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   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

State Senators:

* Minority Leader William Doyle

* State Senator Joe Benning

* State Senator Randy Brock

* State Senator Peg Flory

* State Senator Vince Illuzzi

* State Senator Kevin Mullin

* State Senator Richard Westman

State Representatives:

* Former Speaker of the House Walter Freed

* State Rep. Joe Acinapura

* State Rep. Gregory Clark

* State Rep. Howard Crawford

* State Rep. Dustin Degree

* State Rep. Eileen Dickinson

* State Rep. Peter Fagan

* State Rep. Mike Herbert

* State Rep. Robert Helm

* State Rep. Robert Lewis

* State Rep. Linda Myers

* State Rep. Gerald Reis

* State Rep. Vicki Strong

Former Vermont Republican Party Chairs:

* Joe Acinapura (and State Rep.)

* Jim Barnett

* Steve Larabee (and fmr. Rep.)

* Jack Lindley

* Allen Martin

* Pat McDonald

Republican National Committee Members:

* George Schiavone

* Susie Hudson

Republican State Central Committee Members:

* Buddy and Jackie Barnett

* Marilyn Childs

* Ron Meroli

* Bob and Pat Nowak

* Ann Valliere

* John and Carol Wu

County Republican Chairs:

* Bradford Broyles, Rutland

* Ken Copp, Essex

* Dr. Bill Minsinger, Orange

* Dan Riley, Bennington

* Hugh Tallman, Lamoile

* Leo Valliere, Washington (and fmr. Rep.)

* Chuck Wilton, Rutland Finance Chair

Town & City Republican Chairs:

* Lenny Barclay, Londonderry

* Don Bostic, Saint Johnsbury (and fmr. Rep.)

* Del Cook, Brandon

* Lawrence Daley, Peru

* Joe DeFreitas, Bethel

* Dawn Hill-Fleury, Essex

* Cliff King, East Montpilier

* Bruce Lonergan, Bennington

* Eric Osgood, Johnson

* Mike Lannon, Rutland

* Don Trachte, Sandgate

* Harry Jay, Williamstown

* Patricia Morale, Pittsford Secretary

* Lynn Lindley, Montpelier Committee

* J. Paul Giuliani, Montpelier Committee

State/City Officials and Candidate:

* State Auditor Tom Salmon

* Mayor Thomas Lauzon, Barre

* Treasurer Wendy Wilton, Rutland City, fmr. State Senator

* Chief of Staff Tim Haywood, to fmr. Gov Jim Douglas

* Chris Roy, fmr. Republican candidate for Secretary of State


* John Kleinhans, fmr. Vermont College Republican President

* Michael Bertrand

* Darcie Johnston

* Mark Snelling

* Rick Cochran

* Jack and Kim Kane

State Auditor Tom Salmon:

“Mitt Romney has a record of creating jobs as governor and has unparalleled knowledge of how the economy works from 25 years in the private sector. He is the best candidate to lead our country toward an economic recovery and that is why Vermont voters will support him.”

Vermont RNC Committee Member

“Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced that 16 members of the Republican National Committee (RNC) will be joining the Romney for President Exploratory Committee...

“RNC Committee Members Supporting Governor Romney:


“- Sara Gear Boyd, VT”