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A Closer Look at History

“Mitt is the only non-incumbent GOP candidate for president to have ever won both Iowa and New Hampshire and his total vote count is the second largest number of votes ever received by a non-incumbent candidate in New Hampshire...

“Removing Independents [who are allowed to vote in the New Hampshire republican primary] and looking solely at Republican voters who cast ballots, the results show that even in a highly contested GOP field, an impressive 49% of Republicans voted for Mitt on Tuesday.

“That’s the highest percentage of the Republican vote that any non-incumbent candidate has earned in the New Hampshire GOP Presidential Primaries since Ronald Reagan over 30 years ago.

Republican voting percentages in contested NH Primaries:

“2012: Mitt Romney – 49%

“2008: John McCain – 34%

“2000: John McCain – 38%

“1996: Pat Buchanan – 29%

“1988: George H. W. Bush – 40%

“1980: Ronald Reagan – 45%”


   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

Sen. Kelly Ayotte
Ayotte and Romney

* Senator Kelly Ayotte

“I have been looking for a candidate that can lead our country based on our shared conservative principles and who can win.

“For me, Mitt Romney is that candidate and that is why I will be working as hard as I can to help him secure the Republican nomination and most importantly, ensure that Barack Obama is a one-term president,” Ayotte wrote.

“I believe Governor Romney will run a campaign against President Obama that is serious, substantive, and one we can be proud of,” she added.

"There's one person in this field who is prepared to lead the United States of America and that is Mitt Romney," Mrs. Ayotte told cheering supporters gathered on the City Hall steps. "Most importantly, there is one person who I know will ensure that Barack Obama is a one-term president and that is Mitt Romney."

“Over the last number of months, I’ve come to the conclusion that based on his experience as a successful businessman, his experience as an effective governor, and how he has handled himself in the presidential debates and on the campaign trail here in New Hampshire answering the tough questions from voters, there is one person in this filed who is prepared to lead the United States of America, and that is Mitt Romney,” Ms. Ayotte said. “And most importantly, there is one person who I know will ensure that Barack Obama is a one-term president, and that is Mitt Romney.”

Ayotte said Romney “has proven through his experience as a successful businessman and as an effective governor and his excellent debate performances that he is best prepared to lead our country and also, very importantly, to make sure that Barack Obama is a one-term President.”

Romney, she said, “will get America back to work and get our fiscal house in order.”

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Kelly Ayotte talks to Hannity (video)

“Romney would beat Obama in New Hampshire by 10 percentage points, according to a new Bloomberg News poll.

“New Hampshire has favored Democratic candidates in four of the last five presidential elections... Obama won New Hampshire in 2008 with 54% of the vote.

“Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, does particularly well with New Hampshire’s independent voters – he would win independents by 15 percentage points.” LA Times - Nov 16, 2011

“President Obama is getting some ominous news out of New Hampshire Friday in a new poll that suggests he will lose the key presidential state by a sizable margin if former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee...

“But it's not all bad news for the president: though losing big to Romney, he soundly defeats every other potential GOP candidate the poll tested, including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (by 8 points), former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (by 16 points), Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (by 19 points), businessman Donald Trump (by 22 points) and former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin (by 27 points).” CNN.com - Apr 22, 2011

    “New Hampshire is a nominal swing state, but it has gone blue in four of the last five presidential elections. According to PPP’s latest poll of the Granite State, Mitt Romney is the only potential GOP nominee with a shot at putting New Hampshire’s four electoral votes in play next year. Otherwise, President Obama leads by margins larger than his almost ten-point victory over John McCain in 2008.

    “Romney essentially ties the president, with 46% to Obama’s 47%. But the president tops Newt Gingrich 52-39, Mike Huckabee 52-38, Donald Trump 51-37, and Sarah Palin 56-34...

    “The only candidate who earns more Democratic support than Obama does GOP votes is Romney, who is also the only candidate to tie the president with independents (at 44%)...

    “ "Unless Mitt Romney gets the nomination, President Obama should easily win New Hampshire once again," said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. "This state really exemplifies the extent to which the GOP being competitive against Obama is going to depend on who they nominate." ” PublicPolicyPolling.com - Apr 6, 2011

    “The Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling of North Carolina says a March 31-April 3 poll (click to view) of 769 likely New Hampshire voters shows the President trouncing every potential GOP hopeful - except Romney.” archive of UnionLeader.com - Apr 7, 2011

“Romney has big lead in New Hampshire...

“Romney, who came in second to Arizona Sen. John McCain in the 2008 New Hampshire Republican primary, has consistently led the pack in recent WMUR polls. He also has the highest favorability rating at 73 percent among likely Republican voters.

“At this point Romney is leading Obama in a hypothetical match-up 49 percent to 41 percent. Obama fairs better against Palin, 57 percent to 34 percent and leads Pawlenty 44 percent to 37 percent.” CNN.com - Feb 14, 2011

Sen. Judd Gregg

★ fmr Governor and Senator, Judd Gregg

“New Hampshire voters are looking for a candidate who will focus on the economy from day one,” Gregg said in a statement. “Mitt Romney is the only candidate with a record of results in both the private sector and as governor. Whether it was as Governor, during the Olympics, or as a successful businessman, Mitt Romney has shown that he can turn around struggling enterprises. Right now our economy needs a turnaround.”

“Whether it is his economic know-how or plan to create jobs, Mitt Romney stands head-and-shoulders above the rest of the field. In November 2012, Republicans will need a candidate with the record, vision, and capability to go up against President Obama.”

“The United States is facing a looming disaster, or really two looming disasters. One is called runaway spending. The other is called runaway debt. Together they portend real hardship for our country, and we urgently need to get both under control...

“The former governor of Massachusetts has what it takes to deal with the twin crises in which we are gripped...

“The country is fortunate that Romney is in the race. As sometimes happens in history, the economic crisis has brought to the fore exactly the kind of leader that we need...

“A lot of people know how to talk the talk. What Romney also knows is how to go about putting his understanding into practice. He can actually walk the walk...

“The state government, long under the control of a Democratic legislature, was spending more than it was taking in. We can all draw some lessons from what Romney did to reverse the fiscal recklessness. He cut taxes on 19 different occasions. And he cut state spending. By the end of his term, the state had a $2 billion rainy day fund, and Massachusetts employers had resumed hiring... it was the work of a highly skilled leader. Particularly notable is that he was able to reach across the aisle and persuade Democrats to go along with measures that they had long resisted.

“Romney is the leader we need to break our national pattern of out-of-control spending and borrowing. President Obama has taken the nation on a credit-card binge of unprecedented dimensions. Our annual federal budget deficit averaged $164 billion in the decade before Obama took office. Last year it was $1.3 trillion and it is projected to average nearly $600 billion over the next ten years. The implications for our national future of staying on this course are grave. Put simply, it’s unsustainable.

“Fortunately, we have a choice. We can wait until our irresponsible borrowing and spending catches up with us in a crisis that will make our current problems look like a picnic. Or we can elect new leaders who will point our country in a better direction. I prefer the latter option.

“Gov. Romney has already put forward what is the most detailed program for economic recovery of any candidate in all of American history. But he’s hardly rested there. Even more penetrating analyses and farreaching proposals are on their way. If we have before us a serious crisis, we also have before us a leader of commensurate seriousness, who is committed to turning things around.”

“Obviously, I hope that on the Republican side Mitt Romney wins. I think he’s our best candidate. I think he’s a can-do problem solver, who approaches issues on a fiscally conservative way, and I like that.” — Sen. Judd Gregg

“I am proud to stand alongside Governor Romney as he campaigns to build a stronger America,” said Gregg, who campaigned with the former governor in New Hampshire on Monday. “For months, the people of New Hampshire have had the opportunity to meet Governor Romney all over the state and listen to his ideas for bringing change to Washington. Mitt Romney embodies New Hampshire’s values — values that stress government living within its means, lower taxes, a stronger military and stronger families.”

