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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

San Antonio Express-News
* San Antonio Express-News—
Romney is the clear GOP choice

"The Express-News Editorial Board is taking the unusual step of endorsing a GOP presidential candidate now — three months before the Texas primary... the clear choice is former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

"A series of alternative candidates have risen to the top of the Republican field, including Texas Gov. Rick Perry. None of them have been able to withstand public scrutiny and the media spotlight as confidently as Romney.

"Romney, almost to a fault, is data-driven and speaks knowledgably about the issues facing the nation. In the long series of GOP presidential debates that have exposed the weaknesses of other candidates, he has delivered steady and solid performances. About the economy and how to revive it, Romney has a pro-growth plan that is solidly conservative..."

Pres Welcoming Gov

* Pres. George H.W. Bush

“I think Romney is the best choice for us,” former President Bush told the Houston Chronicle this week. “I like Perry, but he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere; he’s not surging forward.” ...

Bush said he supported Romney because of his “stability, experience, principles. He’s a fine person,” he said. “I just think he’s mature and reasonable – not a bomb-thrower.”

March 29, 2012

* Pres. George W. Bush

“WASHINGTON -- Former President George W. Bush said Tuesday he is supporting Republican Mitt Romney's run for the White House.

“ "I'm for Mitt Romney," Bush told ABC News after he delivered a speech on human rights in Washington, D.C.”


* Gov. Rick Perry

"Mitt Romney has earned the Republican Presidential nomination through hard-work, a strong organization, and disciplined message of restoring America after nearly four years of failed job-killing policies from President Obama and his administration," said Governor Perry. "So today I join the many conservative Republicans across the nation in endorsing Mitt Romney for President and pledge to him, my constituents and the Republican Party that I will continue to work hard to help defeat President Obama. American jobs, economic stability and national security depend on electing a new president. Mitt's vision and record of private sector success will put America back on the path of job creation, economic opportunity and limited government."

May 3, 2012 - 3:30 minutes in to interview

"I've endorsed him. I'm a heck of a lot more comfortable with him than I am with Barack Obama, and that's going to be our choice... The reason we have contests is to pick a winner, and we've done that. Mitt Romney will be our nominee. He will be TEN times better than Barack Obama, particularly when it comes to the economy. And as they said in 1992, 'It's the economy stupid!' It's still about the economy. And Newt Gingrich, any of our candidates, but particularly Mitt, he's going to be our nominee, we're going to be behind him, and God help us if he doesn't win... Mitt Romney has to win this presidential election in November of 2012 or our country truly is going to be on the precipice of bankruptcy and international affairs that I suggest to you that none of us are going to like...

"Tom Coburn had some very startling remarks just yesterday when he talked about the precipice that this country's on. I agree with that. I think we have to make changes and we have to make changes in a hurry, and Mitt Romney understands that."

May 29, 2012 - Rick Perry on eve of Texas primary

“Anita and I congratulate Mitt Romney on securing the Republican nomination and think it is appropriate that the strongest economic leader and jobs state has put him over the top in an election where President Obama’s failed jobs and economic record will be front and center.”

Rep. Mike Conaway

★ Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX)

“With federal spending out of control, Americans need a leader that understands how to balance a budget. The strength of our economy depends on balancing the federal budget, and there is no candidate more capable of doing that than Mitt Romney. I look forward to a smaller, simpler, and smarter government under his leadership.”

“As a second term Congressman from West Texas, I fully intended to keep my powder dry in the presidential race for quite a while. I had no intention of endorsing any of the candidates and simply wanted to meet a couple of them when they were in Austin a few weeks ago. Having read all the newspapers and Web sites for the last few months, I figured I knew what to expect...

“In West Texas, you learn a lot about a person by shaking their hand and looking them in the eye. If you look at Romney's experience and his record, he is clearly qualified to be our next president, but his real abilities and qualifications shine through when you meet him.

“Romney has been a leader his whole life. Whether in business as one of the most successful venture capitalists in America, as the CEO who rescued the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City from corruption and debt, or as governor of Massachusetts, Romney has showed the executive level experience that we need in our next president...

“As governor of Massachusetts, Romney held to his conservative values while working with one of the most liberal state legislatures in the country. By focusing on what they could agree on, rather than on what they couldn't, Gov. Romney had great successes in producing a balanced budget each year of his term and closing a $3 billion budget deficit without raising taxes or resorting to new government borrowing. He also signed a plan into law affording every state citizen health insurance without raising taxes or creating a huge new government bureaucracy...

“These are just a few of the qualities which define Romney and his leadership. At this moment in our history, we confront a new generation of challenges that demand strong, new leadership in our nation's capital... Gov. Romney is that person.

“Mitt Romney believes our best days are ahead of us and that together, we can renew the American dream. That is why I am proud to be supporting him as he begins his campaign for our nation's highest office.”

“I've endorsed him since March and as I've gotten to know him more and understood his positions more, I'm confident that he's the guy that I want to see in the White House in January of 09.”

Rep. John Carter


★ Rep. John Carter (R-TX)

“It is rare that leaders come along with such a tremendous record in the private and public sectors. Mitt Romney knows how to create jobs – he did it in business and he did it as governor. Right now, we need a proven job creator to replace President Obama, who has failed in his number one priority of turning around our economy. Mitt Romney has the experience, the plan, and the vision to change the direction of our country. Texas and the rest of the country deserve a leader like him.”

“Congressman John Carter said, "In just a few short days, Republicans will begin the process of electing our party's standard-bearer in 2008. The one candidate who can bring together all elements of the conservative movement is Mitt Romney." ”

John Carter also served 20 years as a judge and is a retired district court judge.

Rep. Kay Granger

★ Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX)

“It is time we had a conservative leader who will restore our country’s standing in the world. President Obama’s reckless foreign policy has not only failed, it has emboldened our enemies. Mitt Romney is committed to making the 21st Century an American Century. I am proud to stand with him.”

“Congresswoman Granger said, "Governor Romney is a proven leader and natural problem solver. He has demonstrated the ability to turn problems into successes. As Americans, we need his leadership in Washington. He is the only candidate to demonstrate that he has a strategy to make America stronger by returning to our core conservative principles that have made this country so great. I am proud to join his campaign." ”

Rep. Lamar Smith

★ Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX)

“Like many Americans, I believe the United States urgently needs to replace Barack Obama as president with a proven leader who will create jobs, reduce the nation’s debt and embrace traditional values. The Republican Party is fortunate to have many candidates who are well-qualified to do just that. Last May– three months before Governor Rick Perry announced his candidacy – I committed to supporting Mitt Romney. I support Mitt Romney because I believe that he has the specific skillset needed to turn around the economy: he has a conservative track record as a successful businessman and as a governor who created jobs, cut taxes, and kept spending low.”

“Congressman Smith said, "Governor Romney is the only candidate in this race who has the ability to take Washington apart and put it back together, so that it works better for the American people. I am happy to endorse his candidacy for President. He understands the importance of getting America back to conservative principles and common sense leadership. Governor Romney is the right choice for Americans who want to see change in Washington." ”

* Senator John Cornyn

“The Republican primary is over. Mitt Romney will be our nominee and I will strongly support him in every way that I can,” Mr. Cornyn said. “But I think endorsements frankly are kind of overrated, so I don’t think it’s going to affect the outcome of the election.”

* Senator Kay Baily Hutchison

“I am proud to add my voice to the growing number of women across the country calling for an economy that will rebuild the middle class and create jobs. For too long, we have seen families lose their homes, gas prices rise, and young people have a hard time finding work. It is clear that the policies President Obama implemented did not live up to the promises candidate Obama made. We need a president who will restore America’s prosperity and spur economic growth. That is why I’m honored to endorse Mitt Romney. He is a proven job creator with a track record of balancing budgets and turning around troubled enterprises. I cannot think of a more appropriate set of traits for our next president.”

“I support Gov. Mitt Romney for president because he has a well-thought-out plan to get our economy back on track. He recognizes that it is not government but the American people who have made our country great. Men and women pursuing their hopes, seeking the fulfillment of the American dream. The success of our efforts to grow the economy will depend entirely on whether we make it easier or harder for them to accomplish that goal.”

Rep. Pete Olson

* Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX)

“Mitt Romney is the only candidate that understands the magnitude of President Obama’s failure with respect to both the economy and foreign policy. In order to ensure a strong and safe future for our children and grandchildren, we must elect a man with Governor Romney’s knowledge, experience, and ability to lead. I am honored to offer him my support.”

* Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)

“The Republican Party must unite behind the one candidate who can lead our party, win in November, and put in place conservative pro-growth policies to restart our economy,” said Congressman Pete Sessions. “Mitt Romney has proven himself to be a tremendous leader throughout his business career, as head of the Olympics, as governor, and in this long primary. His bold plan to get our economy back on track utilizes the same conservative principles that we have been fighting for in Congress. Texans can be sure that they will have a 'friend of job creators' with Mitt Romney in the White House.”

* Rep. Mac Thornberry

“I’m extraordinarily proud to stand with Mitt Romney,” said Congressman Mac Thornberry. “Texans have had enough of President Obama’s failed policies and big government intrusion into our lives. Conservatives need a candidate that will not only defeat Barack Obama, but implement pro-growth policies that will scale back the size of government and create jobs. For me, that candidate is Mitt Romney. He has unquestioned experience creating jobs and building businesses. It is that real world experience that we need in a president. That’s why I’m proud to stand with Mitt and encourage my fellow Texas conservatives to join me.”

* Rep. Jeb Hensarling

“The time has come for our party to rally behind a candidate who can unify us and focus our attention on the fundamental goal in November's election: ensuring that Barack Obama's presidency is a one-term proposition. Our country needs a president who knows what it takes to grow the economy and one who is dedicated to returning America to a path of prosperity. This is the most important election in my lifetime, and perhaps the lifetimes of my children. That is why I am enthusiastically endorsing Governor Mitt Romney for President of the United States.”

* Rep. Sam Johnson

"We need to hold President Obama accountable for his failed record. Throughout the next few months, he and his billion dollar attack machine will try to distract from their record of excessive spending, high unemployment, and overregulation. We need a president that will focus on creating jobs, not saving his own. Mitt Romney has a bold vision that will empower small businesses and ensure economic security for the middle class. He also believes that a strong America is a safe America. He will never apologize for our country and will work to make the 21st century an American century. I am proud to stand with him and call on my fellow Texans that want a change to join me."

former Rep. Henry Bonilla

Fmr. Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-TX)

“Announcing his support, Congressman Bonilla said, "Governor Romney is a proven leader, and is the only candidate who can bring real change to Washington. He has a record of strong leadership and problem-solving. He fought for conservative social and economic principles in the bluest of blue states. I am proud to support Mitt Romney for President of the United States." ”

* Speaker of the House Joe Straus

“From the Olympics to major businesses, Mitt Romney has proven his ability to turn around troubled organizations, and I can think of few places more in need of a turnaround than Washington, D.C. We've seen a number of good candidates in this primary race; I believe Mitt Romney is the best choice to defeat President Obama and bring our Texas spirit of low taxes, limited government, balanced budgets and fiscal conservatism to Washington.”

More Republicans endorsing Mitt Romney:

* Fmr. Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert

* Fmr. ESPN Analyst Craig James

Mayor Tom Leppert:

“Tom will be working nonstop to ensure that Mitt Romney defeats Barack Obama in November.”

Texas Business Leaders Supporting Romney

“Retired Chief Justice Thomas Phillips said, "Governor Mitt Romney is the strongest Republican candidate in the field. Governor Romney has the experience, vision and conservative values to lead our country forward as we face this new generation of global challenges. As President, he will take Washington apart and put it back together to make it work better for all Americans. We are proud to support his candidacy." ”

Thomas R. Phillips - retired Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court (1988 to 2004)

Allan "Bud" Shivers - Founder & Chairman, the Seton Fund (endowment arm of Seton Healthcare Network); founder, fmr Chairman, solid waste company, Savings & Loan, Realestate Development company, and others.

Pete Winstead - Founding Shareholder of Winstead PC

David Baldwin - Managing Director of SCF Partners

Louis Beecherl, Jr. - Chairman and CEO of Texas Oil and Gas Corp. from 1957 to 1977

Larry Benson - Boardmember, Lone Star Capital Bank, N.A.; car dealership owner, former part owner of New Orleans Saints

Scott Caven - Managing Director and Regional Manager for Texas of Atlantic Trust Company

Joe Dilg - Managing Partner of Vinson & Elkins, one of the largest law firms in Texas

Paul Engler - Co-Founder and CEO of Cactus Feeders (the world's largest privately-owned cattle feeding company)

Jonathan Fairbanks - President of Bassoe Offshore

James B. Francis, Jr. - President of Francis Enterprises, Inc.

Robert Gauntt - founding Partner in Avalon Advisors LP

Doug Hodo, Jr. - President of McGriff, Seibels & Williams

Robert B. Holland, III - Boardmember, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.

Dr. Scott Holliday - Anesthesiologist

William Hutchinson - President, Dunhill Partners

Drew Johnson - General Partner at CIC Partners

Walter Johnson - Founder and Chairman of Amegy Bank

David Jones - Principle and Partner with DINI Partners

Jim McGrath - President of CEO Communications

Joseph Meister - attorney with Hughes & Luce

John Muse - Chairman of HM Capital Partners

Ross Perot, Jr. - Chairman of Perot Systems; Founder and Chairman of Hillwood Development Company

Bob Perry - owner of Perry Homes

Kevin Rollins - former President and CEO of Dell, Inc.

George Seay - Co-Founder and CEO of Annandale Capital; Co-Founder and Chairman of Legacy

L.E. Simmons - Founder and President of Houston-based L.E. Simmons & Associations

Matthew Simmons - Chairman and CEO of Simmons & Company International

Mark Wallace - President and CEO of Texas Children's Hospital

Logan Walters - former Assistant to President George W. Bush

Ross Perot, Texas Business Leader

"Perot says he intends to vote for Mitt Romney in the Texas Republican primary on March 4, citing Romney's experience in business and his family values."

Ross Perot was a third-party presidential candidate in 1992, getting 19% of the general election vote.