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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

Governor Bill Owens

★ Fmr. Gov. Bill Owens

"I think he's (Romney's) one of the brightest people I've ever seen in public office," Owens said on the show. "He's a businessman, he's a manager. He is a conservative, he wants to cut taxes."

In a statement, Romney said he was pleased to have a senior advisor who was elected to the Colorado governorship with the greatest majority in the state's history.

"In his eight years as Governor of Colorado, he has shown a commitment to finding the kinds of new and innovative solutions that America needs if we are to meet a new generation of challenges," Romney said.

“Former Governor Bill Owens said, "... we are proud to join Governor Romney's team. He is a strong leader with a record of accomplishment both in the public and private sector. We believe the Governor is the only candidate in this race who can change Washington and bring back conservative, common sense principles." ”

Fmr. Senator Hank Brown

★ Fmr. Sen. Hank Brown (R-CO)

“Hours before Romney landed in Colorado — following a similar whirlwind trip through Idaho, another key early caucus state — his campaign announced a number of prominent state Republicans who will serve as members of his leadership committee in Colorado. Among the names, a virtual who’s who of Colorado’s GOP establishment, are former U.S. Sens. Hank Brown and Wayne Allard, former Gov. Bill Owens, former U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez and his wife, Claudia, and current office-holders Attorney General John Suthers, State Treasurer Walker Stapleton and CU Regent At-large Steve Bosley, all of whom backed Romney in 2008...

“Brown had this to say about the candidate he’s backing for the nomination: "Mitt Romney has the proven record to pull our economy out of this downturn. His extraordinary success in both the private and public sectors will help provide the leadership our country needs to restore our economy and the American spirit." ”

“Hank Brown served as the 11th President of the University of Northern Colorado. Before becoming UNC’s President, he served Colorado in the United States Senate and five consecutive terms in the U.S. House representing Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. He also served in the Colorado Senate from 1972-76. Brown was elected and re-elected to the House of Representatives by margins ranging from 69% to 74%, the highest in the history of the District. He was elected to the U.S. Senate by a 13% victory margin.

“Brown was a Vice President of Monfort of Colorado from 1969 to 1980. He is both an attorney and a C.P.A.

“He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Colorado in 1961 and served as CU’s Student Body President. He earned a Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Colorado Law School in 1969. While in Washington, Brown earned a Master of Law Degree in 1986 from George Washington University. In 1988, he passed the exam to become a certified public accountant.

“Brown served in the U.S. Navy from 1962-66. He volunteered for service in Viet Nam and was decorated for his combat service as a forward air controller. The Colorado native and his wife Nan live in Denver. They have three adult children, Harry, Christy, and Lori; and two grandchildren, Lilly and Hank.”

Senator Wayne Allard

★ Fmr. Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO)

"Allard praised the candidate as someone who could bring “a much needed breath of fresh air to Washington.” He is the fifth GOP senator to publicly back Romney.

" “After reviewing Governor Romney’s impressive resume and having the opportunity to visit one-on-one with him about his vision of innovation and change for America, I am proud to announce my endorsement of him,” Allard said in a statement.

"Romney noted the Colorado Republican’s commitment to fiscal conservatism and homeland security.

" “Senator Allard’s record of leadership and commitment to change make him a valuable addition to my campaign team,” Romney stated. “In Congress, he has fought to restrain spending while working to ensure that Americans are safe at home and abroad. Senator Allard understands, as I do, that we must bring innovation and transformation to Washington if we are to meet the new generation of challenges facing our country today.” "

“After reviewing Governor Romney’s impressive resume and having the opportunity to visit one-on-one with him about his vision of innovation and change for America, I am proud to announce my endorsement of him. Governor Romney will bring a much needed breath of fresh air to Washington, something the country really desires.”

"U.S. Senator Wayne Allard is a Colorado veterinarian committed to cutting taxes, eliminating the deficit, returning power to state and local governments and assuring the security of America both at home and abroad."

* Fmr. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-CO)

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), Presidential Candidate

“There is a candidate that meets several criteria that are critical...
He also has by the way a solid record that matches his rhetoric...
I am endorsing Governor Mitt Romney for President...
He is the best hope for our cause.”

