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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

Oakland Press
★ Oakland Press —
EDITORIAL: Romney best suited to compete with Obama

“Michigan Republicans will finally have their say about which of the four candidates still in the race for the GOP Presidential nomination would be the best choice to face President Barack Obama in November.

“Of the four candidates -- Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul -- we believe Romney is far and away the best candidate, and not just because he is a hometown favorite.

“While there is no denying that Romney grew up and went to school only a few miles from The Oakland Press offices in Pontiac and also happens to come from one the state's leading political families, we also believe he has earned the votes of Michigan's Republicans...

“Long ago, he showed that he understands economics and has a talent for organization, which will stand him in good stead should he occupy the Oval Office...

“Romney, however, appears to have the experience and temperament required to serve in the nation’s very highest office.”

"Mitt Romney certainly has the credentials to run the country. He is a former Massachusetts governor who turned that state's economy around and proved to be a more than able leader...

"Equally critical, Romney knows how to get a state out of debt and, being from Michigan, he certainly has an empathy for the state that the other candidates, both GOP and Democratic, don't have.

"With Michigan's horrible economy and other problems, we need as much clout in Washington as possible and Romney promises to give us that.

"We don't know who the Democratic candidate will be because only one of three front-runners will be on Tuesday's ballot. It's difficult, if not impossible, to endorse one at this time.

"But there's no doubt whom state Republicans should vote for - Mitt Romney."

Grand Rapids Press

★ Grand Rapids editorial —
Why Mitt Romney rises to the top of Republican field

"Of the four remaining Republican candidates, one most closely aligns with our region’s principles and interests. And that candidate is Mitt Romney.

"Put aside for a moment that our state “is personal” for the Michigan-born Romney. And forget trying to find the “perfect” candidate. For reasons both practical and principled, Romney is the best choice of the Republican field.

"Romney’s leadership credentials — former governor of Massachusetts, Winter Olympics turnaround maestro and prominent businessman — stand apart from the other candidates. His free-market, entrepreneurial emphasis provides a legitimate ideological counterpoint to Obama..."

"Among Republicans on the ballot in Tuesday's presidential primary, two candidates would offer solid leadership, Arizona Sen. John McCain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. However, when it comes to Michigan's challenges and needs, the passion and knowledge of Mr. Romney tip the scales in his favor. During a visit with Press editors this week, Mr. Romney vowed, "I will not sleep until Michigan is strong and active and vibrant again." Because of that focus, MITT ROMNEY has our vote in the Republican presidential primary. We do so in the context of the current president, who has paid only cursory attention to the Detroit Three auto makers and Michigan's manufacturing woes....

"Mr. Romney first came to the national stage as the turnaround man for the scandal-plagued 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah. His deft handling of the bribery mess and deficit is a case study in successful management. He served as governor of Massachusetts for one term, ending in 2006. There, he worked with the Legislature to enact a law that required every citizen of the state to have health insurance, and provided state aid for those who couldn't afford it. As president, he said he would push states to enact their own health care solutions. He would aggressively pursue alternative energy and energy efficiency. He supports merit pay for teachers and more educational choices for parents and children, ideas that deserve furtherance in Washington. The next president will need to transcend the stunting polarities that bedevil Washington. As the Republican leader of a Democratic state, Mr. Romney had to reach across partisan boundaries. Mr. Romney's father, George Romney, served as governor of Michigan in the 1960s, a tie that strengthens his understanding of Michigan. He knows that this state's job losses and struggle to find a new economic footing are the "canary in the mine," as he rightly put it, for the nation as a whole."

"Two large Michigan newspapers endorsed native son Mitt Romney today as the Republican Party's nominee for president of the United States.

"Both The Grand Rapids Press and The Oakland Press of Pontiac put their support behind Romney, a former Massachusetts governor with ties to Michigan."

“In a head-to-head matchup statewide, Romney tops Obama 46%-41%... The news is better for the president should Republicans nominate another contender: In Michigan, he leads former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, 45%-40%, and former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain, 50%-36%.” Freep.com - Nov 20, 2011

“If the election for President were being held today and Obama was running against former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the incumbent President would lose 43-percent to 45-percent.” WZYZ.com (ABC 7 Action News) - Aug 20, 2011

“Mitt Romney romps over Obama in Michigan...

“A survey by the Lansing-based polling firm EPIC/MRA found President Barack Obama trailing the former Massachusetts governor in a hypothetical matchup by 5 points, 41 to 46 percent.” RightSpeak.net - Feb 28, 2011

“At this point it looks like Michigan would be a swing state in 2012 only if Romney secured the nomination. He trails Obama 47-43 in a hypothetical contest. Obama crushes the rest of the Republican field by margins pretty comparable to what he received against John McCain in the state in 2008...” Public Policy Polling Blogspot - Dec 2010

Detroit Free Press

* Mitt Romney is best -- but we urge him to recapture collaborative spirit

“This endorsement should be a slam dunk for Mitt Romney.

“His record and history — his term as governor of Massachusetts, his rescue of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, even his time as a venture capitalist and management consultant — make him far more qualified to represent the Republican Party in the 2012 presidential race than the other candidates.

“His personal background, as a native Detroiter and the youngest son of a successful and popular governor here, also makes him an obvious pick for Michigan’s largest news organization...

“To compete with stauncher conservatives of lesser achievement and stature, Romney has essentially played down to their level. He is chest-beating and straining to prove his ideological bona fides (recently, he called himself “severely” conservative), rather than focusing on the nuanced, sophisticated strength of his record.

“That’s a mistake he will need to correct if he becomes the GOP nominee and hopes to even compete with President Barack Obama in the fall. But Romney, unlike the zealous Rick Santorum, the impulsive Newt Gingrich and the backward-thinking Ron Paul, is preferable to the rest of the field.

“He is the only one who has the combination of résumé and bearing to occupy the Oval Office. The Free Press endorses MITT ROMNEY today for the 2012 Michigan Republican presidential primary — with the hope that he can soon re-embrace his long record of level-headed, steady leadership.

Proven past leadership

“Romney’s chief qualifications for the presidency come from his leadership as governor of Massachusetts and as savior of the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City...

“As governor, Romney was a Republican leader in one of the most liberal states but still managed to achieve major reforms with lasting impact. He did so by working with Democratic leaders and by focusing on problem-solving rather than point-scoring or being a polemicist.

“That was true with education, where Massachusetts adopted a sweeping reform effort under Romney. It focused not just on testing (something Romney strongly supports) and accountability for teachers and schools, but also on expanding full-day kindergarten, providing incentives for teachers whose students excel, and financial help for families trying to pay for college.

“Massachusetts is now considered one of the leading states both in education outcomes (highest test scores in the country on national tests) and standards...

“Romney is the best bet Republicans have, but the others would do both him and the nation a favor by raising the level of debate, broadening the discussion and focusing on honest solutions for, rather than ideological ranting about, the nation’s problems.”

“Traveling up I-75 through northern Michigan toward the Mackinac Bridge, a sign for the DNR [Department of Natural Resources] Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center always catches my eye.

“In the 1960s, MacMullan was head of conservation and natural resources for Gov. George Romney. Called the "fiercest conservationist" ever to hold the post, MacMullan made the bold decision to stock salmon and launch the sport fishing industry in the Great Lakes, now a $4.5-billion enterprise that supports thousands of jobs. With MacMullan's help, Romney's successor, Gov. William Milliken, fought successfully for the Michigan Environmental Protection Act -- a model for national action.

“With visionaries like Romney, MacMullan and Milliken, Michigan has always been a conservation leader.

“Mitt Romney grew up in that tradition and has a firsthand appreciation of how important the Great Lakes are to Michigan's high quality of life. Romney knows that Michigan's ecology and economy depend on healthy Great Lakes and clean water that is safe for drinking, beaches that are safe for swimming, and fish that are safe for eating.

“As Michigan's economy struggles today, Mitt Romney understands that cleaning up the Great Lakes can be the key to unleashing a new era of growth and job creation.

“With Romney in the White House, we would see a strong commitment to making the health of the Great Lakes a national priority. He should work to consolidate the more than 140 different Great Lakes-related programs scattered across 10 federal departments under one agency whose chief reports directly to the president. Other key priorities include:

“• Preventing diversions: With lake levels approaching record lows, Michigan cannot afford to let the Great Lakes be diverted to thirsty states outside the basin. That's why Mitt Romney supports Great Lakes governors in their efforts to prohibit diversions, encourage conservation and enact sustainable water use standards. Romney believes that our governor must retain the right to veto diversions that threaten the Great Lakes.

“• Stopping invasive species: More than 180 invaders from around the world now call the Great Lakes home, wreaking havoc on natural systems. Since most invaders arrive in ballast tanks of ocean-going vessels, Romney supports adoption of tough standards to keep alien species from getting in to hurt the lakes, while allowing vital commerce to continue on the lakes.

“• Cleaning up toxic hotspots: From the Detroit River to Saginaw Bay to Torch Lake in the Upper Peninsula, there are 14 areas on the Great Lakes in Michigan where the legacy of pollution continues to threaten the health of people and wildlife. Romney believes the cleanup of these toxic hotspots has been far too slow, bogged down by bureaucracy, legal wrangling, endless planning and lack of resources. Romney will advocate a new approach that brings everyone to the table to develop new funding mechanisms, set clear lines of accountability, and agree to specific timelines for restoring the health of the Great Lakes...

“Mitt Romney is the only sure bet to restore, protect and sustain our Great Lakes.”

Detroit News

* Detroit News endorsement: Mitt Romney for Michigan GOP primary

“State Republicans should go to the polls Tuesday with two missions: Pick a presidential candidate capable of leading this nation to prosperity and stability and choose a nominee who will give the GOP a fighting chance of defeating President Barack Obama this fall. On both counts, Mitt Romney is the best choice in the Michigan primary.

“On leadership, the Michigan native and former Massachusetts governor has the strongest resume of the four remaining Republican candidates. He has not only successfully run a state, but also has deep experience in turning around private companies. America today is the ultimate turnaround project.

“Romney has a refreshing free market vision for restoring the nation's prosperity. He sees a return to our entrepreneurial roots, freeing individuals to reach for their dreams, take risks and strive for gain with minimal government encumbrances.

“He would reverse the rush toward a government-controlled economy and allow the free marketplace to do what it has always done — pull the nation back to its feet.

“His focus on the campaign trail has been on job creation. That's an area where he has considerable credibility, having created thousands of jobs as a partner with the private equity firm Bain Capital. While at Bain, Romney helped revive failing companies, rescue businesses from bankruptcy and save jobs that would have otherwise been lost to mismanagement. Count Ann Arbor's booming Domino's Pizza chain as among Bain's most notable success stories...

“We disagree with Romney on a point vital to Michigan — his opposition to the bailout of the domestic automobile industry. Romney advocated for a more traditional bankruptcy process, while we believe the bridge loans provided by the federal government in the fall of 2008 were absolutely essential to the survival of General Motors Corp. and Chrysler Corp. The issue isn't a differentiator in the GOP primary, since the entire field opposed the rescue effort.

“Right now, voters are mostly concerned with the economy. But troubling events in the Middle East could easily shift the focus of the election to national security. We are confident that Romney has the temperament, judgment and maturity to make a case for his presidential candidacy even if the election issues become more global...”

Kalamazoo Gazette

* Mitt Romney is the best choice for Michigan Republicans in Tuesday's primary

"The question is do Republicans want a fighting chance to win in November?

"If so, then the choice in the Republican presidential primary on Tuesday is obvious: Mitt Romney.

"While it is apparent that many Republicans remain lukewarm to the businessman and former Massachusetts governor, he is the party's only viable choice. He brings to the campaign a strong background in business and political experience that speaks to a needed ability to work across the aisle.

"That history of moderation should actually be one of his selling points, and we disagree with the Romney detractors who criticize the candidate for the work he has done with members of the Democratic Party, such as his efforts on healthcare reform in Massachusetts. We are bone tired, dead tired — tired, tired, tired — of political intransigence that seems to mark every discussion in Washington. As we look toward November, we will seek a candidate committed to finding solutions that involve compromise...

"Of course, Romney's Michigan roots as the son of former Gov. George Romney are an added plus for our state's Republicans. Indeed, Michigan will likely play an important role in the November general election and Romney's presence on the ballot could heighten the state's prominence by putting it in play even more as a swing state.

"In our view, Mitt Romney is the best choice, the most logical choice, for Michigan's Republican voters on Tuesday."

Midland Daily News

* Our view: Romney endorsed

"Which Republican presidential contender is best placed to run a competitive race in November against Democratic President Barack Obama?

"We believe that candidate is Mitt Romney.

"While each of the Republican candidates in this race has strengths and weaknesses — glaringly outlined before millions of Americans in 20 debates over the past year — we believe that Romney, with his private and public success, is the best candidate for a job that requires business acumen as well as the ability to digest disparate ideas quickly, work with people with radically different ideas and bring clarity to complicated events...

"During this campaign, Romney has stressed his ability as a consensus maker, a person who knows how to get things done, and his term as governor of Massachusetts is a tribute to that. That is something that is sorely needed in Washington right now.

"Romney knows a few things that we believe will help the economy get back on track, something that will help millions of Americans who are now out of work. "Government doesn't create jobs, the private sector does," he says repeatedly on the campaign trail. He has put forth a tax plan that lowers the top corporate tax rate and cuts 20 percent off marginal rates for individuals, ideas he hopes will create jobs.

" "We've got to have more jobs, less debt and smaller government, they go together," Romney said in an appearance in Chandler, Ariz., earlier this week. "By lowering those marginal rates, we help businesses that pay at the individual tax rate to have more money so they can hire more people."

"He has also said that he will work to ease the debt burden on the U.S., which under the Obama administration has been increasing at more than $1.3 trillion a year...

"He's a consensus builder who will be able to reach across the aisle and get something done for the good of America."

* Michigan Tea Party

“Mitt Romney today announced the support of Tea Party leaders in Michigan...

“Maribeth Schmidt, Co-Founder Of Rattle With Us: “As a mother of three and a Tea Party activist, my main concern is the 15 trillion dollar debt and I believe that Governor Romney has it right...”

“Dennis Moore, Founder/Former Director-Willow Run Tea Party Caucus: “Leaders lead without putting a wetted finger in the air seeking consensus. Mitt Romney will be a ‘Reaganesque’ president... I led by personally endorsing Mitt Romney. This country needs Mitt Romney!”

“Leisa Audette And Patty McMurray, Red Heels On The Ground: “... We need a president that will not divide us but instead, unite us with our common belief in American exceptionalism. We believe that Mitt Romney is the only candidate who has the ability to accomplish all of these things, because we feel that he sincerely believes in the greatness of America!”

“Rose Drouillard, Brighton Tea Party Board Member: “... I am personally endorsing Governor Mitt Romney for President because I believe he is the candidate that has the best chance to defeat President Obama. If he follows through with everything that he spoke about in his presentation, our country will be able to change course and be the exceptional nation we once were.”


Additional Endorsement:

"Anthony Dugal: Member of the Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots and owner of Anthony Dugal Photography in Kalamazoo."


* Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI)

“McCotter said Romney's business background played a large role in his decision to endorse him and that he thought the former Massachusetts governor was "the most electable candidate." ”

★ Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI)

“No candidate in this race will be more committed to getting Michigan on a path to recovery than Mitt Romney who was born and raised here. For the last three years, our country has seen growing debt, rising unemployment, and a middle class weakened by President Obama’s failed policies. We need a leader who understands the economic challenges America faces. Whether it was during his time in the real economy, saving the Winter Olympics, or pulling Massachusetts out of a massive budget deficit, Mitt Romney has proven time and again that he can turn around troubled enterprises. He is the conservative candidate who will reverse President Obama’s failed policies and rebuild the middle class. I am proud to stand with him.”

“Camp is "excited and honored to be involved" – and this is probably the earliest he's been involved in a presidential campaign, he said...

“Camp explained that Romney's executive experience and his role in turning around Massachusetts' economy are two key reasons why he is backing Romney.

“Before Romney became governor of what Camp called " an overwhelmingly Democratic state," Romney turned around the 2002 Winter Olympics, which was "in a mess" before Romney signed on, and also turned businesses around, Camp said.

“Romney is "very articulate" and "personable," Camp added...

