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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

Governor Bill Haslam


* Governor Bill Haslam

“I am proud to announce my support for Mitt Romney. He’s been a governor and had the responsibility of leading as an executive by cutting spending, keeping taxes low and creating a strong environment for job creation,” Governor Haslam said. “He also has private sector experience and understands the importance of balancing revenues and expenses. Mitt is a problem solver, and what we really need in this country right now is someone that can tackle tough issues. With Mitt Romney in the White House, Tennesseans can be confident in a leader that is focused on creating jobs and encouraging prosperity for Americans.”

“He is committed to job growth across our state and nation, and his common-sense approach is resonating with Tennessee voters. He has the experience to lead, and this country needs a true leader.”

“With two strong victories in Arizona and Michigan, Mitt Romney continues to prove that he has what it takes to defeat President Obama in November. Gov. Romney has a solid track record of turning around troubled situations like the one we face in Washington. He did it in the private sector, as leader of the Salt Lake City Olympics, and as governor of Massachusetts. He has the kind of common-sense approach this country needs to turn the economy around and put people back to work. I encourage Tennesseans to join me in casting their vote for Gov. Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s election.”

Governor Winfield Dunn


★ Fmr. Governor Winfield Dunn

“Today, our nation desperately needs a strong and principled leader like Mitt Romney,” said Governor Dunn, who serves as the Romney campaign’s Honorary Chairman in Tennessee. “President Obama’s policies have turned our economy upside down, and Americans are suffering because of his failed leadership. But Mitt Romney knows what to do. He is the right man at the right time. I am proud to support him.”

“I'm proud to support Governor Mitt Romney for President. Washington is broken – and we're not going to fix it by sending the same people back just to sit in different chairs. Governor Romney is uniquely qualified to bring change to Washington, D.C.

“Throughout his career, he has been an agent of change. He created jobs in the private sector. He turned around the ethically and financially challenged 2002 Winter Olympic Games. And as the chief executive of Massachusetts, he cut taxes and promoted innovative solutions that created jobs and expanded health coverage.” ― former Tennessee Governor Winfield Dunn.

* Memphis TEA Party

“Though many tea partiers across the country have expressed frustration that Mitt Romney hasn’t made much of an effort to get to know them, one well-known tea party group announced on Monday that they’re backing him in the Republican presidential race.

“The former governor of Massachusetts picked up the support of The Memphis TEA Party, the group’s chairman, Mark Skoda, said on Monday.

“ “The tea party movement is a big tent and many states lie ahead to the final nomination,” he said. “We believe Mitt Romney is the best candidate to contend with Barack Obama in the general election.”

“ “He has the skill, the organization and the resources to win back the presidency and begin to align the government with those three core principles of the movement,” Skoda continued. “We are pleased to endorse his candidacy.”

“Skoda, a radio host, may be familiar to a national audience because of the large role he played in helping to organize the much-covered Tea Party National Convention in Nashville in 2010.”

More Excerpts, with link to full press release:

“The Memphis TEA Party announced today that it is endorsing former Governor Mitt Romney for President of the United States. We believe Romney is best positioned to beat Obama and help repair the economy...

“The tea party movement launched on the basis of excessive spending by government... the movement adopted three core values in uniting many conservatives. Those are fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets...

“We believe Mitt Romney is the best candidate to contend with Barack Obama in the general election. He has the skill, the organization and the resources to win back the presidency and begin to align the government with those three core principles of the movement. We are pleased to endorse his candidacy.”

Many prominent Tea-Partiers have endorsed Mitt Romney, including Christine O'Donnell and also the Independence Hall Tea Party.


Senator Lemar Alexander

* Sen. Lamar Alexander

“ "For me, Gov. Romney is the right choice. He’s led a state, he’s led a business, he’s led the Olympics. All our candidates are good Republicans; I don’t think they really disagree very much," Alexander said, according to the Romney campaign. "They emphasize their differences, but the important difference is, Gov. Romney has the executive experience this country needs, he’s a good Republican, he can attract independents, and I believe he can defeat President Obama and lead our country in a better direction." ”

Senator Bill Brock

Fmr. Sen. Bill Brock

" “My life passion is education reform, and Gov. Romney led his state to be the best in the nation in educating their children.”

"Mr. Brock also said Mr. Romney is “conservative on the things that really matter ... and I pray Tennessee and the nation will give him their support next Tuesday.”

"Mr. Romney called the endorsement by Mr. Brock, a former congressman, an honor.

" “He led our party during a critical time in our nation’s history and helped secure Ronald Reagan’s election,” Mr. Romney said of Mr. Brock, a one-time chairman of the Republican National Committee. “He knows firsthand that our party’s nominee must be a candidate who unites our conservative base like Ronald Reagan did not so long ago.” "

Congressman Diane Black

★ Rep. Diane Black

“Mitt Romney has a skill set that uniquely qualifies him to lead the United States at this critical time in our history,” said Congresswoman Diane Black. “From his experience in the private sector to his accomplishments as the governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney knows how to balance a budget and create jobs. I am proud to offer him my support.”

Congressman Phil Roe

* Rep. Phil Roe

“I am supporting Mitt Romney because he is the proven, conservative leader who will focus on strengthening our economy, getting spending under control, reducing the debt, and putting Americans back to work. He knows how to run a business, and he understands how to create jobs and help small businesses succeed,” said Congressman Phil Roe. “As a physician, I'm also pleased that Governor Romney is committed to repealing the President’s deeply flawed heath care plan that will put Washington bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. I am proud to support Mitt Romney for President.”

Congressman Scott DesJarlais

* Rep. Scott DesJarlais

“I have said on numerous occasions that this election will be one of the most important in our nation's history. We face substantial economic obstacles that require the bold leadership and credible solutions that President Obama simply has not provided,” said Congressman DesJarlais. “Mitt Romney has the proven experience of creating jobs and balancing budgets. His commitment to lowering taxes, reducing spending, and reforming runaway entitlements is exactly the type of vision needed in the White House.”

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn

Rep. Marsha Blackburn

“Tennesseans are looking for a real conservative to hold the White House in November, and I support Governor Romney as the true conservative choice for Tennessee . I was proud to support our native son in the race, but I believe that Mitt Romney is now the clear conservative choice in this contest.” ― U.S. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn

“Blackburn said she liked Romney’s strong business background and his interest in running government more efficiently and without raising taxes. He founded Bain Capital, a venture capital and investment company that his Web site says helped launch, acquire or expand many companies, including Staples, Domino’s Pizza, Brookstone and The Sports Authority...

“After hearing him speak several times, she said she noticed the buzz among people wanting to know more about him.

“ "I think people are drawn to him," she said. "He has a track record of success in the business world. People are looking for leadership — leaders who are good listeners ... understand the issues and that are going to be problem solvers." ”

Congresswoman Blackburn supported Mitt Romney in early 2007, switched to Tennessee son Fred Thompson until he dropped out, then threw her support back to Mitt Romney.

Congressman John Duncan Jr

★ Rep. John Duncan Jr

Announcing his support, the dean of the Tennessee delegation, Congressman Jimmy Duncan said, “Citizens in both the Volunteer State and across the nation are suffering from unemployment, and in 2012, we must elect a leader who can help get more folks working again. Mitt Romney is that leader. With his background as a conservative businessman, I believe strongly that Governor Romney is the best candidate to defeat President Obama, turn the economy around, and lead America into prosperity once again.”

“Duncan, a Knoxville Republican, said he met Mitt Romney about a month ago and found him articulate and with good answers to various questions.

“ "That’s a really difficult thing for a fairly conservative Republican to be governor of a liberal Democratic state like Massachusetts," Duncan said...

“As Romney — the son of former Michigan Gov. George Romney — gets out and talks to more people, Duncan predicted that he will impress them and rise in the polls: "I think he will come on strong."

“Neither Duncan nor Blackburn, who is from Brentwood, said anything critical of the other GOP candidates. They said they just considered Romney the best.

“The state’s other two GOP House members, David Davis and Zach Wamp, have not endorsed a presidential candidate.”

Congressman Duncan supported Mitt Romney in early 2007 then switched to Tennessee son Fred Thompson, but remained positive towards Romney.

State Legislators (2012)

★ Senate Caucus Chair Bill Ketron

* State Sen. Mike Faulk

* State Sen. Jack Johnson

* State Sen. Brian Kelsey

* State Sen. Jim Tracy

* Speaker of the House Beth Harwell (R)

* Deputy Speaker Steve McDaniel (R)

* House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick (R)

* House Majority Whip Barrett Rich (R)

★ House Republican Caucus Chair Debra Young Maggart (R)

* State Rep. Curtis Halford (R)

* State Rep. Mike Harrison (R)

* State Rep. Ryan Haynes (R)

* State Rep. Julia Hurley (R)

★ State Rep. Curtis Johnson (R)

★ State Rep. Phillip Johnson (R)

* State Rep. Pat Marsh (R)

★ State Rep. Steve McManus (R)

* State Rep. Richard Montgomery (R)

★ State Rep. Charles Sargent (R)

* State Rep. Mark White (R)

State Senate Caucus Chair Bill Ketron:

“Mitt Romney’s plan for more jobs, less debt and smaller government is the pro-growth plan that conservatives have been waiting for,” said State Senate Caucus Chair Bill Ketron. “By shrinking government and cutting taxes, Mitt Romney will make our country more globally competitive. After three years of President Obama, job creators have pulled back due to the uncertainty created by this administration. With Mitt Romney as president, job creators will be able to grow, hire, and get our country back on track.”

Speaker of the House Beth Harwell:

“As a former Governor and business leader, Mitt Romney is a chief executive who knows how to balance budgets and create more jobs,” Speaker Harwell said. “Just as importantly, Governor Romney knows and is strongly committed to the principle that the states should take the lead on a variety of domestic policy issues which will help us right-size the federal government and protect our Tenth Amendment rights. I strongly support and endorse Mitt Romney for President, and I look forward to working with him to help get America back on the right track.”

House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick:

“If the Republican Party fails to nominate a candidate who can win, we will not get a second chance. So while I supported Governor Rick Perry early in this campaign, I now support and endorse Mitt Romney for President. I believe he is the one candidate who can beat Barack Obama, with the experience we need to create jobs, pump life into the economy and put America back on strong footing.”

Assistant House Republican Floor Leader Mark White:

“Mitt Romney has shown his ability to tackle and solve big problems, as a successful businessman, as the rescuer of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, and as the Governor of Massachusetts. Now we need his strong leadership in Washington to help fix the mess we find ourselves in, and to get our economy moving again.”

15 State Legislators (2008)

• State Sen. Mae Beavers (R)

★ State Sen. Diane Black (R)

• State Sen. Jack Jackson (R)

★ State Sen. Bill Ketron (R)

• State Sen. Paul Stanley (R)

• State Rep. Chris Crider (R)

• State Rep. Jimmy Eldridge (R)

★ State Rep. Curtis Johnson (R)

★ State Rep. Phillip Johnson (R)

• State Rep. Susan Lynn (R)

★ State Rep. Debra Young Maggart (R)

★ State Rep. Steve McManus (R)

• State Rep. Jason Mumpower (R)

★ State Rep. Charles Sargent (R)

• State Rep. Parkey Strader (R)

Tennessee Business & Political Leaders

“His conservative drive toward a stronger military, stronger economy and stronger families is what America needs in our next president. His experience as a global CEO, as head of the enormously successful Salt Lake Olympics and as a Governor underscore his unique leadership capabilities. Governor Romney is the best choice for Republicans to defeat a Democrat in November 2008.” ― Bill Hagerty

• Bill Hagerty - Managing Director & Co-founder, Hagerty Peterson

★ Ted Welch - Owner, Ted Welch Investments

• Ted Lazenby - Chair, LNC Corp.

• R. Brad Martin - former Chairman and CEO, SAKS Incorporated
   former 5 term State Representative

• Layne Provine - Tennessee Republican Executive Committeeman

• Jimmy Wallace - Republican State Election Commissioner

• Tommy Hopper - former Tennessee Republican Party Chairman

• Brad Todd - former Executive Director, Tennessee Republican Party

• Brent Taylor - former Memphis City Councilman

* James A. "Jim" Haslam II - Founder, Chairman, Pilot Corp.

* Randy Boyd - Founder, Chairman, CEO, Radio Systems Corp.

* Jerry Sink - Senior V.P., CBL & Associates

* Bob Rolfe - Managing Partner, West End Holdings, LLC

* Todd Watson - Armstrong Relocation