Play  Tom Tancredo - Dec 20, 2007

(above quote is 4:20 minutes into statement)

Tom Tancredo is perhaps the best known and most respected leader in the effort to stop illegal immigration, but just one of many who endorsed Mitt Romney.

» For a more complete transcript of Tom Tancredo's remarks, click here

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO)

"Governor Romney represents the kind of real world, global experience we need to keep the American economy going,'' said Musgrave, a Fort Morgan Republican. "Washington is broken and his ability to diagnose and fix problems – from the Olympic Games to multinational corporations – is what we need to fix the problems facing middle class families."

(archived page — original link expired)

“I hope I’m starting a movement,” Musgrave said in an interview. “In Colorado, we love Mitt Romney.”

Musgrave said that during the Colorado Republican convention, every caucus she visited had made Romney its top choice — a trend that was reflected in the caucus totals.

Romney won the Colorado caucus with 60 percent of the vote, dwarfing McCain’s, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s and Rep. Ron Paul’s (Texas) totals...

She cited Romney’s “real-world experience” as an executive as a particular attribute that would “serve McCain well.”

Musgrave, a staunch conservative on social issues who is being targeted this fall by Democrats, said, “I know conservatives can count on [McCain and Romney] to support traditional values and fight to protect the tax dollars of working families.”

★ Fmr. Rep. Bob Beauprez (R-CO)

Rep. Beauprez, who was also the 2006 Republican Gubernatorial nominee:

“Because we believe that the next presidential election will be a defining moment in shaping the future of this nation, we have taken the unusual step of making an early commitment to the person we are convinced should be elected President in 2008. His name is Mitt Romney.

“We have had the opportunity to learn a great deal about Mitt and we are impressed by what he has achieved - as a husband and father, as a successful businessman, and as the Governor of Massachusetts who brought conservative governing principles to a state famous for its liberal tendencies...

“Mitt Romney believes strongly in the core principles of free enterprise, fair and free trade, accountability in education, personal responsibility, tolerance, strong families, and a national defense second to none. More than that, however, we are amazed at what he accomplished during his term as Governor of Massachusetts - strengthening education, laying the foundation for private, market-based health insurance for all, and cutting the size and cost of government.

“Specifically, without raising taxes or increasing debt, Governor Romney closed a $3 billion deficit in his first year in office. Each year, Governor Romney filed a balanced budget without raising taxes. By eliminating waste, streamlining the government, and enacting comprehensive economic reforms to stimulate growth in Massachusetts, he got the economy moving again and transformed deficits into surpluses.

“At the peak of his business career, he was asked to take over the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. You may remember that the Olympics were beset by scandal and had fallen deeply into debt. Romney took over and, as he had done with so many companies, he went to work turning things around. The result was the most successful and profitable Olympics in history - even in the face of security concerns following 9/11.

“We share these stories about Mitt Romney because we believe that he possesses not only the right political philosophy, but also the experience and leadership skills necessary to guide this great nation.” (Bill and Claudia Beauprez)

Colorado State Legislators - 2012

* Fmr. Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp

★ Sen. Nancy Spence

* Sen. Jean White

* Sen. Steve King

★ Speaker Frank McNulty

* House Majority Whip B.J. Nikkel

* Rep. Cindy Acree

* Rep. Robert Ramirez

* Rep. Tom Massey

* Rep. Spencer Swaim

* Rep. Mark Waller

* Rep. Cheri Gerou

★ Rep. Laryy Liston

* Rep. Kevin Priola

* Rep. Jim Kerr

* Rep. Carole Murray

★ Rep. Bob Gardner

★ fmr. Rep. Rob Witwer

★ fmr. Rep. Victor Mitchell

Fmr. Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp:

“I am endorsing Mitt Romney for President because I want to see America rise to greatness again. American greatness is not a slogan—it is what we demand of our country. And it takes steady leadership, aligned with the values of the American people, in the White House to achieve it. While I admire each of the Republican candidates in the race for various reasons, I’m personally committed to working for the one with the strongest record of successful leadership in complex environments: Governor Mitt Romney.”

Senator Steve King:

“Mitt Romney is the one candidate who will be able to fix the mess in Washington,” said Senator Steve King. “He is the only candidate with experience in the private sector and actually knows how jobs are created. President Obama has had three years to turn around our economy and he has failed – it is time that we had a leader like Mitt Romney to get Washington out of the way of Colorado job creators. That is why I am supporting him and why so many great leaders in our state are behind his campaign. I urge all Coloradans who want a change in Washington to come out and support Mitt Romney on Tuesday – our country deserves a man like Mitt Romney as President.”

Senator Nancy Spence:

Announcing her support, State Senator Nancy Spence said, “Mitt Romney’s record is unmatched. In addition to his successful record as governor, his twenty-five years of experience in the private sector make him the best candidate to lead an economic recovery.”

Speaker Frank McNulty:

“Three years ago, President Obama signed his $787 billion stimulus in Denver. Three years later, it is clear that the only jobs created from the stimulus were government jobs. Unlike our current president, Mitt Romney knows how the economy works and how jobs are created. He understands that the private sector, not government, will restart our economy. With Mitt Romney’s conservative record and economic know-how, Coloradans can be confident that he will turn around our economy.”

House Majority Whip B.J. Nikkel:

“President Obama’s policies have failed to grow the economy and create jobs,” said House Majority Whip B.J. Nikkel. “In contrast to the President’s record of job losses and increased spending, Mitt Romney created jobs and cut spending as governor – that is why Colorado voters will support him at the caucuses and in the general election.”

Representative Cindy Acree:

State Representative Cindy Acree said, “Whether it is his twenty-five years of experience in the private sector, his leadership during the 2002 Winter Olympics or his record as governor, Mitt Romney has displayed the leadership we need to get our country back on track.”

Representative Robert Ramirez:

“After three years of failure, it is clear we need a leader who understands how the economy works,” said State Representative Robert Ramirez. “Mitt Romney has worked in the real economy and understands what is needed to grow the economy and create jobs.”

Representative Kevin Priola:

“So many leaders in Colorado support Mitt Romney because he is the only candidate who will be able to fix the mess in Washington. President Obama came to Colorado four years ago and made promises to Coloradans that he has not kept. Instead of fixing our economy, President Obama has only grown government and made job creation more difficult. Mitt Romney spent most of his life in the private sector and knows how jobs are created because he has had one. He will use the lessons he learned in the private sector to grow our economy and bring jobs to Colorado. That is why I support Mitt Romney and urge Coloradans to support him Tuesday – our country deserves a leader like him.”

Representative Bob Gardner:

“Coloradans have simply had enough of President Obama’s failed economic policies,” said State Representative Bob Gardner. “We need a president who has actually created jobs in the real word. Mitt Romney knows how to grow the economy and will put in place policies to empower small businesses and rebuild the middle class. I urge all Colorado voters that want to defeat President Obama and elect a proven conservative leader to join me in supporting Mitt Romney.”

Colorado State Legislators - 2008

• Sen. Andy McElhany, Senate Minority Leader

• Sen. Josh Penry

• Sen. Shawn Mitchell

★ Sen. Nancy Spence

• Michael May, House Minority Leader

★ Rep. Bob Gardner

• Rep. Cory Gardner

★ Rep. Larry Liston

★ Rep. Frank McNulty

★ Rep. Rob Witwer

★ Rep. Victor Mitchell

• Rep. Kenneth Summers

Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany:

“State Senator Andy McElhany said, "We are proud to join Governor Romney's Colorado campaign. There is no question that he is the only candidate in this race who has the experience, vision for the future, and traditional American values to bring us back to conservative common sense principles. We look forward to helping Governor Romney towards victory in February." ”

House Minority Leader Michael May:

“ "It is increasingly clear that conservatives around the country must coalesce behind the one candidate that will uphold bedrock Republican principles in the White House, such as lower taxes, less spending and smaller government," said Representative May. "Governor Romney is the only full-spectrum conservative with a strong base of support throughout the nation that can win the nomination and win in November. I am proud to join Governor Romney's campaign in Colorado and will work hard to share his optimistic vision for our country's future with residents in my district and across the state." ”

Colorado Mayors - 2008

• Mayor Lionel Rivera, Colorado Springs

• Mayor David Casiano, Parker

• Mayor Dave Clark, Mayor Pro Tem - Loveland

★ Mayor Erik Hansen, Thornton

• Mayor Ray Martinez, former Mayor - Fort Collins

“Mayor Rivera said, "Mitt Romney possesses the real-world business experience our nation needs to remain the world's economic superpower and to get Washington's fiscal house in order. As we face economic challenges at home and abroad, America needs someone like Mitt Romney who understands why jobs come and why they go and would work to reduce the tax burden on taxpayers and businesses. His experience running a business, the 2002 Olympics and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a résumé that would dwarf Senators Clinton or Obama in November." ”

Other Elected Leaders - 2012

★ Colorado Attorney General John Suthers

* Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton

* Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler

* El Paso County Treasurer Bob Balink

* Douglas County Commissioner Jack Hilbert

* Mesa County Assessor Barbara Brewer

* Mesa County fmr. GOP Chairman Garry Brewer

* Longmont City Council Member Katie Witt

★ University of Colorado Regent Steve Bosley

★ University of Colorado Regent Kyle Hybl

Secretary of State Scott Gessler:

“Coloradans are looking for a change in the White House,” said Secretary of State Scott Gessler. “President Obama has had three years to turn around the economy and he has failed. Mitt Romney has the experience in the private sector that will be needed to get our economy back on track.”

* Marti Allbright Whitmore, fmr. Chief Deputy Attorney General of Colorado

* Matt Heimerich, fmr. Crowley County Commissioner

* John Odom, Jefferson County Commissioner

* Dan May, 4th Judicial District Attorney

★ Erik Hansen, Adams County Commissioner (and former Mayor of Thornton)

★ Wayne Williams, El Paso County Clerk

Douglas County Board of Education:

* John Carson - President

* Dan Gerken - Vice President

* Doug Benevento - Director

* Meghann Silverton - Director

* Kevin P. Larsen - Director

* Justin G. Williams - Director

* Craig V. Richardson - Director

Announcing his support, Douglas County School District Board of Education President John Carson said, “We are very proud to be supporting Mitt Romney. He is committed to making our education system more effective by reducing needless federal intrusion, empowering local officials, and promoting choice and competition. He is also a proven leader who has shown time and again that he can turn around troubled enterprises. That is exactly what the bureaucratic U.S. Department of Education needs today. I look forward to having a President Romney in the White House and unleashing our schools and our students to achieve their full potential.”

Other Elected Leaders - 2008

★ Colorado Attorney General John Suthers

• District Attorney (Weld County) Ken Buck

• County Commissioner (Arapahoe) Jim Dyer

★ County Commissioner (El Paso) Wayne Williams

• City Councilman (Loveland) Walt Skowron

★ University of Colorado Regent Steve Bosley

★ University of Colorado Regent Kyle Hybl

Colorado Businessmen

* Greg Maffei - CEO, Liberty Media Corporation

* Philip F. Anschutz - Chairman & CEO, The Anschutz Company

* Will Armstrong - CEO Blueberry Systems, LLC

* ...

(4 dozen people listed)

• Bruce Benson - President & Owner, Benson Mineral Group

• Mark Falcone - Founder & Managing Director, Continuum Partners

• Maria Garcia Berry - Founder & CEO, CRL Associates

★ Doug Robinson - Co-founder & Managing Director, St. Charles Capital

• ...

Other Supporters

★ University of Colorado President Hank Brown

• University of Denver Chancellor Dan Ritchie

• Former President of the U.S. Olympic Committee Bill Hybl

• V.P. of Colorado Republican 7th Congressional District Shirley Seitz

“Mitt Romney's win [in Colorado] over John McCain, on the other hand, showed that Republicans were backing conservative, core-party values over more moderate views...

“Romney won Utah and also emerged victorious in Montana, giving him three victories in four contests in the Rocky Mountain-area states holding GOP contests.

“ "I think he appeals to Western Republicans who want a mainstream conservative," said Colorado GOP chair Dick Wadhams. "He also worked harder out here than anyone else."

“McCain won his home state of Arizona.”

