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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

* Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Announcing her support, Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers said, “President Obama’s policies are not working for Washington State or the rest of the nation. Joblessness remains high and businesses are not able to expand. President Obama’s on-the-job training has left millions of Americans disappointed and looking for someone with the experience to get results. Mitt Romney actually knows how the economy works – he spent 25 years in the private sector – and knows how jobs are created. Throughout his life, he has shown conservative solutions work, whether it was in business, the Olympic Games or as governor. With his economic know-how and bold plan to turn around the economy, Mitt Romney will be able to get our country back on the right track on day one as president.”

“Mitt Romney has such strong support in Washington because he is the only candidate who can defeat President Obama and bring the principles we have been fighting for in Washington State to the White House,” said Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. “Our state and our country cannot afford four more years of failure from President Obama. He has failed to deliver on the promises he made four years ago and it is time that we have a leader in the White House who can fix our fiscal mess and save the economy.”

"The reason that I chose to endorse Governor Romney is because I believe that he will do a much better job than President Obama. And the number one issue that is facing America right now is getting our economy back on track, getting Americans back to work. Governor Romney has the private sector experience. He’s run many successful businesses. He’s proven himself as a job creator in the private sector. …When it comes to understanding the economy, there is no substitute for that private sector experience: meeting payroll, trying to make a profit, innovating and adapting, and he also understands the impact of government regulations and policies on job creation. He also served as a very successful governor in a very blue state. He inherited a $3 billion deficit, and turned it around into a $2 billion rainy day fund, and he never raised taxes. In fact, he cut taxes nineteen times. Third, he’s the most electable. There is no question in my mind that he is the most electable of the Republican candidates, and nationwide polls also back that up. And then finally his personal life, which is very impressive. He is a man of faith; he’s raised a family, very active in the community as well as his church."

* Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler

“Voters in Washington State are looking for a change,” said Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler. “Our country simply cannot take four more years of out of control government spending, rising unemployment, and sinking home values. Mitt Romney is the proven leader who has the character and the experience to lead this country. His vision of a ‘Simpler, Smaller, and Smarter’ federal government is what America needs to get back on track. I urge all those who are concerned about the direction of our country to join me in supporting Mitt Romney.”

* Rep. Dave Reichert

“Right now, we are missing real leadership in the White House. President Obama has had many failed policies over the last three years and Americans deserve better. Mitt Romney has been a successful leader and has shown that commonsense, real world experience can be used to turn around tough situations. Our economy and country need a new direction and I believe that Mitt Romney is the person with the background and skills to lead our country back on the right path. On March 3rd, I urge Washingtonians to support Mitt Romney – with a leader like him in the White House, we can be confident of a bright future.”

Late Fmr. Rep. Jennifer Dunn

“Announcing her support today, Congresswoman Dunn said, "In both business and government, Governor Romney has proven that his leadership can bring change and results. Whether it was saving the Winter Olympic Games or fighting for lower taxes, Governor Romney has always stood for strong, principled leadership. I am confident that his message of hope and optimism will resonate with all Americans."

“Congresswoman Dunn Represented Washington State's Eighth Congressional District In The United States House Of Representatives From 1993 To 2005. As a Member of Congress, she worked hard to lower government spending and reduce the federal budget deficit. She dedicated much of her time in Washington to improving Social Security benefits for women. She also worked to lower the tax burden on working parents and repeal the death tax on family businesses. Congresswoman Dunn has also played an influential role in Republican politics, serving as Chairwoman for the Washington State Republican Party and Vice Chair for the Republican Conference in the House of Representatives.”

“Jennifer Dunn was the face of the Washington state Republican Party for more than two decades, first as its chairwoman and then as a member of Congress, and frequently gave a reasoned, unflappable image to the national GOP as well... Dunn died at her home in Alexandria, Va., Wednesday after collapsing from a pulmonary embolism. She was 66... "Her legacy is the example she set with public service," Ruckelshaus said... Dunn also kept a hand in politics, most recently working on former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's presidential bid as national co-chairwoman of "Women for Mitt." ”

Fmr. Rep. Randy Tate

“ "It is an honor to join Governor Romney's campaign," said Tate.”

"Randy Tate Is A Past Executive Director Of The Christian Coalition And Former U.S. Congressman (R) From Washington State. From 1988 to 1994, Tate was a member of the Washington State House of Representatives. Then in 1994 as part of the Republican Revolution, he was elected to the United States House of Representatives where he would serve until 1997. From 1997 until 1999, he served as Executive Director of the Christian Coalition. During his time as head of the Coalition, membership increased by over 200,000."

" “In his four years as Governor of Massachusetts, I was impressed by Mitt Romney’s willingness to take and defend conservative positions on pro-family and pro-growth issues. As President, I believe that Governor Romney will govern as a conservative committed to defeating the Jihadist threat, strengthening the family, uplifting the culture, and expanding the economy through free-market principles,” said Tate."

* Fmr. State Senator Dino Rossi

“Mitt Romney’s background and knowledge of the economy are unparalleled in this field,” said Dino Rossi. “As a businessman, he knows you can't spend more than you take in and that federal regulations too often get in the way of our ability to create jobs and prosperity. I urge my fellow Washingtonians to support Mitt Romney because our economy can’t afford four more years of failure from the White House. The most important issue facing the federal government is to create a sustainable budget that doesn't continue to drain resources away from private employers and innovative entrepreneurs. Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified to lead this effort.”

Other Notable Washington Supporters - 2012

* Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed

* Fmr. U.S. Rep. George Nethercutt

* Fmr. Washington Secretary of State Ralph Munro

* State Senate Republican Leader Mike Hewitt

* State Senator Andy Hill

* State Senator Don Benton

* State Senator Joe Fain

* State Senator Steve Litzow

* State Senator Bob Morton

* State Senator Pam Roach

* State Senator Mark Schoesler

* State Senator Joe Zarelli

* House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt

* State Representative JT Wilcox

* State Representative John Ahern

* State Representative Susan Fagan

* State Representative Cathy Dahlquist

* State Representative Bruce Dammeier

* State Representative Paul Harris

* State Representative Larry Haler

* State Representative Bill Hinkle

* State Representative Mike Hope

* State Representative Kevin Parker

* State Representative Ann Rivers

* State Representative Jay Rodne

* State Representative Judy Warnick

* Fmr. Senate Majority Leader Dan McDonald

* Fmr. State Representative & Mayor Earl Tilly, Wenatchee

* Mayor Mark Lamb, Bothell

* Mayor Conrad Lee, Belleview

* Mayor Vern Little, City of Lake Stevens

* Deputy Mayor & Councilmember Jennifer Robertson, Bellevue

* Fmr. Mayor Royce Pollard, Vancouver

* Fmr. Mayor Doug Thorndike, Snohomish

* Councilmember Pete Von Reichbauer, King County

* Councilmember and fmr. Mayor Don Davidson, Bellevue

* Councilmember Bill & Margo Evans, Bothell City

* Councilmember Benjamin Goodwin, Lynnwood City

* Councilmember Kathy Lambert, King County

★ Councilmember Toby Nixon, Kirkland

* Councilmember Dan Roach, Pierce County

* Councilmember Marcus Tageant, Lake Stevens City

* Councilmember Kevin Wallace, Bellevue

* Councilmember Todd Welch, Lake Stevens City

* Fmr. Councilmember Larry Countryman, Snohomish City

* Fmr. Councilmember Jeff Sax, Snohomish County

* Auditor Greg Kimsey, Clark County

* Fmr. U.S. Attorney, Eastern District of Washington, Bill Hyslop

* Fmr. U.S. Attorney, Western District of Washington, Mike McKay

* Director, Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute, Kim Werdel

* Executive Director, Mainstream Republicans of Washington, Alex Hayes

* President, Eastside Republican Club, Rozalyn Strong

* Fmr. Chair, Washington Republica Party, Luke Esser

* Fmr. Chair, Washington Republican Party, Diane Tebelius

* Fmr. Vice Chair, Washington Republican Party, Jeff McMorris

* Fmr. Clark County Republican Chair, Brent Boger

* Fmr. President, Evergreen Republican Women's Club, Billye Brooks-Sebastiani

* Fmr. Whatcom & Snohomish County Republican Chair, Paul Elvig

* Fmr. KIRO-TV (CBS) News Anchor Susan Hutchison

* Fmr. Chair, Stevens County Republican Party, Sarah Baumann McMorris


Other notable Washington Supporters - 2008

Dr. Pedro Celis - National Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, 2005-07. Founded the Washington Chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly and became its first chairman. Microsoft Engineer holding 15 U.S. patents.

★ Toby Nixon - Program Manager, Microsoft

Wayne Perry – CEO, Edge Wireless

Geoff Davis – CEO, Unitus

Dan Elenbaas – CEO, Amaze Entertainment, Inc.

Ingrid Fuhriman – CEO, Stellar Photonics

★ Greg Goodwin – CEO, Kuni Automotive

★ Greg Kubicek – CEO, Holt Homes

★ Kathy McDonald – K. Mac & Associates, LLC

Dale Miller – Senior Vice President, U.B.S.

★ David & Patricia Nierenberg – Owner, D3 Family Funds L.P.

Don Benton – State Senator, Vancouver

Randy Eastwood – Mayor of Kenmore