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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

fmr. Governor Robert Ray

* Fmr. Governor Robert Ray

“I want our next president to be someone whose character and judgment I respect and whose ideas are valid for our country. I believe Mitt Romney offers the personal qualities and vision to become a truly great president. Mitt has a strong record in business, including turning around the Winter Olympics, and leading the state of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney would represent America’s values and interests in an uncertain, challenging, and competitive world. With our future in mind, I am proud to support Governor Romney in the caucuses and hope to vote for him next November.”

“There’s some qualified candidates, but the one that stood out as the one most likely to get elected, I thought, was Mitt Romney,” he said in an interview at Romney’s Des Moines campaign headquarters. “As you can tell, I waited quite a while to look the candidates over and see which one was most electable.”

Ray said he believes Romney’s experience as a governor and as a business executive would help him win the nomination and the general election against President Obama. “I didn’t find that other candidates had that experience,” he said. “He’s had some success, and it’s the kind that fits this position. … If you want someone qualified to run government, get someone who has had experience of running something, actually running it.”

Mason City, Iowa - 12/29/11

Iowa Polls:

“Obama bests Mitt Romney, 46-42... He leads Herman Cain, 47-41... President Obama also tops Ron Paul, 47-40. Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann each lag, 49-39.” Public Policy Polling - Oct 12, 2011

“Michelle Bachmann holds a statistically insignificant lead over former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney with former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty a distant third. Mitt Romney holds a similarly insignificant lead over President Obama. The President leads Michelle Bachmann narrowly. Romney vs. Obama- Romney: 47%, Obama: 44%.  Obama vs. Bachmann- Obama: 47%, Bachmann: 42%” Mason-Dixon Poll for EveryChildMatters.org (pg 6) - Jul 13, 2011

* Governor Terry Branstad

One hour before Rick Santorum dropped out, Gov. Branstad endorsed Mitt Romney, as the video in the article notes.

“Today, I am enthusiastically endorsing Gov. Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination for president. In Mitt Romney, Americans will have a clear contrast with President Obama in November. Gov. Romney is committed to cut out-of-control spending, unleash the private sector to create jobs, and ensure that future generations have the opportunities we have enjoyed due to the American free enterprise system,” said Branstad.

“In Mitt Romney, America will have a clear contrast to Barack Obama,” Branstad said. Romney is committed to stopping “out-of-control federal spending that is increasing the national debt by $1.3 trillion a year” as well as “unleashing the private sector to create the jobs we need to rebuild the American economy.”

Responding to “Why now?” questions, Branstad explained he wanted to be a good host to the caucus contenders by remaining neutral.

“I purposefully withheld my endorsement until now, because I wanted my focus to be on uniting the Republican Party going into the fall,” ...

Besides, Branstad continued, the differences between the Republican candidates are small “compared to the totally different direction that we need to move this country from the direction it’s been going – deeper in debt and an attitude that government, rather than the private sector, is what needs to grow our economy.”

“I love to campaign,” Branstad said. “When I get engaged and involved in a campaign I want to give it my all and I want to make a difference. I want to campaign actively for Romney here in the state of Iowa. I want to help him carry this state. I know this is an important battleground state. I want to do all I can.”

“Now, more than 3 month after the Iowa caucus, I believe the time has come to coalesce around one candidate... Mitt Romney is going to be a strong general election contender,” Branstad said.”

“ "It's clear to me that Romney has the momentum and he is going to be the nominee," Branstad said. "Now that dozens of caucuses and primaries have occurred, the process did what it was supposed to do and that is produce the candidate who will capture the needed delegates: Mitt Romney. I think it's time we focus on the general election." ”

* Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds

“If Mitt Romney is elected, he will cut and cap spending, and balance the federal budget. He will finally reform Medicare and Social Security in a way that ensures they are solvent for this generation and generations to come. He will get our economy growing so that it once again creates jobs for all who seek them. In short, he will put our country back on a path where the future is brighter than the present.”

2012 Iowa State Legislators

★ Representative Stewart Iverson (also fmr. Senate Leader)

★ Representative Steve Olson

★ Representative Ralph Watts

★ Representative Renee Schulte

★ Representative Linda Miller (R)

* Representative Chip Baltimore

* Representative MaryAnn Hanusa

* Senator Joni Ernst

★ Senator James F. Hahn (R)

Representative Linda Miller:

“Mitt Romney is the candidate we need to put this country back on the right track,” said State Representative Linda Miller. “As governor, he balanced the budget and created jobs without raising taxes. He knows what is needed to get the economy moving again and has the private sector and government experience to do just that.”

