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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

Arizona Republic

* Romney right for these times

"Republicans long ago identified the qualities required of a presidential candidate...

"Above all else, that candidate must exude an adult-in-the-room savvy regarding stabilizing federal spending and growing the economy and be able to express that competence to the American people...

"Not only is the former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, best prepared, according to those criteria, of all the remaining GOP presidential hopefuls. He is also among the most skilled job-creating candidates for chief executive we can imagine...

"There are better orators in American politics. Indeed, the Democrats appear to have one...

"But there is eloquence in achievement. And, for the task at hand, as defined by Republicans themselves, the real-world achievements of Mitt Romney far surpass those of virtually all the lifelong politicians against whom he is competing...

"And speaking of the man's values, those very family values that Romney quietly exudes constitute an eloquent response of their own to those who contend the wealthy Romney is "out of touch" with the common person...

"The advantages Romney has brought to this primary race, including his superior organization and successful fundraising, are further evidence of his superiority over his competitors. Both Santorum and Gingrich failed to make the primary ballot in their adopted home state of Virginia. That is not a mistake the efficient Romney organization would make.

"Mitt Romney is by far the best candidate to represent Republicans in the coming race against President Obama. He is best prepared to do what needs to be done, which is nothing less than restoring the American economy."

Governor Jan Brewer

Feb 26, 2012 - Meet the Press

* Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain said, “The time has arrived for Republicans to choose a presidential nominee; a new standard bearer who has the ability and determination to defeat President Obama and the strongest commitment to returning America to prosperity and defending our interests and values overseas. I’m pleased to have made my choice, and to endorse Governor Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination for President.”

“These last few years have been a terribly tough time for Americans, and President Obama’s policies have failed to address effectively the problems of weak economic growth and persistent joblessness that have caused so many sleepless nights for so many Americans,” continued Senator McCain. “The Obama administration has ignored the most serious challenges threatening our future – a fifteen trillion dollar debt, and the job destroying effects of a complex, unfair and incomprehensible tax code, bankrupt entitlement programs, and unnecessary government regulations. We can overcome these challenges as we have overcome every challenge in our past, but only if our country changes leaders.”

“Governor Romney offers us the commonsense reforms of government policy that are necessary to turn around our economy,” said Senator McCain. “His record of accomplishment in government and business are a testament to his leadership abilities. His commitment to a strong defense and principled diplomacy will earn the world’s respect for American leadership.”

“I had the privilege of running against Governor Romney for the nomination four years ago, and I know he is a tough competitor,” said Senator McCain. “I have no doubt he is the best candidate we can nominate. And I am proud to support him for President.”

Senator McCain on Romney (after their Republican Presidential Primary race):

"And I knew Mitt, and I knew what an outstanding individual he is and what a wonderful family person, but I hadn't had the chance to get to know Ann." McCain noted that she is "battling a disease" -- multiple sclerosis -- and that "she is a woman of courage and beauty and grace."

Senator McCain on Romney (prior to their Republican Presidential Primary race):

"You've got a great team here. But it's led by a man of honesty and integrity. It's led by a man who is prepared to serve, and a man who I have grown to know for his honesty and his decency and his commitment to America. I am proud to be in his company, aren't you?

"We have a man here of unimpeachable integrity and decency and honor who could do a lot of other things, my dear friends, we all know that. Romneys could, they could move to Arizona! They could do a lot of things, yet this man has willingly stepped forward to serve the state of Massachusetts and our party, and young Americans and again give them a public office holder that they can look up to, and honor, and emulate. That's why I'm committed to this race.

"In the state of Massachusetts as the state of Arizona, tough decisions are going to have to be made. There is only one kind of person who can make those decisions and that's a man of intellectual integrity and honesty and experience.

"But I also have great and tremendous regard for Mitt Romney because I think he brings honesty and integrity and can act as a role model to the young people of Massachusetts and all over this country.

"I think we have an opportunity to send a signal not only across Massachusetts but America- negative campaigning doesn't work. People of integrity are still welcome to serve this country, may I please ask you to give your warmest possible welcome to the next governor of the state of Massachusetts."

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McCain & Romney on Hannity - Jan 5, 2012

McCain at Salem, NH - Jan 5, 2012

Meghan McCain, Sen. McCain's daughter

“KENNESAW - Sen. John McCain's daughter, Meghan, told a Kennesaw State University audience Monday evening that she wants to see Mitt Romney, not Sarah Palin, challenge Barack Obama for president...

