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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

* Gov. Bobby Jindal

“ "Congratulations to Governor Romney on winning a hard fought race, I look forward to supporting him in retiring President Obama," Jindal said in a statement that also offered congratulations to Santorum for his campaign.

“ "It's time for all Republicans to focus their energies on the fall campaign which will give Americans a fundamental choice between Obama's lurch toward European style big government and the Republican alternative of a thriving private sector with a smaller government," Jindal continued.”

* Lt. Gov Jay Dardenne

“Conservatives looking to win in November and replace President Obama’s failed policies with a pro-growth agenda should look no further than Mitt Romney. His plan to fix our economy will get Washington out of the way of the private sector and his plans to use our energy resources at home will create jobs right here in Louisiana. I am proud to support Mitt Romney and I urge Louisianans who are tired of the policies coming from Washington to support him on Saturday.”

Louisiana U.S. Representatives

★ U.S. Rep. Rodney Alexander

• U.S. Rep. Richard Baker

• U.S. Rep. Jim McCrery

“At least some of the major candidates have significant endorsements from state leaders. GOP Congressmen Jim McCrery, Richard Baker and Rodney Alexander have all endorsed Mitt Romney.”

Congressman Alexander said, “Our nation needs Mitt Romney now more than ever. Louisiana voters are looking for someone who will get Americans back to work. Mitt has a very strong business record and a pro-growth message that will be essential to improving our economy. I am proud to stand with him in his bid for president.”

“Governor Romney’s strong victory last night shows that Republicans of all stripes are uniting behind his campaign and his bold economic plan is just what Louisiana needs. By lowering taxes and reducing burdensome regulations, Louisiana small businesses will flourish and our energy sector will help us become less reliant on foreign oil. I support Governor Romney because our country can’t afford four more years of President Obama and his failed policies, and we need Governor Romney to turn things around. I urge all Louisianans who want a conservative businessman and proven leader in the White House to support Mitt Romney on Saturday.”

* Commissioner of Agriculture Forestry Mike Strain

“Louisianans are fed up with the failures of the last three years and they want a change in Washington,” said Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Mike Strain. “Mitt Romney has turned around businesses, saved the Olympics from scandal, and balanced the budget as governor without raising taxes. These are the kinds of results that Louisianans want in our next leader. I support Mitt Romney because we need a president with job-creation experience in order to fix our economy and bring jobs back. I hope that Louisianans also want an experienced leader and will support Mitt on Saturday.”

* More endorsements

“Louisiana conservatives are supporting Mitt Romney because he is the only candidate who can defeat President Obama and put in place conservative, pro-growth policies that will fix our economy,” said State Senator Conrad Appel. “In order to repeal Obamacare, cut spending, and reduce burdensome regulation, we must have a proven, conservative leader with a record of results. That is why I support Mitt Romney and why so many in Louisiana are supporting his campaign.”

* State Senator Conrad Appel

* State Senator Danny Martiny

* State Representative Tony Ligi

* State Representative Franklin Foil

* State Representative Joe Harrison

* State Representative Kirk Talbot

* State Representative Tim Burns

* State Representative Joseph Lopinto

* PSC Commissioner Eric Skrmetta

* Jefferson Parish President John Young

★ Jefferson Parish Tax Assessor Tom Capella

* Jefferson Parish fmr. Council At-Large Diane Hollis

★ Scott Sewell

Other Louisianans campaigning for Gov. Romney - 2008

• Eddie Price, Mayor of Mandeville

• Kenneth Hollis, Former State Senator, Metairie

★ Tom Capella, City Councilman, Jefferson Parish

• Kevin C. Davis, Parish President St. Tammany

• Ronnie Hughes, Former Parish President, Ascension Parish

• Joey Strickland, Deputy Secretary of Veteran Affairs

• Harold Coates, State Central Committee

★ Scott Sewell, Chairman and COO, Associated Contractors

• Brian Trascher, Founder, Heidelberg Enterprises, Inc.

• Clifton Sheperd, Orthopedic Surgeon

• ...