Representative Renee Schulte:

“Throughout his life, Mitt Romney has demonstrated the leadership experience required of the president; Newt Gingrich has proved time and again that he is an unreliable leader. Speaker Gingrich’s recent attacks on Paul Ryan’s plan and the private sector are prime examples of why he is not trusted by conservatives. We need a president who has experience creating jobs, not someone who only has theories about how to create them.”

“The differences between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are clear. Mitt Romney spent his life working as a conservative businessman, growing businesses and creating jobs. Newt Gingrich spent the last decades in Washington as a professional politician, and only left to cash in. The problems facing our country were caused by career politicians – they certainly won’t be solved by another career politician.”

"His message on jobs and the economy is resonating with Iowans. We are excited about him and know he will make a great president." -- Rep. Renee Schulte, Aug 12, 2011

Former Iowa State Legislators as of 2012

* Fmr. Senate President and Ambassador to Barbados - Mary Kramer
* Fmr. Representative Bob Rafferty

Fmr. Senate President Mary Kramer:

“I am honored to be a member of Mitt Romney's Iowa Leadership Team,” said Mary Kramer, former United States Ambassador and former President of the Iowa Senate. “Mitt Romney is a proven leader and I am confident in his ability to run an efficient government that will work swiftly to reverse the damage done by the Obama administration.”

“It is clear that Mitt Romney is the best candidate to beat President Obama and bring our country back to greatness,” said Bob Rafferty, former State Representative and former Chief of Staff to Governor Terry Branstad. “Through both his private sector experience and his time as governor, Mitt Romney has a proven track record of creating jobs and showing the fiscal discipline that our country needs. I look forward to working alongside the campaign and the rest of the Iowa Leadership Team to elect him president.”

“Iowa voters deserve to know the differences between the candidates – it is part of the democratic process. One candidate, Newt Gingrich, is a creature of Washington. The other, Mitt Romney, is a conservative businessman who has spent his life building businesses and saving troubled organizations. Americans are looking for a leader to fix our economic problems, not another Washington insider who does not have experience creating jobs – that is what we have in the White House right now and it is not the solution to our country’s difficulties.”

“Mitt Romney has displayed the steadfast leadership needed to fix the economic mess that President Obama has created. Whether it is on creating jobs, the top concern facing our country, or keeping America strong overseas, Mitt Romney’s record and policies stand head and shoulders above the rest of the field.”

★ Fmr. Senate Majority Leader Stewart Iverson
★ Fmr. House Speaker Brent Siegrest
★ Fmr. House Speaker Christopher Rants
★ Fmr. Representative Jim Kurtenbach

“[Senator] Iverson said, "Governor Romney is a proven conservative leader and will continue his strong leadership for our great nation. I look forward to working with Governor Romney and his strong Iowa organization." ”

Rep. Jim Kurtenbach:

“Mitt Romney is the one candidate with experience working in the real economy and different sectors of business. Job creators across the country know that they will have a leader in Mitt Romney who supports pro-growth policies, will lessen the regulatory burden, and will free the private sector to do what we do best: create jobs.”

* Fmr. Representative Bob Brunkhorst (also Waverly Mayor)

* Fmr. Representative Janet Metcalf

* Fmr. Senator Chuck Larson (also fmr. Ambassador to Latvia)

★ Fmr. Senator Dave Mulder

* Fmr. Senator Donald Redfern

Sioux City Journal
★ Sioux City Journal — OUR OPINION: Mitt Romney stands out as best choice

"Within this year's Republican presidential field, Romney again stands out as the candidate who is best prepared through experience, skills and qualities to lead the country. Today the Journal endorses the businessman, former Massachusetts governor and former Winter Olympics CEO in the Jan. 3 caucuses.

"The 2012 election for president is, first and foremost, about the economy, jobs and the federal budget. Whether it's Barack Obama or a Republican, stark realities face the winner...

