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   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

* Fmr. Governor Marc Racicot

“The people of Montana and a clear majority of the people of this country have been seriously and adversely impacted by the perilous circumstances confronting this nation. A prolonged combination of crippling debt, unbridled government spending and a stagnant economy imposes more damage and destruction on Montana and American families every day. We need a president with a clear plan to move with the urgency required to bring down the federal deficit while encouraging economic growth and prosperity. Mitt Romney will be that president, and that’s why he has my support. I urge my fellow Montanans and fellow citizens across the country to join me.”

★ Fmr. Governor Tim Babcock (R-MT)

“As a former Governor, I understand the unique challenges that come with leading a state. Governor Romney has displayed the kind of leadership our country needs as we face a new generation of challenges. He inherited a budget gap of nearly $3 billion when he took office and turned that into a $1 billion surplus without raising taxes or borrowing money. He understands how to solve tough problems and will provide the leadership we need in Washington.”

* Fmr. Governor Judy Martz

“Governor Romney, as a former chief executive, has the experience, vision and values to lead our country,” stated Governor Martz. “His proven record of turning around companies and the state of Massachusetts, not to mention his success with the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, demonstrates that he has the strong leadership abilities to turn around our country. He is the one Republican candidate that can bring the conservative principles of lower taxes, restrained spending and smaller government to Washington.”

Montana Secretary of State Brad Johnson

“Governor Romney has the right values and priorities for voters not only in Montana, but across the country. He has a lifetime of real world experience and he understands our families want lower taxes, a strong national defense, and the best opportunities for our children. With Governor Romney's proven leadership, our nation will remain the strongest in the world.”

State Legislators Endorsing Romney (2012)

* State Senator Ed Buttrey - Great Falls

★ State Senator Llew Jones - Conrad

* State Senator Ed Walker - Billings

* Fmr. Senate President Bob Story - Park City

* Fmr. State Senator Bob Depratu - Whitefish

* Fmr. State Senator Sherm and Bonnie Anderson - Deer Lodge

* House Speaker Mike Milburn - Cascade

* State Representative Duane Ankney - Colstrip

* State Representative Liz Bangerter - Helena

* State Representative Tom Burnett - Bozeman

* State Representative Rob Cook - Conrad

* State Representative Steve Fitzpatrick - Great Falls

* State Representative Jonathan McNiven - Huntley

★ State Representative Jesse O'Hara – Great Falls

★ State Representative Ken Peterson – Billings

* State Representative Scott Reichner - Big Fork

* Fmr. House Speaker John Mercer - Polson

* Fmr. State Rep. Dennis Himmelberger - Billings

* Republican National Committeeman Errol Galt - Martinsdale

* Fmr. Montana GOP Executive Director Chuck Denowh - Helena

State Legislators Endorsing Romney (2008)

• State House Speaker Pro Tempore Debby Barrett – Dillon

• State Representative Harry Klock – Harlowton

• State Representative Carol Lambert – Broadus

• State Representative Bill Nooney – Missoula

★ State Representative Jesse O'Hara – Great Falls

★ State Representative Ken Peterson – Billings

• State Representative Wayne Stahl – Saco

• State Representative Bill Nooney – Missoula

• State Senator Rick Laible – Darby

Other State Legislators Weigh In (2008)

★ “Rep. Llew Jones, R-Conrad, said he liked the "overall optimism" and Romney's focus "on the American people." ”

"He's the best I've seen so far." (Sen. Jim Peterson, R-Buffalo)

“Rep. Elsie Arntzen, R-Billings, a teacher and potential candidate for superintendent of public instruction, said she asked Romney afterward where he stood on education issues... "He was impressive," she said.”

" “I voted for Mitt Romney,” said Rep. Krayton Kerns, R-Laurel. Certain he voted for the best candidate in the field...

" “Without a doubt, this is the way to go for the Republican Party in general and particularly for Montana,” Kerns said."

Business Leaders Supporting Gov. Romney (2012)

* Mark Baker - Partner, Anderson, Baker & Swanson, PLLC

* Mark Lewis - President, Jet Set Sports

* Stephen Zabawa - Owner, Car Dealership