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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

* Fmr. Vice President Dan Quayle

"As Americans observe the wreckage of our country over the last three years -- continued high unemployment with 300,000 people last month dropping out of our workforce, the loss of respect for America around the world, fewer opportunities for the next generation, a government that refuses to control spending and faces bankruptcy -- it is obvious that this presidential election is crucial for the future of our great nation...

"Republicans must choose the candidate that can best defeat this entrenched incumbent who is the darling of the fawning media. This person must be ready to lead and a person of character. This person must be willing to take on the Washington establishment, the media and all big spenders in government.

"There are four criteria I use in determining who I will support for president. These are: leadership, character, conservative philosophy and electability...

"There is only one candidate in the field that meets all of these criteria. It is Mitt Romney. He has proven over and over again that he is a leader. He has demonstrated he is capable of making tough decisions and turning things around. He is a man of integrity. He understands budgets and financial markets. He balanced budgets and met a bottom line. He is strong on national defense and has a deep love of the principles that make America great."

Announcing his support, Vice President Quayle said, "Because of President Obama’s failed leadership, Washington has become dysfunctional. We need a leader from outside of the Washington establishment to get America back on track. Mitt Romney has proven over and over that he is a leader. He is a man of integrity. He understands budgets and financial markets. He is strong on national defense and has a deep love of the conservative philosophy that makes America great. Governor Mitt Romney has what it takes to be a great President of the United States and that is why I enthusiastically endorse him for President."

Dan Quayle served as Vice President from 1989 to 1993. Prior to his election, Quayle served for eight years in the U.S. Senate and served four years in the U.S. House of Representatives. Quayle has been Chairman of Cerberus Global Investments since 2000.

* Governor Mitch Daniels

Announcing his support, Governor Mitch Daniels said, “Mitt Romney has earned our party's nomination and now deserves the support of every American still committed to government that serves the people rather than rules over them. The ruinous debts and anti-enterprise policies of today threaten more than our near-term economy; unaddressed soon, they will end the promise of upward mobility that our nation has always offered to its young and its poor. And they will end the U.S. leadership which has promoted peace and progress around the world for so many decades. Mitt Romney has proven that he understands what is at stake and is prepared to summon Americans to the changes that will restore the American Dream and our national greatness. I'll do whatever I'm asked to help him.”

Mitch Daniels on Fox and Friends - Apr 18, 2012

Rep. Chris Chocola

Fmr. Rep. Chris Chocola (R-IN)

July 2, 2008:

“While he supports John McCain, Chocola thinks his first choice, Mitt Romney, would still make a good vice president.

“As a fellow CEO, he thinks Romney could help manage what he calls "the largest organization on earth." ”

Rep. David McIntosh

Fmr. Rep. David McIntosh (R-IN)

“ "I am proud to make today's endorsement. Governor Romney has the vision to bring true conservative change to Washington and strengthen our economy. As President, he will advance a pro-growth agenda that strengthens our economy, encourages innovation and creates jobs. From business and the Olympics to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Governor Romney is the proven leader we need in Washington today. I also am convinced that Governor Romney will appoint judges who will exercise judicial restraint, respect the rule of law and appreciate the Constitution as written," said David McIntosh...

“Former Congressman David McIntosh Is A Co-Founder Of The Federalist Society And Has An Extensive Career Of Public Service. During the Reagan administration, McIntosh served as special assistant to the Attorney General and special assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs. During the first Bush administration, he served as executive director of the President's Council on Competitiveness and assistant to the Vice President. In Congress, he represented Indiana's Second Congressional District from 1995 until January 2001. He served as chairman of the Subcommittee on Regulatory Relief.”

2012 Hoosiers Supporting Mitt Romney

* Jim Merritt; State Senator

* Ryan Mishler; State Senator

* Heath Van Natter; State Representative

* Mike Karickhoff; State Representative

* Ed Soliday; State Representative

* Tim Neese; State Representative

* Tim Fesko; Former State Representative

* Matt Bell; Former State Representative,
   Executive Director Regional Chamber of Northeast Indiana and Former State Representative

* Randy Borror; Former State Representative

★ Dan Dumezich; Former State Representative

* Frankfort Mayor-elect Chris McBarnes

* Deborah Adams; Rush County Auditor

* Hal Slager; Schererville Town Councilman

* Jim Kittle; Former Indiana Republican Party Chairman

* John Hammond; Chairman of the 7th District

* Craig Dunn; Kokomo County Republican Chairman

* Bill Treadway; Vigo County Republican Chairman

* Tom John; Former Marion County Republican Chairman

* Mary Moses Cochran; Former Aide to Vice President Dan Quayle

State Senator Jim Merritt:

“Mitt Romney is the candidate best suited to meeting the challenges our country faces,” said State Senator Jim Merritt. “On the issue with which Americans are most concerned, the economy, there is no other candidate who is better equipped to go toe-to-toe with President Obama, defeat him in November, and restore confidence that America will continue to be the world’s most powerful nation.”

State Representative Heath Van Natter:

“Mitt Romney is a conservative businessman – he knows that you can’t spend more than you take in. He has proposed policies that will stop the growth of government and allow for the private sector to flourish.”

Rep. Todd Rokita

★ Representative Todd Rokita

Announcing his support, Congressman Rokita said, “Mitt Romney has proven that he has the much-needed experience to lead the country toward an economic recovery. While President Obama has failed to control spending and get the economy moving, Mitt Romney has a record of cutting taxes, keeping spending low, and creating jobs. Mitt Romney’s record speaks for itself and that is why I support his bid for the presidency.”

“Mitt Romney has the private sector experience that our next president must have to fix the economic mess President Obama has created.”

Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita was elected to congress in 2010.

“Announcing his endorsement, Secretary Rokita said, "Our country needs strong, innovative leaders in Washington, and that is why Governor Romney has my support. He is a proven leader in business and government who rises to the occasion with the kind of smart, dynamic approach that is right for our country. I look forward to being one of the many elected leaders around the nation supporting Governor Romney's optimistic message of a strong America." ”

Additional Hoosiers Supporting Mitt Romney

★ former State Representative Dan Dumezich

• David Dorff - President Of Marathon Development Company,
   former Director, Office of Small Business Advocacy in the Indiana Governor’s Office

• Bob Grand - Managing partner, Barnes And Thornburg,
   State Republican Committee Finance Chairman

Former State Representative Dan Dumezich:

“ "He's led in private industry, he's led in the quasi-government area, and he's led in government, and I think those are factors, frankly, that warrant everyone's consideration, and they certainly garner my support," Dumezich said. "I think that's in stark contrast to the current president." ...

“ "Romney is going to go in and tell business what he's going to do and then stick to it," Dumezich said. "He reminds me a lot of Mitch Daniels in 2004."

“But Dumezich said Romney's leadership experience inside and outside of government exceeds any of the other Republican candidates by far and is why Romney will win the Republican nomination.”