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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

* Mayor Rudy Giuliani

“When I look at where we are as a nation and the challenges we face, I am convinced that Mitt Romney will provide a clear contrast to President Obama,” said Rudy Giuliani. “Whether it was creating jobs in business, rescuing the Olympics, or turning around Massachusetts’ $3 billion budget deficit, he has proved, time and again, that he excels at turning around difficult situations. He has also proposed a bold economic plan that will help families that have been crushed by President Obama’s failed policies. With his plan to create more jobs, reduce our debt, and scale back the size of government, America will be back on the road to prosperity. I’m proud to support Mitt Romney and encourage all those who worry about our country’s future to do the same.”

Rudy on Fox and Friends - Apr 23, 2012

Rudy on Hannity - Apr 23, 2012

NY Daily News

* New York Republicans should back Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s primary

"... Although there’s little doubt about the outcome, GOP voters here should back Romney with enthusiasm, confident that the party’s tortuous season of debates and primaries elevated the best of the field to prominence.

"Romney is clearly the potential standard-bearer with the strongest chops to give President Obama a run for his money — and for the money of Americans. Because, on present course, this election will be all about Romney’s advertised strong suit: the economy.

"Which is in the tank...

"Despite a stimulus that spent $800 billion in taxpayer money — pretty much all of it borrowed — there are 5.5 million fewer jobs today than at the start of the Great Recession four years ago.

"Since 2008, some 3 million people have dropped out of the job market entirely; a breathtaking 42% of the jobless haven’t taken home a paycheck for six months or longer.

"And the employed are suffering, as well.

"Disposable income is flat, gas prices are up and health care costs — virtually untouched by the Obama reform bill that expanded coverage — keep rising, eating every last dollar of pay.

"And did we mention? Debt is now 100% of Gross Domestic Product — upward of $47,600 per capita...

"Obama’s political task will be to convince the country that he did as well as could be expected. Meanwhile, Romney is well positioned to challenge Obama’s claims and to present a credible alternative approach..."

* Rep. Michael Grimm

"The single most thing this country is starving for is leadership – leadership that is reinforced with the right balance of private sector and executive experience. Governor Romney epitomizes that balance, making him the right candidate to lead America during these tough times. At a time when growing the economy and creating jobs is imperative to the future of our nation, Governor Romney brings the necessary skills and hands-on experience to get the job done. I am proud to endorse Mitt Romney to lead our nation as the next President of the United States."

* Rep. Nan Hayworth

“14 million Americans need jobs,” said Congresswoman Nan Hayworth. “That’s why we have to fix our economy. Mitt Romney has proven as a governor and as a business leader that he can turn around tough situations and make things work. I have complete confidence in his ability to balance the federal budget, make the government efficient and effective, and ensure that all Americans have the opportunity they deserve and the prosperity they need. Mitt Romney is the right person to get us back to work, and he will make an outstanding president.”

* Rep. Peter King

Interview with Newseek's Howard Kurtz - Apr 25, 2012

Rep. King:

“He's winning in my district. Actually Barack Obama carried this district, this is a new district for me, four years ago, he carried it by four points. Romney is now winning by 6... He's competent and honest and people are dissatisfied with President Obama... He has a lot going for him... His wife, she's great, she's a great campaigner... Listen, if you have that many kids that are doing so well, if you have a wife who seems so pleased with you, and if you have, you know, going all the years he's been in business-- usually if you're in business that long, people are coming out of the woodwork to complain about you. There's stories about you. There's none of that. So he is a good guy, he just has to convince people he's a good guy... I would have supported Romney over Rick Santorum. I know Rick, I like Rick, but I think that Governor Romney for this time is more equiped...

“I told the Romney people about a week ago that I would, two weeks ago, that I would endorse him whenever they want to. They didn't use it, so, so be it...

“I wanted to wait until it was more appropriate, and again, I was not on a bandwagon, per se, but the closer it got to New York I thought he would be the best candidate, and I still say that.”

Kurtz: “How do you handicap his chances against an incumbent president at this point?”

King: “I think he will do very well. And the reason I say that, is that for instance, a poll I saw recently on Long Island, in a district Barack Obama carried, he's only at a 31% job approval... If 3 1/2 years into your administration, only 31% of the people think you are doing a good job, it's tough to overcome that between now and November if you are running against a guy who is competent. And that is what Mitt Romney has going for him. He is competent... I think a lot of the analagies can be to 1980 between Carter and Reagan...”

