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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

Gov. Romney and Sen. Portman

* Senator Rob Portman

“Portman, the first-term Ohio Republican, said Wednesday that Romney “would be the right guy to turn things around and bring back jobs. And I think he has the best chance of beating President Obama.’’ ...

“ “I have been encouraged by what Governor Romney has been saying on the economy,’’ Portman said in an exclusive telephone interview. “He’s not just focused on what Barack Obama has done wrong. But he is focused on a pro-growth message . . . constructively laying out an aggressive pro-jobs agenda.’’ ”

“Mitt Romney has been a lifelong leader who has shown how to bring people together to turn around tough situations. And right now, that's exactly what our nation needs. Americans can be proud to stand behind Mitt - he has balanced budgets, cut taxes, and created jobs. He is the one candidate who will be able to defeat President Obama in November and bring conservative change to Washington while helping America achieve its great potential.”

“Mitt Romney will provide the type of conservative leadership that we need to spur economic growth and create jobs,” said Senator Rob Portman. “Mitt has the skills and private sector executive experience that our next president will need to address the enormous challenges facing our country. He is the best candidate to take on and defeat President Obama and begin to turn things around. I am proud to support him.”

“...the country needs a new leader with the experience and ideas to change America's course for the better.

“Mitt Romney is that leader. He’s accomplished turnarounds his entire professional life – as a business leader, with the Olympics and as governor of Massachusetts.

“In his 25-year business career, he created over 100,000 net new jobs by turning around companies, balancing budgets and eliminating waste. In the international spotlight, he rescued the Salt Lake City Olympics from insolvency.

“As governor of Massachusetts, he erased a $3 billion budget deficit and created a $2 billion rainy day fund, cutting taxes 19 times and casting more than 800 vetoes. Conservative reforms like that are no small feat in a state with a legislature that is 85 percent Democrat.

“Mitt Romney not only has the experience to lead an economic turnaround for America, he also has the right plan...

“Mitt Romney will deliver, as he always has...

“That is why I will vote for Gov. Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday, March 6. I hope you will join me.”

Ohio Polls:

“OHIO: Romney 43 - Obama 42%” Quinnipiac.edu - Dec 8, 2011

“If Barack Obama had to stand for reelection today he would likely lose Ohio...as long as the Republicans nominate Mitt Romney...” Public Policy Polling - Oct 20, 2011

    “A head to head between Obama and Romney would be a tie at this point, with each candidate getting 46%. Those numbers are worse for Obama than they appear to be on the surface though- just 18% of the undecided voters approve of the job he's doing. When those folks make up their minds they're not very likely to end up in Obama's camp. Romney has an 11 point advantage with independents and pulls 12% of the Democratic vote while losing only 4% of Republicans to Obama.” Public Policy Polling - Oct 20, 2011

    “Obama leads Romney by only two points, 45-43, a little bit of closure since PPP last polled the race in May... The newest entrant, Perry, is down, 45-41. Michele Bachmann trails, 48-41; Herman Cain, 47-39; and Palin, 51-38.” Public Policy Polling - Aug 16, 2011

    “Ohio: Romney fares best against Obama - Barack Obama 46% Mitt Romney 42%” TheHill.com - May 24, 2011

    “Obama tops Mitt Romney, 46-40, after leading only 44-42 in the previous survey. He leads Mike Huckabee, 48-41 (45-44), Newt Gingrich 50-38 (47-41), and Sarah Palin 52-36 (49-42).” Public Policy Polling - Mar 17, 2011

George Voinovich

* fmr. Senator George Voinovich

“Former U.S. Sen. George Voinovich is among nearly three dozen Ohio officials who are throwing their support behind Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney...

“Voinovich — who is a former Cleveland mayor and Ohio governor — was listed as an endorser alongside state senators, state representatives and several mayors. Other supporters included state and county Republican Party officials.”

* House Speaker John Boehner

“House Speaker John Boehner endorses Mitt Romney for president, praises his economic policies...

