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   This section reviews Obama's ties and support of ACORN, which had widespread voter fraud in 2008 and previous elections.

   It looks at how the ACORN network has regrouped after being defunded, with the likelihood of more voting fraud.


Background - Founding and Charter

ACORN was founded in 1970 by Wade Rathke, a far left activist who has engaged in efforts ranging from working within George Soro's Shadow Party to organizing Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests called "Days of rage in 10 cities around JP Morgan Chase," which are credited with starting the OWS movement.

(George Soros, a billionaire with far left agendas, created the so called "Shadow Democrat Party" or "Shadow Party" in 2003. It is a nationwide network of labor unions, and politically left non-profit activist groups and think tanks which are engaged in campaigning for the Democrats.)

ACORN in fact was responsible for the voter mobilization drives for Soros' Shadow Party, and "Project Vote" was ACORN's voter mobilization arm.

Much of ACORN's money came from the taxpayer (with estimates putting the ceiling as high as in the billions of dollars), but it also received funding from George Soros, The Woods Fund of Chicago (starting when Barack Obama and former Weather-Underground Leader William Ayers served together on the board), other left-leaning foundations [including from CAC when Obama led it with Ayers on the board], unions, and other donations, particularly in election years.

The ACORN corporation served as an umbrella organization for a collection of community-based organizations that were subsidiaries and affiliates (see side-bar), and is best known by many for its supposed voter registration drives. But it had a manifesto called the "People's Platform" with aggressive socialist and communistic goals, stating among other things:

"Enough is enough. We will wait no longer for the crumbs at America's door... This is not a simple vision, but a detailed plan... to deliver a piece of the present and the fruits of the future to every man, to every woman, to every family...

"We demand the changes outlined in our platform and plan. We will work to win... Energy (3 bullet points to nationalize energy companies are given)... Healthcare (Many bullet points for socializing medicine are given, including) ... Create a national health care system... Housing (Bullet points for more government control and subsidizing of housing are given) ... Work and Worker's Rights (Bullet points and communist principles and demands are then given, including:) Guarantee a minimum annual family income at a figure equivalent to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics "medium living standard," adjusted for inflation..."

"It’s an umbrella organization for hundreds of leftish groups. ACORN is set up as a nonprofit corporation but it is not tax exempt, which allows it to skirt non-profit public disclosure requirements. However, many of its affiliates are non-profits. ACORN’s organizational structure is labyrinthine by design. That raises the question: What is it hiding?"

• Almost 300 ACORN affiliated groups officially lived in one house in New Orleans - photo on pg 7
• Listing of some of ACORN's many subsidiaries and affiliates - page 5

ACORN had many affiliates, including Project Vote, whose Executive Director was ACORN's Political Director, and whose board were all ACORN staff and members. Project Vote would funnel money to ACORN for voter registration work.

In 1995, 500 ACORN demonstrators disrupted a conference of 2,500 county commissioners at the Washington Hilton, commandeering the microphone and head table, forcing Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to cancel his speech.

“ACORN is part of the enforcement wing and the intimidation wing of the left,” Gingrich said in an interview...

In 1998, while Governor Huckabee prepared to deliver a speech on civil rights, hundreds of screaming ACORN activists armed with bullhorns stormed the Little Rock hotel conference room, ending the event.

The socialist and leftist ties of ACORN run far and deep.

    When first founded in 1970 it was the Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), co-founded with George Wiley. (ACORN later changed its name but kept the same acronymn.) George Wiley was the founder of a socialist organization called NWRO (National Welfare Rights Organization) that through the 1960s and 70s used "change through crisis" techniques "which called for swamping the welfare rolls with new applicants, beyond what the system could bear."

    In 1970 the New York Times reported sit-ins, demonstrations of several thousand welfare recipients, school boycotts, picket lines, arrests, rock throwing, smashing doors, overturning desks at welfare offices and so forth.

    "Wiley and his welfare radicals terrorized social workers all over the United States, but their greatest success came in New York City. Newly elected in 1966, arch-liberal Mayor John Lindsay knuckled under to every demand from Wiley's NWRO. New York's welfare rolls had already been growing by 12 percent per year before Lindsay took office. The growth rate jumped to 50 percent annually in 1966. "By the early 1970s, one person was on the welfare rolls in New York City for every two working in the city's private economy," writes Sol Stern in the Manhattan Institute's City Journal. As a direct result of its reckless welfare spending, New York City was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1975."

    "These methods proved effective. "The flooding succeeded beyond Wiley's wildest dreams," writes Sol Stern in the Manhattan Institute's City Journal. "From 1965 to 1974, the number of single-parent households on welfare soared from 4.3 million to 10.8 million, despite mostly flush economic times." "

    "The tens of billions of dollars in welfare entitlements that Wiley and his followers managed to squeeze from state and local governments came very close to sinking the U.S. economy" just as Wiley and his co-founders predicted." (ACORN's co-founder Rathke was also involved in NWRO with Wiley.)