* fmr. Rep. Susan Molinari

Susan Molinari Represented New York In The U.S. House Of Representatives From 1990 To 1997, where she served in the Republican majority leadership. She also served in the New York City Council.

“Mitt Romney understands what it will take to improve our economy. His sound economic plan is based on his real world experience as a successful businessman. As Governor of Massachusetts, he reined in spending and balanced the budget without raising taxes. Washington needs this kind of principled and pragmatic leadership.”

* fmr. Rep. Guy Molinari

Guy Molinari Represented New York In The U.S. House Of Representatives From 1981 To 1989. He also served as Borough President of Staten Island from 1990 to 2001. Before entering the House, he served in the United States Marine Corps and in the New York State assembly.

“Mitt Romney is our best chance to defeat President Obama and take back the White House in 2012. With millions of Americans unemployed, we need a president who will not only make job creation a priority, but has the experience to be successful. Mitt’s record in the private sector and as Governor of Massachusetts is characterized by results. I am proud to get behind his campaign.”

* New York Assembly Members

* Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb

* Assemblyman George Amedore

* Assemblyman William Barclay

* Assemblyman Phil Boyle

* Assemblyman Dan Burling

* Assemblyman Marc Butler

* Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun

* Assemblyman Robert Castelli

* Assemblyman Jim Conte

* Assemblywoman Jane Corwin

* Assemblywoman Janet Duprey

* Assemblyman Gary Finch

* Assemblyman Joe Giglio

* Assemblyman Al Graf

* Assemblyman Steve Hawley

* Assemblyman Tony Jordan

* Assemblyman Daniel Losquadro

* Assemblyman Marc Molinaro

* Assemblyman Mike Montesano

* Assemblyman Dean Murray

* Assemblyman Bob Oaks

* Assemblywoman Theresa Sayward

* Assemblyman Lou Tobacco

* Assemblyman Ray Walter

Minority Leader Brian Kolb:

“Mitt Romney is the one candidate with the values and experience that will be needed to go up against President Obama in November. Throughout his life, Mitt Romney has displayed leadership in tough situations – that is exactly what will be needed to turn around our economy.”

* Additional NY Supporters

* Fmr. Congresswoman Sue Kelly

* Fmr. Congressman Rick Lazio

* Fmr. Lt. Governor Mary Donohue

* Fmr. Assembly Minority Leader John Faso

* Fmr. Deputy Secretary of State & Assemblyman John Hasper

* Fmr. Assemblyman Jack Quinn III

* Fmr. Chairman, NY Port Authority & Power Authority Joseph Seymour

* Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards

* Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano

* Rockland County Executive Scott Vanderhoef

* Dutchess County Executive Elect Marc Molinaro

* Fmr. Chemung County Executive Tom Tranter

* Allegany County Attorney Keith Slep

* NYC Councilor Eric Ulrich

* Allegany County Sheriff Rick Whitney

* Dutchess County Sheriff Adiran Anderson

* Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard

* Putnam County Sheriff Don Smith

* State Party Executive Vice-Chairman Vinnie Reda

County GOP Chairmen:

* Erie County - Nick Langworthy

* Nassau County - Joe Mondello

* Suffolk County - John Lavalle

* Albany County - Don Clarey

* Allegany County - Robert Christman

* Chautauqua County - Allan Hendrickson

* Clinton County - Don Lee

* Dutchess County - Mike McCormick

* Jefferson County - Donald Coon

* Niagra County - Michael Norris

* Schohaire County - Lewis Wilson

* Wayne County - Dan Olson

* Erie County - Fmr. Chairman Jim Domagalski

* Erie County - Fmr. Chairman Robert Davis

* Niagra County - Fmr. Chairman Henry Wojtaszek

* Steunben County - Fmr. Chairman Bill Hatch

* Fmr. Chief of Staff to Gov. Pataki - John Cahill

* Fmr. Deputy Chief of Staff to Gov. Pataki - Tom Doherty

* Fmr. Communications Director to Gov. Pataki - Mike Mckeon

* Fmr. POlitical Director to Sen. Al D'Amato - Kraig Siracuse

* Conservative Party Committeewoman Laura Schreiner

* NY GOP Chair Ed Cox

“Mitt has always had strong support and a warm welcome here in New York,” Cox said in a statement. “His proven business and gubernatorial executive background and message of ‘an opportunity society led by free people and free enterprise’ is a winning combination for a nation hungry for competent leadership and a strong economy.”

* Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton

Brooklyn's Republican Chairman Craig Eaton has thrown his support behind presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

"I believe Mitt Romney has the vision and leadership America needs in the next four years," said Chairman Eaton.

"Our families cannot survive the continued economic beating they've received at the hands of the Obama Administration," said Eaton.

Eaton added "It's time for a President with hands-on experience in the business world and Mitt Romney's business skills would provide our economy with a steady hand a clear idea of what's needed to turn things around."

* Fmr. Gov. George Pataki

“Well I think it’s time for Republicans to rally around our nominee. This President has been running a general election strategy for a year while we have been mired in the trenches shooting at each other and it has to stop. I think Mitt showed last night he has the breadth of support that warrants our supporting him, rallying around him, and I am endorsing him. Let me say, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum , Ron Paul, have run great campaigns but it’s time to focus on the greater good and the greater good is turning our sights on winning the general election and defeating President Obama. We cannot let this continue into August, it has to stop. I think now is the time for it to stop.”

Bill Weld, NY Gov candidate, NY Native

Bill Weld is also the most recent (and a popular) two-term governor of Massachusetts.

Former Massachusetts governor William F. Weld has emerged as a major backer of Mitt Romney, despite a long friendship with Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former New York City mayor...

Weld, now a partner in the New York office of the McDermott Will & Emery law firm... is cochairman of Romney's campaign in New York state. Last month, he was a host of an event at the New York Athletic Club that introduced Romney to a large group of prominent New York Republicans.

Yesterday, Weld said he was working from a list of about 1,300 contributors to his failed campaign for governor of New York last year. Weld, who returned to his native New York after serving as Bay State governor from 1991 to mid-1997...

Giuliani, with whom Weld has had personal, political, and business relationships over a quarter-century, had encouraged Weld to run...

"It's not that I don't think Rudy Giuliani and [Arizona Senator] John McCain are both great Americans; I do," said Weld, referring to other top-tier figures mentioned in the GOP race. "It's just that I think Mitt Romney is going to be and should be the next president of the United States." ...

When Giuliani considered running for the US Senate against Hillary Clinton in 2000, Weld was an early and enthusiastic supporter until Giuliani dropped out of the race in May after announcing he had prostate cancer and was separating from his wife.

Weld and Giuliani have moved in the same social circles, and, in 2002, when Weld became a partner at a New York private equity firm, he brought in Giuliani, who had started a consulting business, as chairman of the fund's board of advisers.

Another big Guiliani fan endorses Governor Romney:

“I’m a longtime Rudy guy. In 1989, I remember staying up late on Election Night watching his losing battle with David Dinkins, and cheering four years later when he put New York back on the road to recovery...

“With Mayor Giuliani now all but out of the race, I have no qualms about supporting his fellow chief executive Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination...

“Mitt Romney gets that you don’t win by retreating. You win by winning... Mitt Romney is a better candidate than he lets on. His business acumen has hardly been explored in this campaign, at least not early enough. He is, as they say in Boston, wicked smart. Of all the candidates running, it is hardest to see the colossal managerial failures of Katrina happening under his watch. His plan wasn’t perfect, but I like the fact that he’s a Republican who’s tackled the health care issue. He can communicate about matters of war and peace, and his instincts are sound. He could position himself as a clean break on the economy... And in Presidential elections, Governors beat Senators. Romney is our last chance of getting that historically winning combination.”

(archived page — original link expired)

Bill Weld editorial on Mitt Romney:

MY FONDEST MEMORY of my two terms as governor of Massachusetts in the 1990s was that we reversed the tax-and-spend policies of the Dukakis years, and put the Commonwealth on a new diet of "Live Free or Die" philosophy and "supply-side" economics. From 1991 to 1997, we had 19 tax cuts in Massachusetts, and not a single tax increase. The result, predictably, was an economic resurgence.

I was therefore thrilled when Mitt Romney was elected governor in 2002 and accelerated the Commonwealth's course of fiscal conservatism.

