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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

Campaign rally in Haley's hometown

“South Carolina is another state where Mitt Romney is far-and-away the most electable of the Republican contenders for President. Romney leads President Obama by 15 points, 53-38, and everyone else does worse than John McCain did three years ago.” publicpolicypolling.com - Sep 1, 2011

“Obama close in South Carolina, except against Romney” publicpolicypolling.com - Jun 10, 2011

★ Governor Nikki Haley

“The election next November will have ramifications for generations,” said Governor Nikki Haley. “Neither South Carolina nor the nation can afford four more years of President Obama, and Mitt Romney is the right person to take him on and get America back on track. He is a conservative businessman who has spent his life working in the economy, and he understands exactly how jobs are created. He is not a creature of Washington, and he knows what it means to make decisions – real decisions – not simply cast a vote. Our country will need real leadership to undo President Obama’s failed policies, and replace them with the conservative principles Mitt Romney learned turning around businesses and a failing Olympics and successfully, conservatively governing a Democratic state. I am proud to endorse him and will work my hardest to ensure he is elected so we can turn around our country.”

Dec 16, 2011

“As a state representative four years ago, I supported Mitt Romney for president. What I’ve learned since becoming governor has led me to once again support him for president this year.

“I did not make this decision lightly. In the end, the things I cared about most were a focus on jobs and the economy, having the executive experience to deliver results to the American people, and finding someone who has never been a part of the destructive chaos that is Washington. Using those criteria, I have no doubt that Mitt Romney is the best choice. ..”

Nikki Haley talking smack at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, New Hampshire - Jan 7, 2012

During the 2008 Presidential Primary Nikki made these statements, when she was the South Carolina House Republican Whip:

“I'm supporting Governor Mitt Romney for President. He exemplifies everything I think our country needs right now. He is someone from the outside, a business person who understands the importance of stretching a dollar. He's also proven himself capable of handling crisis situations in his dealings at Bain Capital, with the Utah Olympic Games and as Governor of Massachusetts. He understands that running a strong and efficient government doesn't come from talking about it, but from getting your hands dirty and doing it.”

Joint statement by Nikki Haley, Debbie DeMint, Former South Carolina First Lady Ann Edwards and the South Carolina Republican National Committeewoman Cindy Costa:

“In a joint statement, the Co-Chairwomen said, "We believe Governor Romney is the strongest candidate to be President of the United States. With his message of strength and optimism, he is the candidate America needs at this critical time.”

Fmr. Governor James B. Edwards (R-SC)

“Charleston Community Leaders Supporting Governor Romney:

“Former Governor James B. Edwards - First elected to public office in 1972, Edwards served as a Senator from Charleston County and became the state's Governor in 1974. He served as Secretary of Energy under President Reagan until 1982 when he became President of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). He served as MUSC's president for seventeen years. Dr. Edwards is an accomplished oral surgeon.

“Ann Edwards - Former first lady of South Carolina and a retired nurse. The Ann Darlington Edwards Endowed Chair in Nursing, the first and only endowed chair of nursing in South Carolina, is named in honor of Mrs. Edwards for her contributions to both nursing and the state. ...”

“Romney... he was endorsed by former Gov. Jim Edwards, the first Republican elected governor in South Carolina since Reconstruction.”

The State
* The State: Romney has the capacity to build bridges

"MITT ROMNEY was not our first choice for the Republican nomination for president of the United States, but he was one of two candidates who stood head and shoulders above the rest of the field as sensible, experienced grownups with a history of making things work rather than pursuing ideological fetishes. ..

"Mr. Romney always has been less interested in philosophy than in problem-solving. As The Washington Post summarized the views of his friends: “obeisance to ideology would impose a rigidity that would inhibit Romney’s real talent, which is forging new ways to fix old problems.”

"He has demonstrated that talent to dramatic effect, from making a fortune rescuing companies (and dismantling others) as a private-equities investor to turning the floundering, scandal-ridden Salt Lake Olympics Games into a financial success. He led Massachusetts out of financial crisis, and pushed through a landmark health reform that was seen as the conservative answer... If there’s anything we need in Washington, it’s more problem solving and less ideological purity...

"We are endorsing Mr. Romney, because of our continued belief that he can be what we need in a president: Someone who can work within our poisonous political environment to solve our nation’s problems, not simply score partisan points. Someone who understands that negotiation is essential in a representative democracy, and that there are good ideas across the political spectrum. Someone who has a well-defined set of core values but is not so rigid that he ignores new information and new conditions. Someone who has shown himself to be honest and trustworthy and competent. Someone whose positions are well-reasoned and based on the world as it is rather than as he pretends it to be. Someone with the temperament and judgment and experience to be taken seriously as the commander in chief and leader of the free world."

The State is South Carolina's largest newspaper.

The Post and Courier
* Vote for Romney on Saturday

"Mitt Romney is the Republican with the best chance of winning the White House in November. But the best reason to vote for him in Saturday's South Carolina primary is this:

"He's the best candidate for the job.

"The former Massachusetts governor has an impressive record, in and out of public office. His extensive background, steady temperament and sense of purpose make him the right GOP choice for the crucial task of leading our nation out of tough times and virtual political gridlock.

"At this point in Barack Obama's presidency, it is sadly clear that he has pushed our nation too far to the left -- and as a direct consequence, far too deeply into record debt. Mr. Romney is a proven fiscal conservative with the ability and resolve required to correct that wayward course...

"That doesn't mean Gov. Romney was a pushover. He issued more than 800 vetoes...

"Mr. Romney's GOP rivals again targeted him at Thursday night's debate at the North Charleston Coliseum. After all, he's the front-runner.

"He also is the Republican best equipped to win a defining debate about America's future with President Obama. As Mr. Romney told us: "I will look forward to debating him and saying, 'Which of your provisions do you think encouraged people to hire? Do you think Obamacare encouraged private enterprise to hire? Do you think Dodd-Frank encouraged banks to make loans? ... Do you think the Boeing decision in South Carolina encouraged businesses to expand? Do you think stacking the NLRB with labor stooges encourages businesses to hire people?' "

"We look forward to seeing Mr. Romney pose those key questions. We also look forward to moving beyond the hard feelings of our primary, with its glut of PAC-funded negative ads and intrusive "robo-calls," back to the pressing challenges that should be the basis for the electorate's presidential choice not just on Saturday but on Nov. 6...

"Mr. Romney later came on strong with this debate declaration: "Ours is the party of free enterprise, freedom, markets, consumer choice. Theirs is the party of government knowledge, government domination, where Barack Obama believes that he knows better for the American people what's best for them. He's wrong. We're right. That's why we're going to win."

"Mitt Romney's combination of skills, experience and commitment make him the right man at the right time to be president."

Serving Charleston, this is South Carlina's 5th news endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Charlotte Observer
* Romney has what S.C. Republicans are looking for

"For most Palmetto State Republicans, one goal matters far more than anything else: Beating Obama. There are scenarios in which other Republican candidates could do that, but it's a gamble not worth taking. Presidential elections are won in the middle, not on the fringes, and Romney can take that middle from the president like none of the other GOP candidates can. So if one's goal is to elect a president who will enact a conservative agenda, he is the obvious choice. ..

"Leading Bain Capital in the 1980s, Romney shined in his role as investor. In January 1991 he returned to Bain & Co. and within two years had rescued it from collapse. Similarly, the Olympics in Salt Lake City were nearly $400 million behind where they needed to be when Romney came in. He took charge and led the Olympics to success, and to a profit.

"Republicans are debating Romney's record at Bain and how many jobs he created. But with a stubbornly high S.C. unemployment rate currently at 9.9 percent, is there really any candidate in this primary field who could be better trusted on that front than Romney?

"He has as much or more executive experience as any of his rivals. As a Republican governor in a liberal state, he showed the ability to pass important public policy under challenging circumstances, and he helped erase a projected $3 billion deficit. "

The Charlotte Observer is one of South Carolina's largest newspapers.

Spartanburg Herald-Journal
* Spartanburg Herald-Journal: Romney is GOP's best bet

"Former businessman and governor has the leadership skills necessary for the White House.

"Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has executive experience. He has led corporations, the Olympics and a state. He was successful in all these endeavors. And he represents the best chance to deny President Barack Obama another term.

"Romney is a genuine conservative. He plans to reduce the size of the federal government. Romney has an extensive plan to return various federal programs to the states, where they can be run more efficiently and with a better eye toward local needs.

"He wants to limit the role of the federal government in education. He wants to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by utilizing domestic resources.

"He has an effective plan to grow the economy by reducing taxes. And he is committed to appointing federal judges who enforce the Constitution rather than their own political agendas...

"There are other candidates who claim to be more conservative than Romney, and maybe they are. But pursuing ideological purity is not in the Republican Party’s or the nation’s interests. The important thing for South Carolina Republicans to remember is that their goal is ending the left-wing administration of Barack Obama...

"GOP primary voters may be looking for the most conservative candidate possible, but the rest of the nation is not. In November, the majority of voters will be looking for a candidate to represent a point of view closer to the center. They will want someone who can bring more unity to the nation after 20 years of increasingly bitter polarization under Bill Clinton, George Bush and Obama.

"Romney is the candidate who can be that choice in the general election. None of the other Republican hopefuls can be. Republican voters cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good. If they insist on ideological purity from the GOP nominee, they will endure four more years of Obama."

The Spartanburg Herald Journal is located in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

Greenville News
* Greenville News: "Romney Best Choice for Republicans"

"Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is the strongest candidate on the ballot, and he is best qualified to mount a serious campaign this fall...

"Romney is best equipped of the Republican candidates to help this country get its financial house in order, to rein in a federal government inclined to add crushing regulations, to free business capital to create jobs and to improve the lives of Americans up and down the economic ladder. He is thoughtful when it comes to protecting the country, enhancing its national security and improving its relationship with trusted allies. At the same time, his executive experience in the business world and in state government gives him an undeniable advantage in this Republican primary...

"As he wrote in a column on these pages a few months ago when the National Labor Relations Board had endangered the new Boeing plant in South Carolina, “America’s workers have long been the most productive in the world. If we unshackle them from the self-interested restrictions of federal bureaucrats and union bosses alike, I have no doubt that they will produce wonders far beyond those, like Boeing’s Dreamliner, that have already made America the great country that it is.” That is not a dreamy-eyed philosophy, but one that comes from a man who has spent more time in the business world than in government work."