“That's not to say McCain, who is a columnist for Tina Brown's The Daily Beast, doesn't have respect for Palin.

“ "She is captivating on every level, and she's a lot smarter than people ever give her credit for," McCain said... McCain said Palin has been treated unfairly by the media, which is something the media does to other conservative women as well, like McCain herself...

“ "My personal favorite right now is Mitt Romney," she said. "I like that he's not so radical. I like that he has really, really played his cards right, almost perfectly since the last election." ”

* Senator Jon Kyl

“After a long primary, it is time for the Republican Party to come together and support the candidate who will defeat President Obama. That is why I am proud to support Mitt Romney. President Obama’s record is full of broken promises and failed policies. Mitt Romney will restore American greatness at home and abroad. He has a bold economic plan that will create jobs and help middle class families prosper. He will also make the 21st century an American century and regain America’s respected status in the world. These next months will be hard fought and change will not come easy, but I am proud to stand with Mitt and to do anything I can to make sure he is our next president.”

* Representative Jeff Flake

“This election will be an important moment in our nation’s history,” said Congressman Flake. “The next president will be charged with reversing the failed policies of the last three years and making sure the future is as bright for our children as it was for the generations before them. Mitt Romney has the experience and vision to get our country on the right path again. Whether it was his time as governor or as a successful businessman, Mitt Romney has shown that he has the economic knowledge to create the environment for businesses to start hiring again.”

* Secretary of State Ken Bennett

“President Obama has led this country in the wrong direction. Our national debt is out of control and his policies have stifled job creation. It’s time to elect a leader with real experience to turn this economy around and put Americans back to work.”

* Attorney General Tom Horne

“Mitt Romney is the only candidate with the vision, experience and leadership to get this economy moving again,” said Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne. “His experience is unparalleled and he has what it takes to create jobs and get spending under control.”

* State Treasurer Doug Ducey

“After spending more than 20 years in the private sector as a businessman and entrepreneur, I know that government is not always focused on job creation,” said State Treasurer Ducey. “Job creators and entrepreneurs support Mitt Romney because he is the only candidate who has the real-world economic experience that is needed to get people back to work. Four years ago, President Obama promised to fix our country’s problems but has clearly failed. Arizona and the rest of the country deserve a leader like Mitt Romney.”

State Legislators endorsing Mitt Romney in 2012

* House Speaker Andy Tobin

* House Majority Leader Steve Court

* Rep. Bob Robson

* Rep. Cecil Ash

* Rep. Tom Forese

* Rep. Russ Jones

* Rep. Doris Goodale

* Rep. Peggy Judd

* Rep. Nancy McLain

* Rep. Justin Olson

* Rep. Karen Fann

* Rep. Heather Carter

* Rep. Steve Urie

* Rep. Kate Brophy McGee

* Rep. Jack Harper

* Rep. John Kavanagh

* Rep. David Smith

★ Sen. Rich Crandall

* Sen. Michele Reagan

* Sen. Adam Driggs

* Sen. John McCornish

* Sen. Jerry Lewis

★ State Rep. Rich Crandall (R-AZ)

“Representative Crandall said, "Governor Romney succeeded in the private sector. He succeeded in turning around the 2002 Winter Olympics and he succeeded fighting for conservative principles in the bluest of states. His leadership is exactly what we need to change Washington." ”

State Sen. Chuck Gray (R-AZ)

“With today's announcement, Senator Gray said, "We need a proven turnaround specialist and problem-solver in Washington, and Mitt Romney fills that need perfectly. His values and proven record of conservative leadership make him the best candidate for President of the United States." ”

State Rep. Mark Anderson (R-AZ)

“Representative Anderson said, "Governor Romney is an impressive leader with a proven track record of accomplishment. On national defense, economic competitiveness and the important moral matters of our day, Governor Romney has the vision and the conservative principles needed to guide America forward." ”

* Sheriff Paul Babeu

“Securing our border is an important part of our national security – Mitt Romney understands this. He also understands that magnets like in-state tuition for illegal immigrants don’t stop illegal immigration, they only make it worse. Of all the candidates, Mitt Romney has shown that he is the most committed to securing the border and I look forward to working with him to do this.”