“The Ohio Republican told reporters Tuesday that Romney’s proposals will offer a strong contrast with what Boehner says are President Barack Obama’s failed efforts to revive the economy. Boehner said he will do all he can to help Romney win in November.”

Rep. Jim Renacci

* Rep. Jim Renacci

“If we are going to put America’s economy back together again, we need someone in the White House who understands how the economy works. We need a president who understands that we cannot support President Obama’s liberal policies that try to tax, spend or regulate ourselves into prosperity. We need a president who knows what it takes to create jobs, balance a budget and meet a payroll. We need a president with the experience and conservative record to lead, and I’m confident the person for the job is Mitt Romney. With 25 years of experience as a conservative businessman and a record of achievement as governor, Mitt Romney is the best candidate to defeat President Obama and reverse the failures of the last three years. I am proud to endorse his candidacy for President of the United States.”

Rep. Mike Turner

* Rep. Mike Turner

“I am proud to support Mitt Romney in his campaign for president. As a businessman, he understands how to get Americans back to work. President Obama’s ineffective leadership continues to hurt the prospects of Ohioans and citizens across the country. His failed policies have burdened the next generation with trillions of dollars of debt, and that is a future we simply cannot afford. As his record clearly shows, Mitt Romney is the leader that our economy needs to restore growth, that our party needs to defeat President Obama in 2012, and that our country needs to get back on track.”

Rep. Steve LaTourette

* Rep. Steve LaTourette

“In this election, the stakes could not be higher and the choice could not be clearer,” said Congressman Steve LaTourette. “The American people can choose a president whose reckless spending has made our economy worse, or a businessman with vision, integrity, and a proven track record of turning around troubled enterprises. Mitt Romney is the only candidate that can defeat President Obama and create jobs for Ohioans. I look forward to joining with him to get America back on track.”

Rep. Ralph Regula

Rep. Ralph Regula

“Rep. Ralph Regula, of Navarre, was on a list of people Tuesday who announced their support for Mitt Romney, the former Republican governor of Massachusetts...

“Regula said yesterday that his support for Romney is based on the former governor's record of accomplishments, including his performance leading up to the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics in the wake of Sept. 11 and the ethics scandal that enveloped many international Olympics officials.

“Romney "has a proven record of effective management and strong leadership, which I believe are essential qualities of a good president," Regula said through his press secretary.”

“Ralph Regula has led a distinguished career in public service that spans more than four decades. One of the most senior members of the US House of Representatives, he is serving as the Vice Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and the Chairman of its Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services and Education. He is the dean of Ohio's Congressional Delegation and is active in the Congressional Older Americans Caucus and the Congressional Steel Caucus.

“On November 5, 2002, the people of Ohio's 16th Congressional District elected him to his sixteenth term. With the beginning of the 108th Congress, the House leadership again asked him to chair the Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Subcommittee as well as serving as the Vice Chairman of the full committee. He will also remain active with older American and steel issues. As Subcommittee Chairman, Regula oversees the largest non-defense spending bill, providing federal funding for education, health and labor programs...

“Regula returns home to his farm in Ohio every weekend. He and his wife Mary have celebrated more than 50 years together there. They have three children and three grandchildren all of whom live near them.”

Cincinnati Enquirer

* Enquirer Endorsement: Romney deserves Ohio's support

"Republican voters can no longer ignore the obvious: There is only one GOP candidate for president who has the temperament, character and discipline to lead the nation. One candidate with the business experience and management skills befitting a chief executive. One candidate who can appeal to a broad enough spectrum of voters to win in November. That candidate is Mitt Romney.

"We endorse him wholeheartedly in Tuesday’s Ohio primary. Romney is best suited to represent the GOP mainstream, advance a thoughtful conservative agenda, offer a strong alternative to President Obama and lead the nation into a new era of progress if elected this fall.

"For the good of the country as well as their party, Republicans should not reject their most electable candidate. Romney talks conservative, and his track record backs it up. Among his attributes: ...

"Mitt Romney outclasses his rivals, and Ohio voters appear to be getting the message. As of Friday, Romney had turned a double-digit deficit vs. Santorum into a virtual tie in some opinion polls.