Newspaper for Greenville, South Carolina

* Curtis Loftis

“State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, one of the most tea party-friendly elected officials in the Palmetto State, told CNN Sunday that he will chair Romney’s presidential campaign in state.

“ "He is the guy who reflects my values and has the greatest chance of taking back the White House in 2012," Loftis said in a phone interview.

“Loftis praised Romney's private sector experience and said he is more electable than the rest of the Republican candidates currently seeking the White House, including two with strong footholds in South Carolina: Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann.”

“Mitt Romney has the experience and record South Carolina voters are looking for in the next president. He has worked in the real economy and created jobs and cut spending as governor. These are the qualities that South Carolinians want in the person to replace President Obama and his failed policies.”

“Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney will conduct a foreign policy that acknowledges America’s exceptional role in the world, and he will do so with clarity and resolve. In a Romney administration, our friends will never question where we stand – and neither will our adversaries.”

“I think [Romney] is the one man who could send Barack Obama back to Chicago,” he told The Daily Caller while waiting for Romney to arrive at a rally here Wednesday. “He’s the most electable conservative, he’s honorable, he’s a faithful man, and he’s a man who I think South Carolina’s going to embrace on Saturday.” ...

“Every time I see him, I bring a problem from my desk, a financial problem,” Loftis said. “Every time he listens, he asks good questions, he’ll lean back. He’s very analytical, and he gets me a solution — every single time... The economy is in crisis, the government is in freefall. Neither liberals nor conservatives trust our government. We need a leader, and that’s Mitt Romney.”

“We need a reliable leader with a lifetime of leadership experience, not another president who spent his life in politics. Mitt Romney will lead our country down a different path than the continued failure pursued by our current administration. With unemployment near ten percent in South Carolina, our state cannot afford more big-spending, job-killing policies from this administration. Mitt Romney will cut spending, lessen the regulatory burden, and create an environment that will allow businesses to grow and hire. I urge South Carolinians to get to the polls on Saturday and vote for Mitt Romney – it will be a vote for change in Washington.”

Ken Wingate

" “Mitt Romney is a successful businessman who knows how to turn things around,” said Wingate. “To cut through the red tape of bureaucracy in government and get results, we desperately need a strong man of conviction from outside of Washington, someone who has real world business experience and that man is Mitt Romney.”

"Wingate is well known with social conservatives for his leadership on the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. While serving on the Commission, he has championed efforts to bring back a sense of decency to college curriculum. In the past, he has been actively involved leading anti gambling organizations working successfully to ban video poker in South Carolina.

"Ken Wingate Is The Former Interim State Treasurer For The State Of South Carolina... Wingate served as Chairman of the Governor’s Commission on Management, Accountability and Performance for Governor Mark Sanford in 2003, and currently serves on the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education."

* Senator Lindsey Graham

“Now is the time to get behind Mitt Romney as our presidential nominee so that every corner of the Republican Party is united.”

“Our party must aggressively pursue the conservative Democrats and independents needed to ensure Barack Obama is a one-term president. America cannot afford another four years of Barack Obama.”

* Rep. Tim Scott

Fox News - April 30, 2012

Sen. DeMint


Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC)

In a letter to South Carolina Republicans on Jan 8, 2007, Senator DeMint wrote:

“Dear Fellow Republican,


“I’m writing to ask for your support of Governor Mitt Romney for President. Over the next 10 years, America will face unprecedented challenges. We must elect a President in 2008 who is up to the task, and I need you to encourage Mitt to run...


“I believe Governor Romney will provide the leadership America needs to meet this new generation of challenges... Governor Romney has spent most of his life outside of government. He has been a successful businessman and national leader. As governor, he has taken Massachusetts from large debts to surpluses while holding the line on taxes. He has been married to his wife Ann for 37 years; they have 5 boys and 10 grandchildren. Their lives reflect the best of America’s traditions and values.


“Governor Romney has helped to start and manage national and international companies. He understands the global economy, capital formation and the need to make America more competitive. When the nation needed him to save the failing and bankrupt 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, Mitt Romney volunteered to take over the leadership of an event which was headed towards a national embarrassment. He served for over two years with no salary and even contributed $1 million of his own money to make sure the Olympics went forward. His leadership resulted in one of the most successful Olympics in history. Mitt Romney made America proud.


“As Governor he faced down a $3 billion deficit and balanced the budget. He passed innovative health care reforms and education scholarships based on achievement. He fought an activist state court that imposed same-sex marriage on the people of his state and he championed the Federal marriage Amendment. Once again, he did not take a salary for his public service as Governor...

    “ I believe Governor Romney will be the kind of President who will inspire Americans to reach higher because he shares our goals:


    American Security


    “Governor Romney has innovative ideas about how to adapt our military, Special Forces, intelligence services, and defense technologies to protect America from future terrorist attacks. He believes in peace through strength. He also supports the right of law-abiding individuals to protect themselves in their homes; he will be a strong defender of the second amendment and will protect our right to “bear arms.”