I believe that Romney was a very effective leader for our state. He came into office facing a nearly $3 billion budget gap. Even Democrats conceded that this was the worst fiscal crisis since the Depression. Instead of raising taxes or borrowing more money, Romney cut spending and closed the budget gap. As one commentator said, he "didn't just go after the sacred cows, he went after the whole herd." In his first year, government spending declined from $22.8 billion in Fiscal 2002 to $22.4 billion in Fiscal 2003. This was a tremendous success that Romney would continue to match throughout his four years as head of the Commonwealth. Seeing what he did in Massachusetts, I am proud to support Romney and believe he is the kind of leader we need in Washington.

Anyone who claims that Romney did not cut taxes in Massachusetts is simply mistaken. He cut capital gains taxes, benefiting well over 150,000 residents. Thousands more are currently benefiting from new jobs in the biotech field because of Romney's manufacturing tax relief and because he made the investment tax credit permanent. Thousands of Massachusetts families saved their hard-earned dollars when Romney enacted sales tax holidays. Seniors are benefiting from property tax relief proposed and signed into law by Romney. Our honorable veterans and National Guard members have several new tax breaks because of Romney's belief that they should be taxed less. Commuters can now deduct expenses for travel because Romney believes they shouldn't be penalized for helping increase commerce.

Romney's fiscal achievements were not his only accomplishments in Massachusetts.

Besides tackling government waste and inefficiency, he halted the state's economic tailspin and added tens of thousands of new jobs. He signed into law a health insurance reform modeled on a conservative market-oriented approach that emphasizes personal responsibility. He started the Adams Scholarship, a merit-based program that awards the top 25 percent of high school students in Massachusetts with four years of free tuition at a Massachusetts public college or university. He instituted English immersion in the public schools and abolished the old bilingual education system.

This is a real record of achievement that Romney is running on across the country. I am proud to endorse his candidacy for president of the United States.

★ Michael Gaynor— Prominent New York Attorney

Michael J. Gaynor has been practicing law in New York since 1973. A former partner at Fulton, Duncombe & Rowe and Gaynor & Bass, he is a solo practitioner admitted to practice in New York state and federal courts and an Association of the Bar of the City of New York member.

“The Right goes wrong when it ignores the admonition of the late William F. Buckley to support the best viable candidate and acts unrealistically by making the perfect the enemy of the good...

“Obama has appointed two "liberal" judicial activists to the United States Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, 57, and Elena Kagan, 51. If he makes more Supreme Court appointments, key parts of the Obama agenda (such as Obamacare's individual mandate) will be ratified instead of ruled unconstitutional...

“Of the eight Republican presidential hopeful who have been in most of the debates, Mitt Romney is the one most likely to beat Obama. That's because he's the most qualified, by education and experience in both business and government, and he has led an exemplary personal life.

    “The debates have shown that Romney's main rivals, Herman Cain and Rick Perry, are not ready to be President on day one.

    “Cain is smart, flamboyant, funny and unapologetically conservative. He especially appeals to some conservatives because he is a black conservative and Team Obama would be hard pressed to play the race card if he becomes the Republican nominee.

    “But Cain's personality, business experience and color are not enough. His 9-9-9 plan is a good conversation starter, but not a solution...

    “Bachmann and Santorum are conservatives with whom I agree more on the issues than I do with Romney, but I realize that neither of them can win the Presidency in 2012 and beating Obama is vital...

    “Former Speaker Newt Gingrich has great knowledge and experience, and his presence at the debates has been illuminating, but his campaign is quixotic. His "personal baggage" is just heavy...

“Too much is at stake NOT to nominate Romney or to divide the opposition to Obama.”

Some Michael Gaynor commentary on Governor Romney in 2008:

“Romney is a full-spectrum conservative: a supporter of free-market economics and limited government, moral causes such as the right to life and the preservation of marriage, and a foreign policy based on the national interest.

“Need ANOTHER reason to support Mitt?

“It's the economy!

“Mitt knows how to deal with problems better than his Republican (or Democrat) rivals and presidents should be elected to serve America best, not to commiserate with them...”

“Voters should support Mitt because he's the best choice.

“I use a values test, not a religious test, in voting, and am supporting Mitt Romney as the candidate who would best promote my political values as President of the United States.

“I want a president with real personal integrity, regardless of his (or her) personal religious preference, and a genuine conservative Republican, not a man who contemplated abandoning the Republican Party and being Senator John Kerry's vice presidential nominee in 2004.

“Obviously, that's Mitt, ... It's important to me that Mitt's private life has been exemplary... When Mitt's wife became ill, Mitt stood by her.”

» More commentary from Michael Gaynor and many other leading legal professionals