"Always a key battleground state, Ohio is especially important in 2012 as a microcosm of the nation’s economic struggle and rebound. Its issues – job growth, a healthy business climate, creative solutions to fund public needs – are right in Romney’s wheelhouse.

"This is Mitt Romney’s time. And this is the place.

"Ohioans have the chance Tuesday to reset the nation’s political discourse and help America refocus on rational, results-oriented policies. They should make the most of it. They should support Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination."

The Plain Dealer

* The Plain Dealer endorses Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination: editorial

"Ohio always looms large in presidential politics, especially among Republicans. Beginning with Abraham Lincoln, no GOP candidate has ever been elected president without Ohio's electoral votes. In any Republican strategy to unseat President Barack Obama this November, Ohio is a must-win state.

"As Ohio Republicans prepare to vote in Tuesday's primary, they need to remember the ultimate prize: winning in November...

"Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, is the only remaining Republican contender capable of that...

"But Romney's private-sector success is also critical to his appeal. He understands how businesses and investors make decisions. He has had to make tough choices, trade short-term pain for long-term gain. A serious debate between Romney and Obama about the proper role and size of government would be healthy for a nation facing grave fiscal challenges...

"In fact, it is Romney's real-world experiences -- in business, as a governor and as the executive who rescued the Salt Lake City Olympics -- that set him apart from the GOP field. They are what make him, by far, the best choice for Ohio Republicans."

The Columbus Dispatch
* Mitt Romney- Experience and wide appeal make him the best GOP presidential nominee

"American voters need someone who offers an alternative to the failed policies of President Barack Obama. Romney is the candidate best able to do that.

"It would be politically expedient for a presidential candidate to vow that he’ll single-handedly create jobs. Romney promises something else: He says he’ll get government out of the way, because government can’t create jobs. It can only inhibit their creation, as has been amply demonstrated over the past three years...

"Romney, by and large, has handled such challenges well; his grace under pressure, which has increased in recent debates and appearances, will be critical in a general-election matchup against Obama...

"Gingrich’s well-known personal history, of course, makes him unsavory to many — especially women, who provided a 24-point gender gap in favor of Romney in the Florida primary — and makes him an easy target for ridicule. This alone would make Gingrich the Obama campaign’s ideal challenger.

"Gingrich’s professional record also has been erratic. There are the ethics charges from his time as speaker. Though he now distances himself from it, Gingrich famously joined Nancy Pelosi in calling for solutions to global warming, and his recent call to colonize the moon managed to startle even GOP rival Ron Paul with its wackiness...

"Romney especially distinguishes himself from his Republican rivals — and the president — through his broad experience in business and in public service. In addition to his years investing in companies at Bain Capital, Romney is widely known for saving the troubled 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

"He understands how the market works and what prevents it from working. Unlike Obama, who would have people think that the success of some takes away from others, Romney correctly sees that if policies are favorable to those who build companies and hire, benefits flow to all.

"Moreover, his balance of fiscal and social conservatism — and his proven ability to win and lead as a Republican in the liberal state of Massachusetts — make Romney most likely to appeal to independent voters and those who voted last time around for Obama and now are disappointed.

"Despite Obama’s poor record, the president remains a formidable foe. To prevail, Republicans need a candidate who appeals to more than the Republican base...

"Republicans should offer the voters of the United States a chief executive who is experienced at and unafraid of the often-unpopular job of turning things around. Romney fills that bill."

Times Reporter

* Our Opinion: Romney stands above the rest

"While other Republican candidates for president have entered and exited the race, and risen and fallen in the polls, only one of them has weathered the storm and consistently led the pack — and for good reason. That individual is Romney, whose candidacy we endorse for Tuesday’s Republican primary.

"With 20 Republican presidential debates already held during this campaign season, American voters interested in knowing where the candidates stand should have a pretty good idea by now. On some of the key issues:

"TAXES — Romney wants to simplify the U.S. tax system by lowering rates in order to expand the tax base, therefore helping the economy.

"JOBS — As a successful business leader and governor, Romney understands labor relations and has sound ideas on ways to reduce unemployment and put more people back to work.

"FEDERAL DEFICIT — Romney pledges to cut government waste and spending; he would cap federal spending at 20 percent of the Gross Domestic Product and would support a Balanced Budget Amendment.

"TRADE — He supports free trade, opening markets beyond American borders.

"Romney, whose leanings fall toward the middle of the conservative political spectrum, has the experience, character, vision and temperament to be president..."

* Governor John Kasich

“The biggest issue in this presidential election will be who can make the economy stronger so that America’s families can be stronger. I’m for Mitt Romney because he’s got the proven experience as a manager and as a job creator that America needs right now. The progress we’ve made in Ohio is hampered by a White House that can’t make up its mind and which can’t set the right course for our economy. Mitt Romney’s got what it takes to get us back on track and I look forward to working with him to make his campaign in Ohio and across the country a success.”

* Lt. Governor Mary Taylor

“With job creation being Ohio’s top priority, the presidential race is going to be about whose policies can help us continue to get back on our feet. The tax-and-spend policies we see now from the White House are only barriers to our efforts to get Ohioans working again. By contrast, Mitt Romney has a deep understanding of the needs of job creators and will put that experience and know-how to work for Ohioans and the nation, and I’m happy to support his campaign for the presidency.”

* State Auditor Dave Yost

“Ohioans are tired of President Obama’s broken promises and failed record,” said Auditor Yost. “Three years of out-of-control spending, higher taxes, and Obamacare have put America’s fiscal health on life support. We need a conservative candidate who actually knows how to create jobs and balance the budget. That’s why I’m supporting Mitt Romney. He’s the only candidate who not only has a long track record of fiscal discipline, but also a bold plan to lower taxes, cut spending, and reform entitlements in a responsible way. That’s what our country is looking for and that’s why I’m confident Mitt’s message will connect with Ohio voters.”

* Senate President Tom Niehaus

“Ohioans are looking for a change in leadership,” said Senate President Niehaus. “However, we cannot expect a creature of Washington to come in and change it. Mitt Romney is a conservative businessman who spent his life in the private sector. He owes nothing to special interests and his only ‘team’ is the American people. Ohio needs a bold leader who will restore our economy and bring jobs back to our state. Mitt Romney is that man and I am proud to support him. I urge my fellow conservatives who are looking for a fresh start with a true outsider to join me in standing with him.”

* House Speaker Pro Tempore Louis Blessing, Jr.

“Ohio voters are tired of President Obama’s broken promises and failed record,” said Speaker Pro Tempore Blessing. “Instead of more rhetoric, we are looking for a leader who can get results. Mitt Romney spent his life in the real world, balancing budgets and creating jobs. That’s the type of leader we need in the White House. I urge my fellow conservatives to join me in standing with Mitt because we need a president with proven experience to turn our country around.”

2012 Ohio Political Leaders

* U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci

* fmr. Attorney General Betty Montgomery

* fmr. State Treasurer, Joe Deters
   (and Hamilton County Prosecutor)

* State Senator David Burke

* State Senator Chris Widener

* State Representative Marlene Anielski

* State Representative Ross McGregor

* State Representative Kirk Schuring

* fmr. State Senator Karen Gillmor

* fmr. State Rep. Lynn Olman

* Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann

* Geauga County Commissioner Mary Samide

* Butler County Treasurer Nancy Nix

* Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien

* Trustee Dennis Deters, Colerain Township

* Councilman Doug Haynam, Sylvania City

* Mayor Mark Kingseed, Centerville

* Councilman George Sarantou, Toledo

* Washington County Republican Chair Marilyn Ashcraft
   (and State Central Committee member)

* Cuyahoga County Republican Chairwoman Sally Florkiewicz
   (Large County w/ 2 Chairs-- see also March 1st press release below)

* Geauga County Republican Chairman Ed Ryder

* Marion County Republican Chairman John Matthews

* Lucas County Republican Chairman Jon Stainbrook

* State Committee Member Jonathan Binkley

* State Committee Member Curt Braden

* State Committee Member David Gunning

* State Committee Member Donna Harter

* State Committee Member Lisa Hayes

* State Committee Member Bea Lyons

* State Committee Member Judy Miller

* State Committee Member Nancy Suhadolnik

* State Committee Member Mark Wagoner

"Announcing his support, State Senator Mark Wagoner said, “Ohioans and voters across the nation have seen the results of President Obama’s policies and they have not been good. Mitt Romney has a proven record of results – as Governor, he created jobs and cut taxes all while eliminating a budget deficit. His lifetime of experience in the private sector, leading the Olympics and his work as governor make him the right man to lead our country at such a critical time.” "

* Former U.S. Senator George Voinovich

* State Senator Troy Balderson

* State Senator Mark Wagoner

* Ohio House Assistant Majority Whip Cheryl Grossman

* State Representative Peter Beck

* State Representative Timothy Derickson

* State Representative Mike Duffey

* State Representative Randy Gardner

* State Representative Anne Gonzales

* State Representative Bruce Goodwin

* State Representative Bob Hackett

* State Representative Richard Hollington

* State Representative Jay Hottinger

* State Representative Al Landis

* State Representative Craig Newbold

* State Representative Cliff Rosenberger

* State Representative Gerald Stebelton

* Former Mayor Of Columbus Greg Lashutka

* Mayor Of Pepper Pike Bruce Akers

* Mayor of Gates Mills Connie White

* Canton City Councilman Mark Butterworth

* Highland County Commissioner Jeremy Shaffer

* Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo

* Former State Representative Matt Dolan

* Former Member Of The State Of Ohio Board Of Education Debbie Owens-Fink

* Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Member Mary Ann Christie

* Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Member Jeff Dean

* Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Member Amy Sabath

* Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Member Dee Talmage

* Columbiana County GOP Chair David Johnson
   (and State Central Committee member)

* Seneca County GOP Chair Charles Knight
   (and State Central Committee member)

* Lorain County GOP Chair Helen Hurst

* Tuscarawas County GOP Chair Doug Wills

* Clinton County Commissioner Randy Riley

* Springfield Township Fiscal Officer Paul Hoag

* Young Republicans National Chairwoman Lisa Stickan

* Scioto County GOP Chair Kay Reynolds

* Clark County GOP Chair Lynda Smith

* Cuyahoga County GOP Chairwoman Lucy Stickan
   (Large County w/ 2 Chairs-- see also Oct 25th listing above),
   (and Highland Heights Republican Club President, Romney Delegate)

* Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Member Pat Flanagan


★ State Rep. Shannon Jones

“ "Governor Romney is a dedicated leader who understands the needs of everyday Americans," said Representative Jones. "Like many Ohioians, he believes we need to bring conservative change to Washington by reducing government spending, keeping taxes low, and governing with the highest ethical standards. Unlike any other candidate, Governor Romney has laid out a comprehensive strategy to prevent a nuclear Iran. He understands that the best ally for peace is a strong America and he is the best choice to keep us safe from the threat of terrorist sponsored regimes." ”

State Sen. Kevin Coughlin (R-OH)

“ "Our nation needs a leader like Governor Romney, a candidate with a proven record of accomplishment and success at governing using conservative principles. I am confident he can build a stronger America by reforming health care, improving education, restoring fiscal responsibility, and keeping our nation's military strong. I look forward to joining Governor Romney as he discusses his ideas to bring change to Washington with Ohians," said State Senator Coughlin...

“A Fourth Generation Resident Of Cuyahoga Falls, Kevin Coughlin Has Served In The Ohio Senate Since 2001. Prior to his election to the State Senate, Coughlin was elected to three terms in the Ohio House of Representatives from 1997-2001... In 2005, Senator Coughlin was called "one of the nation's most promising leaders in state government" by the Council of State Governments as he was selected for its Toll Fellowship leadership program.”