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family's comments on Republican candidates:

"The video on John McCain hits the Arizona senator for campaign finance reform, his opposition to the federal marriage amendment and his 2000 comments about Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. “You want someone to depend on when you are in a fight, and you never really know where he is going to be,”...

"Huckabee lacks the fiscal and national security credentials needed for a conservative presidential candidate. “The conservatives have been successful in electing candidates, and presidents in particular, when they have had a candidate that can address not only the social issues, [but] the fiscal issues and the defense issues,”...

"So what about Romney? He comes up roses. “He has staked out positions on all three of the areas that we have discussed,” says Perkins. “I think he continues to be solidly conservative.” "  (Time in Partnership with CNN)

James Dobson

James C. Dobson—
Chairman of Focus on the Family

“I mean he is very presidential and he has got the right answers to many, many things. I haven’t made a decision yet, but let’s just say he is still on the list.”

That statement (in May 2007) was strong compared to what he stated about the other three mentioned candidates, as quoted in the same article:

“Is Rudy Giuliani presidential timber? I think not.”

“[Fred D. Thompson] has no passion, no zeal and no apparent 'want to.' And yet he is apparently the great hope that burns in the breasts of many conservative Christians? Well, not for me, my brothers. Not for me!”

“I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances.”

The above quote on Governor Romney begins “I’ve spent an hour and a half with him, and I liked him.”

"Later in the day [Tuesday, February 5, 2008], Dobson told talk-show host Dennis Prager that he would vote for Romney if the former Massachusetts governor won the GOP nomination"

(archived page — original link expired)

“Gov. Romney’s speech was a magnificent reminder of the role religious faith must play in government and public policy. His delivery was passionate and his message was inspirational.” (Dr. James Dobson)

"That commitment to not cast a ballot for someone who would end preborn life has not wobbled one whit: certainly not in Dr. Dobson’s indication he could vote for either Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee, the two candidates who unapologetically championed the pro-life cause" (Citizen Link, a website run by Focus on the Family)

(archived page — original link expired)

Rob Brendle— Assistant Pastor of New Life Church, Colorado Springs

"Brendle eagerly shared his political analysis with me. The pastor thinks the country needs “a morally principled diplomat in the White House” like Mitt Romney, not a religious leader like Mike Huckabee. Nothing would be worse for Christian conservatives than a candidate who scared the rest of America with too much focus on his faith, he said."

Rob Brendle is the associate pastor of the mega church New Life Church in Colorado Springs. "This is the church Ted Haggard built from a handful of believers meeting in the basement of his home to a congregation with 11,000 members."

(archived page — original link expired)

Other Colorado Evangelical Leaders

“Romney impressed Scott Van Lanken, an evangelical pastor with the Front Range on Fire network of ministries, who said that nothing in his belief system would preclude a vote for a Mormon strictly on the grounds of his faith.

“ "With a guy like Mitt Romney, I think he's a fine man," Van Lanken said. "If it came down to a presidential vote I could be able to cast a vote for what I would believe is best for the country." ”

"Pastor Scott Von Lanken ... founded and pastured a church in Fountain Hills Arizona for 12 years, before coming to Loveland Colorado five years ago to pastor a church and to begin to network with this regions pastors."

Other Evangelical supporters of Governor Mitt Romney included:

Brian Bissell, Sr. Vice President and CFO, Colorado Christian University, Colorado

Harlan Humiston, Pastor, Meadwood Church, Aurora, Colorado

Archbishop Chaput

Archbishop Chaput— Archdiocese of Denver

“Romney's speech at George H.W. Bush's presidential library in College Station, Texas, had been cast as analogous to one John F. Kennedy made nearly 50 years ago when the candidate addressed the Greater Houston Ministerial Association on concerns about his faith as a Roman Catholic...

“In the words of Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput, "In some ways, it's the speech John Kennedy should have given in Houston, but didn't."

“ "Romney, unlike Kennedy in Houston, does not separate his faith from informing his citizenship, and by extension, his vision of public service," the Catholic leader wrote in an e-mail response to questions. "Romney offered a more reasonable and fruitful explanation of how faith actually works in public service, regardless of one's political party." ...