    “I support Governor Romney because he believes we need to achieve operational control of America’s borders, issue fraud-proof worker identification cards, and implement an enforceable legal immigration system. He does not believe that people who come to the U.S. illegally are entitled to a special right to citizenship.


    American Competitiveness


    “... I support Governor Romney because he will make America’s education and workforce development system the best in the world. He understands that by streamlining our tax code and legal and regulatory systems, America will become the best place in the world to do business.


    American Independence


    “... I support Governor Romney because he believes we need to make America independent of foreign sources of oil. We must protect our freedom by taking our resources out of the hands of hostile regimes and using them instead to build our economy at home. Through conservation and the development of alternative fuels, America can be independent of oil from the Middle East, Venezuela, and other unreliable suppliers.


    American values


    “Governor Romney has exemplified the moral leadership that must be the hallmark of an American President... He will work to protect the lives of mothers and babies. He will also support promising adult stem cell research while maintaining the ban on federal funding of research that involves the killing of human embryos... He supports a Federal marriage Amendment that protects traditional marriage. He believes in the equal rights of every American, but does not believe activist judges should be making the law in these areas. He also rejects government promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.


    “Governor Romney believes that American values should include the end of wasteful government spending and the elimination of the huge debts that our children should not be forced to pay. He also believes that preserving our environment is an important American value and a tangible legacy for future generations. I believe that Governor Romney can restore America’s leadership at home and around the world. Too often, career politicians who have spent their lives in government, turn first to government solutions. And too often, well-intentioned government solutions have only made our problems worse...


    “ I believe that he is exactly the leader America needs to secure our future. Americans are tired of the same old ideas that keep coming out of Washington. They are hungry for a leader who will draw on America’s strength...




    “Jim DeMint”

“The key to us right now, and the thing I really want to challenge you on as you think about next year, is the presidential race.

“The next ten years that are in front of us as a country, I'm convinced will be the most difficult that we've ever had...

“We've got to have a president who not only knows how to lead, but knows how to manage. And that's the primary reason of why I've lined up behind Mitt Romney... I've spent most of my life in business, and I see a real difference between CEOs who know how to manage things, and people who've been in politics who know a lot about talking about things.

“Big talkers are very seldom big doers. And there are a lot of big talkers in politics...

“We want a coach who can make us win. And I think when you see someone like a Mitt Romney go to an Olympics, ... and the Olympics were way in debt, way behind schedule, and he pulled that off in a way that made America proud, made us feel like winners, created a showcase, for what we could be as a country, and you look at that and you think, 'That this guy knows how to turn things around. He knows how to manage. He's not a big talker, he's a big doer!' ”

“A lot of my supporters around the state and all around the country have asked me who I support for president, and I've told them Mitt Romney.

“They ask 'Why do you support Mitt Romney?' First of all, he's not in Washington, DC and he's spent most of his life as a businesman and not a politician. We need a president who is not a politician, who is a real problem solver, and who has proven over the years that he can look at a problem, and come up with a solution, and actually get the job done.

“There's noone in the race like Mitt Romney, who's proved in business, in his volunteer work and as governor of Massachusetts, that he can solve a problem not by creating more government, but by making freedom work for everyone. He's done it with healthcare, he's done it by cutting budget deficits and not increasing taxes.

“We need a CEO for president who knows how to get things done. I think that president should be Mitt Romney...”

(video no longer online)

“We really need someone who understands the private sector, who understands how risk, taking risk, risk and capital is the way we create jobs, create choices, expand freedom...

“We've forgotten in congress that creating a good business environment does require low taxes, less litigation, less regulation, and some fundamentals that someone like a Mitt Romney understands.

“So he understands the private sectors in the freemarket side of our economy. And he's also demonstrated that he knows how to make good decisions in that environment...

“I saw what he was able to do with a lot of business turnarounds, and I know what that was involved because I was a consultant to many CEOs. I saw what he did to the Olympics. Those are real situations, and all the candidates now are trying to grab a clip of what someone said 10-15 years ago and say 'look, look!' But all you have to do is look at what they've done. If you want to know what Mitt Romney's values are, you can clearly see it in his family life...

“He has never acted in any way in office other than what he said he was going to do. In everything he did as governor was either neutral or supporting life upon those issues...

“I'm not going to talk about the other candidates except Romney has been much more consistent throughout his life than any other candidate that I'm aware of, as far as his philosophy, what he's done, his abilities. And certainly he can say things as a national candidate that he had to be more careful of as a candidate for governor of Massachusetts, which I respect. I mean I'd never get elected in Massachusetts unless I bit my tongue in there.”

“... This election is so important. The democrats are going to promise hope. But they are going to promise hope, in more government. They're talking about government run healthcare, more federal control of our schools. Everywhere you look, they are giving our country away. They are not going to help us to fight illegal immigration, they just cut the fencing for our borders in the last bill that came through. We need a president who's going to stand up against that, and make it clear that republicans have a better idea...

“If you look at what Mitt Romney has done in his life. If you look at what he'd done in his family, I know that he shares our family values. If you look at what he's done in his business, where he's taken business after business and turned them around and made them successes, you know this is a man who knows how to run things. And if there's one place in the world that needs to be run right, its Washington, D.C.! ...

“Folks, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for us as Americans to elect a president who can really pull together those aspects of the republican coalition — family value conservatives, economic conservatives, the folks who know we have to be strong with our military around the world, not only says it but has demonstrated in his life that he can do what he says he is going to.”

click to Play

“He's a business man who's proven he can get things done and manage complex organizations, and believe me, this country needs a good manager right now...”

To a question on healthcare: “The governor just looked at the numbers like a good businessman and realized that we could give people private insurance policies cheaper than we could provide free healthcare. And what that does is spread out the risk, it gets the government out of the healthcare business, and actually makes the healthcare system work a lot better. The legislature in Massachusetts made it a little harder to make these policies affordable, but we've got probably over 20 states now that are trying to copy what he did, and that's a good sign that people think he's on the right track.”

“Romney's been a CEO, he's turned around our Olympics, he's shown as a governor that when the buck stops where he is, he can make things happen that should happen. And we need someone who can do more than talk right now.”

★ Fmr. Rep. Tommy Hartnett (R-SC)

“Plain and simple, Mitt Romney is the most qualified conservative candidate in the race,” said Congressman Tommy Hartnett. “The middle class has taken the brunt of President Obama’s failed economic policies. We need a candidate who knows how to create jobs, grow the economy, and make America prosperous for all once again. Whether it was his time as a conservative businessman, leading the Olympics, or working to bring the state of Massachusetts out of a massive deficit, Mitt Romney has shown he can be brought into difficult situations and turn them around. This is what our country needs today and this is why our country needs Mitt Romney.”

“Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney picked up three key endorsements Monday ... He was endorsed by former Gov. Jim Edwards, the first Republican elected governor in South Carolina since Reconstruction, former U.S. Rep. Tommy Hartnett and Republican National Committeewoman Cindy Costa...

“Hartnett, who served three terms in Congress during the 1980s, said he has looked closely at the other potential presidential candidates.

“ "I see in many of them people whose ideas are tired, whose political philosophies are not in tune with the 21st century and whose stars are beginning to dim," he told a group of about 100 supporters.”

“ "This is the most animated I've seen him. The adrenaline is working now," says Tommy Hartnett, a former congressman who has come to the harbor to clap for Romney.”

* Fmr. Rep. Henry Brown (R-SC)

South Carolina State Legislators

State Senator Kevin L. Bryant (R)
State Senator Larry A. Martin (R)
State Senator W. Greg Ryberg (R)
★ State Senator Ronnie W. Cromer (R)

* Speaker Pro Tempore Jay Lucas (R)
State Representative Mick Mulvaney (R)
State Representative Edward H. “Ted” Pitts (R)
State Representative Nikki Randhawa Haley (R)
State Representative Chip Huggins (R)
★ State Representative Phillip D. “Phil” Owens (R)
State Representative Nathan Ballentine (R)
State Representative Alan D. Clemmons (R)

* State Representative Don Bowen (R)
* State Representative Ralph Norman

* State Representative Phyllis Henderson

“Mitt Romney is the only Republican candidate who has a proven business record and is the conservative leader we need to get our economy turned around and start creating jobs. He has a long record of keeping taxes low, creating jobs, cutting spending, and reducing burdensome regulations on small businesses. I am proud to support Mitt Romney for President.”

* State Representative Murrell Smith

“President Obama’s time in office has been a historic failure,” said State Representative Murrell Smith. “Our country cannot afford four more years of the same policies of higher taxes, reckless spending, and a disastrous healthcare law. Mitt Romney is a conservative businessman who spent his life in the real economy. He knows how to turn our country around and create jobs for the middle class. I urge all South Carolinians that want to change the direction of the country to join me in supporting Mitt Romney.”

Speaker Pro Tempore Jay Lucas:

“Mitt Romney is the kind of strong conservative leader our country needs right now,” said Speaker Pro Tempore Jay Lucas. “Having spent his life in the private sector, Mitt Romney knows exactly what it takes to grow the economy and create jobs. He will put in place the kind of limited government principles that will help get our nation back on the right track and is the best candidate to win in November.”

Senator Ronnie Cromer:

“Mitt Romney has demonstrated throughout his life that he has the values South Carolinians are looking for in our next Commander-in-Chief,” said Senator Ronnie Cromer. “Whether it has been in business, the Olympics, leading a state, or in his family life, Mitt Romney has displayed the virtues and leadership quality that we want in our President. His economic plan to revitalize the economy and bring fiscal sanity to Washington stand head-and-shoulders above the rest of the field and stand in stark contrast to President Obama’s failure to create jobs and get spending under control. If conservatives are looking for a candidate who will not only share their values, but put them into action, they need to look no further than Mitt Romney.”

Senator Bryant:

“Senator Bryant said, "Governor Romney is the only candidate with the experience, values, and vision to solve the problems facing the United States. His experience in the private sector, success turning around the 2002 Olympics and leadership as a Governor make him uniquely qualified to be our next president. I am proud to announce my support for Governor Romney's campaign." ”

“I was invited to sit down and chat with Gov. Mitt Romney last week in Greenville. I’ve decided to support his candidacy and will serve on SC’s Romney for President...

“When Mitt Romney took office, Massachusetts had a $2 billion dollar budget, now there are $500 million in trust funds. This astronomical feat was done by reducing waste in government and growing the economy with tax cuts. Spending only grew about 3%. Gov. Romney explained to me some specific savings in their Medicaid Prescription plan, efforts I’ve been working on myself...

“The Romney team is a well oiled machine; better organized than any other campaign I’ve ever seen.”

Representative Mulvaney:

"State Representative Mick Mulvaney endorsed Mitt Romney today for president. Mulvaney was first elected to the S.C. House of Representatives in 2006. The first Republican to ever to win his House seat, he now represents Lancaster and York counties.

" “Mitt Romney is a businessman,” Mulvaney said in a prepared statement. “He understands how hard it can be sometimes to meet a payroll and what it really takes to create and keep new jobs. Governor Romney appreciates the importance of a strong economy and he knows how to get things done and when you have to turn things around. I am really excited about being a small part of the building grassroots momentum for Governor Romney's South Carolina campaign.” "

* Fmr. Speaker of the House David Wilkins

"Americans want a candidate they can believe in; one who can defeat President Obama and get our country back to work. Mitt Romney is that man. Governor Romney would never turn his back on 20,000 new jobs and our energy security as the President has done with the Keystone XL pipeline project. Mitt Romney has a real plan for restoring our economy and our place in the world as freedom's best friend and most steadfast defender."

"Ambassador David H. Wilkins Was First Elected To The South Carolina House Of Representatives In 1980 And Served For 25 Years, 11 Of Those Years As Speaker Of The House. He was the state chair of the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign. In 2005, he resigned from the SC House to accept an appointment by President George W. Bush to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Canada. Wilkins represented the U.S. in Canada until 2009. He is a partner at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP."

Other Republican, Community & Business Leaders

That have come out in support of Mitt Romney:

* Barry Wynn - Fmr. SC GOP Chairman (also Pres., Colonial Trust Company)

* Alan Gardner - fmr. Chairman, Newberry County GOP

“For the last three years, President Obama has raised taxes and dramatically increased our national debt, all while the unemployment rate has remained unacceptably high. Mitt Romney has spent his life as a conservative businessman. He knows what it takes to run a business. That’s why he is the candidate who will be a friend to small business owners like me and help rebuild the middle class.”

• Joanne Burroughs - Greenwood County Republican Party executive committeeman

"Burroughs added that, as a member of the South Carolina Republican Party executive committee, she would not be making an official endorsement but that she is “a very strong Mitt Romney fan.” "

* Henry Eldridge - Fmr. York County GOP Chairman

* Karen Walto - Fmr. York County GOP Executive Committeewoman

• J. Warren Tompkins, III - Executive director, South Carolina Republican Party
   (a position held since 1981)

★ Cindy Costa - South Carolina National Committeewoman (since 1996)

• Rick Adkins - Chairman, Anderson County Republican Party

• Paul Hogan - Chairman, Georgetown County Republican Party

• Nic Breeding - former Deputy political director, Republican Governors Assoc.

• Mike Green - former Chairman, Upstate Young Republicans

• Franklin Buchanan - former State Chair, College Republicans,
   former Co-Chair, USC College Republicans

• Heather Ammons-Grant - former Chair,
   FMU Federation of College Republicans

Doris Williams

* Marilyn Hatley - Mayor, North Myrtle Beach

* Knox White - Mayor, Greenville

* David Sudduth - Mayor Pro Tempore, Greenville

* Amy Ryberg Doyle - City Councilwoman, Greenville

* Butch Kirven - County Council Chairman, Greenville

★ Joe Dill - County Councilman, Greenville

• Wayland Moody - Berkeley County Executive Committeeman

• Paul Thurmond - Charleston County Councilman

★ Henry B. Fishburne, Jr. - former Charleston County Councilman

* Gene Wise - County Council Chairman, Kershaw

* Hank Johnston - Fmr. Mayor, Bluffton

* Andy Smith - Treasurer, Charlseton County

* Fmr. Attorney General Charlie Condon

* Fmr. Chief Deputy Attorney General Robert Bolchoz (also fmr. Deputy Solicitor)

* Fmr. Secretary of Commerce Robert A. Faith (also Chairman/CEO Greystar Real Estate)

* Fmr. Secretary of Transportaion Buck Limehouse

• Larry Richter - former State Senator and Circuit Court Judge

• Kathy Bigham - Trustee, Winthrop University,
   President, Thursdays Too restraunt

• Jim Anthony - Founder, president and CEO, The Cliffs Communities, Inc.

★ Peter M. Brown - President, Colite International
   Managing Partner, Colite Outdoor, LLC.

• Bill Hewitt - Board member and chairman, Polymer Group, Inc.

★ Richard E. Coen - President of Coen & Densmore, Inc.

• Richard H. Coen - President of Coen Capital LLC

• Ricky Horne - owner of a residential building firm

• Bill Hewitt - Chairman and Interim CEO of Polymer Group Inc.

