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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

Maine Endorsements

* William Schneider; Attorney General

★ Peter Cianchette; Former U.S. Ambassador

* Dave Emery; Former U.S. Congressman

★ Jon Courtney; Senate Majority Leader

* Ron Collins; State Senator

* Richard Rosen; State Senator

★ Lois Snowe-Mello; State Senator

* Bruce Bickford; State Representative

* Richard Cebra; State Representative

* Dean Cray; State Representative

* Stacey Fitts; State Representative

* Leslie Fossel; State Representative

* Ken Fredette; State Representative

* Peter Johnson; State Representative

* Jim Donnelly; Former House Republican Leader

* Josh Tardy; Former House Republican Leader

* Rick Bennett; Former Senate President
   & RNC National Committeeman

* Jan Staples; RNC National Committeewoman

* Charlie Cragin; Former National Committeeman

* Maureen Cragin; Retired Naval Captain,
   former Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs
   for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs

* Doris Russell; Former National Committeewoman

“Critical Insights Poll: Romney & Obama virtually tied in Maine  Head-to-Head: Barack Obama 41%, Mitt Romney 40% (-1). Barack Obama 46%, Rick Perry 32% (-14), MOE (Margin of Error) +/-4%” RightSpeak.net - Oct 28, 2011
“Maine has voted Democratic in the last five elections, with Barack Obama winning by 18 percent over John McCain in 2008.” 270towin.com

* Hattie Bickmore; Former Maine Republican Party Chairman

* Mark Ellis; Former Maine Republican Party Chairman

* Steve Abbott; 2010 Republican Candidate for Governor

* Jason Levesque; Former 2010 Republican Candidate for Congress

* Tim Woodcock; Attorney and former Republican Candidate for Congress

* Chris Gardiner; Washington County Chair

* Howard Bickford: Wilton Town Republican Chair

* David Coleman; Limerick Town Republican Chair

* Gerald Morrison; Perry Town Republican Chair

* Pat Percy; Phippsburg Town Republican Chair

* Janet Plausse; Lincolnville Town Republican Chair

* Jonathan Reisman; Cooper Town Republican Chair

* George Sanborn; Poland Town Republican Chair

* Glyneta Thomson; Surry Town Republican Chair

* Ben Gilman; 2008 Maine State Victory Director

* Ann Robinson; Co-Chair, Transition Team for Governor-Elect Paul LePage

* Kathy Summers-Grice; General Consultant to the Maine Senate Republican Caucus

* Halsey Frank

* Merton Henry

Announcing his support, Attorney General William Schneider said, “Governor Romney understands what this country is facing. He has spent his life turning failing businesses, including the 2002 Winter Olympics, into successful enterprises, and as governor, he balanced the budget without raising taxes. That is the kind of leadership we need to restore America’s greatness.”

More Elected Officials endorsing Mitt Romney:

* Bruce Poliquin; State Treasurer

* Kevin Raye; Senate President

* Nichi Farnham State Senator

* David Hastings; State Senator

* Roger Katz; State Senator

* Brian Langley; State Senator

* Tom Martin; State Senator

* Garrett Mason; State Senator

* Earle McCormick; State Senator

* Christopher Rector; State Senator

* Tom Saviello; State Senator

* Cary Weston; Mayor of Bangor 

* Peter Mills; Former State Senator

* Philip Harriman; Former State Senator

* Mark Gartley; Former Secretary of State

* Kathy Watson; Former Maine Republican Party Chairwoman 

* Jim Fossel; Augusta City Republican Chairman

* Angela Courchesney; Jay Town Republican Chairwoman

* Dawn Gilbert; Lincoln Town Republican Chairman

* Dwayne Bickford; Former ED of Maine GOP

Senate President Kevin Raye:

“In order for the economy to rebound, Washington needs to stop erecting roadblocks for job creators. Mitt Romney understands the importance of strengthening small business and American manufacturing. As President, he will lead the way to rein in the federal debt, reverse the explosive growth of government, and reduce the regulatory burden on America’s businesses to foster an environment that is favorable for job creation. That is why I support Mitt Romney, and why so many other Maine leaders are endorsing his campaign.”

★ Fmr. State Rep. Peter Cianchette

Peter Cianchette, Maine's GOP national committeemen who supports Romney, said he did not see Romney's win as a surprise.

"We expected to do well and were pleased to see that it was by such a large margin," Cianchette said in an e-mail. "Maine's mainstream and conservatives Republicans demonstrated they believe Gov. Romney is the best choice for our party."

Peter Cianchette is also a

• Former State Representative - AllAmericanPatriots.com - Jan 2, 2008

• Embassador to Costa Rica - Sun Journal - May 3, 2008

State Senators (2008)

• Former Republican Senate Leader Paul Davis

• ★ State Senator Jon Courtney

• State Senator Richard Nass

• State Senator Doug Smith

• ★ State Senator Lois Snowe-Mello

• State Senator Chandler E. Woodcock

"Governor Romney has an extraordinary record of taking challenges head on and meeting them," said former State Senator Chandler Woodcock. "Whether in the private sector, at the Winter Olympics, or as Governor, he was able to achieve what many considered impossible. Maine voters can trust he will bring that same energy and vision to Washington to cut taxes, reduce spending, reform health care and strengthen families."