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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

Chicago Tribune

* Editorial: For the Republicans, Romney

"America first: The United States — its people's sense of normalcy and, more gravely, their future prosperity — is in danger. Our national debt, trudging toward $16 trillion, exceeds the size of our economy. We owe more than we produce. And we are borrowing an additional $3 million every minute. As in the insolvent state of Illinois, debt repayment to lenders such as China increasingly crowds out spending on other priorities. Today's Washington isn't oblivious. Just useless.

"Before we talk politics, consider: Entitlement costs and other "payments to individuals" now consume two-thirds of our federal budget. And with only a relative few baby boomers already 65, spending on retirees will explode. This lethal pathology — neither Medicare nor Social Security can survive as is — threatens the career incomes of our children and grandchildren. They will spend their work lives as indentured servants to their elders.

"Who might engineer a fix? Only one of the four Republicans still in this primary race has the personal skill set, the painfully won experience, to appreciate this peril and to guide Americans through their own financial rescue...

"While three of the Republican candidates were giving speeches and casting votes in Congress, one of these four was managing, and sometimes salvaging, large enterprises in the public and private sectors. One of these four was forced to make costly organizations live, however unpleasantly, within their means. One of these four was learning what it is to live with the often good, sometimes bad, consequences of his executive decisions.

"For his demonstrated abilities and the economic pragmatism at his core, the Tribune endorses former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts as the Republicans' best, most responsible choice in Tuesday's Illinois primary..."

Mitt Romney rally - Peoria, IL - March 18, 2012

★ Fmr. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL)

"During my years in the House, I was an advocate for balanced budgets and low taxes," said Hastert in a statement. "Mitt Romney stands up for these principles. President Obama has failed to get millions of unemployed Americans back to work. From his success in the private sector, Mitt Romney understands how to create jobs and turn around this economy. At this critical moment, our country needs his leadership in the White House."

“Former Speaker Hastert said: "Our nation needs proven executive leadership. Whether in business or public service, Governor Romney has demonstrated a unique ability to inspire people to go further and reach new levels of accomplishment. He sees the challenges before us and is not afraid to confront them. Governor Romney is the right kind of leader for America." ”

House Speaker Hassert had served in congress since 1987 and had previously announced he was serving his last term and would retire. In November he announced his retirement from congress, and when he retired, also retired from his post on Romney's campaign.

Sen. Mark Kirk

* Sen. Mark Kirk

“President Romney will cut spending, repeal the health care law and restore private sector economic growth. He is a foreign policy hawk who will stand up to Iran. As a Massachusetts Governor, he knows how to work with Democrats and Independents. As the head of the Salt Lake City Olympics, he worked with dozens of countries in organizing an international triumph for the United States. America needs his managerial talent, team building spirit and hard-nosed sense of economic common sense.”

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk won the senate seat Barack Obama held, being Barack's replacement in the U.S. Senate.

Rep. Aaron Schock

Aaron Schock at his Alma Mater, Bradley University, with Mitt Romney, March 18, 2012

* Rep. Aaron Schock

Congressman Schock said, “Mitt Romney has a record of cutting spending and keeping taxes low that needs to be replicated in Washington. Under President Obama, our national debt has skyrocketed and our prized AAA credit rating has been lost. Mitt Romney has the conservative solutions needed to get Washington off its spending addiction and focused on creating jobs.”

“Governor Romney has a bold plan to reform our tax code, streamline the federal government, and put this country back on a path to prosperity."

"Perhaps more importantly, he has the record and the experience to back it up. Four years ago, Barack Obama launched his bid for the Presidency from Illinois. After a first term fraught with chronic unemployment, record deficits, and a skyrocketing federal budget, it’s time to unite behind Mitt Romney and bring Barack Obama back home in November.”

* Rep. Robert Dold

“Last week Mitt Romney laid out bold, bipartisan solutions to our nation's fiscal problems,” said Congressman Dold. “We are spending 40 cents of every dollar on interest toward our debt, and without a change in direction, we might find ourselves in a hole that we can’t get out of. Mitt Romney spent his life in the private sector and knows that you can’t be a viable enterprise if you spend more than you take in. I have worked in Congress to pass legislation that would strengthen the economy by creating the economic certainty that small businesses need to grow and create new jobs. I look forward to working with Mitt Romney to pass commonsense legislation our job creators need to expand and get our economy moving again.”

* Rep. Judy Biggert:

"President Obama's spend-tax-and-regulate policies have only served to drive up the debt and create more uncertainty for struggling American families and job creators. Mitt Romney's plan to get America back to work is rooted not only in sound economic principles, but also in the extensive real-world experience that he brings to the table. I am proud to support him."

* Rep. John Shimkus

Congressman Shimkus said, “America is in the midst of an economic crisis. After three years of President Obama, Illinois voters realize that we must elect someone who understands how to get middle class Americans back to work at good paying long term jobs. Mitt Romney has spent his career in the private sector, and he knows how to get our economy growing again. There is simply no candidate in the race who has a better understanding of what it will take to get our country back to work. That is why I am proud to support Mitt Romney and urge my fellow conservatives to join me.”

Dan Rutherford

★ State Treasurer Dan Rutherford (R-IL)

“Treasurer Rutherford said, "As a businessman and a successful governor, Mitt Romney has the experience needed to create jobs and turn around our economy. Mitt is the right candidate at the right time, and he is the only Republican who can beat President Obama in 2012. I am proud to support his candidacy and am excited to help him spread his pro-jobs, pro-growth message."