"Sen. Judd Gregg - Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1992 and currently serving his third term. Previously served two terms as Governor of New Hampshire, 1989-93; four terms as U.S. Representative for New Hampshire's 2nd CD, 1981-89; and one term as Executive Councilor for New Hampshire's Council District 5, 1979-81. Partner in the law firm of Sullivan, Gregg and Horton in Nashua."

John Sununu

* fmr Governor John H. Sununu

“I’m supporting Governor Romney because he is a solid conservative who is committed to reducing taxes, cutting spending and preserving America’s military strength. Mitt has served as a governor, had a successful career in the private sector, and acquired the executive experience needed to turn around our economy and fix our broken government,” said Governor Sununu. “He has demonstrated that he is the strongest candidate to take on President Obama in 2012 and restore fiscal sanity to Washington.”

“I endorsed him because he is the best one running to be president as a conservative Republican President... He's the best man running, he's the best man to win and we need this today...

“It's clear he understands that national security is the principle responsibility of the presidency. A very strong Ronald Reagan peace through strengh position. He's committed to cutting spending... He's committed to repealing Obamacare. He's right on the issues I care about like making sure we don't get cap and trade. He kept Massachusetts out of the regional greenhouse gas initiative. He's right on the family issues. I'm very comfortable with Mitt Romney as a conservative Republican presidential candidate and as a conservative Republican President...

“Mitt Romney served as a governor. I am absolutely convinced that governors make the best presidents, ala Ronald Reagan or if you're on the liberal side, FDR... Mitt Romney has been on the business side. He's had to make decisions in reducing business bureaucracies as well as government bureaucracies...

“I feel very strongly that he is the best man to be president... Mitt Romney will come out I'm absolutely convinced, as the winner, and frankly, go on to be a great conservative president to fix the mess we have.”

(PRI's The Take Away - Oct 25, 2011)

Video showing endorsement:

“He is the only candidate who has the capability to turn around our economy. On both economic and fiscal policy, Mitt Romney is the only candidate with the conservative record and plan to go toe-to-toe with President Obama next year and win in November. Unlike our current president, Mitt Romney actually knows how the economy works and how businesses grow and hire. This understanding of the economy will be key to reversing three years of failures and rebuilding our economy.”

“Mitt Romney’s experience in the private sector and as governor is the perfect combination to give us a president who can produce jobs and spur economic growth. It’s a shame that we have to wait another year to make the change.”

Jan 6, 2012 - Talking to Fox News' Martha MacCallum

Jan 6, 2012 - Fox Business Network's "Freedom Watch," with Judge Napolitano

The above clip came from the TIME.com link below:

“He is ready to be president on day one. No other candidate possesses his knowledge of the economy or how jobs are created and no other candidate will be able to take on President Obama. On Tuesday, I encourage my fellow Granite Staters to support Mitt Romney as our party’s nominee so that we can turn around our country.”

Rep. Charlie Bass

* Representative Charlie Bass

“Voters in New Hampshire and across our country are looking for a candidate that understands what our economy needs to recover and grow, that has the experience of creating jobs, and has the leadership qualities needed to bring the citizens of our nation back together in these challenging times. I firmly believe that Mitt Romney is the candidate that will renew our country’s faith in the American dream.”

* Fmr. Rep. Bill Zeliff

Former congressman Bill Zeliff was introduced as a supporter of Mitt Romney at this Mitt Romney rally.

Congressman William Zeliff served New Hampshire from 1991-1997.

New Hampshire Executive Counselors

* First District Executive Councilor Ray Burton

* Second District Executive Councilor Dan St. Hilaire

* Executive Counselor Ray Wieczorek

* Executive Counselor Chris Sununu

* Former Executive Counselor Ruth Griffin

Councilor St. Hilaire:

“As a fiscally responsible governor, Mitt Romney kept taxes low, controlled spending and balanced budgets. As a successful businessman, he created jobs and turned around struggling enterprises. He is a uniquely qualified candidate who has the experience needed to control our exploding deficits and fix our broken economy.”

"Dan St. Hilaire was first elected as Executive Councilor for the Second District in 2010. In this role, he has fought to keep state spending under control. A resident of Concord, St. Hilaire also serves on the Concord City Council as Mayor Pro Tem. He is a former Merrimack County Attorney, the county’s top law enforcement officer. He previously served as a prosecutor for the City of Concord."

Counsilor Sununu:

“Mitt Romney has demonstrated that he has the skills, the experience, and the leadership needed to defeat President Obama and turn around our economy. He knows how to create jobs, cut spending, reduce taxes and promote the pro-growth policies that are needed to return America’s prosperity,” said Councilor Sununu. “In 2012, Republicans need a leader who can unite our Party and promote our fiscally conservative values. That leader is Mitt Romney.”

(There are 5 seats on the New Hampshire Executive Council)

2012 New Hampshire Legislators

- * Senate President Peter Bragdon, Milford

- * Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, Wolfeboro

- * Senate Majority Whip Sharon Carson, Londonderry

- ★ Senator Chuck Morse, Salem

- ★ Senator James Rausch, Derry

- * Senator Jack Barnes, Raymond

- * Senator David Boutin, Hooksett

- * Senator Tom Deblois, Manchester

- * Senator Russell Prescott, Exeter

- * Senator Gary Lambert, Nashua

- * Senator John Gallus, Berlin

- ★ House Majority Leader David J. Bettencourt

- ★ Deputy House Majority Leader Shawn Jasper, Hudson

- * Assistant Majority Leader David Hess, Hooksett

- * Representative Mary Allen, Newton

- * Representative Beverly Ferrante, Derry

- * Representative Norma Champagne, Manchester

- * Representative Russell Day, Goffstown

- * Representative Kathleen Hoelzel, Raymond

- ★ Representative Phyllis Katsakiores, Derry

- * Representative Frank Holden, Lyndeborough

- ★ Representative Charles McMahon, Windham

- * Representative Joseph Krasucki, Nashua

- * Representative Michael Reed, Nashua

- * Representative John Sytek, Manchester

- * Representative James Webb, Derry

- * Representative Ross Terio, Manchester

- ★ Representative Chris Ahlgren, Wolfeboro

- * Representative Shaun Doherty, Pelham

- * Representative Betsy McKinney, Londonderry

- * Representative Frank Tilton, Laconia

- * Representative Jim Devine, Sandown

- * Representative Donald Flanders, Laconia

- * Representative Dennis Reed, Franklin

- * Representative Jane Johnson, Swanzey

- * Representative Chris Christensen, Merrimack

- ★ Representative Larry Emerton, Goffstown

- * Representative John Byrnes, Swanzey

- ★ Representative Marlinda Garcia, Salem

- ★ Representative Mary Griffin, Windham

- * Representative Chris Nevins, Hampton

- * Representative Steve Schmidt, Wolfeboro

- ★ Representative Will Infantine, Manchester

- ★ Representative Bill Tobin, Sanbornton

- ★ Representative Laura Gandia, Litchfield

- ★ Representative Bev Rodeschin, Newport

- * Representative John Tholl, Whitefield

- * Representative Carl Seidel, Nashua

- ★ Representative Ken Hawkins, Bedford

- ★ Representative David Welch, Kingston

- * Representative Barry Palmer, Nashua

- * Representative John O'Connor, Derry

- * Representative Robert Rowe, Amherst

- * Representative Frank Sterling, Jaffrey

- * Representative Molly Smith, Hooksett

- * Representative Michael Weeden, Dover

- * Representative Edwin "Smokey" Smith, Hinsdale

- ★ Representative Betsey Patten, Moultonborough

- * Representative Susan Emerson, Rindge

- * Representative Tony Pellegrino, Merrimack

- * Representative Robert Moore, Westmoreland

- * Representative Jack Flanagan, Brookline

- * Representative Irene Messier, Manchester

- * Representative Kathleen Stroud, Merrimack

- ★ Representative Ron Belanger, Salem

- * Representative Gene Charron, Chester

- * Representative Norman Major, Plaistow

"Eight-term state Rep. Norman Major, R-Plaistow, who backed Perry just more than a month ago, is now with Romney... Major said Romney “is more presidential and I think stands a better chance of beating Obama than Perry does.” "

