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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

★ Governor Gary Herbert

“Now is the time for Republicans to coalesce around the one GOP candidate who can defeat President Obama and get our great nation back on the right track,” said Governor Gary Herbert. “We need a leader with an unwavering moral compass. We need a leader who can offer results, not rhetoric. That candidate is Mitt Romney. In a time when millions of Americans cannot find work, we need a leader who has an indisputable track record of job creation and business building. Mitt Romney is the leader America needs and deserves.”

“Endorsing Governor Romney, Lt. Governor Herbert said, "Whether in the private or public sector, Governor Romney has a record of the strong leadership that our country needs. He is the right candidate to lead our Party and our nation. I am proud of be a part of his team." ”

* Lt. Governor Greg Bell

“Mitt Romney’s record in the private sector and as governor speaks for itself: he created jobs, balanced budgets, and kept taxes low. Utahns clearly want the federal government to balance its budget and stop its insane deficit spending. Mitt is the guy to do that.”

* Fmr. Governor Mike Leavitt

“The bottom line is this: The profile of the person we were looking for to rescue the Olympics matches almost perfectly what United States needs in our next president. We need a leader who can return us to fiscal responsibility, discern between those things that are needs and wants, and inspire a demoralized people to believe again. Mitt Romney is a leader who can do those things, and more.”

Mike Leavitt was also the former Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Bush Administration.

* fmr. Gov. Jon Huntsman

“Today I am suspending my campaign and supporting the candidate who is best-equipped to defeat the president and return conservative leadership to the White House: Governor Mitt Romney.”

Video and accompanying article of Jon Huntsman's endorsement of Mitt Romney, which includes:

“It's time, Huntsman said, for the GOP to unite behind the candidate "best equipped to defeat Barack Obama. Despite our differences and the space between us on some of the issues, I believe that candidate is Mitt Romney." ...

“In a statement, Romney said, “I salute Jon Huntsman and his wife Mary Kaye. Jon ran a spirited campaign based on unity not division, and love of country. I appreciate his friendship and support.”

“Huntsman and Romney spoke by phone Sunday night about what Huntsman could do to help his former rival.”

* Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

“Mitt Romney has shown that he has the experience to grow the economy and create jobs. He led a successful Winter Olympics, created jobs as governor and has the private sector experience that President Obama lacks.”

* Sen. Mike Lee

“If Republicans want to repeal President Obama’s unconstitutional health care plan, restore limited government and individual liberty, they must unite behind Mitt Romney. He is the one candidate who will be able to win in November and implement policies that conservatives like me have been fighting for in the Senate. Conservatives can’t afford to allow President Obama to have another four years in office. That is why I support Mitt Romney and urge my fellow constitutional conservatives to support him as the nominee of our party.”

★ Sen. Orrin Hatch

“Throughout his life, Mitt has demonstrated that he isn't just qualified, but has the leadership needed to be President of the United States,” said Senator Orrin Hatch. “Whether in the private sector, during the Winter Olympics, or as governor, Mitt Romney has the proven record to lead our country and understands that middle-class families, small businesses, and the private sector are the key to a bright future – not government.”

"I'll just say this as a matter of fact: Mitt Romney has more management ability than any potential candidate on either side. He is one of the best managers in the country. He took over Massachusetts, which is an extremely liberal state with a totally dominant Democratic Legislature and turned a $3 billion deficit into a $1 billion surplus in just the few years he's been in there."

“Let's be honest about it. Mitt took over one of the bluest states in the Union. It was three billion dollars in the hole, and in 2 1/2 - 3 years he got it to a one billion dollar surplus, with a state legislature that's 85% opposed to everything he did, everything he believed in. And Frankly, he was a great governor. People know that. He's a great leader. We know in Utah very well, because he came out and saved the Winter Olympics, and made them the best Winter Olympics in the history of the world.

“And I worked very closely with him on all the security arrangements out there, and the security arrangements that we came up with and that he spearheaded, now are used in the Superbowl and almost every major venue in the country. I mean he's a leader! ...

“If you want a leader, if you want the best manager of any candidate running this year, maybe better than all the rest of them put together, you can't go wrong with Mitt Romney.