    "ACORN grew out of another notorious group called the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO). NWRO was founded in 1966—the same year Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven’s seminal article “The Weight of the Poor” was published in the Nation magazine [—under their mentorship to try the strategy]. The so-called Cloward-Piven Strategy called for activists to double America’s welfare rolls in order to destabilize the American system of government. Placing impossible demands on states and localities would force them to ask Congress for a guaranteed annual income scheme and thereby set in motion the transformation of America into a socialist state.

    "NWRO grew out of the organizing efforts of Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky and other veteran radical agitators...

    "Rathke was arrested after he led an invasion of the Springfield welfare office with 250 or more women and students armed with signs reading “More for the poor, less for the war.” The welfare director refused to give in to the crowd’s demands for winter clothing, benefits to which they were not entitled. That provoked two days of unrest in which millions of dollars of property was destroyed...

    "For ACORN, anything goes, from rude protests to crude intimidation and violence. The bigger, the louder, the more obnoxious, the more destructive, the better. Rathke summed up ACORN’s approach to doing business in a single sentence: “One can almost taste the adrenaline when people take a crowbar to a door and pop it open to begin squatting.” ACORN leadership doesn’t care if people get hurt or property is damaged: as long as the action advances the cause, it’s fair game...

    "ACORN’s legacy of destruction and lawlessness traces directly back to the fiendishly brilliant Saul Alinsky. Born in 1909, the group’s spiritual sherpa into the abyss of planned anarchy was always fascinated by violence. His defenders present Alinsky as an advocate of civil disobedience who rejected violence as a political tool. This is rubbish. Alinsky adored violence.

    "By the time he died, Alinsky had created an astounding 44 community organizations that aspire to pulverize the American system. ACORN founder Rathke worked with Alinsky, who trained activists from the Massachusetts chapter of ACORN’s parent organization NWRO and other groups before he died in 1972. Alinsky “had done sessions with my staff at Massachusetts Welfare Rights in early 1970 and various other things,” Rathke blogged."

    "ACORN and WUO [see next section for details], siblings who took different paths to radical change, one through violence and terror, the other through protest and politics, draw their inspiration from a second source, the Chicago activist Saul Alinsky. He is the leftist who wrote Rules for Radicals, the seminal how-to guide for radical activists that elevated local-level political agitation to an ugly art form.

    "As the father of community organizing Alinsky urged activists to “rub raw the sores of discontent.” In his book, Alinsky praised the Devil as the “first radical” who “rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.” Alinsky said his book was “a step toward a science of revolution.” ... Alinsky believed that in political combat almost anything goes."

    The Alinsky strategy can be summarized as this:

    • Be deceptive (hide true intents, radical intents, etc.).
    • Be disruptive.
    • Use stealth (to infiltrate and gain power).
    • Seek to isolate, discredit and harm leadership.
    • Have double-standards.
    • The ends almost always justify the means.
    • Say your way can improve things and be better.

    The Cloward-Piven Strategy (change thru manufactured crisis) can be summarized as:

    • Break system with massive debt or unsustainable spending.
    • Create a crisis or make it worst.
    • Use a solution to a crisis to overburden system.
    ~ Once crisis is bad enough or system breaks, demand radical change.

    Alinsky, Cloward and Piven were all Marxists and their desired change was to turn America into a socialist or communistic state.

ACORN and Barack Obama

ACORN's founder, Rathke, worked as a draft resistance organizer for SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), which was founded by Jane Fonda's ex-husband Tom Hayden, and was a visible group in the left's movement in the 1960s. SDS dissolved into splinter groups, the most notable being the violent "Weatherman" group which later morphed into the Weather Underground Organization (WUO).

"In early 2008, ACORN’s political action committee endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for U.S. president as have former Weather Underground members Ayers and Dohrn, a married couple who helped launch Obama’s political career by hosting a 1995 fundraiser for the then-Illinois state senate candidate in their Hyde Park home. Former SDS and WUO member Mark Rudd also supports Obama.

"Not surprisingly, Hayden, who served in the California legislature for close to two decades, endorsed Obama in January, arguing that the Democratic candidate represents “the spirit, excitement, energy and creativity of a new generation bidding to displace the old ways.” "

"At an ACORN-sponsored forum on Dec. 1, 2007, Senator Obama announced that he would meet with ACORN in his first 100 days as U.S. president. He said, “Before I even get inaugurated, during the transition, we’re going to be calling all of you in to help us shape the agenda.” ...

"The month before, Obama said: “I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drives in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.”

