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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

* Independence Hall Tea Party

“Philadelphia, PA (January 2, 2012) -- The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, a tri-state (DE, NJ, PA) regional group, announced today that its 27-member Board of Delegates has voted overwhelmingly to endorse Mitt Romney for President...

“PAC Delaware Vice President, Kevin Street, said, "His vision of a strong America, one built on the foundations of free enterprise and meritocracy, is most compatible with the principles of the Tea Party movement.

“ "Mr. Romney has stated time and again that he believes in a limited role for the Federal government--emphasizing that the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution delineates between the powers of the national government and that of the states." ...

“The good sense of millions of Tea Party folks nationwide [who] have come to realize, or will eventually realize, that the only way to defeat President Obama, whose policies are an anathema to conservatism and the Tea Party Movement, is to rally around his strongest opponent--Mitt Romney--the man who, we believe, will become the next president of the United States.”

“On 8/28/10, the Independence Hall Tea Party sent 28 buses carrying over 1500 Patriots to Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally. No other group sent more.”

“In 2010, we contributed over $16,000 to our endorsed candidates. That amount topped any other regional, state, or local Tea Party PAC in the Country. Only Tea Party Express PAC gave more.”

Independence Hall Tea Party PAC Executive Board

“President, Don Adams (PA)

“Vice President for Delaware, Kevin Street

“Vice President for New Jersey, Bill Green

“Vice President for Pennsylvania, Sean Carpenter

“Secretary/Treasurer, Carol Reighn (NJ)”

“Mitt Romney is the choice of nearly one in four of those who agree with the tenets of the tea party, according to a new Pew poll, a surprising result that suggests the former Massachusetts governor’s support heading into 2012 may be broader than previously assumed.

“Among tea party supporters, Romney took 24 percent to 19 percent for former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, 15 percent for former House speaker Newt Gingrich and 13 percent for Texas Rep. Ron Paul. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, long considered the tea party’s 2012 candidate-in-waiting, took just 12 percent — another piece of evidence that the 2008 vice presidential nominee’s support is fading...

“The Pew poll comes less than two weeks after a Washington Post/ABC News survey showed Romney running strong among the party’s conservatives; more than seven in 10 Republicans who described themselves as “very” conservative had a favorable opinion of Romney.

“In the Pew survey, Romney’s numbers are not only strong among tea party types but across the board. He took 20 percent among self-identified conservatives — tied with Huckabee for first — and 23 percent among moderate-to-liberal GOPers. The only group where Romney lagged even slightly was among white evangelical Protestants, where he received 15 percent to Huckabee’s 29 percemt.”

State Supporters of Mitt Romney

Elected Officials:

* House Republican Leader Greg Lavelle

* State Senator Liane Sorenson

* fmr. Gov & Lt. Gov Dale Wolf

* fmr. State Treasurer Janet Rzewnicki

* Councilman Bob Weiner - New Castle County

Republican Party Leaders:

* RNC National Committeeman Laird Stabler

* fmr. Chairman Everett Moore - Delaware Republican Party

* fmr. Vice Chairwoman Cathy Murray - Delaware Republican Party

* Chairman Steve Engebretson - Newark Region

* Chairman John Rollins - New Castle County

* fmr. Chairman Michael Fleming - New Castle County

* fmr. Chairman Rick Carroll - Wilmington Region

* Vice Chairman Ted Cover - Wilmington Region

* fmr. Chairman Jerry Martin - Brandywine Region

★ fmr. Chairman Dave Burris - Sussex County

* fmr. Chairman Dave Jones - Newark Region

* fmr. Chairman Ron Sams - Sussex County

* Chairman Jim Ursomarso - Wilmington City

* Vice Chairman Josh Hoveln - University of Delaware College Republicans

* Michele Rollins - fmr. congressional candidate

* Judy Travis - fmr. state senate candidate

* Louis Saindon - fmr. state representative candidate

* Tom Schrandt

House Republican Leader Greg Lavelle said, “After three years of failed attempts to restart our economy, it is clear that the liberal policies of President Obama are not working. We need a president who has displayed conservative leadership and understands how our economy actually functions. Mitt Romney displayed this leadership as both a governor and successful businessman. With his economic know-how, we will be able to get our economy working again.”

“Mitt Romney has emerged as the only candidate with the experience and plan to take on President Obama,” said RNC National Committeeman Laird Stabler. “He is a conservative businessman who was able to use those principles as governor to cut taxes and spending. I look forward to working with these other leaders from Delaware to help Mitt Romney defeat President Obama and reverse the economic stagnation of the last three years.”

State Supporters of Mitt Romney - 2008

• Tom Wagner - State Auditor

• Joe Booth - State Representative

• Garrett Wozniak - fmr. Executive Director,
   Delaware Republican Party

★ Dave Burris - fmr. Chairman,
   Sussex County Republican Committee

• ...

“ "Governor Romney's vision, values and experience make him the best choice for Delaware voters," said Delaware Romney for President Statewide Steering Committee Chairman Tom Wagner. "As the people of Delaware learn more about his achievements, about his history of turning around businesses, government, and the 2002 Winter Olympics, I am convinced that they will agree. He is the right candidate to bring real conservative change to Washington." ”