“State Senator Kevin Coughlin released the following statement:

“ "Governor Romney's vision, values, and experience make him the best choice for Ohio voters. As the people of Ohio learn more about his achievements, I am convinced that they will agree. He is the right candidate to win this critical November battleground state." ”

State Sen. Bob Schuler

“ "Governor Romney often talks about his vision for building a stronger America with a stronger military, stronger economy, and stronger families," said State Senator Schuler. "Throughout his career he has faced extraordinary challenges and has always met them. He's turned around companies, the 2002 Winter Olympics, and the state he governed for four years. His proven leadership will allow him to bring conservative leadership to Washington." ”

Richard Finan, former Senate President

“ "Governor Romney has the experience and the proven record of accomplishment we need in our next President," said former State Senate President Finan. "His conservative values and detailed vision to strengthen the economy, strengthen our military, and strengthen our families are what will unite Republicans and defeat the Democrats in 2008." ”

Ohio Tea Party Activists join other conservatives in endorsing Romney

* James Walters - Chair of the Citizen Tea Party Coalition,
    Past board member of Ohio Right to Life

* Jon Hensler - Board Member of the Jackson County Tea Party

* Susan McLaughlin - Board Member of the Liberty Township Tea Party

* Shelly Huntington - Montgomery County Tea Party activist”

Ohio Pro-Life Group Endorses Mitt Romney for President

“The largest statewide pro-life organization in the presidential battleground state of Ohio has issued an endorsement for Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate seeking to take on pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

“The Ohio Right to Life Society Political Action Committee announced its “full support and endorsement of pro-life candidate Mitt Romney for President of the United States.”

“Mike Gonidakis, the director of Ohio Right to Life, said, “Americans find themselves at a tipping point leading up to the 2012 presidential election. During Obama’s first term, we have witnessed executive orders mandating taxpayer support of abortion-causing drugs, forced funding of life-destroying embryonic stem cell research and the socialization of healthcare... Governor Romney is committed to protecting mothers and their unborn babies. It is clear that he will appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court and by doing so, we will ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade.”

“Ohio Right to Life (board members pictured with Romney right) said it “announced its endorsement of Romney today to demonstrate that the national pro-life community is unified in its purpose and mission to defend all innocent human life at the ballot box...

“The group continued, “Governor Romney is committed to protecting pro-life values. He supports the Hyde Amendment and ending federal funding for the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. He is committed to upholding the sanctity of life and opposes the killing of human beings in the name of “science.” Most importantly, he believes that Roe vs. Wade was wrongly decided and should be overturned.”

“ “In our battleground state, Ohio Right to Life strongly encourages pro-life Ohioans to lend their full support to this year’s pro-life presidential candidate, Mitt Romney,” ORTL concluded.”

Ohio Manufacturers for Romney - 2012

* Ross McGregor - Manager of Pentaflex Inc. (and State Rep.)

* David Johnson - Past President of the Ohio Manufacturers Assoc.,
   Pres. & CEO of Summitville Tile, Inc.

* Page Busken - Retired President of Busken Bakery

* Timothy Clarke - President & CEO of Netherland Rubber Company

* Edward Crawford - CEO of Park-Ohio Holdings, Inc.

* Matt Crawford - President & COO of Park-Ohio Holdings, Inc.

* William Cyr - President & CEO of Sunny Delight Beverages Co.

* Dan McGregor - CEO of McGregor Metal

* Ramesh Mehan - CEO of Innovative Technologies Corp.

* Mark Russell - Manager of Worthingon Industries

* John Stanton - President & CEO of John Stanton and Associates

* John Stropki - President & CEO of Lincoln Electric

* Frank Sullivan - President & CEO of RPM International

* William Summers - Consultant

* David Winch - Executive VP of Minster Machine

2008 Business Leaders Campaigning for Gov Romney

• Carl H. Lindner, Jr - Founder and Chairman of the Board of American Financial Group, Inc

• S. Craig Lindner - President and CEO of Great American Financial Resources, Inc,
   Chairman of the Board of The Craig and Frances Lindner Center of HOPE

• Nancy Heffner Donovan - President of Ames Travel Service,
   Chairwoman of the Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts