the vote to send Ron Paul supporters to the National Convention. They were able to do this because many of our County Committees did not hold their Special County Conventions and send a slate of voting delegates to the District Special Convention. There are 33 Counties in the Fourth District and only ten sent delegations to the Convention. Eighty-six Delegates from the 10 counties were certified but, only 65 were present to vote. They, "the Constitutional Republicans", had 25 delegates at the Convention who voted as a block while the other 40 Delegates spread their vote over the 8 other Candidates on the Ballot...

“The "Constitutional Republican Party" (Libertarians in disquise) have let it be known that their intention is to take over the Arkansas Republican Party. They intend to do this by having their members join our party and vote themselves into leadership positions. If our members participate in our commitee meetings on a regular basis and recruit new Republican members there is no way they can accomplish a take over. In particular our smaller county committees need to be aware of this as the number of members necessary to take over your committees is not large. The email report [above] from their District 2 Coordinator makes it clear what they are doing. There is a Coordinator in each of the States Four Districts and they are all working toward the same end. Note, the CC on the report [above], as members of the 4th District I am sure you will recognize him. The Constitutional Republicans are planning on him being their State Chairman. He is the same one who 16 months ago went on public radio in Little Rock and announced his resignation from the Republican Party.”

“I was with Republican political consultant Clint Reed yesterday to film a segment for Roby Brock's show at 10 p.m. Sunday on Fox 16. He's a Romney backer and said he'd heard some pretty inflammatory stuff from Paul backers...


(Starting in the 7th paragraph of this long, rambling email)

“... We elected 6 delegates who prefer Ron Paul. We started this hoping and praying for a brokered convention. We now know that our hopes of electing Paul at the Convention are over... we have no plans what so ever of attempting to gain any of the 21 at large delegates... I'm not even attending Saturday or going to Tampa.”


On March 6th, 72% of well over 300,000 voters selected Mitt Romney for president in Massachusetts. At the Saturday, April 28th caucuses selecting 27 of 41 delegates, far less than 1% of those voters selected the delegates. Ron Paul supporters got most of those delegates, but they are required, or bound to vote for Mitt Romney:

“Today well over 2000 Republicans chose delegates to the Republican National Convention...

“As it stands now the self styled Ronald Reagan Unity Slate, the libertarian wing, won 17 of the 27 delegates selected at the nine caucuses today. By party rules 11 more delegates will be selected by the Republican State Committee. Many of these delegates are long standing liberty minded activists, some are new to this process. All 27 have pledged their support to our next president Mitt Romney.”

Many of these Ron Paul supporters were bussed in:

“5th Congressional [district] has a bus that is leaving from the parking lot of St. Agnes School in Arlington at 9am.”

“When Massachusetts Republicans went to their caucuses on Saturday, many didn’t vote for Mitt Romney’s picks. Less than half of Romney’s 27 chosen delegates won, and the losers included some notable Massachusetts Republicans - including former Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey and House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones Jr.”


“Kay Bailey Hutchison, after nearly two decades in the Senate, made her last appearance Friday as an elected official at a Texas Republican Party convention. She took the stage to a standing ovation from thousands of GOP delegates...

“There were some boos from the crowd during her speech, but this time they were not aimed at her. Every time she mentioned party nominee Mitt Romney, a contingent of Ron Paul delegates booed loudly. At one point, the crowd divided into dueling chants: “Ron Paul! Ron Paul!” vs. “Romney! Romney!” ”

“Early Friday, retiring U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison delivered a parting message to Republican Party activists, saying they must rally around Romney.

“Hutchison, who said that she is "plenty enthusiastic about Romney," ...

“Cries of support for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Lake Jackson and boos from the audience in the Fort Worth Convention Center Arena were eventually drowned out by chants of "Romney, Romney." ”


“Ten of Virginia’s 11 congressional districts went for Mitt Romney in the primary, and their combined thirty delegates, chosen at district conventions, are bound to him. The 3rd District is sending three delegates bound to Ron Paul. At state convention, the nominations committee proposed a negotiated slate of thirteen delegates and thirteen alternates from among the 85 who filed for delegate and 48 who filed for alternate.

“Since Romney won 59% of the primary vote, all thirteen delegates elected at the state convention on Saturday are bound to Romney on the first ballot (only one ballot is anticipated), though the Ron Paul campaign, which demonstrated significant strength at district conventions as well as the state convention, succeeded in securing many of those slots for Paul supporters.”

“Surely there would be a brutal platform fight when the people from the Planet Rapulon showed up to fight to the death.

“(Let’s not call him by his name; his supporters hijack discussions not involving him and claim that his name was invoked to increase traffic. They don’t realize that their absence from discussions not connected to him is a blessing, in the same way that their non-appearances at conventions is an utter joy.)

“It did not happen. The Nominating Committee decided to hold the vote for president before the convention. This got the presidential fight out of the way before delegates arrived in Richmond for convention business. The people from Rapulon stayed home...

“In a way, this is an overwhelmingly positive development. The people from the Planet Rapulon want to get their man elected, but have zero interest in party building. They freely admit to not caring about the GOP. If anything, they want to blow it up and tear it down. So their absence from a place they have zero interest in benefits the GOP by allowing those in attendance to conduct actual business in peace and quiet.

“The quiet at the Virginia GOP Convention was eerie. Things were supposed to start at 10:00am and finish at 4:00pm... Business began at 10:30 a.m. and was wrapped up by 2:30 p.m...

“(The only hassle was when some of the few Rapulons who did attend came to my booth and insisted on arguing with me about their views. As soon as I saw their signs I should have insisted they leave, since these people are never customers. The number of potential customers I lost while these miscreants bothered me is just another reason I despise that movement. Despite dropping several hints that I was there for business, they just kept yammering away. They actually thought I enjoyed the conversation, as I silently counted the dollars lost while they blabbed. Until people go to their place of business and disrupt them, they will understand nothing.)”

“Now that the primaries are over, his more passionate supporters seem to have gotten more belligerent. These uncivilized ones, mostly college students, have earned the media moniker Paulbots, for their robotic insistance that Dr. Paul is the only choice... Unfortunately, in their world, the ends, no matter how crude, assaultive or disruptive, justify the means...

“Those who disagree with (or even fail to publicly agree with) Ron Paul are subjected to various forms of abuse. Paulbots express themselves with:
1) Profanity
2) Vulgarity
3) Sexually offensive language and similar obscenities.
4) Bigotry including anti-Semitism...

“Bullying is the very essence of the Ron Paul movement. 90% of the GOP does not want the guy, so the 10% diehards just verbally abuse the other 90%.”


“In an e-mail to supporters, Charles Gregory, Georgia State Coordinator for Ron Paul 2012, wrote:

“It is my personal recommendation that you dress professionally and not overtly identify yourself as a Ron Paul supporter. Your position should simply be: “I'm here to send Obama home, that's all I care about.” If asked who you support—just say you ‘haven't made up your mind yet but they're all better than what we've got now,’ etc." ”

“Once again, Ron Paul supporters are expressing shock that majorities are required to win elections. I am assured via twitter however that they are still winning. Whatever...”

Sample Reader Comments:

“Point of order?

“Thank God that’s over with.” — gaexaminer

“The convention was handled extremely well, despite the cries of unfairness. If you don’t have a majority, you cannot win the votes, so what’s the point of continuing “debate”, except to disrupt the convention. It was good that they became active in the process, but the subset of RP supporters that will not accept that fact need to mature a bit and realize that you can’t win everything and are unlikely to win even half the time in a competitive process.

“In the end, the convention is about the primary voters, not the delegates. That’s why delegates are bound to a candidate elected by the voters.” — Doug Deal

“I commend Randy on being patient and allowing everyone who wanted to speak some leeway. Points of order were made that had nothing to do with ror [Robert's Order of Rules]. Calling the chairman names is not a good way to be part of the team. [Ron Paul People:] You want to run the convention? Bring about 6 times more people and learn what to do...

“You don’t ask for the same ruling again by asking for a count again. Asking for a roll call vote is a tactic designed to get people to leave . Some people are just mad that others were too smart to fall for that. Roberts rules was cited by page number and line. I read the article…its accurate and reflects what I saw and agrees with what I have said.

“I voted to amend the rules to allow nominations from the floor. If some Ron Paul supporters had not shown great disrespect and booed Newt, perhaps others would have joined me. Some of you people are your own worst enemy...

“I’m saying it is stupid to boo thier candidate right before you may want their help in votes.” — Doug Grammer

“Ron Paul represented 28% of the delegates in attendance . It was easy to look at the vote count for National Comitteeman and determine the precentages as a Paul supporter was nominated. Paul supporters were very well organized and had a great game plan and they just assumed the non Paul people would just lay down and let them execute it. When the non Paul supporters fought back and actually followed Robert’s Rules, the Paul supporters got upset and starting crying foul. They learned a lesson that if you have the numbers and know Robert’s Rules and GOP Rules you can shut down deliberate attempts to stall...

