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   ★ - means endorsed Romney in both 2008 and 2012

   * - means endorsed Romney in 2012

West Virginia RNC Members

★ Donna Gosney - WV Republican National Committeeman

* Jim Reed - WV Republican National Committeeman

Each state gets three Republican National Committee (RNC) members, but not all are allowed to endorse (DCW - Delegate list).

Public Figures endorsing Romney

State Senator Donna J. Boley announcing her support said, “President Obama’s attempts to restart our economy for the last three years have failed. His liberal, over-reaching policies are simply not working. We need a conservative, experienced leader who understands how the economy works and has actually created jobs. As Governor, Mitt Romney balanced the budget without raising taxes. He spent 25 years in the private sector turning around failing businesses and successfully turned around the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. I am proud and excited to support Mitt Romney for President.” Boley is a veteran Legislator and former WV Republican National Committeewoman.

“Announcing his endorsement of Governor Romney, the Honorable Bob Ashley said, "I am proud to support Governor Romney's candidacy for President of the United States. We need to elect someone with conservative credentials who can take Washington apart and put it back together so that it works better for hardworking American families. Governor Romney does not run from problems, he faces them head on. He is a proven problem-solver and principled leader. I am pleased to chair his steering committee in West Virginia." ”

Elected Officials:

* Donna Boley - WV State Senator,
   former WV Republican National Committeewoman

* David Nohe - WV State Senator,
   Mayor of the City of Vienna

* Tom Scott - former WV State Senator

★ Bob Ashley - member & former Minority Leader, West Virginia House of Delegates

* Allen V. Evans - member, West Virginia House of Delegates

* Marty Gearheart - member, WV House of Delegates,
   Vice Chairman of the WV Republican Party

* Mike Greer - former member, WV Legislature, Public Service Commission

★ James M. McCutcheon - former member, West Virginia House of Delegates

* Debbie Stevens - former member, WV House of Delegates

★ Mayor Kim Wolfe - Mayor, City of Huntington, former Sheriff of Cabell County

* Mayor Andy McKenzie - Mayor of Wheeling,
   former WV State Senator

* Mayor Carolyn Rader - Mayor of Ripley,
   Member of the WV Republican State Executive Committee

* Mayor Judy Guye Swanson - Elkins Mayor,
   Randolph County Commissioner

* Mayor Dottie Kellison - former Mayor, City of Marlinton

* Linda Maze - County Clerk, Ritchie County

★ Rick Rice - former County Commissioner, Upshur County
   fmr. President and Chairman, WV Association of County Commissioners, WV County Officials Association,
   fmr. State Director USDA Rural Development in the Bush administration

* Mark Scott - Councilman, Elkins City Council,
   Vice Chairman WV Republican State Executive Committee

* Steven Allred - served as WV Commissioner of Labor

* Greg Morris - former Deputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of U. S. Department of Health & Human Services

* Bill Phillips - Chief of Staff to former Governor Cecil H. Underwood

* Jenny Phillips - WV USDA State Director for Rural Development in the Bush administration

★ Bill Phillips, Jr. - Chief of Staff for Former Governor Cecil H. Underwood

• Mark Blankenship - senior staff member, former Governor Underwood

Party Officals:

* Mike Stuart - Chairman, WV Republican Party

* William Higginbotham - Vice Chairman, WV Republican State Executive Committee

★ John H. McCutcheon, II - former Vice Chairman, West Virginia Republican State Party

* David Tyson - former Chairman of the WV Republican Party

* William Snyder - former Vice Chairman, WV Republican State Executive Committee

★ Patricia Adams - Chair, Upshur County Republican Executive Committee
   member, West Virginia Republican State Executive Committee

* Jack Adams - Chairman, Doddridge County Republican Executive Committee
   member, West Virginia Republican State Executive Committee

* Mary Boltz - member, WV Republican State Executive Committee

★ Mark W. Browning - member, Kanawha County Republican Executive Committee

* Roger Dahmer - Chairman, Pendleton County Republican Committee

* Beverly Evans - Chair, Grant County Republican County Party

* Jack Fincham - Chair, Wyoming County Republican Party

* Todd Gunter - member, Kanawha County Republican Executive Committee

* Roger Hanshaw - Parliamentarian to the WV Republican State Committee

* Paul Hartling - Chairman, WVGOP County Chairs Committee,
   Chairman, Putnam County Republican Party

* Ira Haught - former Chairman, Ritchie County Republican Committee

* Estill Hughes - Chairman, Webster County Republican Committee,
   member, WV Republican State Committee

* Carolyn Jackson - Chair, Randolph County Republican Committee

★ Jeffrey Loudin - former Republican Chairman in Randolph County

* Conrad Lucas - Chairman, WV Young Republicans,
   General Counsel to the WV Republican Party

* Lawrence Lyon - Chair, Boone County Republican Party

★ Jerry Mays - Chairman, Berkeley County Republican Executive Committee

* Karen McCoy - Member, WV Republican State Executive Committee

* Amanda Mesler - Member, WV Republican State Executive Committee

★ Thomas J. O'Neill - Vice Chairman of the First Congressional District,
   West Virginia Republican State Executive Committee

* Lisa Ramey - Chairman, Lincoln County Republican Executive Committee

★ Robert Ryan - attorney, RNC Victory Fund staff member

* Don Smith - Chairman, Preston County Republican Party

* Dallas Thacker - member, WV Republican State Committee

* Kimberly Waldron - member, Monongalia County Republican Executive Committee

* Herb White - Chair, Braxton County Republican Party

* Shane Wilson - Vice Chairman, WV Young Republicans and founder, Underwood Institute

Other Prominent Individuals:

★ Deborah Wolfe - former Mrs. America

★ Patrick Bennett - Attorney

★ J. B. McCuskey - Attorney

★ Joey Robinett - Attorney


Chairman Mike Stuart:

"America is in serious need of new leadership to restore confidence that government can work," Stuart said. "Barack Obama is taking our nation down a path of certain destruction. Government spending is out of control while millions of Americans are looking for jobs. Mitt Romney understands how to read and manage a budget and he will create a climate in which our economy will thrive and Americans can get back to work."

"Mitt Romney understands the importance of coal, natural gas and domestic energy production and his policies will ensure new jobs and economic certainty for West Virginia's coal and natural gas industries," Stuart said. "Alternatively, President Obama and his fellow Democrats have waged an open and obvious war on coal since his election in 2008. Obama's policies compromise our nation's national security and the economic security of every West Virginian and every American. On the issue of national energy policy alone, Mitt Romney should be the next President of the United States."

West Virginia Pro-Life Group Backs Mitt Romney

“The West Virginians for Life PAC also announced a endorsement for Romney and its president, Wanda Franz, Ph.D., said, “Mitt Romney’s pro-life positions are representative of the strong pro-life commitment of West Virginia voters. We look forward to his successful campaign here in our state.” ”