"The socialist New Party, which served as ACORN’s electoral arm, endorsed Obama, who was one of its members, when he ran for the Illinois state senate in the mid-1990s... ACORN founder Wade Rathke played a role in founding the New Party... Obama used legal technicalities to have all his opponents thrown off the ballot in the 1996 state election, but still he sought the endorsement of the New Party."

Prior to running for office, Barack Obama joined the ACORN affiliate "Project Vote" as its Director in 1992, two years after the manifesto quoted above was ratified at the 1990 convention in Chicago.

There he trained ACORN activists, and as a community organizer, directed and mobilized ACORN voter registration efforts. Ever since then, Project Vote was known as ACORN's voter-mobilization arm.

Two years later, Barack Obama served as ACORN's lawyer, and he also continued to train ACORN staff through the late 1990s. Later, when he ran for president his campaign paid $800,000 to ACORN affiliate Citizens Services Inc. (CSI), where Project Vote's founder was now at, for campaigning efforts in four battleground states.

(As with Project Vote, a significant portion of CSI's money got passed on to the umbrella company, ACORN, as did some of Barack's campaign funds.)

Project Vote's founder had "bragged that he trained Barack Obama in 1992 and said of Obama, “ACORN produces leaders.” "  Illinois ACORN and SEIU Local 880 joined forces in supporting Project Vote's voter drive, and Barack Obama and others "in charge of Project Vote selected for its steering committee Madeleine Talbott of ACORN (see side-bar) and Keith Kelleher of SEIU Local 880, ACORN’s hand-maiden [ACORN's founder was an SEIU Union Leader]. (Other steering committee members included Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger)."

And Obama has continued associations:

"White House visitor records show that attorney Estelle H. Rogers, director of advocacy at ACORN-affiliated Project Vote, met with a senior aide to Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and with Van Jones‘ former chief of staff...

"Watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Justice Department, demanding copies of all correspondence between department officials and Ms. Rogers, a former attorney for ACORN...

"According to Project Vote’s website Ms. Rogers represented Project Vote “at meetings and legislative hearings, preparing a voting rights agenda for submission to the Presidential Transition Team in 2008-2009.” ...

"Project Vote is the unit of the ACORN network that Barack Obama worked for in 1992 when he ran a successful get-out-the-vote drive that helped to elect the radical leftist Carol Moseley Braun as Democratic senator from Illinois...

"Historically, Project Vote and ACORN have been indistinguishable. They share staff members, office space and money, as former Project Vote employee Anita MonCrief has explained. Project Vote still occupies ACORN’s old Washington headquarters near Capitol Hill."

"The Obama Administration has given a former director at the scandal-plagued Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) nearly half a billion dollars to offer “struggling” Illinois homeowners mortgage assistance, a Judicial Watch investigation has found...

“The Obama-tied community organization supposedly shut down... The Obama Administration has violated the congressional ACORN funding ban, however. Last summer Judicial Watch uncovered records that show ACORN got tens of thousands of dollars in grants to “combat housing and lending discrimination.” The money came via Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which awarded a $79,819 grant to AHCOA.

“In addition to violating the ACORN funding ban, the grant was astounding because federal investigators had previously exposed fraud by the same Florida-based ACORN/AHCOA affiliate. HUD’s inspector general found that the group “inappropriately” spent more than $3.2 million in grants that were supposed to be used to eliminate lead poisoning in its housing program.”

“President Obama has given ACORN $729,849 so far this year... The most recent grant is dated Sept. 2. HUD gave $350,030 to AHCOA in Philadelphia for “housing counseling.”

“In August HUD gave $300,000 to AHCOA’s head office in Chicago. The money is also designated for housing counseling...

“HUD issued a $79,819 grant to AHCOA’s Miama, Florida office in March for a left-wing political agitation and indoctrination program known as the “Education and Outreach Initiative.”

“AHCOA in San Antonio, Texas, will receive an undisclosed percentage of a $619,696 federal grant...”


And yet another example, but this really tops it!

(In September 2009, the Obama administration awards a million dollars to ACORN that was earmarked for firefighting when allocated in the 2008 fiscal year budget that started 3 months before Obama took office.)

Video Diary - collection of videos on ACORN and Obama:

"Former Chicago ACORN leader Madeline Talbott is a master of the bank shakedown. She bragged about “dragging banks kicking and screaming” into questionable loans. Talbott thought highly of Barack Obama’s organizing work in the Windy City and invited him to lecture her staffers. She also led a mob attack on the Chicago City Council during a “living wage” debate. ACORN demonstrators “pushed over the metal detector and table used to screen visitors, backed police against the doors to the council chamber, and blocked late-arriving aldermen and city staff from entering the session.” Six people, including a defiant Talbott, were led away in handcuffs..."

"One ACORN document... says ACORN Housing developed “several innovative strategies” to get around traditional lending guidelines, which were unfair because they “were geared to middle class borrowers.” