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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

Thad Cochra

★ Sen. Thad Cochran

Cochran says in the Romney news release that the U.S. "cannot afford another four years" of President Barack Obama's policies and that Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, "has the pro-growth message and the unmatched experience that will be required to improve our economy."

"At this moment our nation faces unprecedented challenges, and Governor Romney has the experience, vision and values needed to strengthen our country for future generations," Cochran said in a statement issued by the Romney campaign. "Governor Romney is a man of outstanding judgment and strong character."

“President Obama can write Mississippi off his target list... Mitt Romney, as nearly everywhere, tops the president by the largest amount, 18 points (54-36)” Public Policy Polling - Nov 10, 2011

* Gov. Phil Bryant

“Our country must have a Republican nominee who can defeat President Barack Obama and turn America around to get back on the right track,” Gov. Bryant said. “I am encouraged and supportive of Gov. Romney’s conservative policies on key issues like more American energy development, cracking down on illegal immigration, and putting in place job creation policies that will jumpstart our economy. As a former Governor, he understands how to make tough choices as a chief executive. That is why Deborah and I are pleased to support him in pursuit of winning our Party’s nomination and becoming our next President of the United States.”

* Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves

“I am proud to support Mitt Romney because he has the experience to recharge our economy, put Americans back to work, and cultivate our nation’s entrepreneurial spirit. He is the conservative leader we need and his pro-growth message is resonating with voters across America.”

* Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann

“The Republican Party primaries have narrowed the field to four candidates. Each one has unique strengths and is an asset to the future of our country. However, only one can be president. Considering the economic and security issues facing our country, I believe that person is Mitt Romney, and I will support his nomination by the Republican Party for president.

“Our country and our state face economic issues and healthcare issues, and our servicemen and women continue to depart overseas to defend our country. Our current governmental course does not provide a needed solution to our nation's issues. Of the remaining candidates, Mitt Romney possesses the character and skill to provide the greatest opportunity for that solution.”

* Other State Leaders supporting Mitt Romney

* State Treasurer Lynn Fitch

* State Auditor Stacey Pickering

* State Agriculture Commissioner Cindy Hyde Smith

* State Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney

* Southern District Public Service Commissioner Leonard Bentz

* Central District Public Service Commissioner Lynn Posey

* Southern District MDOT Commissioner Tom King

* Central District MDOT Commissioner Dick Hall

* Northern District MDOT Commissioner Mike Tagert

* Senate President Pro Tempore Terry Brown

* State Sen. Merle Flowers

* State Sen. Briggs Hopson

* State Sen. Buck Clarke

* State Sen. Joey Fillingane

* State Sen. John Polk

* Speaker Pro Tempore Greg Snowden

* State Rep. Herb Frierson

* State Rep. Wanda Jennings

* State Rep. Casey Eure

* Jackson County, Mississippi Supporters

* Sheriff Mike Byrd

* County Supervisor, District 1 - Barry Cumbest

* County Supervisor, District 3 - Mike Mangum

* County Supervisor, District 4 - Troy Ross

* County Supervisor, District 5 - John McKay

* Chancery Clerk Terry Miller

* Tax Assessor Benny Goff, Jr.

* Tax Collector Joe Tucker

* Mayor Robbie Maxwell - Pascagoula

* Mayor Tommy Fortenberry - Gautier

Sheriff Mike Byrd:

“Mississippi voters are looking for new leadership in Washington,” said Sheriff Mike Byrd. “President Obama has had three years to turn around the economy and he has failed. Mitt Romney spent his life in the private sector growing businesses and starting others – we can be confident that he will put in place policies to encourage the private sector, not discourage it. I am proud to join these other leaders from Jackson County in endorsing Mitt Romney and urge all Mississippians who want to put a job creator in the White House to support him on Tuesday.”