“Most people would have supported the original resolution that called for a repeal of section 1021 of NDAA. In fact, I stood and applauded when it was introduced. It was the amendment that was introduced people had an issue with. Most did not even realize what the amendment would do and that is why I went to the microphone to explain that it called for any elected official or candidated that voted for or supported NDAA would not be endorsed by the GA GOP and the GA GOP could not assist them in getting elected. .It was a sneaky attempt by some Paul supporters and it back fired as it angered most activists and the vote count was pretty one sided ...

“Why would activists at the GA GOP convention want to elect delegates to the national convention whose sole purpose is to go and cause disruptions and cause problems for Romney? Your strategy and purpose were very well known and you feign surprise that others wanted to stop that from happening? You think it was mean and not fair the way you were treated? How about the way you disrespected activists at the state convention that were there to help send Obama back to Chicago in November? You guys may want to spend all day sitting around and debating but most activists just wanted to do the business of the convention and go home . Your guys demaned standing counts on many of the votes and when you got it and were out voted you then began to complain that the standing vote violated the Americas with Disabilities Act. It was clear that you just wanted to delay and delay. You complain about the way you think you were treated, but you disrespected delegates by trying to stall and stall the convention...

“You wanted us to elect you as delegates so you can go to the national convention and cause trouble for the GOP nominee? You are naive. Romney was not my first choice. In fact, I really did not like any of the GOP candidates. I would rather President Romney choose the 2 0r 3 Supreme Court Justices than President Obama. If you believe in upholding the Constitution as written you would as well. Romney can get this country working again and will cut spending and help bring our fiscal house in order. Romney also believes in the Constitution. President Obama ignores it. I do believe Romney will keep his promises if elected.

“It was well known strategy among Paul supporters that if they did not have the votes to control the convention and delegates, they would attempt to stall until enough delegates left and they could control the convention and delegate selection process. If this had began to happen, there would have been a mass exodus of delegates so the convention would lose quorum and not be able to conduct business. If this happened, then the GA GOP State committee would select the delegates.” — debbie0040

“Columbus,Ga--When the Republican Party of Georgia hit town Friday there were fears that supporters of Ron Paul might attempt to use extreme measures to disrupt the convention. Instead they simply caused Saturday’ proceedings to drag on from early morning until late afternoon.

“And while the Paul supporters were rambunctious, loud, and in some delegations on the floor, confrontational, the biggest news out of the convention was a speech by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Friday night... The recent presidential hopeful declared “I am not for a narrow victory. I am for crushing the left in every single race...

“A slate made up mostly of longtime Georgia GOP activists was approved by the delegates, but only after several hours of verbal battles with supporters of former presidential candidate Ron Paul. The Paul supporters were liberal with their challenges to virtually every procedural move and with their jeers and boos.”


(Caucus manipulations and cheating attempts)

“According to the original caucus-day order of business, the state delegate vote had been scheduled to take place first, followed by the presidential straw poll.

“But just as the vote was about to get underway, Jonathan Pfaff, a 31-year-old software engineer and member of the Portland City Republican Committee, raised his hand, stood up and motioned to reverse the order of business. After a few minutes of debate, the motion was seconded, and a wide majority of the assembled voters agreed...

“The majority of the people that stuck around were Ron Paul supporters.

“The second step in securing a state delegate win called for maximizing the number of votes cast for delegates who would go on to support Paul...

“Then, the balloting began – and the Freedom Lists made their appearance...

“Party officials announced at the end of the Riverton Elementary School caucus that there had been a discrepancy in the final tally of state delegate ballots, and that they had received 19 more ballot sheets than they had the green index cards that voters turned in when they took their ballots.”

“Paul supporter Brent Tweed, a state committee member from York County, was elected chairman with 1,118 delegates' votes, just four more votes than the mainstream candidate, Charles Cragin, a one-time gubernatorial candidate. A Paul supporter was also narrowly elected secretary...

“They show the level of support at the crowded convention for the libertarian-leaning Paul. His supporters' real goals were to elect majorities on Republican county, state and national committees -- and elect a majority of the state's delegates to this summer's GOP national convention in Tampa, Fla.”

“Ron Paul supporters are here in large numbers, with more than 500 having attended an organizational meeting last night and even more here today, said Matthew McDonald, a Waldo delegate and Paul supporter...

“The chairman controls the meeting, including who can speak and what happens to procedural motions that are made. The chairman can have a huge impact on the outcome of the convetion.”

“AUGUSTA -- Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul commandeered the Maine Republican Party convention Saturday...

“Using pre-printed ballots and floor generals who flashed large signs reminding backers which candidates to support... Paul's backers took control of key parliamentary positions and the convention agenda...