- * Representative Mike McCarthy, Nashua

- * Representative Jon Richardson, Allenstown

- * Representative Robert Luther, Laconia

- * Representative Bob Haefner, Hudson

- * Representative David Lundgren, Londonderry

- * Representative Patrick Abrami, Stratham

- * Representative Glenn Ritter, Kensington

- * Representative Karen Hutchinson, Londonderry

- * Representative Bill Belvin, Amherst

- * Representative David Palfrey, Franklin

- * Representative Amy Perkins, Seabrook

- * Representative Gail Barry, Manchester

- * Representative Dennis Fields, Sanbornton

- * Representative Herb Richardson, Lancaster

- * Representative Harry Merrow, Ossipee

House Majority Leader David J. Bettencourt:

D.J. Bettencourt, the outspoken conservative majority leader in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, has decided to endorse Mitt Romney as the candidate who has "the absolute best chance at winning back the White House."

"My criteria, from the very beginning, was to select a candidate who was the most conservative candidate, who gave us the absolute best chance at winning back the White House. And I came to the conclusion that that was Gov. Romney," Bettencourt told POLITICO. "I was very much attracted to his executive experience, both as governor of Massachusetts and running the Olympics."

“The 27-year-old Bettencourt is a prominent face in the younger generation of New Hampshire GOP leaders... Bettencourt had warm words for Romney's chief Republican rival, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, but said he ultimately felt Romney was a better fit for both the political moment and the responsibilities of the presidency... To conservatives who doubt Romney's bona fides, he advised: "They should look very closely at what Gov. Romney did in Massachusetts and I think that if they do so, they will come away with the conclusion that Gov. Romney is plenty conservative." ”

"Bettencourt said, “Mitt Romney’s experience is unmatched. As governor, he created jobs, kept spending low, and cut taxes. As head of the Winter Olympics, he was able to lead a turnaround and get the Games back on track. In addition, he has the private sector experience that will be critical to leading an economic recovery. I have known Governor Romney for several years and am extremely confident that he is the right man at the right time to lead our country.” "

“We can’t afford four more years of economic amateurism. Unlike our current president, Mitt Romney knows how the economy actually works and will put in place policies to get our economy moving on day one as president.”

Senate President Peter Bragdon:

“Governor Romney has the experience, skills and background required to address the economic challenges facing our country today. As a successful businessman and a fiscally responsible governor, Mitt knows how to balance budgets, cut spending and turn around struggling enterprises. He is head and shoulders above the rest of the Republican field and clearly the strongest candidate to take on President Obama in 2012. He is the right leader at the right time to lead our party and undo the damage caused by the failed Obama economic policies.”

Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley:

"State Senator and Romney for President supporter Jeb Bradley today released the following statement ...

" “Millions of Americans have lost their jobs under Barack Obama, and annual deficits and the national debt have soared to record levels during his presidency. This is not a record to be ‘extraordinarily proud’ of. We need a new leader in Washington who has the experience to fix our economy and promote pro-growth policies. That leader is Mitt Romney.” "

“Three years ago, candidate Obama came to New Hampshire and promised that he would turn around our country’s economy. Three years later, it is clear that President Obama has failed to deliver on the promises he made to Granite Staters. Our country cannot afford to continue on the same failed path that he is leading us. Mitt Romney has the proven record as a successful businessman needed to lead our country in a new direction. That is why New Hampshire voters will support him next November.”

“He has a demonstrated leadership ability, conservative record of success, and the vision to get our country back on track once again. Granite Staters will come out in support of Mitt Romney on Tuesday because he represents a clear break from President Obama and is the one candidate who can fix our country’s many problems. With the help of New Hampshire voters on Tuesday and in November, Mitt Romney can defeat President Obama, and lead our country toward a brighter future.”

Senate Majority Whip Sharon Carson:

“I have taken my time to evaluate the backgrounds and qualifications of each of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination. After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that Mitt Romney is the best person to lead our party and defeat President Obama in 2012,” said Senator Carson. “Governor Romney has the background as a conservative businessman and a fiscally responsible chief executive that our next president will need to turn around our country. Mitt has laid out bold initiatives for our country and he has been steady, composed and thoughtful in every one of the presidential debates. He is running the type of traditional grassroots campaign that my constituents expect from presidential candidates. Mitt Romney has earned my trust and support, and I look forward to working to make sure that he is elected the next President of the United States.”

Senator Chuck Morse:

"Announcing his support, Senator Morse said, “As a small business owner, I believe we need a fiscally conservative president who understands how the real economy works and how jobs are created. With over 25 years of experience in the private sector, Mitt Romney has the skills needed to turn around our struggling economy, get our exploding deficits under control and put people back to work. He is the right leader to confront the enormous challenges facing our country, and I am proud to support him.” "

Senator Gary Lambert:

“He has laid out bold plans to create jobs, maintain a strong and robust military and to invest in the resources we need to care for our veterans,” Lambert said. “In 2012, Republicans need a strong and experienced leader to defeat President Obama and restore America’s prosperity. That leader is Mitt Romney.’’

Senator David Boutin:

“Mitt Romney understands that our country can’t continue spending more than we take in. Mitt recognizes the extraordinary challenges facing our country and he has laid out bold plans to cut spending, jump start our economy and create jobs,” said Senator Boutin. “As a fiscally responsible governor, Mitt balanced budgets and as successful businessman he turned around struggling enterprises. He has the executive experience, the skills and the fiscally conservative values needed to defeat President Obama and restore fiscal sanity to Washington.”

Senator Russell Prescott:

“As a small-business owner, it is important to me that our country prepare itself for the challenges that the rest of the world poses – for talent, for intellectual property, and for the ingenuity that will propel us,” Prescott said. “America only succeeds if we have, from the top-down, a commitment to free enterprise and supporting our upstart businesses. With Mitt Romney, our next president would be an entrepreneur’s best friend.”

“As chair of the Commerce Committee, one of my top priorities is seeing New Hampshire workers find careers, not just jobs. It’s why I have helped bring career fairs to my district and why I support the repeal of business-slowing regulation at the federal and state level,” Prescott said. “I believe Mitt Romney will accomplish job creation in the private sector, and I look forward to working with him to bring many of those jobs to New Hampshire.”

Senator John Gallus:

“In 2012 Republicans need to nominate a candidate who can defeat President Obama and reverse the damage caused by his disastrous fiscal policies. Over the past several months, Governor Romney has clearly demonstrated that he is the most qualified candidate and the strongest Republican to take on the President,” said Senator Gallus. “As a successful businessman and a fiscally conservative governor, Mitt knows how to balance a budget and fix our broken economy. I am proud to support Mitt’s campaign and will work to ensure that he has the support needed to win the primary.”

Deputy House Majority Leader Shawn Jasper:

“Governor Romney has the executive experience and skills that are needed to defeat President Obama and turn around our economy. He is clearly the strongest Republican candidate and the most qualified person to lead our party in 2012,” said Deputy Majority Leader Shawn Jasper. “Mitt is running the type of traditional New Hampshire campaign that Granite Staters expect from presidential candidates. He is taking nothing for granted and working hard to earn every vote. I am proud to support Governor Romney and his campaign to cut spending, lower taxes and create jobs.”