“Camp said that as governor, Romney stood up "for the sanctity of marriage as well as the sanctity of life," and that people "will understand the record he has." ”

"Governor Romney has a record of proven leadership and a lifetime of real world experience outside of Washington. I am looking forward to helping him win in Michigan on his way to winning the Republican nomination."

- U.S. Representative Dave Camp

* Rep. Candice Miller

“Mitt Romney is the person we need to lead our country,” said Congresswoman Miller. “Throughout this primary process the voters have vetted each candidate and after a spirited contest they have made clear who they believe is right person to lead our ticket and that is Governor Mitt Romney. I believe they have come to this conclusion because they know that Governor Romney will begin working on day one to turn around our economy. I know the challenges our country faces and I know Mitt Romney can change our nation’s course. I’m proud to stand with Governor Romney and offer him my strong support. I look forward to working with him to enact his agenda as he leads our nation as the next President of the United States.”

★ Fmr. Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-MI)

“ "When I evaluate candidates, I look first for integrity, competence, and a good, common sense philosophy of governance," said Congressman Ehlers. "Mitt Romney scores astoundingly high on all points."

“ "Governor Romney is a candidate with an innovative vision for America," continued Ehlers. "In the course of his impressive career, he has earned a solid reputation for successfully solving enormous problems that others thought couldn't be solved. With Governor Romney in the White House, we will have the strongest possible leader to enhance America's competitiveness through science, technology, engineering and education. I proudly endorse his campaign." ”

" “It’s pretty hard to find a candidate from either party who is gung ho for science,” laments Representative Vernon Ehlers (R–MI), one of two Ph.D. physicists in Congress and an indefatigable promoter of science and technology. (As a supporter of Mitt Romney, whose father was governor of Ehlers’s home state of Michigan back in the 1960s, Ehlers will be trying to pump science and technology into his campaign.)

"... one of the strongest advocates for science in Congress, Representative Vernon Ehlers (R–MI), calls Romney “the best choice for any scientist or engineer.” The former physicist and longtime member of the House Science Committee praises the candidate as bright and unburdened by ideology, noting that “he appreciates the benefits of science.” "

Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-MI)

“Well I think what your going to find is the process that Governor Romney uses to reach decisions enables him to be successful not only in foreign affairs but will enable him to be successful on domestic issues.

“It is the process of decision making, getting information and moving forward that a president needs because this next president is going to have to deal with international issues. They are going to have to deal with health care. They are going to have to deal with budgets and deficits and social security.

“It is the process that this president will put in place. Governor Romney knows how to bring together people of different philosophies and focus on getting effective results within a conservative framework.

“I think what your going to take a look at with Governor Romney is his very successful track record, as being governor of Massachusetts, as being successful with the Olympics, being successful in the business sector. Sure, what we have with this president is we've got some concerns about his ability to execute effectively. The real strength with Governor Romney is his ability to execute and he has proven it over and over and over again in a number of different forums. And he has shown the type of executive leadership that we are going to need in a president.

“I'm looking forward to tonight. I think the American people are going to get a great introduction to a very, very successful individual.”

CONGRESSMAN PETE HOEKSTRA: "These are serious times for America."

DIANE HOEKSTRA: "And for the American family."

PETE HOEKSTRA: "And that’s why our family took a hard look at all the candidates for President."

DIANE HOEKSTRA: "And if you care about the family, one candidate stands out."


DIANE HOEKSTRA: "Governor Mitt Romney represents the values that are important to us. He will fight for the unborn and traditional marriage."

★ Fmr. Rep. Joe Knollenberg (R-MI)

“America Needs What Gov. Romney Will Accomplish as President.

“It didn't take long for me to decide that Governor Mitt Romney is the best choice to be our next president. That is why I am proud to be the first member of Congress to have endorsed him.

“I know Mitt and his family well. He grew up in Michigan in my district. His father was Governor of Michigan and a friend of mine.

“He's a man who has created success in many ways. Happily married to his high school sweetheart, he and his wife have five sons, all of whom are now married and working on their father's campaign.

“In business, Mitt has succeeded as few have. As a venture capitalist, he built and rescued companies including such household names as Domino's Pizza, Staples and the Sports Authority. He helped create jobs in America and made companies function more effectively & efficiently.

“Like his father, always looking for a new challenge and opportunity to give back, he left a lucrative career to devote three years of his life to save an icon which had fallen into disrepair -- the Olympics. He won international acclaim as the person who brought not only fiscal sanity but American pride back to the Olympics. In so doing, he again earned the well deserved title of "leader."

“Returning to his home in Massachusetts, he was again called upon, this time to public service. He ran for governor and won as a Republican, defeating a once popular Democratic incumbent in the most liberal state in the country. He reached across party lines and successfully worked with an 85% Democratic state legislature to eliminate a $3 billion dollar deficit while both cutting spending and lowering taxes.

“What Governor Romney has accomplished with his family, in business, at the Olympics, and as a Governor is admirable. What he will accomplish as President is an absolute necessity for our nation. I will do whatever I can to ensure that on Inauguration Day, I will be welcoming President Romney to Washington.”

* Rep. Dan Benishek (R-MI)

“For my fellow Michiganders, this upcoming election is the most critical in generations. Our country simply cannot take four more years of President Obama’s broken promises and failed policies. Mitt Romney shares the values that made me run for office in the first place: a willingness to take on Washington, a commitment to repeal Obamacare and a promise to end Washington's runaway spending. I urge all my fellow conservatives to reject four more years of a failed presidency and join me in supporting Mitt Romney.”

* Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI)

“Mitt Romney has displayed the conservative leadership throughout this campaign and his life that will be needed to fix our economy and maintain America’s standing as the most powerful country in the world,” said Congressman Rogers. “I am confident that Michigan will be on Mitt Romney’s mind every day he is President and he will work hard to get Michigan back on track. Mitt Romney’s plan to restore our country’s fiscal health is important not just for economic growth, but is also vital for our nation’s national security interests. An America that faces economic and budget problems will not be able to project power across the world or contain countries and groups who wish to harm us and our allies.”

* Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-MI)

“As a small business owner, I know that Michigan and our country needs a president who will empower entrepreneurs to create jobs and grow the economy,” said Congressman Bill Huizenga. “With Obamacare, higher taxes, and unnecessary regulation, the Obama presidency has been a disaster for small businesses. Mitt Romney will reverse these policies and put in place an economic agenda that will rebuild the middle class. He understands that it truly is the private sector, not the government, that creates jobs. He is the conservative candidate that Michigan needs in the White House and I am proud to stand with him.”

* Rep. Fred Upton

“In order to enact the change we are fighting for in Washington, we must change the Administration,” said Congressman Fred Upton. “Whether it is repealing Obamacare or stopping cap-and-trade and other regulations that stifle job growth, Mitt Romney will be the leader we all can trust to fundamentally change Washington.”

* Rep. Tim Walberg

"Mitt Romney is a strong, successful leader who is best prepared to defeat President Obama,” said Congressman Tim Walberg, “I look forward to working with President Romney to repeal the government takeover of health care, move our nation toward a balanced budget and reduce tax rates to encourage job creation."

Gov. Rick Snyder

* Governor Rick Synder

“Job One in Michigan is jobs. Michigan needs Washington to be an active, innovative and supportive partner in its reinvention so that we can put families back to work and give our children the fulfilling opportunities they deserve. Mitt Romney gets it. He understands the economy and will work with states to create an environment that encourages job growth. Mitt spent his career in the private sector. I am confident that he has the background, courage and vision to get our nation on the path to fiscal responsibility and prosperity. While I respect all candidates in the field, we need someone from outside the broken Beltway system to turn America's economy around. I urge all Michigan voters to support Mitt Romney. Our state deserves a leader like him.”

"The job is not getting done, and we need the leadership in Washington to get that job done, and to do that, you need the right people leading the charge. And we have a person in Governor Romney who has that background," Snyder said. "He has a great combination of private sector experience, of knowing what it takes to create a job, and how difficult that is, how to succeed in the private sector. He also brings that experience of being the chief executive of a state, of understanding what it’s to be in the public sector. And to be successful in running a state. That’s the experience we need in Washington."

“Job One in Michigan is jobs. Michigan needs Washington to be an active, innovative and supportive partner in its reinvention so that we can put families back to work and give our children the fulfilling opportunities they deserve. Mitt Romney gets it. He understands the economy and will work with states to create an environment that encourages job growth. Mitt spent his career in the private sector. I am confident that he has the background, courage and vision to get our nation on the path to fiscal responsibility and prosperity. While I respect all candidates in the field, we need someone from outside the broken Beltway system to turn America's economy around. I urge all Michigan voters to support Mitt Romney. Our state deserves a leader like him.”

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley

* Lt. Governor Brian Calley

“This election is the most consequential of my lifetime. Today, our country faces a piling debt, federal entitlement programs badly needing reform, and endless gridlock. We need a president who will lead America back to prosperity. That is why I’m supporting Mitt Romney. He has detailed a clear plan to cut spending, cap the size of government, and balance the federal budget. I urge my fellow conservatives who are concerned about the direction of Michigan and this country to join me in supporting our native son.”


* State Attorney General Bill Schuette

" “America needs a new President and Michigan, more than any other state, needs jobs, jobs, jobs,” Attorney General Bill Schuette said. “Mitt Romney is a bold leader with solid conservative credentials who can get our state and our country back on the right track. Mitt Romney knows that in order to revive our economy and restore the American Dream, we need lower taxes and more jobs; less spending and more paychecks; limited government and more freedom.” "

Also served as Member of Congress during the second Reagan administration.

* Fmr. Attorney General Mike Cox

“Michigan and the rest of the country can’t afford four more years of failed policies from President Obama,” said former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox. “Mitt Romney is the Republican Party’s best chance to defeat President Obama, repeal Obamacare, cut spending, and appoint Supreme Court Justices who respect the Constitution. Conservatives who are concerned about the direction of our country should join our growing Michigan team in supporting Mitt Romney – four more years of President Obama could be devastating for the country.”

First Lady Michelle Engler

“An upbeat Engler said she was looking forward to heading to a stop in Holland later today and hoped to talk to more voters to share her enthusiasm for the former Massachusetts governor's presidential bid.

“ "He knows Michigan and he cares about Michigan," Engler said. "Michigan is special to Mitt." ”

Michelle Engler served as first lady in the administration of Governor John Engler, a 12 year administration that served from 1991-2002 with Connie Binsfield as Lt. Governor the first 8 years and and Dick Posthumus as Lt. Governor the final four years. Michelle served for nine years as the founding chair of the Michigan Community Service Commission, which encourages all state citizens to make a commitment to community service. In 1997, Michelle was appointed by Colin Powell to serve on the board of America's Promise, which she has served in for over a decade. Michelle is a member of the board of directors of the Connect Michigan Alliance and the national Points of Light Foundation. Michelle also served as a member of the National Commission on Service-Learning, chaired by former United States Senator John Glenn.

Michelle received the Karmanos Cancer Institute's Award for Leadership for her work in promoting breast cancer awareness and her work with the Michigan Department of Community Health on women's health issues. She also received Northwood University's Distinguished Women's Award, presented to women of "outstanding leadership and achievement" from across the nation, and the '2002 Public Leader of the Year' award from Habitat for Humanity of Michigan. An active supporter of the Salvation Army, she has been honored by the Savation Army for awards as well.

★ Fmr. Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus (R-MI)

“Lt. Governor Posthumus said, "As I surveyed the field of candidates, it was important to me that our party?s standard-bearer be a strong, conservative leader who believes in the fundamental strength of the American people. After meeting with Governor Romney and carefully studying his record, I know he is the right candidate to lead our nation forward. Mitt Romney?s real-world experience in turning around difficult situations is what America needs right now. I am confident that, as the American people get to know Mitt Romney, they will see a leader who doesn't just talk about a better future, but actually makes it happen." ”

Former Lt. Governor Dick Posthumus is also Michigan's longest serving Senate Majority Leader.

Fmr. Lt. Governor Connie Binsfeld (R-MI)

“ "Governor Romney is the leader our country needs," said Lt. Governor Binsfeld. "He is committed to strengthening our economy and adding jobs to the workforce, critical issues for the people of Michigan. Additionally, Governor Romney has a proven record on the issues facing our nation. He'll keep taxes low, cut government spending, and reform healthcare. With Governor Romney, Americans know they have an exceptional leader with a proven record of results." ”

Connie Binsfeld Served As Lt. Governor Under John Engler From 1991 Until 1999. She is the only female in Michigan history to hold a leadership position in the House, Senate, and the Executive Office. As Lt. Governor, she focused on both child and domestic abuse. Binsfeld served in the State House of Representatives from 1974 until 1982, when she then was elected to the State Senate and served two terms.

Members of the Michigan State Legislature


* Speaker of the House, Speaker Jase Bolger
* Speaker Pro-Tempore John Walsh (R)
★ Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas (R)
* Assistant Majority Floor Leader Lisa Posthumus-Lyons (R)
* State Representative Dave Agema (R)
* State Representative John Bumstead (R)
* State Representative Kurt Damrow (R)
* State Representative Frank Foster (R)
* State Representative Joe Haveman (R)
* State Representative Gail Haines (R)
* State Representative Kurt Heise (R)
* State Representative Holly Hughes (also Republican National Committeewoman)
★ State Representative Marty Knollenberg (R)
★ State Representative Eileen Kowall (R)
* State Representative Matt Lori (R)
* State Representative Greg MacMaster (R)
★ State Representative Chuck Moss (R)
* State Representative Margaret O'Brien (R)
* State Representative Mark Ouimet (R)
★ State Representative Philip Pavlov (R)
* State Representative Wayne Schmidt (R)
* State Representative Paul Scott (R)
* State Representative Dale Zorn (R)
* State Representative Mike Callton
★ State Representative Ken Horn
* State Representative Bradford Jacobsen
* State Representative Ken Yonker
* State Representative Aric Nesbitt
* State Representative Jeff Farrington
* State Representative Deb Shaughnessy
* State Representative Peter MacGregor

* Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville
★ State Senator Dave Hildenbrand (R)
★ State Senator Rick Jones (R)
★ State Senator Roger Kahn (R)
★ State Senator Mike Kowall (R)
★ State Senator James Marleau (R)
* State Senator John Moolenaar (R)
* State Senator John Pappageorge (R)
★ State Senator Phil Pavlov (R)
★ State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker (R)
* State Senator Goeff Hansen
* State Senator John Proos

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville

“I am pleased to support Mitt Romney for president. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with Mitt specifically about Michigan and he clearly understands the challenges our state faces and his personal connections to our state will ensure that Michigan will be on his mind in the White House,” said Richardville. “Mitt’s background as a conservative businessman and successful Governor will make him a president we can count on to help Michigan get back on track.”

House Speaker Jase Bolger:

Speaker Bolger, who will serve as a Co-Chair of the Michigan campaign, announced his support saying, “Michigan voters have seen firsthand failed policy after failed policy of government creating an environment in which job providers cannot thrive. We have worked hard in the state Legislature to start making Michigan a more competitive place to provide a job, so that it's easier for our citizens to find a career. Mitt Romney has a record of results as a job creator and a governor. Every conversation I've had with Mitt has focused on how he can make America more competitive and how he can work with us to bring more opportunities to Michigan. Of all the candidates, he has the most economic experience. Mitt Romney knows what it will take to get the national economy on the right track so that economic recovery is possible for states like Michigan.”


Speaker Craig DeRoche, Speaker of the House
★ State Representative Eileen Kowall (R)
State Representative Daniel Acciavatti (R)
State Representative Fran Amos (R)
State Representative Richard Ball (R)
State Representative Darwin Booher (R)
★ State Representative Rick Jones (R)
State Representative Tom Pearce (R)
State Representative Neal Nitz (R)
★ State Representative Tonya Schuitmaker (R)
★ State Representative Philip Pavlov (R)
★ State Representative Dave Hildenbrand (R)
State Representative Fulton Sheen (R)
★ State Representative Kenneth Horn (R)
State Representative Tim Moore (R)
State Representative Bill Caul (R)
State Representative Geoff Hansen (R)
State Representative David Palsrok (R)
State Representative Howard Walker (R)
State Representative Tom Casperson (R)
★ State Representative Brian Palmer (R)
State Representative John Pastor (R)
State Representative Philip LaJoy (R)
State Representative Kim Meltzer (R)
★ State Representative Chuck Moss (R)
★ State Representative Marty Knollenberg (R)
State Representative John Stakoe (R)
State Representative John Garfield (R)
★ State Representative James Marleau (R)
State Representative Joe Hune (R)
State Representative Bruce Caswell (R)
★ State Representative Rick Shaffer (R)
State Representative Jacob Hoogendyk (R)
State Representative Dave Robertson (R)
State Representative Jack Brandenburg (R)
State Representative Paul Opsommer (R)

State Senator Jason Allen, Senate Majority Whip
★ State Senator Mike Kowall (R)
★ State Senator Phil Pavlov (R)
State Senator Bruce Patterson (R)
★ State Senator Alan Sanborn (R)
State Senator Nancy Cassis (R)
State Senator Cameron Brown (R)
State Senator Ron Jelinek (R)
State Senator Valde Garcia (R)
State Senator Judson Gilbert II (R)
★ State Senator Roger Kahn (R)
State Senator Tony Stamas (R)

“We all have friends and mentors in business and life. I am fortunate to have a great friend in Mitt Romney. He is one of the smartest people I have ever met. I think things would be better in any government or business he gets involved with. He seems to have that magic touch!” - Speaker of the House Craig DeRoche

“Governor Romney understands the importance of having a strong economy. And as a native son of Michigan, he has a personal concern for the challenges we face here. He has proposed detailed plans to create more jobs for Americans, allow middle-class tax free savings, control government spending, and lower taxes. These are the policies America needs to remain an economic leader in the world, and to help hardworking families across the country. I am proud to join his team.” - Senate Majority Whip Jason Allen

“MITT ROMNEY 40 (of 50) of Republican endorsements”

“Over half of the Republicans in the Michigan State Legislature are now supporting Governor Romney.”

“We need a conservative leader in Washington who will advocate pro-growth policies. In this race, Mitt Romney has stood firm for lower taxes, fiscal restraint, and free-market forces. His business expertise combined with his government experience makes him the most qualified candidate for President of the United States.”

Joint statement by representatives Darwin Booher, Tom Casperson and Marty Knollenberg.

“Announcing his support, State Senator Ron Jelinek said, "I'm proud to be among Governor Romney's many supporters in Michigan. He is the only candidate laying out a strong agenda for America's future. With his leadership, we can make conservative principles work in Washington." ”

Fmr. State Legislators

* Fmr. Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop:

“Mitt Romney is a conservative businessman – he knows that Washington can’t keep spending more than it takes in and mortgaging our children and grandchildren’s future. As governor, he balanced his state’s budget every year and turned a $3 billion deficit into a $2 billion rainy day fund. That is the exact leadership we need in the White House. It will take someone with Mitt Romney’s lifetime of leadership to bring fiscal sanity back to the federal government.”

★ Fmr. State Representative Brian Palmer

★ Fmr. State Representative Rick Shaffer (now St. Joseph's Republican Chair)

Fmr. State Senator Walt North:

"Governor George Romney worked with a heavily Democratic legislature in Michigan and did great things for the State of Michigan. Mitt has also demonstrated these qualities as Governor of Massachusetts. We need Governor Mitt Romney's leadership in Washington so we can get past the partisanship and enact real, principled solutions."

Additional Former Legislators Supporting Mitt

• Ken Sikkema, Former Senate Majority Leader

★ Bill Bullard, Former State Senator (also Oakland County Commissioner)

* Former State Senator Dale Shugars

* Andrew "Rocky" Raczkowski, Former House Majority Floor Leader

• Shelley Goodman Taub, Former State Representative

• Marc Shulman, Former State Representative

• Jim Koetje, Former State Representative

• Jerry Kooiman, Former State Representative

★ Fmr. State Senator Alan Sanborn:

“Michigan voters are looking for a clear conservative that will reverse the failed policies of the last four years. That’s why I’m proud to stand with Mitt Romney. He has a track record of balancing budgets and turning troubled enterprises around. That’s the type of leadership we need in Washington. I urge my fellow Michiganders who want to defeat President Obama and elect a conservative who will bring change to join me in supporting Mitt.”

★ Fmr. State Representative Bill Runco:

“Mitt Romney is the conservative candidate we need to lead our country,” said former State Representative Bill Runco. “He has a bold plan to bring fiscal sanity back to Washington by cutting spending, balancing the budget, and reforming entitlements. Americans cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama. His policies have failed the country and failed Michigan. I trust that Mitt Romney has the proven leadership and experience to get our country back on track.”

Livingston County, Michigan Sheriff Bob Bezotte

“In announcing his endorsement, Sheriff Bezotte said, "Livingston County citizens need a President with Governor Romney's leadership abilities and deep understanding of what it takes to get our economy back on track. A strong economy is essential for safe and vibrant communities. Governor Romney has the experience, vision and values to change Washington and rejuvenate our state's economy." ”

★ Oakland County, Michigan Sheriff Mike Bouchard

“In order to change business as usual in Washington, we need someone from outside Washington as president,” said Sheriff Mike Bouchard. “Mitt Romney spent his life outside Washington, working in the private sector, growing companies and utilizing conservative principles in the real world. This is the leadership that we need at this critical moment, both for Michigan and the country. I am proud to support Mitt Romney and encourage all of those who want someone with a record of results in the White House to come out and vote for Mitt Romney next Tuesday.”

“As a former Governor and a devoted father, Mitt Romney understands the importance of protecting children and our families from predators and criminals. Governor Romney is not afraid to confront challenges facing our country. He recently proposed federal legislation, 'One-Strike, You're Ours,' to crack down on internet predators who seek to harm our most precious asset, our children. I am joining Governor Romney's campaign team because our nation needs a leader like Mitt Romney, a candidate who is willing to stand up and fight to defend families across this nation.”

Another Michigan Sheriff who supported Mitt Romney for president:

• Sheriff Jerry Nielson, Midland County Sheriff

Livonia, Michigan Mayor Jack Kirksey (R-MI)

“ "Governor Romney has proven that he can bring needed change in business, in the non-profit world, and in government," said Mayor Kirksey. "Now, he has the opportunity to go to Washington and change a government that is fundamentally broken. Michiganders have lived through a one-state recession for too long, and we deserve a chance at success. Governor Romney can help achieve that by reducing taxes for the middle class, ending the death tax, and stopping illegal immigration." ”

Jack Kirksey is a popular, third term Mayor.

Additional Municiple Leaders Supporting Mitt

• Darlene Talaske, Reed City Mayor

★ Jim Stamas, Midland Township Trustee

• Sandra Raines, Sidney Township Trustee

• Julie Atkinson, Homer Township Supervisor

• Vaughn Begick, Bay County Commissioner

• Jan Bunting, Gratiot County Commissioner

• James Leibeg, Midland County Commissioner

★ L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive

• David Gorcyca, Oakland County Prosecutor

★ Bill Bullard, Oakland County Clerk & fmr. Commissioner (also former State Senator)

* Mike Gingell, Chairman - Oakland County Board of Commissioners

* John McCullough, Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner

• Sue Ann Douglas, Oakland County Commissioner

★ Eileen Kowall, Oakland County Commissioner

• Mike Rogers, Oakland County Commissioner

• Dave Buckley, Bloomfield Twp Commissioner / Former Oakland County Commissioner

• Dan Devine, Bloomfield Twp Treasurer / Former Oakland County Commissioner

• Dave Payne, Bloomfield Township Supervisor

★ Mike Kowall, White Lake Township Supervisor

• Rich Blatchford, Newaygo City Manager

• Linda Landheer, Newaygo Register Of Deeds

• Karen Buie, Muskegon County Clerk

• Bret Witkowski, Berrien County Treasurer (also former Republican County Chair)

* Kalamazoo County Treasurer Mary Baalkema

* Kalamazoo County Commissioner Brandt Iden

* Kalamazoo County Commissioner Nasim Ansari

* Kalamazoo County Commissioner John Gisler

* Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners Chairman Dave Maturen

* Mayor of Portage Peter Strazdas

* City Councilman of Sturgis Rob Sisson

* Kent County Commissioner Harold Voorhees

* Barry County Prosecutor Tom Evans

* Texas Township Supervisor Dave Healy

“Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, an early supporter, said Michigan and the automotive industry would have found a sympathetic ear in Romney.