“Extensive procedural delays pushed the election of 15 state delegates well into the evening...

“The long delays also elevated tensions on the floor and frustrated some of the congressional candidates...

“Paul supporters, however, were upbeat at the prospect of winning state delegates.”

Delegates from Franklin County challenge convention Chairman Brent Tweed

They called a point of order, but Tweed, a Paul activist tried to ignore them.

They did not give up, so Tweed let them give their point of order-- most of the registered delegates left in frustration and were no longer present so there was an absence of a quorum, meaning they could not appoint national delegates.

Of course Tweed ignored the point of order. That's their strategy! Disenfranchise as many people as possible through delay tactics and any other means, ignore the will of the voters and party rules related to that, in order to get all the delegates that they can.

“AUGUSTA – Chaos. Turmoil. Insane.

“Those were just three of the words attendees used Sunday to describe the Maine Republican State Convention...

“Mitt Romney supporters, however, said the delegate election was illegal. Supporters of the presumptive GOP nominee repeatedly maneuvered to challenge the delegate election and claimed that ballots had been tampered with. None of the challenges was successful.

“By late Sunday, Romney backers were discussing formally challenging the results with the Republican National Committee... Charles Cragin, a Romney supporter... added, “When you have no rules, you have anarchy.” ...

“As the proceedings continued on Sunday, Romney supporters lined up at the microphone to object to rules violations.

“Convention Chairman Brent Tweed, elected by a four-vote margin on Saturday by the Paul supporters, ruled each objection out of order...

“The Romney camp amplified their protests as the convention drew to a close. The tension climbed in the afternoon when Romney supporters attempted to oust Tweed with a no-confidence vote....

“ “I thought everything was going to be OK after Saturday,” said state Rep. Jeffrey Timberlake, R-Turner, who wandered over to the press area. “But now I don’t know. Things have turned bad.”

“He added, “And the whole thing is, this thing is going to get thrown out. Nearly everything they did here was illegal.” ”

Note: Rep. Timberlake is not a Romney supporter and did not endorse Romney.

“Rep. Jeffrey Timberlake, R-Turner, said this was his third state convention but he hasn’t experienced anything like what happened on Saturday.

“ “What has taken six or seven hours today is normally done in 15 to 20 minutes... This is a prime example of why we should go to a primary instead of caucus.” ”

“ "The national GOP is going to throw out what happened here. I think every rule in the book has [been] broken here," Rep. Jeffrey Timberlake, R-Turner, said.”

“On Friday, the RNC’s Credentials Committee agreed with an earlier conclusion that Maine’s delegate-selection process was tainted by illegal votes and parliamentary violations...

“Two Maine Republicans, Jan Staples and Peter Cianchette, had filed a formal challenge with the RNC against the 20 delegates, alleging a long list of procedural violations at May’s state GOP convention.

“William McGinley, a lawyer arguing on behalf of the delegate swap compromise, told RNC Credentials Committee members on Friday that the Maine convention was riddled with problems, including lax floor security and dubious identification of participants...

“Kirsten Kukowski, spokeswoman for the RNC, said the process was fair and thorough.

“ “Today, the Credentials Committee accepted the RNC Contest Committee report that sought input from both parties to reach a final delegation for Maine,” Kukowski wrote in an email. “All of the contests went through the proper process and both parties gave their input in the final decision.”

“With such small numbers, Paul supporters in Tampa are unlikely to cause much of a fuss on the convention floor, although Maine’s Paul delegation is planning a “hail Mary” attempt on Monday to re-seat all 20 original delegates. RNC officials also plan to show a tribute video to Paul and gave his son, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a speaking role at the convention...

“[Maine Gov.] LePage, meanwhile, reiterated his support for Romney despite the fight over delegates in Maine.

“ “I am hopeful that we can put this behind us and focus on the real issues affecting our nation,” LePage said. “Our nation’s economy is struggling to recover and Governor Romney has put forward an agenda that will help us turn it around.” ”

“Paul supporters were elected to 21 of the 24 delegate spots from Maine to the GOP national convention in Tampa, Fla. The 24th delegate's seat goes to party Chairman Charles Webster, who has remained uncommitted throughout the process.

“Making the Paul takeover complete was the election of Paul supporters to a majority of the state committee seats...

“Charles Cragin, a Romney supporter who lost Saturday's bid to chair the convention, called the turn of events at the Maine convention "bizarre." Cragin said the Paul-led delegation may not be recognized at the national convention because of violations of rules of procedure this weekend in Augusta.