"Do not discount the importance of personal traits in a candidate for president. As we said in our 2007 endorsement of Romney, if a presidential candidate is a polarizing figure within the halls of Congress and devoid of the personal characteristics necessary to inspire Americans to listen and follow, his or her plans have little to no chance of success, regardless of how detailed and well-conceived they might be. Like the popular Ronald Reagan, Romney combines a pragmatic conservatism with confidence (not arrogance) and an easy, comfortable style and manner, even charm.

"If as a Republican your No. 1 priority is the defeat of Obama, consider this: Romney is the candidate within this field who is best-positioned to win general election votes from not simply Republican voters, but from the all-important Independents in the middle, as well as from moderate Democrats on the left.

"We do not question Romney's conservative credentials, whether the issue is economics, national defense or social issues. In Romney, the nation would get a candidate committed to reduced taxes, reduced spending and reduced regulation. He advocates for hiking defense spending to 4 percent of GDP and increasing active-duty forces by 10,000, and we trust him in taking the 3 a.m. national security call. If it's a "family values" candidate you want, Romney is a good and decent man of integrity who lives the values he espouses. By virtue of his bid for president in both 2008 and 2012, no candidate in this year's Republican field has been vetted like Romney. If no skeleton has been discovered in his closet to this point, it's likely there isn't one...

"In our view, his debate performances also have set him apart from the rest of the pack..."

Sioux City Journal —
Romney: 'Strong military, strong economy, strong families'

"At a time when the challenges we face as a nation are formidable, complex, divisive, political and dangerous, America needs a leader with energy, intellect, vision, charisma and experience.

"In his party's field of presidential candidates, Mitt Romney stands out as such an individual. Today we endorse Romney as the Republican we support in the Jan. 3 Iowa Caucuses.

"Romney combines an outsider's new face with a proven track record of success as an executive in both the private and public sectors. As a businessman, the president and chief executive officer of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and governor of Massachusetts, he has demonstrated an ability to forge consensus, organize, mobilize and motivate in order to solve problems.

"Personally, he is engaging, even charming, he has shown an ability to reach across partisan divides, and he is passionate on the campaign trail. In terms of leadership qualities, he possesses "it," and the importance of "it" should not be diminished. Let's be honest, a candidate for president can prepare volumes of detailed ideas, but if he or she is a polarizing figure within the halls of Congress or devoid of the personal traits necessary to inspire Americans to listen and follow, those plans don't have a chance of success.

"In order to win his party's nomination and compete in the general election, Romney first must prove he's conservative enough, of course. Whether the subject is national defense, economics or social issues, his conservative credentials are strong. He understands the scope of the threat we face from Islamist jihadists and is committed to protecting America from them, wants to increase the size of the military by 100,000 troops and increase defense spending to 4 percent of our gross domestic product, and is committed to cutting taxes, wasteful federal spending and the size of government. He speaks often and with conviction about families, protecting children, values and culture. He is pro-life, but he takes a pragmatic approach to the contentious issue. He believes each individual state should determine its abortion laws through the democratic process and "not have them dictated by judicial mandate." He advocates a get-tough approach toward illegal immigration and bolstering security on our southern border.

"Having earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, founded his own venture capital and investment company, managed the Olympic Games and run a state in which the Legislature is some 85 percent Democratic, Romney understands economic principles, the intricacies of reform in areas such as education and health care, and the essential need to work with the other side. It's reasonable to say the economy and budget of Massachusetts were in dramatically better shape when he left office than when he entered, that the once-troubled 2002 Winter Olympics were transformed into a profitable success under his watch...

"Finally, the 60-year-old Romney - son of the late George Romney, a three-term governor of Michigan and secretary of Housing and Urban Development in Richard Nixon's first term - is a man of decency and integrity. Likability cannot be discounted as an attribute important in a candidate for public office.

"Among all the Republican candidates this year, Romney best taps into what we believe Americans seek - a different look, a fresh vision, a return to America's goodness and greatness. He has earned the privilege to emerge from this field as his party's nominee and carry his message of "strong military, strong economy, strong families" into next year's general election campaign."

The Des Moines Register
* The Des Moines Register’s GOP caucus endorsement: Mitt Romney is best to lead

"Sobriety, wisdom and judgment. Those are qualities Mitt Romney said he looks for in a leader. Those are qualities Romney himself has demonstrated in his career in business, public service and government. Those qualities help the former Massachusetts governor stand out as the most qualified Republican candidate competing in the Iowa caucuses...

"Rebuilding the economy is the nation’s top priority, and Romney makes the best case among the Republicans that he could do that.

"He stands out in the current field of Republican candidates. He has solid credentials in a career that includes running and starting successful businesses, turning around the 2002 Winter Olympics and working with both political parties as Massachusetts governor to pass important initiatives. He stands out especially among candidates now in the top tier: Newt Gingrich is an undisciplined partisan who would alienate, not unite, if he reverts to mean-spirited attacks on display as House speaker. Ron Paul’s libertarian ideology would lead to economic chaos and isolationism, neither of which this nation can afford...

"While other Republican candidates are content to bash the president’s health reform law without offering meaningful reforms of their own, Romney has defended the principal goal of the Massachusetts health care legislation, which was to ensure that all residents there had access to health care. In the same way, Romney’s strategy on taxes is unique among the Republican contenders in calling for reforms that would benefit middle-income Americans and not just those at the top of the economic pyramid.

"This ability to see the merits of tough issues from something other than a knee-jerk, ideological perspective suggests that Mitt Romney would be willing to bridge the political divide in Washington. Americans are desperate for the Republicans and Democrats to work together. His record of ignoring partisan labels to pass important legislation when he was governor of Massachusetts suggests he is capable to making that happen.

"For those reasons, Mitt Romney deserves the support of his party in the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses. If he is the GOP nominee, the nation would have a clear choice in November 2012."

"The Des Moines Register has been publishing presidential endorsements before general elections for more than 60 years... Our goal in an endorsement is to provide a perspective for Iowans beyond what they read in regular news coverage and see in debates...

"Iowans take seriously their role as the first-in-the-nation caucus, Green said. So, too, does the Register. “We’re part of a unique conversation that dominates our state every four years but stretches well beyond Iowa. We embrace that responsibility thoughtfully, seriously and with due diligence.” ...

"The Des Moines Register’s editorial board met with all of the candidates competing in next month’s Iowa caucuses...

"After each editorial board meeting, we published essays we call “Impressions of the Candidates” on the Register’s Opinion page. Here are snapshots of those essays..."

"The Register is the largest newspaper in the state and in a lengthy editorial, it praised Romney as “pointedly refrain(ing) from reckless rhetoric and moralizing” while his opponents have “pandered to extremes...” "

Iowa City Press-Citizen
* Our View:
Romney best choice for nation's chief executive

"When choosing whom to endorse for president, we’re interested in one thing this year: Finding the person best able to help the nation fix the economy... who has the best understanding of the issues, who has the best ideas on how to move the nation forward and, most importantly, who has the leadership skills necessary to work with the Congress and the American people to ensure that many of those ideas become reality.

"After considering all the Republican candidates vying for the opportunity to take on President Obama in November, we think Mitt Romney is the candidate best suited to address the gridlock of dysfunction that has infected our federal system for the past generation...

"And what continues to make Romney such an attractive candidate right now is that, while in office, he was able to work across the aisle with a Democratic Legislature and was able to govern pragmatically and effectively.

"Indeed, in contrast to the current and former lawmakers running against him, Romney seems the person most likely to build bridges and to find solutions — rather than trying to ramrod through his own agenda and sulking when he doesn’t get his way. And he seems the most likely to negotiate solutions rather than perpetuate a partisan playground war...

"As Romney writes in the introduction to his book, “No Apology: Believe in America”: “Freedom does not require the complete absence of government — government plays a critical role in protecting our lives and liberties from those who would endeavor to take them from us. But freedom does demand restraint in government’s intrusion into our life, freedom and livelihood.”

"Romney, of all the Republican candidates, is in the best position to work with Congress and the nation to define realistically what those restraints should be. And we think he would offer a smart, substantial alternative to the Obama campaign in the fall."

Quad-City Times
* ENDORSEMENT: Romney stands alone

"Like many Iowans, we've kicked the tires on the 2012 Republican presidential fleet of candidates, looking for the one who offers the best shot at substantively challenging President Barack Obama. After seeing all the candidates and interviewing five of them this season, the Times Editorial Board supports the one Iowans have kicked around the longest: Mitt Romney...

"We've found an articulate, polished chief executive with a range of business and governing experience that far exceeds his rivals...

"We believe a Republican nominee capable of appealing only to the party's most conservative base will virtually assure Obama's re-election. We do not want to see the president face a token challenge in 2012.

"Romney presents a far more serious challenge than any other caucus contender...

"A winning strategy

"Romney stands not as a last resort, but as a solid, first preference.

"Like Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and Sen. John McCain, Romney makes his second presidential bid as a much stronger candidate... We support Mitt Romney."

"As candidate after candidate discussed leadership strategies, we found ourselves looking for the most Branstad-ish of the bunch. Who has extensive executive experience, but didn't build a career solely around government? ... Who has demonstrated an ability and enthusiasm for the detailed work of consensus building? Who speaks easily with regular Iowans?

"That's the lens that clarified our support of Mitt Romney. But it speaks so highly of Iowa's own governor, we felt the need to add an endorsement to today's page. In this contentious, entrenched environment, we endorse Branstad's executive leadership and work ethic..."

Iowa Republican Party Leaders

* David Oman, Former Republican Party of Iowa Co-Chairman

★ Brian Kennedy, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa
    fmr Republican National Committee Member

★ Steve Cates - fmr. Chairman, Pottawattamie County Republican Party

★ Connie Schmett - Chair, Polk County Republican Party

★ Rose Kramer - fmr. State GOP Central Committee member

★ Alan Lucken - GOP Activist

* Mark Hudson, former Chairman of Linn County Republican Party

* Patrick Finnegan, fmr Chairman of UNI College Republicans

" “As a successful businessman, Mitt Romney turned around struggling businesses, and as a fiscally responsible governor, he balanced state budgets,” Kennedy said. “He is a proven leader who has developed the skills needed to create jobs and grow our economy. I am proud to support Gov. Romney’s candidacy and am excited to join his Iowa team.” "

" “He’s a proven leader,” Cates said of Romney. “He’s run a business, he’s run a state. Everything he has done has been successful.” "

"Mark Hudson said, “President Obama’s policies have been complete failures for Iowa and the rest of the country. Instead of creating jobs and expanding the economy, President Obama has made job creation and economic development more difficult. Mitt Romney's record as governor is the opposite – he created jobs and cut taxes while balancing his state's budget.” "

“ "Governor Romney will appeal to Iowans in each corner of the state," said [Brian] Kennedy. "As people see and talk to him, they are impressed and want to be involved. I believe that as Governor Romney travels our state, his message will resonate. I am excited about this campaign." ”

* Heather Fransen - fmr. Iowa Republican Party Field Director

* Don Blackford - activist

* Brett Lyon - activist

* Jon Troen - President, Rock Communications and ColorFX

* Gary Grant - fmr. District Director for Rep. Jim Leach

“It is clear that Mitt Romney is not only the candidate best qualified to lead our country toward an economic recovery, but that he also has the integrity and strength of character to face the challenges our next President will encounter.” - Gary Grant

* Kristin Moran - activist

* Jacqui Norman - activist

• David Kochel, former Executive Director of the Republican Party of Iowa

• Nicole Schlinger, former Finance Director of the Republican Party of Iowa

• Doug Gross, Chief of staff to Gov. Terry Branstad

• Gentry Collins, Political Director at the Republican Governors Association

• Jill Latham, Iowa native and resident who was
   Political Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin

• Joe Earle, Des Moines Field Rep. for the Republican Party of Iowa,
   former Chairman of the UNI College Republicans

• Marvin Pomerantz, Finance Chairman for the Republican Party of Iowa

• Lynda Thomas, Co-Chair of the Mills County Republicans

• Paul Janecek, Co-Chair of the Scott County Republican Party

• Joni Scotter, former Co-Chair of the Linn County Republican Party,
   former President of the Linn County Republican Women

• Kathy Potts, former Chair of the Linn County Republican Party,
   Advisory Board Member for the Iowa Federation of Republican Women,
   Advisory Board Member of the National Federation of Republican Women

• Deb Hunt, Membership Chair, Cerro Gordo County Republican Women

• Carol Crain, Americanism Chair of the Scott County Republican Women

Municiple Leaders - 2012

* County Recorder Chad Airhart, Dallas County

★ fmr. County Supervisor Greg Adamson, Scott County
   (also Retired Bettendorf Police Captain)

* Chair Kim E. Chapman, Dallas County Board of Supervisors

* County Treasurer Jerry Coffman, Muscatine

* County Supervisor Jeff Sorensen, Muscatine

* Mayor Bob Brunkhorst, Waverly (also fmr. State Rep.)