“ "With his background in business, his background as a turnaround specialist, he was the right man at the right time,'' he said. "What this nation needs right now is a turnaround specialist.'' ”

* Saul Anuzis, Michigan Republican National Committeeman

(also former Michigan Republican Party Chair)

“I have decided to publicly endorse and actively work in support of Mitt Romney’s effort to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States. There are four primary reasons for my support:

“ONE: He is uniquely qualified to serve as President – no one is better prepared.

“TWO: He can beat Barack Obama in November, early polls showing his strength.

“THREE: He is a strong leader & has a vision to make America strong & prosperous.

“FOUR: Mitt Romney will make Michigan competitive for Republicans in 2012 on the day he wins the nomination.”

“I am proud to endorse Mitt Romney for President,” said Anuzis, “His singular focus on fixing our economy combined with his Michigan roots and ability to relate to the hopes and dreams of Michigan voters make him the one candidate that can and will beat Barack Obama.”

“The most pressing issue facing Michigan and America is jobs and our economy,” said Anuzis. “You can look at Mitt’s experience in turning around the Olympics, putting Massachusetts on a strong economic footing while cutting taxes 19 times and his career as a conservative businessman and see that he has the skills and experience needed to be President.”

“I know that rebuilding the economy in Michigan and across our country will not be easy. We face economic difficulties our country has not seen for decades. Mitt Romney has shown throughout his life that he can turn around difficult situations by using commonsense conservative principles. Michigan is personal to Governor Romney – it is where he was born and raised – and I know that he will work his hardest to rebuild the state’s economy and bring back jobs.”

99+ Michigan Republican Party Leaders Supporting Mitt

General Leadership

* Ronna Romney, fmr. Michigan Republican National Committeewoman

• Jerry Roe, former Michigan Republican Party Executive Director

• David Mroz, former West Michigan field director for the Michigan Republican Party

• Brandon Darin, former Northern Michigan field director for the Michigan Republican Party

• Jon Minjoe, former political director for the Michigan Federation of College Republicans and chairman of the Albion College Republicans

★ Gerry Mason, Michigan Republican State Committee Vice Chair for Coalitions


49 Michigan Republican County Chairs

• Mike Maturen, Alcona County Chair

• Rita Hale, Alger County

• Tony Garofalo, Allegan County

• Ed Boettcher, Antrim County

• Hubert Fisk, Arenac County

• John Drennan, Baraga County

• Matt Lance, Bay County

• Gail Nugent, former Benzie Chair

• Bret Witkowski, former Berrien Chair

• Mike Troutman, former Calhoun Chair

• Bill LaBrae, Cass County

• Wes Dilworth, former Charlevoix Chair

• Greg Rotter, Cheboygan County

• Anthony Stackpoole, Chippewa County

• Kim Emmons, Clare County

• Carl Schwind, former Clare Chair

• Tom Englund, former Delta Chair

• Dr. Tim Tarry, Eaton County

• Jack Waldvogel, Emmet County

• Denise Graves, Genesee County

• Darlene Conner, Gladwin County

• Don Birgel, former Gladwin Chair

• Geraldine Burt, Gogebic County

• Eric St. Onge, Gratiot County

• Neil Brady, Hillsdale County

• Robert Hogan, Huron County

• Norm Shinkle, Ingham County

• Adam Hume, Iosco County

• Jon Williams, Jackson County

• Libby Child, former Kent Chair

★ Allan Filip, Livingston County

• Jonathon Brown, Luce County

• Jim Carabelli, Macomb County

• Micki McClelland, former Mecosta Chair

• Jackie Champlin, Montcalm County

• Charles Mulholland, former Montcalm Chair

• Dan Marcrum, Montmorency County

• Dennis Cowan, Oakland County

★ Paul Welday, former Oakland Chair

• Dennis Sisco, Ogemaw County

• Joel Butler, Otsego County

• Jon DeWitte, Ottawa County

• Jeffrey Lamb, Presque Isle County

• Ken Shapley, former Saginaw Chair

• David Kredell, former Sanilac Chair

• Sam Burwell, Shiawassee County

• Karry Bland, St. Clair County

• Anna Kabot, former Tuscola Chair

• Susan Chmielewski, Wayne County

“Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced that an overwhelming number of Republican grassroots leaders have agreed to join his team as a part of the Romney for President Michigan Grassroots Steering Committee. Included on the State Grassroots Steering Committee are:

“· 44 Current and Former County GOP Chairs

“· 41 Current and Former GOP State Committee Members

“· 7 Current and Former GOP Congressional District Chairs”

“Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced that the Republican Chairs of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, the three largest counties in Michigan, have endorsed his candidacy for President of the United States...

“Endorsing Governor Romney, Jim Carabelli said, "I'm confident that Mitt Romney is the candidate who shares the values of Macomb County Republicans and I fully endorse his candidacy."

“Praising Governor Romney's leadership, Susan Chmielewski said, "As Governor, Mitt Romney showed the kind of leadership that we need. By balancing the budget without raising taxes, creating jobs and standing up for traditional families, he showed what conservative principles can accomplish."

“And Dennis Cowan said, "I am proud to join so many leaders from Mitt Romney's home county in supporting his candidacy. In business, the Olympics and as Governor, his leadership has been solid and I know he'll make an outstanding President." ”

— Susan Chmielewski - Wayne County Chairwoman

★ Dennis Cowan - Oakland County Chairman

— Jim Carabelli - Macomb County Chairman, Mayor of Royal Oak (1993-2001)

45 Michigan Republican State Committee Members (2008)

01. Anthony Stackpoole, 1st Congressional District
02. Kyle Olson, 2nd Congressional District
03. ★ Joan Runnels, 2nd Congressional District
04. Florence Connolly, 4th Congressional District
05. Scott Haines, 4th Congressional District
06. Micki McClelland, 4th Congressional District
07. ★ Gerald Wall, 4th Congressional District
     (also Chairman of the Roscommon County Republican Club for 12 years)
08. Amy Carl, 5th Congressional District
09. Jean Coleman, 6th Congressional District
10. Mike Troutman, 7th Congressional District (also former Chair)
11. ★ Allan Filip, 8th Congressional District (also county Chair)
12. Norm Shinkle, 8th Congressional District (also county Chair)
13. Don Vickers, 8th Congressional District
14. Linda Lee Williams, 8th Congressional District
15. Robert Hogan, 10th Congressional District
16. Terri Kowall, 10th Congressional District
17. ★ Gerry Mason, 10th Congressional District
18. Paul Viar, 10th Congressional District
19. ★ Eileen Kowall, 11th Congressional District
20. Judy Bucholtz, 12th Congressional District
21. Linda Solterisch, 13th Congressional District
22. Joseph Tate, 13th Congressional District
23. Scott Saionz, 14th Congressional District
24. ★ Carl Meyers, 15th Congressional District
25. ★ Bill Runco, 15th Congressional District
26. ★ Prudence Adam, Mid-Michigan State Committee Member
27. Joel Westrom, 1st District Chairman
28. Carolyn Curtin, 4th District Chairwoman
29. Gerry Hildenbrand, 6th District Chairman
30. Dennis Buchholtz, 12th District Chairman
31. Tom Newman, former 6th District Chair (still State Committee Member)
32. Peter Ruddell, former 8th District Chair
33. Bob Law, former 11th District Chair
34. Keith Den Hollander, former 3rd District Committee Member / 3rd District Treasurer
35. Michael Bell, former State Committee
36. Melvin Byrd, former State Committee
37. Jon Caron, former State Committee
38. Linda Harmon, former State Committee
39. Jim Miller, former State Committee
40. Marti Miller, former State Committee
41. Marianne Packer, former State Committee
42. Jennifer Schultz, former State Committee (also former Vice Chair)
43. Rosalie Skiwers, former State Committee
44. Margaret Stanley, former State committee
45. Lori (Packer) Wortz, former State Committee

"This is a campaign people in Michigan are energized to work for," said Gerry Hildenbrand, 6th Congressional District GOP Chairman. "I have met Governor Romney and believe he is the right conservative leader for America. I am enthusiastically supporting him."