• Laura Hewitt - Chair of the Storm Eye Institute
   (of the Medical University of South Carolina)

• John Rivers - President of Rivers Enterprises

• Gene Zurlo - Managing Director of the Zurlo Investment Trust

* George Dean Johnson, Jr. - Chairman, Johnson Development Associates

* John H. Burriss - Owner, Gold's Gyms of Columbia

* Richard Jackson - CEO, C.R. Jackson, Inc.

* Leighton Lord - Fmr. Chairman, Nexsen Pruet

* Jonathan Zucker - President, InterTech Group

* Dr. William Bogache - Grand Strand Urology

* William Bradshaw - Bradshaw Automotive

* Terry S. Brown - CEO of EDENS

* Kevin Hall - Partner at Hall & Bowers

* Henry Horowitz - Chairman, Oxford Capital Partners LLC

* Phil Hughes - President, Hughes Investments

* Sharon and Rus Kingman - President, J.R. Kingman Inc.

* E. Smyth McKissick, III - President, Alice Manufacturing Company

* Jodie W. McLean - President & CIO, EDENS

* Charlie Mickel - Capital Deployment LLC

* David Posek - Fmr. Chairmain & Current Board Member, SC Ports Authority

* Henry C. Scott - CEO, Collum's Lumber Products LLC

* Greg A. Thompson - President & CEO, Thompson Construction Group

* Barry Wynn - President, Colonial Trust Company (also fmr. SC GOP Chairman)

* Anita G. Zucker - Chairman & CEO, The InterTech Group

Fmr. SC GOP Chairman Barry Wynn:

“Mitt Romney will be able to fix our economy and create jobs – because he has had one,” said Barry Wynn. “When Mitt Romney becomes president, job creators across the country will be able to have the confidence that their president is supporting them, not trying to demonize them and regulate them out of business. Along with these other South Carolina business leaders, I am proud to endorse Mitt Romney because we know he will reinvigorate South Carolina’s economy and the American entrepreneurial spirit.”

“President Obama spent his life outside the private sector and it shows. Mitt Romney spent his life outside of politics, working in the real economy. In order to create private sector jobs in this tough economic environment, we need a president who worked in the private sector.”

Fmr. SC Secretary of Commerce Bob Faith:

“The voters of South Carolina have an important choice to make regarding the future of this country," said former South Carolina Secretary of Commerce Bob Faith. "We need a conservative candidate who will defeat President Obama and reverse his failed policies. That man is Mitt Romney. He is committed to getting rid of failed government programs like Obamacare. He is against government entities like the NLRB interfering with free enterprises like Boeing who want to invest in South Carolina and create jobs for South Carolinians. He is for restoring conservative principles to government, so that Washington will stop spending and start letting this country's entrepreneurs and business leaders get back to creating jobs.”

Mayor Knox White:

“Mitt Romney has put forth a pro-growth jobs plan that will help turn around our economy and get America working again,” said Greenville Mayor Knox White. “Mitt Romney believes in America and will work to restore the founding principles that have made our country great by returning to a ‘smaller, simpler, and smarter’ federal government.”

Mayor Marilyn Hatley:

“Rather than lead us toward economic recovery, President Obama has made job creation more difficult for small business owners. Mitt Romney has a proven record of job creation as governor and in the private sector. He is the right man at this extraordinary time to lead our country toward economic recovery.”

"Marilyn Hatley Is In Her Third Term As Mayor Of North Myrtle Beach."

Fmr. Attorney General Charlie Condon:

“Unlike our current president, Mitt Romney actually knows how the economy works, how jobs are created, and how businesses grow. With his economic know-how and solid economic plan, South Carolinians can be confident that our future will be bright with Mitt Romney in the White House.”

★ Lieutenant General Claudius "Bud" Watts - United States Air Force, Ret.

“Lieutenant General Watts said, "Governor Romney understands the nature of the threats facing our nation and will make sure that our men and women in uniform have the very best training and technology to get the job done." ”

"Lieutenant General Claudius "Bud" Elmer Watts III Served As Comptroller Of The U.S. Air Force And President Of The Citadel. General Watts' Air Force career spanned 31 years during which he served in numerous flying positions, amassing more than 7,000 flying hours and commanding various units up to wing level. He also held numerous staff positions, culminating as Comptroller of the United States Air Force in 1986. General Watts was named the 17th President of The Citadel in 1989 and served in that position until his retirement in 1996."

“Romney best suited for commander-in-chief...

“Gov. Romney is the only candidate to offer a detailed plan to restore our military and provide the weapons and equipment our troops need to win wars decisively and come home safely. He will reverse President Obama’s dramatic defense cuts and increase our naval shipbuilding rate. Rather than reducing the defense budget, he will reduce the duplication of efforts and apply those savings to strengthening our military posture. And he will restore as a top priority the deployment of a multilayered national ballistic-missile defense system.”

“Mitt Romney has been a strong advocate for veterans and will work to ensure that those who have heroically sacrificed for our country receive the care that they deserve,” said Lt. General Bud Watts, former President of the Citadel. “We need a Commander-in-Chief who will support our veterans and troops, strengthen our military, and strengthen our national defense. Mitt Romney believes in America and in the founding principles that make our country great, and he is the kind of steadfast leader we need during these challenging times.”

* More South Carolina Military Leaders

In addition to General Watts and General Mikolajcik, the following other South Carolina military leaders have endorsed Mitt Romney:

* General Alfred Hansen, U.S. Air Force, Ret.

* Major General Darwin Simpson, U.S. Army National Guard, Ret.

* Major General Stan Spears, U.S. Army National Guard, Ret., Former Adjutant General of South Carolina

* Colonel Fareed Betros, U.S. Army, Ret.

* Lieutenant Colonel Larry McKay, U.S. Army, Ret.

* Senior Chief Petty Officer Sidney Busch, U.S. Navy, Ret.

* Petty Officer Mark Nadobny, U.S. Navy, Ret.

* Brigadier General Cliff Poole, U.S. Army, Ret.

* Rear Admiral James Flatley, U.S. Navy, Ret.

* Brigadier General Butch Kirven:

“Our nation is at a crossroads, and Mitt Romney is the best choice to lead our country through these challenging times,” said Greenville County Council Chairman and retired Brigadier General Butch Kirven. “He is a strong leader who we can trust to restore limited government to Washington, cut spending, grow our economy, and get our nation back on the right track. I was looking for someone who reflects my values, is strong on national defense, and knows how to get the economy going again. Mitt Romney is the leader who can positively do that, and he can win in November.”

Brigadier General Mikolajcik - United States Air Force

“Brigadier General Mikolajcik said, "Governor Romney's record on veterans' issues is very strong. He firmly believes that the commitment to our troops doesn't end when their service is finished and that we must take care of those who have sacrificed to protect us. I look forward to telling my fellow veterans in South Carolina of his plans to keep America secure." ”

"Brigadier General Thomas R. Mikolajcik Is An Air Force Academy Graduate With 27 Years Of Military Service. General Mikolajcik served in the Air Force as a pilot, staff officer and held numerous command positions. He retired in 1996 as United States Air Force Director of Transportation and is a consultant in logistics and transportation. The General is an adviser to the Metro Chambers Military Relations Policy Council and was awarded the South Carolina Order of the Palmetto in 1994."

» Statements of more defense leaders, and Romney's Natl. Security Platform

Frank Page


Frank Page—
President of the Southern Baptist Convention 2006-8

"Frank Page, the president of the Southern Baptists and the pastor of a large church in Taylors, S.C., did not attend the Belmont meeting but echoes Land’s sentiments: “I have a deep disagreement with Romney’s theology, but I won’t rule him out. Among the presidential candidates who have surfaced, he’s the closest to the Southern Baptists in his social and moral beliefs.” "

Dr. Frank Page has been the President of the Southern Baptist Convention since 2006, and is pastor of a 4,300+ member church. (sbc.net - April 2008)

In Addition:

The senior pastor of a First Baptist mega church in South Carolina and former President of the South Carolina Baptist Convention endorsed Romney, stating “I am proud to stand alongside Governor Romney as he pursues our nation's highest office. His values are my values... Governor Romney is the best candidate to stand for conservative values in Washington.” (CBN News - October 19, 2007)

Shortly later, under pressure from some people, probably including Huckabee supporters, that pastor retracted his endorsement, explaining “he had never before endorsed a candidate of either party for any office.” (USA Today - October 24, 2007)

Bob Jones III

Bob Jones III—
Chancellor, retired president of Bob Jones University

" “This is all about beating Hillary,” Jones said. “And I just believe that this man has the credentials both personally and ideologically in terms of his view about what American government should be to best represent the rank and file of conservative Americans.” "

In addition: "A top official at Bob Jones University, Robert R. Taylor, dean of the university’s college of arts and sciences, said he believes the former Massachusetts governor is the only Republican candidate who both stands a chance of winning the White House and will reliably implement the anti-abortion, antigay marriage, pro-gun agenda of Christian conservatives."

Dr. Bob Jones III is the chancellor and retired President of Bob Jones University. (IMDB.com - 2008)

In an interview, when Dr. Taylor was asked “How widespread is the support for Romney among the faculty and staff at Bob Jones University?” he replied “Well, I think among those folks that are politically active, I would say he has a great deal of support.” (Hugh Hewitt - Oct 17, 2007)

"Commenting on the importance of Jones’ endorsement, Dr. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said in an interview:

" “This is like a lighthouse going on, the light shining its beam on Mitt Romney.” "

Other South Carolina Christian Leaders endorsing Gov. Romney

• Mark White - Senior Pastor, Christian Assembly of God, South Carolina

• Jimmy Jones - Director, Christ Central Ministries, South Carolina

• Pastor Eric Boggs - Sr. Pastor, Beech Springs Tabernacle, South Carolina

• Pastor Chuck Hill - Pastor, Trinity Fellowship Church, Greenville, SC

• M.F. Jackson - Pastor, South Carolina

• Dee Benedict, fmr Christian Coalition of South Carolina officer (EvangelicalsforMitt - '06)

• Drew McKissick - Christian Coalition of America Officer

Drew McKissick, "a Christian Coalition of America officer who ran a successful campaign to ban gay marriage in South Carolina said Thursday he is endorsing Republican Mitt Romney's presidential bid and will work for the campaign."

"Drew McKissick is the national coalition's secretary and board member."