Assistant House Majority Leader David Hess:

(Dave Hess has also been the House Majority Leader)

“Governor Romney has the executive experience and the fiscally conservative values needed to create jobs and turn around our economy. He is a proven leader who can bring people together to confront the enormous challenges facing our county,” said Assistant Majority Leader David Hess (R-Hooksett). “In 2012, Republicans must nominate a candidate who is capable of undoing the damage caused by President Obama’s failed economic policies. That leader is Mitt Romney.”

Representative Steve Schmidt:

Announcing his support for Governor Romney, State Rep. Steve Schmidt said: "With over 25 years of experience in the private sector and a successful record as governor, Mitt Romney knows how to create jobs and turnaround our struggling economy. Mitt is the most qualified Republican running for president and he is the strongest candidate to take on Barack Obama. I am proud to join his campaign and will do everything I can to help Mitt win the New Hampshire primary.”

Representative John Tholl:

“Governor Romney demonstrated in last week’s debate that he is the only Republican capable of defeating President Obama in 2012. Mitt is clearly head and shoulders above the rest of the field when it comes to understanding the free market and what it will take to put people back to work,” said Representative John Tholl, a former Coos County Republican Committee Chairman. “In 2012, Republicans want a leader who knows how to cut taxes, reduce bloated government spending and turn around our struggling economy. That leader is Mitt Romney.”

Representative Chris Nevins:

“State Rep. Chris Nevins, R-Hampton, said he was impressed with Romney.

“ "I really believe this man has the capability to be the next president of the United States. His business background, intelligence, experience history all point to that direction," said Nevins.”

Former Speakers of the House endorsements of Mitt Romney

(Mitt Romney has over 30 years of House Speakers support)

* 1975-1980 - Speaker George Roberts

* 1981-1986 - Speaker John Tucker

* 1987-1990 - Speaker Doug Scammon

* 1991-1996 - Speaker Harold Burns

★ 1997-2000 - Speaker Donna Sytek

• 2001-2004 - Speaker Gene Chandler (has not endorsed in 2012)

* 2005-2006 - Speaker Doug Scamman

Former State Senate Presidents

*Ted Gatsas, former Senate President (also Mayor)

*Ed Dupont, former Senate President

★ Tom Eaton, former Senate President

Former State Legislators

* Stella Scamman, former Representative

• George Twigg, III, former Representative

• Paul Smith, former Representative

* Maureen Mooney, former Representative

* Andy Peterson, former Representative

★ Chuck Morse, former Senator during 2008 election (current senator)

• Bob Flanders, former Senator

★ Bob Letourneau, former Senator

• Bruce Keough, former Senator

★ George Lovejoy, former State Senator & Co-Founder, Granite State Taxpayers

* former State Senator Sheila Roberge

Former House Speaker Doug Scamman:

“It’s a different time now and the governor’s experience of being a leader in business and in government is what we need in the White House now. I think he will do a good job." ”

Former House Speaker George Roberts:

“In 2012, Republicans need to nominate a strong and capable candidate who can defeat Barack Obama. We need a thoughtful, trustworthy, responsible leader who will never embarrass our party,” said Speaker George Roberts. “Mitt Romney has proven that he has the skills and experience needed to fix our economy and create jobs. As a governor and a successful businessman, he has cut taxes and balanced budgets. Mitt is head and shoulders above the rest of the Republican field and by far the most qualified candidate to take on President Obama.”

Former House Speaker Gene Chandler:

"I'm sure the party will have a lot of good candidates, but he's certainly going to be right at the top. His reputation and credentials are so impeccable. It's what the country needs.”

Former Senate President Ted Gatsas:

“Mitt Romney has the skills and the executive experience that the next president will need to turn around our struggling economy. After spending 25 years in the private sector as a successful businessman, Mitt knows how to balance budgets, fix broken enterprises and create jobs. He is also the strongest Republican candidate with the best organization to take on President Obama in 2012,” said Mayor Gatsas. “I am also impressed with the time and effort that he has invested in New Hampshire. Mitt is running the type of traditional grassroots campaign that Granite Staters expect from presidential candidates and he is working hard to earn the support needed to win the primary.”

“On the issues most important to Granite Staters – jobs, spending and taxes – there is no other candidate voters can trust more than Mitt Romney. His vision for limited government, balanced budgets, and low taxes stands in stark contrast to President Obama’s abysmal economic policies. After three years of fiscal mismanagement, Granite Staters are looking for a new leader who can undo the damage caused by the Obama Administration’s failed agenda. That leader is Mitt Romney.”

Former Senate President Ed Dupont:

“As a successful businessman, Mitt Romney turned around struggling enterprises and helped create thousands of private sector jobs. As a fiscally conservative governor, he balanced budgets, cut taxes 19 times and restructured state government,” said Dupont. “I am proud to endorse Mitt’s candidacy because he is the strongest and most qualified candidate to take on President Obama and fix our economy.”

Former Senate President Tom Eaton:

“Mitt is the strongest candidate to take on President Obama and he has the skills needed to rein in spending, control our exploding deficits and bring fiscal sanity back to Washington. I am proud to support his campaign and look forward to helping him spread his pro-jobs message across the Granite State.”

“Tom Eaton said, "Governor Romney is a compelling leader whose impressive career triumphs set him apart as uniquely qualified to end the fiscal excesses we have seen in Washington, D.C. He is well aware of the challenges facing our nation and it's no surprise there is so much excitement building around his campaign." ”

Former Senator Chuck Morse:

“Chuck Morse said, "We need to stop the out of control pork barrel spending in Washington. Our leaders need to exercise fiscal responsibility. Our next president must be a person who has executive experience in reducing waste, who can make tough decisions, who can balance the books, and who doesn't mind using his veto pen. As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney eliminated a nearly $3 billion deficit- without raising taxes. Mitt Romney is the right candidate to lead this nation, because he has the experience, the character, and the commitment to change Washington and make it work for the American people." ”

Former Representative Andy Peterson:

“Take a careful look at Mitt Romney and see if you see what I see,” said Peterson, a former state legislator who runs a real estate business. He is “a man who displays a nimble mind capable of both subtle nuance and broad understanding, combined with a principled degree of restraint in words and deeds.”

Former Representative Maureen Mooney:

Mooney cited the former Massachusetts governor’s “private business sector background and a proven record of being able to turn around corporations. That’s clearly what this country needs now.”

She said Romney’s “better experience in the private sector” than Perry “wil draw a clear line of distinction between him and President Obama.”

(archived page — original link expired)

Former Senator Bruce Keough:

“As Governor, Mitt Romney curbed runaway government spending, took on the most troubled bureaucracies, and fought activist judges to keep our families strong,” Keough said. “His bold, disciplined and principled leadership is an example for Granite State Republican candidates to follow.”

“Mitt Romney is the right leader for these challenging times.
“He is smart, effective, fiscally conservative.”

Nashua Telegraph
* Romney our choice for GOP nomination

''One of the common refrains during the dozen Republican presidential debates – and a reliable applause generator at that – is that “anybody up on this stage” could beat Democratic President Barack Obama in the November 2012 election.

''Don’t believe it. Only 10 sitting presidents have lost their bid for re-election in U.S. history – just three of them Democrats – and it only has happened three times since World War II: George H.W. Bush in 1992, Jimmy Carter in 1980 and Gerald Ford in 1976.

''So if Republicans are serious about reclaiming the White House – an office they have controlled for 28 of the past 40 years – it is imperative they get behind a candidate capable of reaching beyond the party ideologues and attracting the support of independents and disenchanted Democrats across the nation.

''That candidate, who also just so happens to be the most qualified candidate, is Mitt Romney...

''For us, evaluating a party’s potential nominee for president is much like interviewing applicants for a job opening. We check their resume. We look them in the eye and evaluate how they respond to our questions during their meetings with our editorial board. We observe how they conduct themselves on the campaign trail and in the televised debates with their peers.

''When we put that all together, we can come to no other conclusion than Romney has the intelligence, business acumen, political skills and leadership ability to earn our endorsement as his party’s nominee for president.

''And, with it, the right to compete head-to-head with our Democratic president come November, giving voters a clear choice on the future direction of the nation in the process.''

The New Hampshire Nashua Telegraph is New Hampshire's second largest newspaper. (TheCompetentConservative.com)

* Romney is best choice in New Hampshire

''Our nation remains mired in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Millions are out of work. In a climate of regulatory uncertainty, companies fear to make the decisions they must make to grow. Investors are hanging on to their money, unwilling to take the risks that fuel innovation and job creation.

''This stagnation is a failure of government...

''In the 2012 election, the Republican Party must offer the American people a clear alternative to President Obama and the Democrats...

''We urge Republicans and independents to support Mitt Romney in the New Hampshire Republican primary.

''In his private career as a successful venture capitalist and his public career as governor of Massachusetts, Romney has shown he can make the tough executive decisions needed to get the nation back on track.

''As governor of Massachusetts, Romney eliminated a $3 billion budget deficit and cut state spending, not merely reducing its rate of growth.

''Romney wants to lift the foot of government from the neck of American business. He wants to trim away the mass of regulation built up under President Obama and let the free enterprise system work once more.

''Romney wants to cut federal spending, capping it at 20 percent of the gross domestic product. That has been the average spending rate since the 1950s until Obama took office. Romney also favors lower tax rates spread over a broader tax base...

''Romney believes in a strong national defense. He believes that the world is a safer place when America is strong. He says that while there are certainly weapons systems that can be cut and cost savings to be realized, he favors rebuilding our aging Navy and Air Force, keeping our Army well-staffed and caring for our returning veterans.''

The New Hampshire Eagle-Tribune serves south-east New Hampshire, including Haverhill and Merrimack Valley, and northern Massachusetts

''Mitt Romney yesterday said his business experience makes him a better choice to revive the economy...

'' "The 25 years of my career spent in the private economy helps me understand the power of the American experiment, the danger of the president's transformation of our private economy and the way forward to create jobs again," Romney said.

'' "Rick, like others on the platform, has spent his career in politics," Romney said. "There's nothing wrong with that. It's an important contribution. But it's a different background at a time when we have to have someone who understands how the economy works." ...

'' "I can get America working again, not just with good jobs, but with the values and principles that drove America to be the most powerful nation in the world," Romney said in the interview. "I'm running not to protect the 1 percent. They're doing just fine. I'm running to help the 99 percent that are in trouble by this president's economy." ''

The Weirs Times
* Mitt Romney: The Right Man At The Right Time

''The presidential election of 2012 may just well be the most important election of our lifetime...

''The Republican candidates this year are one of the finest groups we have seen and we would proudly vote for any one of them next November. Still, the number one issue at hand is in defeating Barack Obama and his progressive agenda.

''We feel that the best candidate to take on this task and to win is Mitt Romney...

''In his time as Governor of Massachusetts, he helped turn a massive deficit to a 600 million-dollar surplus while working with a Democratic majority in the House and Senate. When he took office, jobs were leaving the state, when he was finished, thousands of new jobs had been created.

''His efforts in saving the 2002 Winter Olympics from disaster were extraordinary. Asked to take over an event losing sponsors in the midst of a bid-rigging scandal with serious budget problems, he cleaned up the leadership, restored public confidence and trimmed the budget. He did all this while at the same time ensuring the safety of millions at the event in the wake of the 9/11 attacks...

''We have seen three years of economic ignorance by a president who has no grasp or focus of what truly needs to be done. It has been guesses and misses. It's time for a president who knows what to do from day one as we are running out of time for experiments. Governor Romney is the right man for the job.''

Seacoast Online
* Economic smarts make Romney best of GOP field

"We believe the president's top priority for the next four years will be restoring health and vigor to the American economy, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate best suited to the task.

"Romney, who launched his presidential bid at the Scammans' Bittersweet Farm in Stratham, has proven his financial acumen at every step of his career. He mastered the art of the business turnaround at Bain & Co. in Boston and his success led to his founding of Bain Capital, a private equity fund now overseeing $65 billion in assets...

"When the Salt Lake City Olympics was in trouble, Utah's governor hired Romney to make the rescue. He took over an Olympic organization that was losing so much money so fast, it was considering scaling back events. Romney's leadership transformed the quadrennial games into a winner that turned a $100 million profit...

"We feel confident that, when faced with choices about the direction of our nation's economy and governance, Romney will make sound decisions. And there's no question Romney in the White House will instill confidence in our nation's businesses and financial markets.

"As the Republican governor in Democrat-dominated Massachusetts, Romney eliminated a $3 billion budget deficit and passed a health care law that brought the number of uninsured in the state to less than 2 percent, a remarkable accomplishment...

"On Sunday, Dec. 11, The New York Times carried a story highlighting Romney's lifelong frugality. Despite a net worth estimated at $200 million, he can't bear to waste money. What better attribute could we ask of someone sent to Washington to increase efficiency and reduce government spending? Money not wasted is money that will be put to work rebuilding our nation...

"Finally, it's our observation that Romney is a good man who is not a great politician. He is stiff and lacks the common touch. But the fact is, we're electing a president to tackle highly complex global problems on an hourly basis. It takes an uncommon person with drive, vision, intelligence and integrity to do that job right, and among the Republican candidates, Romney stands head and shoulders above the rest of the field. We encourage our readers to support Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential primary Jan. 10."

"Seacoast Media Group, the parent company of the Portsmouth Herald, Hampton Union and Exeter News-Letter, on Sunday announced that it is endorsing Romney for the GOP presidential nomination."

Seacoast covers Portsmouth, Hampton and Exeter New Hampshire, and York and Kennebunk Maine.

* Romney endorsed by Foster's in N.H. GOP Primary

''The Editorial Board at Foster's, ... were unanimous in their support for Romney.

''Dietterle, as quoted in the editorial, states:

'' "While making our endorsement in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary, Foster's Sunday Citizen is not going to spend endless words addressing much of the myth and mythology which has been used to attack Mitt Romney, who we believe should be the Republican nominee for president of the United States.

'' "Our recommendation comes from taking much of what has been said and written in news coverage and slanted blogs with a grain of salt. Instead, we have chosen to read what former Gov. Romney has written. We have sat across the table from him, looked him in the eye and asked some pointed questions. As a result, we like what we see in, and hear from, candidate Romney — thus our endorsement.

'' "Our trust and belief in the governor comes from years of knowing him. Since his last run for the Oval Office, Gov. Romney has grown and matured, as have his positions on the issues and his optimistic view of our country's future prospects."

* Mitt Romney: Best suited to be the GOP's standard-bearer

''Today, more than ever, the United States needs a president willing to listen to the electorate, a president willing to adapt to today's demands for governance, not remain married to methods because they are from a simpler time. By the same token, Foster's wants a president who has core values.

''Instead of just listening as the national media and others dissect Romney ad infinitum, Foster's has read what the governor and businessman has written.

''For a short read, we would direct primary voters to his 160-page jobs and economic growth plan — Believe in America. For a more in-depth look we suggest Romney's book, "No Apology." ...

''None of what is written here should suggest that Romney's past and years of experience should play a secondary role. Just the opposite is true, much of which will be key should he be elected president.