* Mayor Josh Chapman, DeSoto

* Mayor Mitch Hambleton, Dallas Center

* fmr. Mayor Jason Dively, Pleasant Hill (also on Iowa Juvenile Justice Advisory Council)

* City Councilman Greg Adamson, Bettendorf

* City Councilman Shane Blanchard, Waukee

★ City Councilman Mike Carver, Urbandale City Councilman

* City Councilman Charles Schneider, West Des Moines

* fmr. Councilwoman Sarah Henderson, Cedar Rapids

Speaker Rants with Gov Romney

★ Fmr. Iowa House Speaker Christopher Rants

''Americans are looking for a president who will jump start the economy. In that regard, Mitt Romney is the only logical choice. No other candidate can compare to his business background. Sorry, not even Herman Cain. Romney's career in the private sector taught him the skills he needed to rescue the 2002 Olympics. His ability to turn around a large organization, and do it under public scrutiny, is good practice for the White House...

''Four years ago I asked every Republican candidate how we could compete for jobs with India and China. Most looked at me blankly and then started talking about Iraq and terrorism. Only Mitt Romney understood the question - and better yet, talked for 20 minutes about his answer. For fear of embarrassment, I'd be afraid to ask this year's field.

''Romney's squeaky clean image may make for late-night television fodder, but the fact remains that Mitt is a deeply moral man. There will be no tales of behavior unbecoming a president to use against him... I trust Mitt Romney.''

“Iowans and all Americans are looking for a president who will jumpstart our economy and get people working again,” said Speaker Chris Rants. “As a conservative businessman with twenty-five years of experience in the private sector, Mitt Romney understands how jobs are created and has put forth a pro-growth plan that will help turn around our economy at a time when we need it most. With a strong record of success in business, at the Olympics, and as Governor, Mitt Romney is a proven, competent leader who is the best candidate running, and would be the best candidate to defeat Barack Obama next November.”

''Republican Rants told me in August that he was taking his selection of a presidential candidate to back very seriously. He was seeing most of the Republican possibles as they hit the state this summer, and also taking the extra step of going out to Washington or wherever to meet them one-on-one. Rants said he would pick the most supportable candidate fairly early before the 2008 Iowa caucuses and publicly stump for him.''

''Rants said he visited other Republican leaders around the country with his "list of 20 questions" before deciding to sign on with Romney.

'' "I saw in Gov. Romney a leader that I could put my trust in, somebody that I thought would inspire other Republicans to follow," Rants said...

'' "He came into very difficult financial conditions when he was elected governor and has been able to turn that state's budget around, so I think there are valuable lessons to take from that as well," Rants said.''

2008 Iowa State Legislators

(with updates of re-endorsements)

Senator Ron Wieck (Senate Republican Leader)
★ Senator James F. Hahn (R)
Senator David Johnson (R)
★ Senator Dave Mulder (R)
Senator Brad Zaun (R)

★ Representative Christopher Rants (House Republican Leader)
Representative Rich Anderson (R)
Representative Betty De Boef (R)
Representative Dave Deyoe (R)
Representative Greg Forristall (R)
★ Representative Linda Miller (R)
★ Representative Steven Olson (R)
Representative Chuck Soderberg (R)
Representative Doug Struyk (D)
Representative Dave Tjepkes (R)
Representative Jodi Tymeson (R)
★ Representative Ralph Watts (R)
Representative Tami Wiencek (R)

Senate Republican Leader Ron Wieck:

“ "I believe Governor Romney is the individual who has the best opportunity to bring economic conservatives and social conservatives together," said Senator Wieck. "I will be supporting Governor Romney in the Iowa Caucuses on Thursday, and I encourage other Iowa Republicans to do the same." ”

House Republican Leader Christopher Rants:

“He’s a problem solver. I don’t know what the unexpected critical issue facing the president will be in 2011 — the world moves so fast now, so I want someone I trust to find the right solution. I went out last year and visited all the top candidates (some of whom are no longer in the race) with a list of 20 questions (10 policy, 10 campaign strategy). Mitt had the best answers... He has been the most scrutinized candidate and his stock just keeps going up. Seriously, two Newsweek cover stories that were thinly veiled hit pieces — who else has been vetted that way?”