“Chaput said he appreciated in Romney's speech the candidate's effort to defend matters of faith in the public square, a much-repeated observation by religious leaders and scholars Thursday.

“ "Religious officials shouldn't and can't determine public policy," Chaput said. "No sensible person would disagree with that. But that's very different from claiming — as some people now do — that religious believers, communities and leaders should be silent in public debate or stay out of public issues."

“And the archbishop — who stressed he is not endorsing the candidate in his remarks — downplayed the debate on Romney's Mormon faith, saying, it "has never been a serious issue for me, and I doubt many Catholic voters will make their political choices based on that factor."

“ "Catholics, like most other people, want to elect someone who has the skills, the moral character and the real commitment to the common good that will enable him or her to lead," Chaput said. "This applies whether you're a Democrat or Republican. In some ways, given the record of public service of the Romney family, the Mormon issue has always seemed irrelevant." ”

His Excellency Charles J. Chaput wrote the book Render Unto Caesar which has become a best-seller. He is the recipient of the Canterbury Medal for religious liberty.

Denver Post
★ Editorial Endorsement: Romney right for Colo. Republicans

"Colorado Republicans had it right in 2008 and, as they gather for precinct caucuses on Tuesday night, we expect they will get it right again.

"As was the case four years ago, we believe former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is the best choice among candidates for the GOP presidential nomination.

"With a ballooning federal deficit, a stubborn unemployment rate and a stagnant housing market, Romney's executive experience in government and business sets him apart from the field vying to take on Democratic President Barack Obama.

"We first endorsed in presidential primary elections in 2008. Given the spot the Colorado GOP caucuses landed on the calendar this year, we have decided to weigh in again...

"On the issues, Romney has a lengthy economic blueprint that is more sensible than those of his fellow Republicans, who have competed to one-up one another as far as eliminating federal departments and racing to underbid one another on flat-tax plans.

"Romney knows that this nation must get serious about its growing debt, and has said that he would cut government spending to 20 percent of gross domestic product. On entitlement programs, he understands that Social Security and Medicare must be revamped if they are to remain viable. On education, he has been a leader in supporting school choice...

"More important, in our view, is his record of accomplishment.

"As governor of Massachusetts, Romney, despite a Democratic-controlled legislature, left behind a $2 billion rainy day fund. He had earlier rescued the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Those achievements demonstrate Romney is capable of managing under difficult conditions...

"Romney's impressive win in Florida last Tuesday — with an electorate that bears a much closer resemblance to the nation as a whole than Iowa and South Carolina — is a signal that his resume and message have the broadest reach among this year's Republican field.

"We endorsed him over eventual nominee John McCain in 2008, and we've seen nothing this campaign season to change our view that he is again the top candidate among Republican contenders."

"Arizona Sen. John McCain, now the frontrunner, is an American hero, a foreign-policy expert and a veteran of the Washington trenches. But with a volatile economy overtaking Iraq as a chief concern among voters, we believe that Mitt Romney is the best choice for Colorado Republicans.

"As a governor of Massachusetts, a skilled businessman and the savior of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Romney possesses the executive acumen necessary to implement policies that produce results. Wouldn't that be a strange change in Washington?

"In a recent phone interview with The Post's editorial board, Romney impressed us with his broad range of knowledge, his grasp of economic policy and his understanding of issues important to Western voters.

"Washington Republicans have strayed far from the fiscal conservatism their party has traditionally championed. So while we applaud McCain's stand against wasteful spending, we're even more impressed with Romney's real-world experience in running lean budgets and bringing financial competency to companies.

"We believe his economic growth plan — eliminating taxes on capital gains and interest and dividends for middle-class households — will help spur capital investment and the economy.

"But the best example of Romney's ability to create the type of bipartisan solutions so desperately needed inside the Beltway is his health care record. Romney forged a plan with Democrats in the Massachusetts legislature to help insure as many as 400,000 citizens while still preserving market competition and choice.

"Romney has stressed that his Massachusetts plan is not the answer for every state. But it's a promising start and inspired Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton's own health insurance plan...

"Romney has the resume and executive experience to be not only an effective president, but a problem-solver in a world full of problems."