About Sheriff Babeu: Sheriff Paul Babeu is the Sheriff of Pinal County in Arizona. Babeu heads a department of 700 and has worked to cut the budget, reorganize leadership, and reduce the response time from his department. Babeu has been a national leader on the need to secure our border and stop illegal immigration and drug and human trafficking. This year, Sheriff Babeu was named Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriffs' Association. Sheriff Babeu serves as President of the Arizona Sheriffs’ Association and recently retired from the Army National Guard. As an Army Major, Babeu commanded nearly 700 soldiers in the Yuma Sector and helped reduced illegal entries by 96%.

“Mitt Romney will put a stop to incentives for illegal immigrants to cross our border. Governor Romney stands with all of us who believe that we can and must secure our border -- that's why I'm proud to stand with him and support him as our next president.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

“Governor Romney is the only candidate with the executive leadership and experience needed to lead our country forward.” — Sheriff Joe Arpaio

* Arizona Mayors

* Mayor Scott Smith - Mesa

* Mayor Hugh Hallman - Tempe

* Mayor Gail A. Barney - Queen Creek

* Mayor Byron Robertson - Huachuca City

* Mayor George Lemen - Pima

* Mayor John Moore - Williams

* Mayor Kenny Evans - Payson

* Mayor John Salem - Kingman

★ Mayor Tom Shope - Coolidge

* Mayor Daniel Muth - Springerville

* Mayor Robin Boyd - Winslow

* Mayor Gerald Lindsey - Willcox

* Mayor Jack Hakim - Bullhead City

* Vice Mayor Bill MUlleneaux - Thatcher

Mayor Scott Smith:

“We simply cannot afford to continue policies that increase unemployment and mortgage our grandchildren's future to China. Mitt Romney has a detailed jobs plan to get Americans back to work and rebuild the middle class. I am confident he will also fix the generations-long problem of illegal immigration. He is the conservative champion we need in the White House.”

★ Coolidge Mayor Tom Shope

“Announcing his endorsement, Mayor Shope said, "Governor Romney has demonstrated time and time again that he is a proven turnaround artist. Now more than ever, Washington needs someone with Romney's proven ability to solve the problems that we face as a nation. I am proud to join his campaign in Arizona and look forward to helping him to victory in November 2008." ”

Queen Creek Mayor Art Sanders

“Mayor Sanders said, "Governor Romney is a proven leader who makes things happen. He's the innovative leader we need now more than ever in Washington." ”

Other Arizona Republican Leaders

* School Superintendent Thomas Tyree - Yuma

* School Superintendent Mike File - Kingman

* Justice of the Peace - Joseph Knoblock - Benson

* Justice of the Peace - Mark Baron - Fredonia

* Corporation Commission Bob Stump

* County Supervisor Buster Johnson - Lake Havasu City

* Council Member Ken Taylor - Huachuca City

* Council Member Mike Farrar - Carefree

* Ambassador Barbara & Dr. Craig R. Barrett

* ...

• Don Skousen - Gilbert Town Councilman

• Leo Mahoney - Past Republican Party District Chairman,
   Past First Vice Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party

• Karen Mahoney - Past President, Mesa Republican Women's Club

• Myrna Udall - 1st vice chairman, Apache County Republican Committee

★ Ed Parker - Former executive director, Pima County Republican Party

Arizona Business Leaders

Who are campaigning for Mitt Romney:

★ Paul And Susan Gilbert - Co-founder of Beus Gilbert Law Firm, Scottsdale

★ Lee Hanley - Chairman of Vestar

• Harry Cavanagh - Founder of O'Connor Cavanagh Law Firm

• Wil Cardon - President & CEO of The Cardon Group

• Jason Rose – Founder of Rose & Allyn Public Relations

★ Ernie Baird - Founding partner of Baird Williams & Greer, LLP,
   Former State House Representative and House Majority Leader

• Scott Bundgaard - An executive with J.P. Morgan,
   Former State Senator

• Paul Walsh - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of eFunds Corporation

• Don Cogman - Chairman of CC Investments

★ Kevin DeMenna - President of DeMenna & Associates

Paul Gilbert:

“We are facing a critical time in our nation’s history. Millions of Americans are suffering under the current failed economic policies of President Obama. I know Mitt Romney has the experience, vision and plan to get Americans back to work.”