Representative Doug Struyk:

“ "I've been very impressed with Governor Romney. He has the right background, the right skills, and the right message to be our strongest candidate, and a great President," said Representative Struyk.”

Representative Rich Anderson:

“There is not a more qualified candidate for President than Governor Romney. The combination of his business, volunteer and governing experience makes him the strongest leader in the field. His message is resonating with voters in Iowa, and his campaign will continue to grow as more voters have the opportunity to hear his optimistic message.”

Representative Chuck Soderberg:

“Governor Romney shares my social and fiscal conservative principles and values, and those of Iowa Republicans. Our nation needs a leader from outside of Washington who believes the way to make America stronger is to strengthen individuals and families, not government. Governor Romney has a proven record of accomplishment, and will be the strong leader our nation needs.”

Representative Betty De Boef:

“ "Governor Romney is the candidate who shares my passion for pro-family issues, and will also be our best advocate for fiscal and defense conservatives," said Representative Betty De Boef. "He is a leader in the fight to secure our border, and we can trust him to turn off the magnets that encourage illegal immigration. I look forward to working hard for his team, making sure that other pro-family voters know Governor Romney is the candidate to support on caucus night." ”

“Betty De Boef co-sponsored the Defense of Marriage Amendment, Women's Right to Know Bill, and the bill that banned human cloning in Iowa. She is a past winner of the "Friend of the Family" Award from the Iowa Christian Alliance.”

The legislator endorsements in 2008 were more than twice as many as for the next closest candidate.

Municiple Leaders - 2008

* Chad Airhart, Dallas County Recorder

• Sheriff Chad Leonard, Dallas County

• Retired Chicago Police Chief John Heick (now living in Iowa)

★ Greg Adamson, former Scott County Supervisor
   (also Retired Bettendorf Police Captain)

• Gannon Hendrick, Warren Township Trustee

• Mary Mosiman, Story County Auditor

• Mick Snieder, Member of the Orange City Council

• Scott Cirksena, Member of the Clive City Council

• Debi Durham, President of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce,
   Republican 2002 Lieutenant Governor candidate

• Brent Hoffman, Sioux City Councilman

“In selecting a Republican to support, Durham said Romney, who just ended his term as Massachusetts governor, "has the executive experience needed to bring real change to Washington. Our president must be a decisive leader experienced in leading institutions forward." ”

Iowa Christian Leaders

• Rev. Morris Hurd, Chairman of the Iowa Christian Alliance

• Keith Hunter, Board Member of the Iowa Christian Alliance

• Joe Earle, fmr. Director of outreach with the Iowa Christian Alliance

• Tom Coates, Vice President of Truth About Gambling

• Kathy Oltmans, Christian activist and Christian Coalition volunteer

• Pastor Dan Caldwell, Marshall County (retired)

• Brent Schulte, Discipleship Pastor, Antioch Christian Church

"Officials with the group typically avoid making public endorsements because of their tax-exempt status, but Mr. Hurd blurted out his decision tonight in what felt like a bit of an accident... “Next Thursday, when I go to the caucuses, I’m going to cast my vote for Governor Mitt Romney.”... "

" “I don’t think I’m supposed to endorse a candidate,” said Mr. Hurd afterward, when the Caucus approached him. “I hope I don’t get in trouble.” "

"Mr. Hurd also offered some insight into where his fellow Alliance board members are leaning. He said they are mainly divided between Mr. Romney and Mr. Huckabee, with the latter probably holding the edge."

Mr. Hurd is the pastor of West Hill United Methodist Church and the chairman of the board of the Iowa Christian Alliance.

“With today's announcement, Keith Hunter said, "I am honored to join Governor Romney's campaign efforts here in Iowa. Governor Romney has a strong record of conservative leadership and is ready to bring innovation and transformation to our government. I look forward to working with grassroots activists to spread the Governor's record of action to every corner of Iowa." ”

47 Iowa Business Leaders - 2012

Iowa Business Leaders - 2008

“Leading this group, ... Regency Companies President Jamie Myers said, "Governor Romney is a proven leader with a proven record of transformation. He transformed companies into thriving businesses, a debt-ridden Olympics into a remarkable success, and a budget deficit into a balanced budget without raising taxes or borrowing more money. Governor Romney has the experience and know-how to make positive, conservative change in Washington." ”