“ "They have so phenomenally screwed this up that they will go to Tampa and not be seated," Cragin said.”

“The 168-member Republican National Committee approved a report Thursday by the Romney-friendly "committee on contests" that invalidated Paul delegates elected in Maine based on irregularities at the state convention. The RNC voted to split the at-large delegation in half, effectively depriving Paul of control.”

Notes on the February Caucuses:

“Romney won 39 percent of the vote, with 2,190 votes. He narrowly edged out the other candidate who seriously contested the Maine caucuses, Ron Paul, who won 36 percent of the vote with 1,996 votes...

“ "It's almost like we could call it a tie, but anyway," said Paul.”

“A review of the town-by-town results released Saturday by the Maine GOP suggests that some communities that had caucused prior to Feb. 11 were not counted. Nearly all Waldo County towns held caucuses on Feb. 4 but those towns were blank in the results released by the state party. Additionally, Waterville held its caucuses ahead of time but were not included in the results.

“Waldo County GOP Chairman Raymond St. Onge said ... he spoke to party officials late Tuesday about why Waldo County’s results were omitted.

“ “They said it was a clerical error,” St. Onge said. “I’m going to believe them because there were other errors that occurred. I don’t think it was intentional because our results wouldn’t have changed the winner.” ”

“The Maine GOP Friday announced that a recount found that Mr. Romney had 2,269 votes to Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s 2,030 out of a total 5,814 votes cast. That 239 vote margin is slightly wider than the 194-vote edge the former Massachusetts governor had last Saturday night when the party announced its initial count.”

“There were clerical errors that did not significantly change the numbers... For example, in Portland, the state party’s results originally showed that Paul won by 15 votes when in reality Romney won by 15, he said.

“In addition, Webster said “about a half a dozen” towns never added to the tally on election night and that, in a couple of cases, e-mails from municipalities reporting caucus results actually “went to spam” in the state party’s email system...

“ “You get people complaining about Waldo County [where some votes were not counted]. We’re talking 120 votes, and most of them went to Santorum. … It’s a handful of votes, and those are important, they all count, but it’s not like we were trying not to count them,” Webster asserted...

“ “[Ron Paul supporters] are just being conspiracy theorists. … If they talked to any other legislators in Maine who are Ron Paul supporters, they would be told that I have been fair,” Webster said... He added that as a state legislator he was sometimes called “Ron Paul Jr.” ...

“On Friday evening, the state party released the newly-tallied results, which showed Romney increasing his lead over Paul. Romney took 39 percent of the vote to Paul’s 35 percent, with a new margin of 239 votes. This meant that the recount added 45 net votes to Romney’s previous vote total...

“Washington County, where 118 votes were cast in the 2008 caucuses, is scheduled to caucus this Saturday after its caucus was postponed due to inclement weather last weekend.

“The Ron Paul campaign had seized upon the delay to suggest malfeasance on the part of the state party.

“ “In Washington County – where Ron Paul was incredibly strong — the caucus was delayed until next week just so the votes wouldn’t be reported by the national media today. That’s right... just so the results wouldn’t be reported tonight,” read a scathing statement from the Ron Paul campaign this past Saturday, the night Webster announced the results.

“ “And just the votes of Washington County would have been enough to put us over the top. This is an outrage,” the statement continued.”

“In 2008, only 113 Republicans caucused in all of Washington County, according to Webster, and only eight of those voters supported Paul.”

“Residents of Washington County came out in high numbers on Saturday, and gave Ron Paul a majority of their votes. But the margin of victory was not enough to propel Mr. Paul ahead of Mitt Romney...

“Mr. Paul won 163 votes; Mr. Romney, 80 votes. Rick Santorum received 57 votes, and Newt Gingrich, 4. Two people voted for other candidates.

“In a recount announced on Friday, Mr. Romney was ahead in the state by 239...

“In Washington County, 306 people gathered to vote on Saturday, which the county’s Republican chairman, Chris Gardner, said was roughly triple the number who gathered in 2008.”

Fairly typical profile of a Ron Paul supporter:

“Romney had also given the state some last-minute personal attention, addressing about 400 people at a town hall meeting in Portland on Friday...

“ “I think [he’s] the man that’s going to get Barack Obama out of the White House,” said Greg Jennings, a 60-year-old retiree...

“But Romney was also repeatedly challenged by hecklers during his Friday evening town hall and the event drew protesters outside...

“Harvey, among a handful of protesters who greeted Romney outside of the waterfront Portland Company Marine Complex on Friday night, said he was a libertarian but registered as a Republican to vote for Paul.”