''There is his time at Bain Capital where he learned the whys and wherefores of the business world and the keys to job creation...

''Then there was his time as Massachusetts governor. Some voters of a more conservative bent may hold that against him. We don't. To the contrary, his ability to win office and improve the business climate in the Bay State is seen as herculean in an otherwise one-party Democratic oligarchy...

''And lest we be remiss in crediting Romney's accomplishments that make him better suited than others to be the GOP nominee, there is his turnaround of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games in 2002. Voters must not forget that Romney did, indeed, make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

''Beyond all this, Foster's is endorsing Mitt Romney because he offers a certain moral fortitude we admire.''

"Here are our top ten reasons for supporting Romney:

"10 — He can win the White House. This is lowest on our list because, while important, the substance of his policies and what they will do for the nation are more critical.

"9 — He has been endorsed by a cross-section of the GOP — from a more moderate John McCain to Tom Thomson, son of a very conservative New Hampshire governor, Meldrim Thomson.

"8 — As a candidate, Foster's has seen him grow and mature, making this time his time to be the nominee.

"7 — His faith in family, God and country is rock-solid.

"6 — He has built businesses.

"5 — He has suffered the slings and arrows of failed businesses.

"4 — He has had to meet a payroll.

"3 — He has led as a large-state governor and chief executive.

"2 — He has a well spelled-out plan for the economy.

"1 — Finally, the former Massachusetts governor has been Reaganesque in his ability to stay the course and keep his eye of the prize — the White House and leader of the free world...

"Romney's credentials and his character stand on their own. This devoted father, husband, businessman and former governor offers the stuff great presidents are made of."

Anti-tax Supporters

★ Former State Senator George Lovejoy, Co-Founder, Granite State Taxpayers

“This election is without a doubt the most important in my lifetime and in the history of our country. Winning this election must be the foremost goal of every Republican, and I determined that I would support the most conservative candidate who could defeat Barack Obama in 2012. That candidate is Mitt Romney,” said George Lovejoy. “Mitt has the successful business experience needed to lower spending and stop the taxing and borrowing of the Obama Presidency. He is on the right side of saving Social Security by fixing it instead of tearing it down. He will use this country’s resources to stop illegal immigration and not offer illegal immigrants incentives to come here at the expense of our taxpayers. He has the stature, the respect and the knowledge to lead this country back to job and business growth and to turn around our struggling economy.” — George Lovejoy

Tom Thomson
Tom Thomson

★ Tom Thomson, Anti-tax activist

“I believe this election will be a defining moment in our nation’s history and that Mitt Romney, like Ronald Reagan, can lead this great nation to a brighter future. I believe he has the presidential leadership, private sector experience and skills needed to get the job done. Governor Romney has a record of cutting taxes and he was the first major candidate to sign the ‘No New Taxes’ pledge. I believe, as my late father did, if you are serious about opposing and cutting taxes, you must be willing to sign the pledge as Romney has done. Mitt has also learned excellent business skills which he developed in the private sector. Washington desperately needs an outsider with business skills like Mitt Romney.”

Tom Thomson is a conservative anti-tax leader. The son of the late New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson, he is the honorary Chairman of Americans for Prosperity NH.

“After much thought and consideration I have decided to endorse the Republican candidate I believe is best for the country and is best positioned to win in 2008. He was the first presidential candidate to sign Americans for Tax Reform's anti-tax pledge, and he has made tax relief a top priority. He also believes that our hard-working Americans should not be taxed to death, and that we should, once and for all, do away with the death tax.

“In addition, Governor Romney has a proven record of extraordinary business skills, which will help run the federal government efficiently for our taxpayers. He has fought for traditional family values, and he, his wife, and their family have led by example.

“Governor Romney is a man of faith and integrity. He also believes in a strong military and has unwavering support for our men and women who are protecting our freedom every day around the world.

“I am pleased to endorse Governor Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee for President of the United States. I would encourage all Republican and Independent voters to join me in supporting Governor Mitt Romney for President.” — Tom Thomson

State Republican Party Supporters

* Fmr. Commissioner of Safety Richard Flinn

* Fmr. Belnap County Commissioner Mark Thurston

* Ted Gatsas, Manchester Mayor (also fmr. Senate President)

* Kendall Lane, Keene Mayor-elect

* Evelyn Marconi, former Portsmouth Deputy Mayor

* Carol Holden, Hillsborough County Commissioner

★ Donna Sytek, Chairman of the NH Republican Party in 1981-84
   (and NH's first female Speaker of the House)

* Jeff Hatch, former Salem GOP Chair

* Juliana Bergeron, NH Republican Executive Committee member,
   Fmr. Chairman of Cheshire County Republican Committee

• Tom Rath, NH Republican National Committeeman (also former Attorney General)

• Will Wrobleski, NH Republican State Committee voting member since Dec. 2004

• Thomas DeRosa, Chairman of the New Hampshire College Republicans in 2006-07

• Lauren Daigle, Chair of the UNH College Republicans

* Jerry Carmen, fmr. Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee,
   fmr. U.S. ambassador to the United Nations

“The coming election is the most important moment for our future as a Nation. We need a true leader now, one who will continue down the path marked by Ronald Reagan’s footsteps, a conservative who can win next November and then successfully govern,” said Ambassador Carmen. “In my estimation, Mitt Romney is the only candidate in the race with the credentials to carry the Reagan mantle, recapture the White House, and then turn around the American economy. Romney is not a career politician – he’s a lifelong businessman. That is exactly what we need in Washington right now; someone who understands how jobs are created.”

"Former Cheshire County Republican Chairman Juliana Bergeron today told the Primary Status that she is endorsing Mitt Romney for President... She has remained active and continues to serve on the state party's executive committee...

" “I think we need somebody who is going to key in on the economy and jobs and business issues,” Bergeron said...

" “When Mitt Romney was governor, they were having problems with insurance, and he took the bull by the horns and made a good effort to fix it,” Bergeron said...

"Bergeron said that as county GOP chairman in 2008, she was forbidden by party by-laws from endorsing in the presidential primary. But she said that had she been able to endorse, she would have backed Romney.

"She joins other supporters of Romney's 2012 presidential bid who were either neutral or backed other candidates in 2008, such as state Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, former Executive Councilor Ruth Griffin, state Sen. Jack Jack Barnes, current Executive Councilors Ray Burton and Dan St. Hilaire and Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard."

" “During these difficult economic times, Republicans need a presidential nominee who can create jobs and reverse the damage caused by President Obama’s failed fiscal policies. Mitt Romney has a proven track record in both the private and public sectors as a competent manager who balanced budgets and turned around struggling enterprises,” said Bergeron. “I am proud to support his candidacy and look forward to helping spread his pro-jobs message across New Hampshire.” "

"Bergeron served as chairman of the Cheshire County Republican Committee and as a member of the Executive Committee of the New Hampshire Republican Party from 2007-2010."

Gale Thomson

Fmr. New Hampshire First Lady Gale Thomson

“Today, former New Hampshire First Lady Gale Thomson announced her endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney. Mrs. Thomson is the wife of late New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson Jr., who's "Ax the Tax" platform inspired future state and national candidates to take a pledge against raising taxes...

“ "Governor Romney strongly believes that through fiscally conservative policies, we can grow the economy, create better jobs and build a stronger America for future generations. He fought for those principles as Governor and he'll do the same as our nation's president. My husband always said, 'low taxes are the result of low spending,' and Mitt Romney embodies this vital conservative principle. I would encourage all Granite Staters to join me in supporting Governor Romney's campaign," said Gale Thomson.”

March 10, 2010 - "The widow of former New Hampshire governor Meldrim Thomson has died at her home in Orford. Gale Thomson was 90."