Black Hawk County:
- Jim Buschkamp, Owner, Creative Services

Dallas County:
- Jamie Myers, President, Regency Companies
- Gary Wiggins, Gary Wiggins Insurance

Davis County:
- Lloyd And Lynn Mietzner, Owners, Mietzner Chiropractic

Dubuque County:
- Arnie Honkamp, Managing Partner, Honkamp Krueger & Co.
- Marianne Yount, Owner, Annie's Lil Bits

Hardin County:
- Andy Cable, Diversified Interests

Humboldt County:
- Roger Lindeman, Owner, Home Town Baskets

Johnson County:
- Keith Steurer, Owner, New Millennium Promotions

Linn County:
- Tim Palmer, President, Clover Hill Creations

Palo Alto County:
- Mike And Gennifer Scott, Owners, Scott Telephone & Telecom, Inc.

Polk County:
- ★ Mike Carver, Commercial Real Estate Broker
- ★ David Greenspon, Competitive Edge Advertising Specialty
- Jon Gruber, Owner, Riverside Consulting
- Brian Patterson, Co-Owner, Burd & Patterson Design
- David Payer, Owner, Omni Internet

Pottawattamie County:
- ★ Tony Beck, President, Beck Accounting Services
- Doug Coziahr, Convenience Store Operator
- Steve Johnson, Realtor, Heartland Properties
- State Representative Doug Struyk, Co-Owner, Struyk Turf
- Vern Welch, Retired Consultant

Story County:
- Dennis Freeman, President, Freeman Financial Services
- Kevin Kimle, President, Decision Commodities
- ★ Jim Kurtenbach, General Partner, Prairie Oak Capital LLC

Union County:
- Jerry Hartman, Owner, Action Photo

Webster County:
- Terri Dillion, Owner, Dust-Tex

Iowa Times-Republican
Romney has proven record of leadership,
plan for change

"Romney is the most conservative candidate who is running.

"Romney’s views for a strong military, limited government, lower taxes, free market principles, immigration reform, family values and high ethical standards are what make him appealing to conservative voters and to this newspaper.

"Romney has presented intriguing and worthwhile proposals for all of the key issues on health care, social security reform, immigration reform and defense similar to many of the candidates. But what distinguishes Romney from the rest of the pack in our eyes is his past performance in successfully running large enterprises...

"Romney’s keen business skills would be a welcomed change for business-as-usual in Washington. Voters have become tired of politics and nothing getting accomplished. We believe voters are searching for competence and fiscal responsibility in Washington, since too often the Bush administration has disappointed them in this area. Romney offers proven executive experience. He has met payrolls and knows how to run a giant operation. He has proven his leadership ability and business acumen in his campaign and throughout his successful professional life.

"On the personal side, he is a devoted husband and loving father. He has satisfactorily, for most Republicans, clarified his position on abortion as pro-life and gave a speech on his faith to shed light on some of the concerns and misinformation on Mormonism.

"We think Romney has all the skills it takes to be an effective leader and a good president who will be able to follow through on his vision for America."

The Daily Nonpareil
The Daily Nonpareil — Sunday's Our View: Nonpareil endorses Romney

"Our Position: Romney excels over all other Republican candidates.

"At no time in recent memory has this nation faced a greater array of formidable, complex and potentially dangerous challenges. The very nature of those complex challenges and the potential means of addressing them is a recipe for divisiveness. As Americans continue their search for a new commander-in-chief, they should search for an individual with vision, intellect and experience.

"In a Republican presidential field that boasts a host of candidates who bring a wide range of talents and experience to the table, we think former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney rises to the top as the best choice to lead his party toward the 2008 election...

"While all experiences point to what we feel would be a successful term in the White House, Romney's four years as governor of Massachusetts, a solidly Democratic state, underscore his potential for leading this nation. Those four years demonstrate his understanding of economic principles, the intricacies of reform and, most of all, his understanding of the need to work with those on the other side of the political aisle.

"Both the economy and the budget in Massachusetts were in better shape at the end of Romney's term than at the beginning, and the state had made significant strides in the areas of education and health care.

"Those results were not Romney's alone, but they were, in our view, the result of his vision and his leadership.

"Republicans need to think not only about a candidate who can win but also about a candidate who has the ability – the track record – to actually run the country if they win.

"That person is, in our opinion, Mitt Romney."

(For the full text of the article, see the following link)