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   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

fmr. Rep. Djou

* Fmr. Rep. Charles Djou

"Announcing his support, Charles Djou said, “Mitt Romney created jobs and turned around businesses, the Winter Olympics and Massachusetts as a manager, director and governor. I am confident he will create jobs and turn around America as our president.” "

“I endorsed Romney for Pres. today. He has the right experience as a manager, Olympics dir. and gov. to turn around our nation.”

“Honolulu city councilman Charles Djou won a special election to fill a vacant seat in Congress, becoming only the second Republican in Hawaii's history to represent the Aloha state in the House of Representatives... He won decisively, garnering 39.4 percent of the vote in a winner-take-all special election, but ... Djou will be on the ballot again in November and this time he is likely to face a single Democrat... No Republican has represented the district since 1990.”

Hawaii is a very blue, democrat state. It has only had one U.S. senator in its history that was republican. He left office in 1977. (senate.gov - Hawaii) There is only one senate republican in the Hawaii state legislature. (Hawaii.gov - senate) There are only 8 out of 51 representatives that are republican in the Hawaii legislature. (Hawaii.gov - house)

Hawaii Legislators

* House Minority Leader Gene Ward

* Fmr. State Senator Fred Hemmings

* Fmr. State Senator Fred Rohlfing

Announcing his support, Minority Leader Gene Ward said, “Hawaii voters looking for a change of direction in Washington should look no further than Mitt Romney. Mitt spent his life in the private sector and will use this knowledge to restart our economy, bring back jobs, and fix the fiscal mess that has long plagued our federal government. I am proud to endorse him and urge fellow Hawaii voters to support him on Tuesday.”

“Washington insiders got us into this mess, we shouldn’t expect them to help get us out of it,” said former State Senator Fred Hemmings. “Mitt Romney has spent his life as a conservative businessman. He has a record of balancing budgets and creating jobs. That’s precisely what we need in a president today. The people of Hawaii know our nation needs a change and we cannot afford to stay on the path to bankruptcy. I know that Mitt Romney has the proven experience and the ability to restore America’s promise. This is an election where we are not only electing a president and I know Mitt Romney will return America to prosperity.”