“Dan Rutherford was elected Illinois State Treasurer on November 2, 2010. Before being elected state treasurer, Rutherford served 18 years in the Illinois General Assembly, including 10 years as a state representative and as a state senator from 2003 to 2010. He retired from his career in the private sector at the end of 2010 after 25 years as a successful businessman.”

“Senator Rutherford said, "Governor Romney understands that to keep America strong we need a strong military, a strong economy and strong families. To do that, we must have a strong leader who will change Washington. The people of Illinois can be proud to join me in supporting the candidate who will make his vision for an optimistic future a reality."

“Background On State Senator Dan Rutherford:

“State Senator Dan Rutherford Was First Elected To The State Senate In 2002. State Senator Rutherford previously served for10 years in the House of Representatives, where he was the Assistant Republican Leader. He has been named Legislator of the Year multiple times and has been selected as an outstanding legislator by numerous organizations.”

April 2009 - Rutherford's view on Romney in 2012

* State Senators

* Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno

* State Senator Dave Luechtefeld

* State Senator John Millner

* State Senator Sue Rezin

* State Senator Dale Righter

* State Senator Pam Althoff

* State Senator Ron Sandack

“Mitt Romney is the best candidate to unite our party, win in November, and lead our country’s economic recovery,” said Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno. “I am proud to support him and urge all Illinois voters who want a true leader in the White House to vote for him next Tuesday.”

STATE SEN. CHRISTINE RADOGNO: “Thank you Treasurer Rutherford and I am pleased to be on this call today to announce my support and my endorsement for Governor Romney for President. I’m doing so for two reasons. First of all, I firmly believe that he is the best person to lead our country as president and I base that on his experience. He has private sector experience. He understands the need to get the economy righted in order to continue with job creation. And, secondly, he’s also been a governor is a state where he had to work closely with another party. And as we all know, that’s a challenge in Washington, DC. So I think the skill sets that he’s developed in those two capacities will make him a really outstanding president. The second reason I’m endorsing him is of a rather practical nature, and that is I believe Governor Romney is the best person to put together a coalition that can actually be successful in November and put a Republican in the White House. I also want to mention that we have a number of Republican Senators who have joined me in endorsing him. Senator Dave Luechtefeld, from deep southern Illinois; Senator John Millner, who is a suburban Republican; Senator Sue Rezin, who is what we might call an ex-urban Republican; Senator Dale Righter, from east central Illinois; and Senator Pam Althoff, who is from northern Illinois.”

* State Representatives

* House Minority Leader Tom Cross

* State Representative Mike Tryon

* State Representative Darlene Senger

* State Representative Dave Winters

* State Representative David Harris

* State Representative David Leitch

* State Representative Renee Kosel

* State Representative Renee Cole

* State Representative Tim Schmitz

* State Representative Skip Saviano

* State Representative Ed Sullivan

* State Representative Joann Osmond

* State Representative Patti Bellock

* State Representative Franco Coladipietro

* State Representative Dennis Reboletti

* State Representative Sid Mathias

* State Representative Bill Mitchell

* State Representative Jill Tracy

“Washington is broken and we need a Washington outsider to fix it,” said House Minority Leader Tom Cross. “Mitt Romney spent his life in the private sector and knows that for our country to start creating jobs again, we need to get Washington out of the way. With Mitt Romney in the White House, voters in Illinois can be confident that they will have a president who will bring jobs back and shrink both the federal government and our federal debt.”

Full Slate of Delegates

“Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert heads a full slate of 57 candidates seeking election as convention delegates pledged to Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney in the state's Feb. 5 primary, the campaign said Tuesday.

“In becoming the first presidential campaign to announce its Illinois delegate slate, including 57 alternate delegate candidates, the Romney campaign is intending to show a breadth of organizational skills in a state that is very much up for grabs for Republican White House contenders.

“ "To be able to get 114 men and women who are geographically spread across the state does take a good deal of organizational effort," said state Sen. Dan Rutherford of Chenoa, Romney's Illinois campaign chairman. "Mitt Romney's presence throughout the state, from the deep south to urban areas, also has interested people in his effort."

“In addition to Hastert, the Plano Republican who intends to retire from Congress, the Romney delegate slate includes Rutherford and state Sen. Dale Righter of Charleston as well as former state Sens. Steve Rauschenberger of Elgin, Walter Dudycz of Chicago and Doris Karpiel of Carol Stream.

“Also running as delegates for Romney are Karen McConnaughay, who chairs the Kane County Board, and Elizabeth Gorman, a Cook County Board member who also chairs the Cook County GOP...

“Among Republicans, ... voters will cast votes to directly elect convention delegates from each congressional district who are pledged to a presidential contender or who list themselves as uncommitted.”

“ "It's clear that from this impressive list of supporters to his Illinois Republican Straw Poll victory in August, Governor Romney has tremendous support from Illinois Republicans," said Illinois for Romney State Chairman, State Senator Dan Rutherford. "On the issues most important to the American people, Governor Romney has laid out a clear vision to build a stronger America. He will reform health care, lower taxes, cut government spending, secure out borders, and hold our leaders accountable. Governor Romney has the exceptional leadership experience we need in the White House today." ”

Municiple Leader Supporting Mitt Romney:

• Retired Chicago Police Chief John Heick (now living in Iowa)