“He was top of his class at Harvard Law School. Got an MBA at the same time. Built Bain Capital into the multi-billion dollar company it is today. He's extremely successful. He's straight forward. He's been married to the same woman for all of their married life-- has a wonderful family. The guy is a go-to type guy who can get it done, has guts and ability.”

“ "Governor Romney has the leadership qualities we need to bring real change to Washington," said Hatch, now in his sixth term in the Senate.

“ "People in Utah remember well his turning around the 2002 Winter Olympics. His record as governor is equally remarkable. At a time of unprecedented challenges, we need to elect an innovative problem solver like Governor Romney," Hatch said.”

“Hatch said Romney's term as governor of Massachusetts following the Olympics "is equally remarkable. At a time of unprecedented challenges, we need to elect an innovative problem solver like Governor Romney." ”

Sen. Bob Bennett

“Sen. Bob Bennett says Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is "certainly my choice" for the GOP presidential nomination in 2008.

“Romney is the strongest candidate the Republicans could field, added Bennett, R-Utah.”

★ Rep. Jason Chaffetz

“Utah residents and voters across the country are looking for a change in The White House,” said Congressman Jason Chaffetz. “President Obama has failed to steer our economy in the right direction and has made the environment for job creation even worse. Mitt Romney knows how jobs are created and is the right man at this critical time to lead us toward recovery.”

Note: Jason Chaffetz ran for office as the republican nominee after Romney left the 2008 presidential race, but he volunteered for Romney's campaign and has supported Romney ever since.

“Chaffetz also was a volunteer for Romney's presidential campaign.”

“Chaffetz joked about the large turnout for Romney. "He's a rock star. Jon Bon Jovi doesn't get this many people." ”

★ Rep. Rob Bishop

“Mitt Romney has a record of job creation that the President lacks,” said Congressman Rob Bishop. “We need someone in office who understands how the economy works. President Obama has failed in his mission to create jobs – Mitt Romney has the record to lead an economic recovery.”

“Of all the viable candidates running for president, Governor Romney is the only one who talks about the significant role that state and local governments play in solving people's problems. Everyone else talks about expanding the role of the federal government. Governor Romney is the only candidate with executive and administrative experience.”

Rep. Chris Cannon

“ "We Utahns have seen firsthand that Governor Romney is an effective leader, and I am confident, as the campaign unfolds, that voters across the nation will see the same qualities and the vision he has displayed as a business leader, governor, and as head of the Salt Lake Olympics," Cannon said. "I look forward to working with the Romney team both here in Utah and across the country in the months ahead." ”

Most 2012 Utah State Legislators

★ Majority Leader Brad L. Dee 
* Representative Johnny Anderson 
* Representative Roger E. Barrus 
★ Representative Jim Bird 
* Representative Derek E. Brown 
★ Representative Melvin R. Brown 
* Representative LaVar Christensen 
* Representative Fred C. Cox 
★ Representative Bradley M. Daw 
★ Representative Jack R. Draxler 
* Representative Rebecca P. Edwards 
* Representative Steve Eliason 
★ Representative Julie Fisher 
* Representative Gage Froerer 
* Representative Brad J. Galvez 
* Representative Francis D. Gibson 
* Representative Richard A. Greenwood 
★ Representative Keith Grover 
* Representative Stephen G. Handy 
★ Representative Wayne A. Harper 
★ Representative Christopher N. Herrod 
* Representative Don L. Ipson 
* Representative Ken Ivory 
★ Representative Todd E. Kiser 
★ Representative Bradley G. Last 
★ Representative Kay L. McIff 
★ Representative Michael T. Morley 
* Representative Merlynn T. Newbold 
* Representative Jim Nielson 
★ Representative Michael E. Noel 
* Representative Patrick Painter 
* Representative Lee B. Perry 
* Representative Jeremy A. Peterson 
* Representative Val L. Peterson 
* Representative Dixon M. Pitcher 
* Representative Holly J. Richardson 
* Representative Douglas Sagers 
* Representative Stephen E. Sandstrom 
* Representative Dean Sanpei 
* Representative R. Curt Webb 
* Representative Brad R. Wilson

* Senate President Michael G. Waddoups 
★ Majority Leader Scott K. Jenkins 
* Majority Whip Wayne L. Niederhauser 
★ Assistant Majority Whip Peter C. Knudson 
* Senator J. Stuart Adams 
★ Senator Curtis S. Bramble 
★ Senator Allen M. Christensen 
★ Senator Margaret Dayton 
★ Senator Lyle W. Hillyard 
* Senator David P. Hinkins 
* Senator Daniel R. Liljenquist 
* Senator Ralph Okerlund 
* Senator Aaron Osmond 
* Senator Jerry W. Stevenson 
* Senator Daniel W. Thatcher 
★ Senator John L. Valentine

Most 2008 Utah State Legislators

“Romney has the backing of 45 of the 55 Republicans in the Utah House and 16 of the 21 GOP state senators...

“Senate Majority Leader Curt Bramble, R-Provo, said it was an easy choice.

“ "Mitt did a great job here with the Olympics," Bramble said. "He has some real potential. Look what he's done in Massachusetts. He's a consensus builder. I think he'll have a real support base here in Utah." ”

2008 State Legislators Supporting Governor Romney Include:

- Speaker Greg J. Curtis 
- Majority Leader David Clark 
- Majority Whip Gordon E. Snow 
- Assistant Majority Whip Brad L. Dee 
- Rules Chair Stephen H. Urquhart 
- Representative Douglas C. Aagard 
- Representative Sylvia S. Andersen 
- Representative Jim Bird 
- Representative DeMar Bud Bowman 
- Representative Melvin R. Brown 
- Representative Stephen D. Clark 
- Representative Bradley M. Daw 
- Representative Glenn A. Donnelson 
- Representative Jack Draxler 
- Representative Ben C. Ferry 
- Representative Julie Fisher 
- Representative Craig A. Frank 
- Representative Kevin S. Garn 
- Representative Kerry W. Gibson 
- Representative Keith Grover 
- Representative Wayne A. Harper 
- Representative Christopher N. Herrod 
- Representative Kory M. Holdaway 
- Representative Gregory H. Hughes 
- Representative Fred Hunsaker 
- Representative Eric K. Hutchings 
- Representative Todd E. Kiser 
- Representative Bradley G. Last 
- Representative Steven R. Mascaro 
- Representative John G. Mathis 
- Representative Kay L. McIff 
- Representative Ronda Rudd Menlove 
- Representative Michael T. Morley 
- Representative Michael E. Noel 
- Representative Curtis Oda 
- Representative Aaron Tilton 
- Representative Mark W. Walker 
- Representative Richard W. Wheeler 
- Representative Carl Wimmer 
- Representative Scott L. Wyatt

-Senate President John L. Valentine 
- Majority Leader Curtis S. Bramble 
- Majority Whip Dan R. Eastman 
- Assistant Majority Whip Sheldon Killpack 
- Senator D. Chris Buttars 
- Senator Allen M. Christensen 
- Senator Margaret Dayton 
- Senator John W. (Bill) Hickman 
- Senator Lyle W. Hillyard 
- Senator Scott K. Jenkins 
- Senator Peter C. Knudson 
- Senator Mark B. Madsen 
- Senator Howard A. Stephenson 
- Senator Dennis E. Stowell 
- Senator Kevin VanTassell 
- Senator Carlene M. Walker

Charlene Wells Hawkes

Former Miss America, Charlene Wells Hawkes also supported Mitt Romney, stating "Mitt Romney gave Utah world-class leadership. He turned around our Olympics."

Salt Lake Tribune — Executive material:
Mitt Romney should be the Republican nominee

"When Americans go to the polls in November, they will be electing a chief executive of the United States. As we survey the Republican field of presidential aspirants in Utah's Feb. 5 primary, one candidate stands above the others as a talented chief executive: Mitt Romney.

"Utahns learned about Romney up close when the state's governor at the time, Mike Leavitt, tapped him in 1999 to rescue the scandal-plagued committee that was organizing the 2002 Winter Olympic..."