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   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

* Fmr. Gov. Mike Huckabee

"I am going to do everything I can humanly do for Mitt Romney to be the next president of the United States."

* Rep. Steve Womack

“I am supporting Governor Romney because I believe he has the background and experience critical to the future of our nation,” said Congressman Womack. “Mitt Romney’s fiscal record as Governor and private sector experience is exactly what we need in the White House. He knows how to create jobs, balance the budget, and above all, lead!”

* Rep. Tim Griffin

“President Obama's policies have been categorical failures for our country. Unemployment is over nine percent, our deficits are growing, and small businesses are being burdened with regulations. In order for our country and economy to get on the right track again, we need a leader who understands how the real economy works and has the vision to fundamentally change Washington. That leader is Mitt Romney. No other candidate in the field possesses his lifetime of success in both the private sector and as a governor. Whether it was turning around failing companies, rescuing the Olympics, or improving the business climate in Massachusetts, Mitt Romney has proven that he is ready to be president on day one.”

* Fmr. Rep. Asa Hutchinson

“President Obama’s policies have been an abject failure both at home and abroad. We need a nominee who can not only defeat President Obama, but also put in place conservative policies that will make us more prosperous at home and respected abroad. Mitt Romney is a proven leader who has the experience to get our country back on track. I am proud to stand with him and I call on all conservatives who believe that America’s best days are ahead of us to join me.”

"Asa Hutchinson was appointed to be the Administrator of The Drug Enforcement Administration in 2001. Hutchinson previously represented the 3rd District of Arkansas in Congress from 1997 until 2001. In 2003, President George W. Bush named him to be the first Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security. Hutchinson was the Arkansas’ Republican gubernatorial nominee in Arkansas in 2006. He currently is Senior Partner at the AH Law Group in Rogers, Arkansas."

* Lt. Governor Mark Darr

“Arkansas Lt. Gov. Mark Darr told members of the Political Animals Club that he likes Romney’s business experience and will back him for the nomination to oppose President Barack Obama next year.”

Arkansas Republican Assembly

“ARRA directors unanimously recommend that conservatives vote for Romney in the Super Tuesday primaries.

“One of the purposes of ARRA is to provide leadership in the Republican party, and as the ‘conservative conscience’ for the party, ARRA recommends the best conservative candidates to vote for coming into Republican primary elections.”

Former Arkansas House Minority Leader Jim Hendren

“Former Arkansas House Minority Leader Jim Hendren, a Romney supporter, said Republicans made a lot of sacrifices ...

“Rep. Donna Hutchinson, also a Romney supporter, [said] "I want a president who is concerned about others." ”

“Hendren and Hutchinson both said they were supporting Romney.”

State Rep. Donna Hutchinson

“Governor Mitt Romney's message of conservative change in Washington will resonate with Arkansas voters. Governor Romney is the only candidate in this race who has the experience, vision and values to lead America forward during a time when we face extraordinary challenges.”

Arkansas Pro-Life Group Backs Mitt Romney

“Arkansas Right to Life said it was “proud and honored to add our endorsement of Governor Romney in his campaign to defeat the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history.”

“In a statement released by Wayne Mays, President of Arkansas Right to Life, the group added:

“Governor Mitt Romney has a strong pro-life position and will be a strong pro-life President. Governor Romney opposes Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in all 50 states, and believes it should be overturned.

“Mitt Romney supports the Hyde Amendment and opposes using our tax dollars to subsidize abortion in any way. If elected, he will reinstate the Reagan-era Mexico City Policy that prevents federal dollars from going to organizations that perform or promote abortion overseas.

“The Obama health care law opens the door to federal subsidies for abortion coverage and rationing of lifesaving medical care. Governor Romney believes Obama Care should be repealed.

“President Obama supports abortion on demand, he supports using tax dollars to pay for abortion, and supports tax-funding of abortion providers. His health care law will enshrine abortion and rationing of medical care for generations to come if it is not repealed.

“We look forward to Mitt Romney’s election as our next pro-life president on November 6th.”

Arkansas Faith & Values Representative

“Previously Announced Romney For President National Faith And Values Steering Committee Vice-Chairs:

• ...

• Don Hutchings, Senior Pastor, Evangel Temple, Arkansas”

Garland, Arkansas native, and popular two-term Nevada Governor,

» Governor Kenny Guinn endorses Mitt Romney