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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

* Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC)

“Governor Romney's proven leadership and his track record on issues of vital importance such as reducing government spending and creating jobs are exactly what we need to put Americans back to work, reduce our spending and address our national debt, and put our nation on the path to economic prosperity.”

“The lack of leadership from the current Administration has had a devastating effect on our nation, our economy, and on American families across the country,” continued Senator Burr. “Governor Romney is a strong leader with a proven track record of addressing the most pressing issues of our time – growing the economy and creating jobs for American workers. I am proud to give him my support, and I am confident he will be our next president.”

★ Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC)

“Mitt Romney has been a successful leader his entire life,” said Congressman Coble. “Whether it was business, the Winter Olympics, or as governor, Mitt Romney has proven that he can turn around troubled enterprises. Right now, North Carolina and the country need a leader to engineer an economic turnaround.”

BOSTON, Feb. 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, U.S. Congressman Howard Coble (R-NC) announced that he is endorsing Governor Mitt Romney to be our next President of the United States. Congressman Coble joins Congresswoman Virginia Foxx from North Carolina in supporting Governor Romney.

Making today's announcement, Congressman Coble issued the following statement: "I am very impressed with what Mitt Romney has accomplished during his career. Clearly he has been very successful in the private equity field. He used those business skills in turning around the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake. He proved his political and governing skills by getting elected Governor of Massachusetts. As the only non-Senator among the final four presidential frontrunners, Mitt Romney can bring a fresh approach to the issues facing our nation. I am pleased to endorse Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination."

"I was proud to endorse Mitt Romney for President on the day before Super Tuesday."

“President Obama’s approval rating in North Carolina is the best it has been in three months, but he remains knotted with his perennially toughest foe for next year, Mitt Romney, while leading the others tested against him by larger margins. Romney edges Obama 46-45, Herman Cain was not tested in the previous poll, but he trails now by three points (47-44). Obama remains up on Newt Gingrich by seven points (50-43), but has improved versus the others, leading Ron Paul (48-40), Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann (each 50-42) by eight points.” PublicPolicyPolling.com - Nov 2, 2011

"In September, Obama tied Rick Perry at 46% apiece, led Mitt Romney by one point (45-44), ... Now, he still leads Romney by one (46-45), but tops Perry by four (48-44) and Bachmann and Gingrich each by seven (49-42). He also leads Ron Paul by three (46-43). Romney leads by 16, Paul by 14, Gingrich by five, Perry by two, and Bachmann by only one point with independents." Public Policy Polling - Oct 6, 2011

"In two polls conducted after the 2010 election... Mitt Romney tied him [Pres. Obama] in November. But now... Romney holds steady at a 44-47 deficit... The survey’s margin of error is +/-4.1%." Public Policy Polling - Jan 25, 2011

★ Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC)

“North Carolina has suffered under President Obama’s policies. Burdensome regulations have slowed the industries that turned North Carolina into a job-creating machine. Mitt Romney has put forth a plan to get North Carolina and the country on a path to prosperity once again. As a conservative businessman, Mitt Romney has the economic know-how to change our economy fundamentally. I am proud to support him.”

Representative Foxx said, "While the North Carolina primary may not be for several months, our party will begin the process of selecting our nominee in just a few short days. The choice confronting Republicans could not be clearer. We need Governor Romney's leadership, experience, vision and values. He stands for what makes America great. He fought to enforce our immigration laws, reform health care and protect our values. This is leadership I am proud to endorse."

(Complete quote no longer online, excerpts of most of quote in story above)

* Rep. Patrick McHenry

“After three years, President Obama has failed to deliver on his promise to fix our economy,” said Congressman McHenry. “It is clear that his overtaxing, overregulating and overspending are not the prescription for our failing economy. Mitt Romney has an economic plan that puts conservative principles in place to restart the economy and put North Carolinians back to work. Mitt Romney is also Republicans’ best chance to defeat President Obama so that we can repeal Obamacare. I look forward to working with him in his campaign to bring back jobs to North Carolina and make our state a leader in job growth once again.”

* Fmr. Senator Elizabeth Dole

In a letter supporting Mitt Romney, Senator Elizabeth Dole wrote:

“America is facing some of the greatest challenges in our nation’s history, in particular with regard to our economic future. It is vitally important that we nominate an individual with both a steady hand for these difficult times and the experience and capabilities to get our country back on track.”

“In a phone call Monday afternoon, I advised Governor Romney that I’m supporting him and will do whatever I can to be of assistance between now and the November election. I’ve been in all of Iowa’s 99 counties twice and have met hundreds and hundreds of dedicated voters. Endorsements may not matter, but hopefully my friends in Iowa will also offer their support to the Governor, a man of experience, leadership and unassailable character.”

-Elizabeth Dole

Elizabeth Dole represented North Carolina in the U.S. Senate from 2003 to 2009. Prior to her election, Senator Dole served in various public roles including Secretary of Transportation under President Reagan and as Secretary of Labor under President George H.W. Bush. Senator Dole is also a past President of the American Red Cross. She is the wife of former Kansas Senator Bob Dole.

Fmr. Rep. Cass Ballenger (R-NC)

Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced the members of his Latin American Policy Advisory Group...

Congressman Cass Ballenger: Retired U.S. Representative (R-NC) And Former Chairman Of The House International Relations Subcommittee On The Western Hemisphere. Congressman Ballenger worked to bring fiscal responsibility to the federal government, eliminate the excessive taxation of American families, and reduce regulations which place an unnecessary burden on our families and businesses. He is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Plastic Packaging, Inc., in Hickory, NC, which he began in 1957. Before being elected to Congress, Ballenger served in the North Carolina House of Representatives and Senate. He also has a long and distinguished record of community service, including as founding member of the Ballenger Foundations which equip schools and hospitals with critical supplies throughout Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean./p>

* House Speaker Thom Tillis

“North Carolina families are concerned for their futures,” said Speaker Tillis. “We are borrowing money from China, growing government, and jobs are still hard to come by. Our country needs a president that will institute the kind of pro-growth policies that restore economic security for all Americans. Mitt Romney has a bold vision to restore America’s promise. He will keep taxes low, scale back the size of government, and repeal President Obama’s disastrous healthcare law. I am proud to stand with him and call on my fellow North Carolinians to do the same.”

* Fmr. Raleigh Mayor Tom Fetzer

North Carolina: “Tom Fetzer, who had been state chairman of Newt Gingrich's campaign, has endorsed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

“ ''Washington has a spending problem and President Obama is making it worse,” said Fetzer, a former Raleigh mayor and former state GOP chairman. “Mitt Romney has proposed bold solutions to fix our spending crisis. He comes from the private sector and knows that we can't spend more than we take in.''

“ ''As governor, he took a $3 billion deficit and turned it into a $2 billion rainy day fund,' Fetzer said in a statement. “And unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney knows how to create jobs – he did in the private sector and he did in as governor.''  ”

* More North Carolina Supporters

* Fmr. Associate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court Robert Orr

* State Senator Tommy Tucker

* State Rep. Bill Current

* State Rep. Tim Moore

* State Rep. Danny McComas

* State Rep. Jimmy Dixon

* State Rep. Pat McElraft

* Fmr. Mayor of Charlotte, Richard Vinroot

* Fmr. Charlotte Mayoral Candidate, Scott Stone

* Fmr. Wake County Commissioner Kenn Gardner

Senator Tommy Tucker:

“North Carolinians are sick and tired of Washington’s reckless spending. Mitt Romney spent his life as a conservative businessman. He knows that, in the real economy, you simply cannot keep spending more than you take in. As president, he will cut federal spending and push for a balanced budget amendment. We cannot risk another four years of Barack Obama’s failed policies. I call on all conservatives that want a simpler, smaller, and smarter federal government to join me in supporting Mitt Romney.”