* Robb Thomson

“Governor Romney understands, as my father did, that low taxes are the result of low spending. He is the best candidate to rein in reckless government spending, get our exploding deficits under control and restore fiscal sanity to Washington,” said Thomson. “In 2012, Republicans need to nominate a fiscally responsible leader who can create jobs, turn around our economy and defeat Barack Obama. That leader is Mitt Romney.”

"Robb Thomson Is A Longtime New Hampshire Community Leader And Republican Activist. Robb was active in the campaigns of his late father, Governor Meldrim Thomson. He also served as a New Hampshire co-chair for Texas Governor George Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign and State Grassroots Chairman for Ovide Lamontage’s 2010 U.S. Senate campaign. A longtime small business owner, Robb served from 1993-1996 as Governor Steve Merrill’s small business liaison, and as the Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) from 1996-1998. Robb has also served his community as an Orford school board member from 1978-1982 and as a town selectmen from 1990-1993 and 1994-1995."

* Jennifer Horn, Founder- We The People

“As a lifelong conservative who came to politics after first owning a small business, raising a family and being very involved in my community, I am less concerned about party and politics and much more concerned about what kind of world my children will raise their families in. Above all else, this election is about preserving freedom in America; it is about preserving an America of limited government and unlimited opportunity.

“That is why, as a conservative, as an activist, and as a mother I am voting for Mitt Romney for President...

“As the founder of We the People: A First in the Nation Freedom Forum, I have hosted nearly every Republican candidate in a public town hall. Every one of our candidates has their own strengths, and no candidate is perfect...

“Mitt Romney’s grassroots campaign has proven his respect for the role of that each citizen plays in our democratic process. He has answered thousands of unedited questions from thousands of voters. He eloquently and passionately expresses his love of God, country and family. When asked at the We The People town hall what core principle would guide him as President, he answered “The oath of office, where I place my hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.”

“Mitt Romney is a man of conservative values with a successful record of growing jobs, leading under difficult circumstances and making tough decisions when called upon to do so. He is a man of great personal integrity and possesses the character and strength to lead.”

"By New England standards, he was a conservative governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007, erasing a $3 billion deficit, cutting taxes, and aggressively opposing gay marriage. He’s best remembered, though, for his misbegotten health care program, Romneycare...

"I’ve been impressed by Romney’s ability to win the endorsement of one of New Hampshire’s toughest and least compromising conservatives, Jennifer Horn. A former talk radio host, she runs a grassroots organization, We the People...

"Her organization staged a series of events for individual candidates at which she and audience members asked questions. Romney came in December. “He hit every mark that day,” she told me. “He had a heart for America and wrapped that around his lifelong fiscal conservatism. I was convinced he would lead from the right.” "

Law Enforcement Supporters

County Sheriffs:

* Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard

* Grafton County Sheriff Doug Dutile

★ Belknap County Sheriff Craig Wiggin

• Former Belknap County Sheriff Dan Collis

★ Coos County Sheriff Gerald Marcou

* Rockingham County Sheriff Mike Downing

• Rockingham County Sheriff Dan Linehan

* Strafford County Sheriff Wayne Estes

* Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Prozzo

* Cheshire County Sheriff Richard Foote

Other Law Enforcement Endorsers:

Belknap County:

- New Hampton Police Chief Nathanial "Chip" Sawyer
- Belmont Police Chief Vincent Baiocchetti

Carroll County:

- Effingham Police Chief Joseph Collins
- Retired New Hampshire State Police Colonel Lynn Presby

Coos County:

- Former Enforcement Coordinator John Frattallone
- Berlin Police Commission Chair Steve Griffin
- Berlin Corrections Officer Vernon Millis

Hillsborough County:

- Hudson Police Chief Richard Gendron
- Nashua Community Policing Coordinator Ed Lecius
- Patrolman Patrick Mullen

Merrimack County:

- Retired New Hampshire State Police Major David McCarthy

Rockingham County:

- Danville Police Chief Wade Parsons
- Kingston Police Chief Don Briggs
- Salem Police Chief Paul Donovan
- Salem Retired Police Captain Mark Pearson

Strafford County:

- Bill Simons

Sheriff Wayne Estes:

“Mitt Romney has spent 25 years in the private sector balancing budgets, growing companies and creating jobs. He is the strongest Republican to take on President Obama because he understands how our economy works and how to get our country back on track. I am proud to endorse his candidacy and look forward to campaigning with him in New Hampshire.”

Sheriff Mike Downing:

“For three years, President Obama has failed to turn around our struggling economy. We have seen an increase in evictions and foreclosures. People need jobs, real jobs, to pay their rent and mortgages. Those that are released after being incarcerated have an even harder time finding employment and reintegrating into society. The cycle has to stop and people need results not empty promises,” said Sheriff Downing. “Mitt Romney has spent 25 years in the private sector balancing budgets, growing companies and creating jobs. He understands how our economy works and how to get our country back on track. Mitt has the experience, knowledge and skills required to lead our country and to defeat President Obama in 2012.”

“With today’s endorsements, Governor Romney now has the support of ... 4 out of 5 Executive Councilors and 8 out of 10 Sheriffs.”

Craig Sandler

Craig Sandler —
• 10 year NRA Executive Director
• Former head of NRA's LEAD
• Retired Police Chief

“In endorsing Governor Romney, Craig Sandler said, "Throughout his career in both the public and private sectors, Mitt Romney has demonstrated exceptional leadership ability, integrity, and commitment to principle. As a New Hampshire resident, former law enforcement officer, and avid sportsman, I am supporting Governor Romney because he is the candidate who will protect our Constitutional rights and strengthen our nation." ...

“Craig Sandler Was The Executive Director Of General Operations For The National Rifle Association (NRA) From 1996 - 2005. Prior to that, he was the head of the NRA's Law Enforcement Activities Division (LEAD) which provides law enforcement training with firearm instructor schools and hosts a central database of firearm information available to law enforcement agencies and their firearm instructors around the country. Prior to joining the NRA, Sandler was a police officer in Nashua, New Hampshire, eventually retiring as Chief. He is also an avid hunter and sportsman.”

Legal Supporters

U.S., State and County Attornies:

• David Vicinanzo, former 1st Assistant U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire

• Tom Rath, former Attorney General of New Hampshire, 1987-90

• Craig Donais, former N.H. Assistant Attorney General

★ County Attorney Peter Heed, Cheshire County, former N.H. Attorney General

• County Attorney Rick St. Hilaire, Grafton County

★ County Attorney James M. Reams, Rockingham County

* County Attorney Scott Murray, Merrimack County

Announcing his support, Rockingham County Attorney Jim Reams said, “I am impressed with Mitt Romney’s understanding of the economy and the markets based upon his business experience. Combined with his demonstrated leadership ability, he can create jobs and get this country moving again. There would be no ‘on the job’ training necessary with Mitt Romney as President.”

Additional Attornies:

(Serving to help elect Romney)

Carroll County:

- Thomas Dewhurst - Conway

- Jennifer G. Haskell - Wolfeboro

Grafton County:

- John Boyle - Plymouth

Hillsborough County:

- Jason Cole - Manchester

- Donna-Marie Cote - Deerfield

- Jim Doyle - Manchester

- Scott Earnshaw - Bedford

- ★ Laura Gandia - Litchfield

- Matt Johnson - Bedford

- Ovide Lamontagne - Manchester

- Gordon McDonald - Deering

- Jim Merrill - Manchester

- Brian Moushegian - Nashua

- David Ruoff - Weare

- Jason Sakellar - Manchester

- Shawn Sweeney - Milford

Merrimack County:

- Tom Rath - Concord

- David Vicinanzo - Concord

- Dan Will - Loudon

Rockingham County:

- Travis L.L. Blais - Windham

- Scott Ellison - Windham

- James Halepis - Portsmouth

- Thomas Laporte - Chester

- Dan Norris - Salem

- James Workman - Hampton

“I have been impressed by Governor Romney's record of service and championing of important conservative principles. During his term as Governor, he promoted fiscal responsibility, advanced the culture of life, and defended the institution of marriage. He rightly recognizes that the source of America's strength is rooted in strong families, safe communities and a commitment to traditional values. I am honored to be a part of his team.” — Ovide Lamontagne

Business Supporters

"If a private business ran like our federal government, it would have closed down a long time ago. We need a proven executive who will change the standard operating procedure in our nation's capital. The business leaders who have joined us today are confident that executive is Governor Romney." — Ray Pinard, President And Chief Executive Officer Of 48HourPrint.com

·        Stacey Blake – President and CEO of Oven Poppers

·        Franne Ciriello – President of Eastlantic Advertising Inc.

·        Scott Coulombe – President and CEO of Steele Elements

·        Robert A. Cruess – President and CEO of TFMoran Inc

·        Kevin Davis – CFO of Nike Bauer

·        Michael Doheny – President of Summit View Construction, LLC

·        Gary Dworkin – President of Dworkin Associates, Inc.

·        Jackie Eastwood – Founder and CEO of TissueLink Medical Inc.

·        Ben Gamache – Owner And CEO of Gamache Enterprises

·        Steve Griffin – Senior VP, Co-Owner of Isaacson Structural Steel

·        Craig Jewett – President of Jewett Construction Co. Inc.

·        Charles Johnson – Former President of Johnson Abrasives

·        Michael Kane – Principal of The Kane Company

·        Eric Letendre – President and Founder of Shannon Investments, LLC

·        Gary Levy – Portsmouth businessman

·        Gary Mayo – President and Commercial Risk Mgmt Director, AB Gile

·        Karl Norwood –  President of NAI Norwood Group
         (and past chairman of the State Republican Finance Committee)

·        Steve Pelkey – President of Atlas Fireworks

·        Ray Pinard – President, CEO Of 48HourPrint.com

·        Rob Prunier – Principal of a commercial construction business

·        Brad Smith – Owner of Smith Candies

·        Douglas Tate – Owner of Broad Reach Business Group, LLC

·        David Vicinanzo – Partner with Nixon Peabody LLP

·        Ashton Welch – Owner of Carriage Hill Productions

Military Vetrans for Mitt

A group of 100 military vetrans, including a dozen and a half state officials.

2008 New Hampshire Legislators

Belknap County:

- House Republican Leader Mike Whalley, Alton

- ★ Rep. William Tobin, Sanbornton

Carroll County:

- ★ Rep. Christopher Ahlgren, Wolfeboro

- Rep. William Denley, Wakefield

- Rep. Harry Merrow, Ossippee

- ★ Rep. Betsey Patten, Moultonborough

- Rep. Stanley Stevens, Wolfeboro

Cheshire County:

- Rep. Stephen Pelkey, Jaffrey

Grafton County:

- Rep. Vernon Dingman, Haverhill

Hillsborough County:

- ★ Rep. Larry Emerton, Goffstown

- Rep. Richard Fletcher, Goffstown

- ★ Rep. Ken Hawkins, Bedford

- ★ Rep. William Infantine, Manchester

- ★ Rep. Shawn Jasper, Hudson

- Rep. Pamela Manney, Goffstown

- Rep. Pamela Price, Nashua

- Rep. Maurice Villeneuve, Bedford

Merrimack County:

- Rep. Eric Anderson, Bow

- Rep. David Boutin, Hooksett

- Rep. Charlie Humphries, Hooksett

Rockingham County:

- ★ Rep. Ronald Belanger, Salem

- ★ Rep. David Bettencourt, Salem

- Rep. David Dalrymple, Salem

- Rep. Anthony DiFruscia, Windham

- ★ Rep. Marlinda Garcia, Salem

- ★ Rep. Mary Griffin, Windham

- Rep. James Headd, Auburn

- Rep. Paul Hopfgarten, Derry

- Rep. George Katsakiores, Derry

- ★ Rep. Phyllis Katsakiores, Derry

- ★ Sen. Bob LeTourneau, Derry

- Rep. Norm Major, Plaistow

- ★ Rep. Charles McMahon, Windham

- Rep. Ronald Nowe, Epping

- Rep. Mark Pearson, Salem

- ★ Rep. James Rausch, Derry

- Rep. Everett Weare, Seabrook

- ★ Rep. David Welch, Kingston

- Rep. Rick Wickson, Derry

Sullivan County:

- ★ Rep. Beverly Rodeschin, Newport

“New Hampshire House Republican Leader Mike Whalley said, "Governor Romney has run a campaign that respects the New Hampshire people, primary and process. He is a conservative leader on the issues that are important to voters in our state, and we know he will continue the fight to keep taxes low and cut government spending. Our endorsement of Governor Romney is evidence of his hard work and together we will help him get out the vote in the final days of the campaign.”

“Senator Letourneau said, "After joining Governor Romney at campaign stops in New Hampshire, and hearing from him in the Republican debates, I've decided he is the candidate best able to lead our nation forward and address the new generation of challenges facing our nation. His optimistic vision and fundamental belief in the American people will lead to a stronger America. I am proud to join Governor Romney's campaign here in the Granite State." ”

Former State Senator Bruce Keough

Thousands of our state's citizens believe that Gov. Romney is the leader our country deserves, and it is not hard to see why. Over this past year, Mitt Romney has shown us all a lot about himself. Years ago, we watched from afar as Mitt Romney turned the scandal-plagued Winter Olympics into a national success story. It was a time when our country sorely needed a boost at home and abroad. Romney rose to the challenge and demonstrated to all of us his internal strength and determined leadership.

In 2003, Romney was inaugurated as governor of Massachusetts. At the time, his state was in fiscal crisis. There was much the people of Massachusetts were expecting from their newly elected leader. Romney did not disappoint. He drew on his business experience and leadership abilities to successfully erase a nearly $3 billion deficit without raising taxes or borrowing more money. Romney showed Massachusetts how talented and smart he truly was.

Having been able to work closely with Gov. Romney, I have come to understand that Mitt Romney the presidential candidate is no different than Mitt Romney the father, husband, grandfather and businessman. He has not been changed by titles or public life. He is a man of integrity and courage, and a man of action who values quiet reflection and study. Mitt Romney analyzes data with great zeal. And he demands all the facts from his staff. He quickly can grasp the crux of any issue and chart the right course as he did with the fiscal crisis in Massachusetts...

While Gov. Romney has a long record of success in both the public and private sectors, Americans ultimately don't choose their president based on a resume. They vote based on the vision the candidate has for the country's future. We've come a long way as a nation, but we can yet have a better tomorrow. Romney envisions an American future of always expanding political equality, social justice and economic opportunity. If we elect him to help us navigate the new challenges we face as Americans, we will have taken another important step toward ensuring that the past "American Century" is just the first in a long succession.

Gov. Romney is also a man of deep convictions. He has always stood strong in the defense of traditional marriage, the Second Amendment, fiscal conservative policies and our most basic conservative values. There is only one issue that Gov. Romney has changed on and that is the issue of abortion. Now firmly pro-life, he admits his position has changed. He is often called up to explain the change which he does with patience and thoughtfulness. Those who question his conviction can look to his record of standing for life as governor of Massachusetts. On this issue, a record is more important than just words.

Gov. Romney is a true leader. He has achieved success personally, professionally, in the private sector and in public service. He has shown all of us that he has what it takes to be our country's next president. Gov. Romney is the one who has the diversity of experience and record of leadership to lead our country through the extraordinary challenges we face and thousands of my fellow New Hampshire citizens agree.