“Gerald and Smokie added, "Governor Romney represents our values and the values of Michigan voters. We give our full fledged support to Governor Romney because of his leadership in the fight to strengthen families. He is the candidate who will unite the conservative coalition of economic, defense, and pro-family Republicans..." ”

— Gerald Wall - State Republican Party Committee Member,
    Chairman of the Roscommon County Republican Club for 12 years.

— Sonja "Smokie" Wall - Republican activist and spouse of Gerald Wall

Grass Roots Leaders (2012)

★ Carl Meyers, Treasurer of the Michigan Republican Party -

“Michigan grassroots leaders are lining up behind Mitt Romney because the state and the country’s economic well-being is dependent on defeating President Obama and reversing his failed policies. Mitt Romney has the plan and record to replace four years of failure with conservative economic change that will allow for small businesses to grow and start hiring again.”

* Eileen McNeil, Outreach Vice Chair of the Michigan Republican Party
* Joe Haas, 6th District Chair
★ Allan Filip, 8th District Chair
* Theresa Mungioli, 9th District Chair
* John Haggard, 1st District State Committee Member
* Paul Leidig, 2nd District State Committee Member
* Juanita Pierman, 2nd District Committee Member & Oceana Chair
* Andrew Emmitt, 3rd District State Committee Member
* Bill Womer, 3rd District State Committee Member
* Russell Spencer, 8th District State Committee Member
* Theresa Stayer, 9th District State Committee Member
* Gary Howell, 10th District State Committee Member
* Scott Czasak, 10th District State Committee Member
* Martha Snow, 11th District State Committee Member
* Susan Licata Haroutunian, 14th District State Committee Member
* Joshua Leatherman, Allegan County Chair
* Jake Jelsema, Barry County Chair
* Aaron Baylis, Bay County Chair
* Joe Groff, Clare County Chair
* Phillip Goodrich, Ionia County Republican Chair
* Al Heilman, Kalamazoo County Chair
* Michelle O’Neal, Lapeer County Chair
* Barbara Van Sickel, Macomb County Chair
* Todd Gambrell, Midland County Chair (and 4th District Committee Member)
* Kathleen Berden, Sanilac County Chair
★ Rick Shaffer, St. Joseph County Chair (and fmr. State Rep.) * Joseph Xuereb, Wayne 11 County Chair

* Saul Anuzis, Republican National Committeeman
* Holly Hughes, Republican National Committeewoman
* Ambassador Peter F. Secchia, Fmr. Republican National Committeeman
* Hank Fuhs, Secretary of the Michigan Republican Party
* Linda Lee Tarver, Ethnic Vice Chair of the Michigan Republican Party
* Sarah Ledford, Youth Vice Chair, Michigan Republican Party
★ Gerry Mason, former Grassroots Vice Chair of the Michigan Republican Party
* Scott Greenlee, Fmr. Coalitions Vice Chair, Michigan Republican Party
* Matt Hall, Fmr. Youth Vice CHair of the Michigan Republican Party
* Judy Rapanos, 4th District Chair
* Stanley Grot, 10th District Chair
* Tom Stroup, 11th District Chair
* Linda Birgel, 1st District State Committee Member
* Denise Pallarito, 1st District State Committee Member
★ Joan Runnels, 2nd District State Committee Member & Lake County Chair
* Sharon Yentsch, 3rd District State Committee Member
* Maxine McClelland, 4th District State Committee Member
★ Gerald Wall, 4th District State Committee Member
* Mary Stasek, 8th District State Committee Member
* Jean Gush, 10th District State Committee Member
* Pamela Smith, 10th District State Committee Member
* Victor Cassis, 11th District State Committee Member
* Mike Mitchell, 11th District State Committee Member
* Deloris Newell, 11th District State Committee Member
* Mary Katherine DeCuir, 12th District State Committee Member
* Nicola Hawatmeh, 12th District State Committee Member
* Julia Michals, 12th District State Committee Member
* Richard Cunningham, 13th District State Committee Member
* Walter Koppy, 13th District State Committee Member
* Mary Treder Lang, 13th District State Committee Member
* Torion Bridges, 14th District State Committee Member
* Darlyn Vigh, 14th District State Committee Member
* Michael Humphries, 15th District State Committee Member
* Frankie Middleton, 15th District State Committee Member

* Megan Buwalda, 6th District Republican Vice Chairman

* Hank Choate, Jackson County GOP Chair

* Rick Shafer, St. Joseph GOP Chair

* Sandy Hanson, Van Buren GOP Chair

* Paul DeYoung, Michigan 6th District Republican Committeeman

* Tom Newman, fmr. 6th District Republican Chairman

★ Prudy Adam, Genesee County Chairwoman

Lee Iacocca

Interviewer: “Why do you like Mitt?

Lee Iacocca: “Well I knew his mother and father so well. He grew up almost next door to me in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. But you know, he did the usual Mormon bit there, they're givers and he did his two years as a missionary. And he's run a hell of a good business, and he's been a governor in a state, a liberal state, for four years. And we tend, Charlie, to gravitate to, I guess when things are tough, to people who have been governors and had some kind of executive experience.”

More Mitt Romney Michigan Business Supporters

• David Brandon (Ann Arbor), Chairman and CEO of Domino's Pizza. He serves on the board of directors of several not-for-profit organizations, including Detroit Renaissance and The Purple Rose Theatre.

• ★ David Fischer (Bloomfield Hills), Chairman and CEO of Suburban Collection, which owns and operates 37 car dealerships throughout Michigan and Florida.

• J.C. Huizenga (Grand Rapids), Chairman and CEO of Heritage Academies, a public school management company founded in 1995. Mr. Huizenga lives in East Grand Rapids and serves as a board member for several Western Michigan community organizations.

• Peter Karmanos (Orchard Lake), Chairman and CEO of Compuware Corporation, a recognized industry leader in enterprise software and IT services that help maximize the value of technology investments. He is a Co-Owner of three hockey teams: the Carolina Hurricanes; the Plymouth Whalers; and the Florida Everblades.

• ★ John Rakolta, Jr. (Bloomfield Hills), Chairman and CEO of Walbridge Aldinger, one of the nation's top 50 construction firms. Mr. Rakolta is also Chairman of New Detroit, Inc, a nonprofit race-relations group founded after the 1967 Detroit Riot. Mr. Rakolta also serves as Honorary Consul of Romania in Detroit, Michigan.

• ★ Ed Schwartz (Bloomfield Hills), President of Gregory J. Schwartz & Co., Inc., which represents clients in the acquisition and sale of companies and also in the divestiture of business segments.

• ★ Robert Burnham, President, RWB Capital, Grand Rapids

• ★ William Danhof, Principal, Miller Canfield, East Lansing

• ★ Vincent DeAngelis, CFO, Walbridge Aldinger, Detroit

• Burton Farbman, President, The Farbman Group, Franklin

• ★ Phillip Fisher, President, The Fisher Group, Bloomfield Hills

• Yousif Ghafari, Chairman, The Ghafari Companies, Bloomfield Hills

• Richard Haller, President, Walbridge Aldinger, Detroit

• Taggart Henderson, President, BNP Media, Birmingham

• ★ Alan Kiriluk, Founder, Chairman, Kirko, Bloomfield Hills

• ★ A. Matthew Kiriluk, II, President, KIRKO, Bloomfield Hills

• Ilija Letica, CEO, Letica Corporation, Rochester

• Mara Letica Saad, Letica Corporation, Rochester

• ★ Ed Levy, Jr., President, Edw. C. Levy Company, Birmingham

• ★ Robert Liggett, CEO, Liggett Management, Grosse Point Shores

• ★ Joe O'Connor, CEO, KALPA Systems, Bloomfield Hills

• Geoff Piceu, President, United Paint, Southfield

• Waltraud Prechter; President, Heinz C. Prechter Fund for Manic Depression, Grosse Ile

• ★ Kevin Prokop, Director, Questor Management, Birmingham

• ★ Joe Schwartz, Gregory J. Schwartz & Co., Inc., Bloomfield Hills

• Peter Schwartz, Principal, Gregory J. Schwartz & Co., Inc., Bloomfield Hills

• ★ Wally Schwartz, Principal, Gregory J. Schwartz & Co., Inc., Bloomfield Hills

• ★ Greg Schwartz, Jr., Gregory J. Schwartz & Co., Inc., Bloomfield Hills

• ★ Greg Schwartz, Sr., Gregory J. Schwartz & Co., Inc., Bloomfield Hills

• Mickey Shapiro, CEO, Lautrec Corporation, Farmington Hills

• ★ Robert Taubman, Chairman, Taubman Centers, Inc, Bloomfield Hills

• Jeffrey Sakwa, president and CEO of Farmington Hills-based Noble Realty.

“John Rakolta... the CEO and chairman of Detroit-based Walbridge Aldinger had flown all over the country campaigning for Mitt Romney...

“The impact of Romney dropping out of the race means there's no clear "business'' candidate, but also no candidate with a connection to Michigan, said Jeffrey Sakwa, president and CEO of Farmington Hills-based Noble Realty.

“ "I think he was the only one in the race who really cared about Michigan,'' said Sakwa, a campaign contributor. "It's a big disappointment.'' ...

“ "I like businessmen who run for office because they have a clear understanding of issues,'' he said. "I liked how he handled health care in Massachusetts. His approach was new and innovative.'' ...

“ "I think that [abortion issue] hurt him only because he was attacked by his own party,'' he said. "There were a lot of politics being played.''

“Romney contributor Alan Kiriluk, founder and chairman of Troy-based Kirco Development Corp., also was disappointed by the loss.

“ "Michigan has never had an opportunity, in memory, to have a leader that recognizes the state of Michigan and perceives the economic engine here as being critical to the rest of the country,'' he said. "We really lost out.''

“Overall, Kiriluk doubts another candidate will rally business support like Romney did.

“ "We don't have a single presidential candidate with the competency to deal with all U.S. jobs in fair and equitable trade transactions the way Mitt Romney would have,'' he said.”

University Regents and Trustees / State Board of Education

“Trustee Melanie Foster said, "Governor Romney has the leadership experience and proven record needed to bring change to Washington. Governor Romney has a unique understanding of the challenges we face as a nation and has a proven track record of getting the job done. He has the experience, vision, and values we need in Michigan and Washington. I am proud to lead his efforts at Michigan State University." ”

“Regent Andrea Fischer Newman added, "I am pleased to endorse Governor Romney and support his vision for America. As a native of Michigan, Governor Romney understands the difficulties we face here and will be a powerful advocate and friend to Michigan at a time when we need it most." ”

• ★ Melanie Foster, Michigan State University Trustee Since 2004 (also 1991-2)
   Serves as the Vice Chairperson for the Michigan State Trustees

• ★ Scott Romney, Michigan State University Trustee Since 2000

• Don Nugent, Michigan State University Trustee Since 1995

• Andrea Fischer Newman, University Of Michigan Regent Since 1994

• David Brandon, Previous University Of Michigan Regent From 1998-2006

• David Porteous, Previous University Of Michigan Regent From 1998-2006

• ★ Nancy Danhof, Secretary of State Board of Education

Michigan Pro-Life Group Backs Mitt Romney

“RLM-PAC Chairman Paul Miller said, “While the primary season can often be divisive, it is time for prolife people to come together and unite behind Mitt Romney to ensure President Barack Obama doesn’t spend another four years in the White House. We need a prolife president who is willing to respect and defend the sanctity of human life.”

“Miller said Romney has pledged to support the Hyde Amendment, which prevents certain federal funds from going to pay for abortions, supports the reversal of Roe v. Wade, favors efforts to prohibit abortion providers like Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funding and has promised to appoint judges who follow the Constitution.

“On the other hand, Miller says Obama has implemented a series of pro-abortion provisions. He rescinded the Mexico City policy, which bars funding to organizations which provide and promote abortion overseas, strongly opposed efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and pushed a health care plan without rules to prevent the subsidization of abortions.

“Miller said, “Words can hardly describe how important this election is for unborn children and other human beings whose lives aren’t deemed valuable by some in our society. Electing a prolife president is priority #1 for the RLM-PAC in 2012.”

Marlene Elwell — Founder, President of Catholics in the Public Square

“Mitt Romney announced a big Michigan Christian Right endorsement today: Marlene Elwell. Not exactly a household name, Elwell was a key advisor to the 1990s-era Christian Coalition and helped engineer Pat Robertson’s strong finish in 1988’s Iowa presidential caucuses...

“A conservative Catholic who led a successful 2004 campaign to ban gay unions in Michigan by amending the state’s Constitution, ... Elwell has a strong network of conservative Christian activists in Michigan, but she says she’s limiting her efforts to promote Romney...”

"An avowed doer, Elwell marched with Martin Luther King and Caesar Chavez in protests against the exploitation of blacks and migrant workers. She has championed the pro-life campaign from its beginning and was, as a democrat, responsible for the writing and adoption of the pro-life plank in the Republican Party platform, earning the Gabriel Richard Institute’s “The Power of One Person Award.”

"While raising five children of her own, her home became a sanctuary for the foster care of indigent youngsters. She also took on the challenge of fostering newborn babies until permanent homes were found for them. The plight of needy families in her home state, Michigan, led her to form JMJ Enterprises which supervised the purchase and renovation of HUD and VA houses, restoring self worth and opening doors to a more productive life for many.

"Mrs. Elwell was the Director, in the developing stages of Legatus, an international organization of Catholic business leaders, headed by Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza, which seeks to foster creative, moral and spiritual entrepreneurship in the private sector.

"During the period of 1993 to 2000, Mrs. Elwell rose to the top position of Regional Vice President of American Communications Network, an international communications marketing company where she was introduced to the Internet world...

"As the Founder of FreedomISP, a filtered Internet service provider, Mrs. Elwell spent the past several years, and her own resources, researching and identifying filtering software alternatives that will ensure a “Simple, Safe Internet” service... using the motto, “Once the innocence of a child is lost, it’s lost forever”...

"Governor Jennifer Granholm vetoed state legislation which would have defined the point at which human life is to receive legal and civil protection, and would have banned the practice of partial birth abortion in the state of Michigan. Catholics in the Public Square then joined Right to Life of Michigan and other organizations in a petition drive to override Granholm’s veto and bring the Legal Birth Definition Act back before the legislature. CPS volunteers and those from other organizations collected more than 460,000 signatures from state residents for the petition, which was then approved by the Michigan House 74-28 and the Senate 23-12, making a ban on partial birth abortions state law...

"As the President of MCCA [Michigan Christian Citizen's Alliance], Marlene brings years of experience and wisdom in the cultural battle for faith and values. A few of her resume highlights include:

" • Instrumental in establishing Michigan Right To Life

" • Formed an ogranization to put the pro-life language in the Republican platform

" • Instrumental in forming the Christian Coalition..."

Dennis Smith, head of Information Network for Christian Homes

“DETROIT, Mich. -- Romney's scooping up some support in Michigan heading into the home stretch before Tuesday's primary. One intriguing get is the support of Dennis Smith, who heads up the Information Network for Christian Homes, which has supported home-schoolers in the Wolverine State since 1984.

“Smith yesterday circulated a letter in the state supporting Romney ... By phone this morning, Smith said that he sent the letter to about 3,600 homes of current and former home-schoolers. "The majority are not politically active," he explained, "but they might vote." ”

Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan— Founder, Ava Maria School of Law
Founder, University of Ava Maria
Leader, anti-abortion political action committee

“Monaghan is the wealthy Michigan businessman who, among other things, launched Ava Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor...

“ "As someone who values the importance of faith in one's life, I recognize in Mitt his deep religious convictions which will serve him well in facing the critical moral issues facing our society," Monaghan said in a statement. " I believe he will stand firm on the pro-life issues and for the traditional family values that our country was founded on and which are so critical to the future of our nation." ”

More Christian Leaders

“Fulton Sheen said, "Governor Romney is the only candidate who has laid out a vision for promoting stronger families. He has championed traditional marriage, defended the sanctity of life, and proposed measures to protect our children. His moral fortitude has won him our full support in his bid for the presidency." ”

• Fulton Sheen, Christian Interchange Youth Services Board member,
   member - Promise Keepers and Right to Life

• Reverend Dean Poellet, Ingham County

• Reverend Ronda Hawkins, Livingston County

• Mike Maturen, Former evangelical Reverend serving the Saginaw area

• ...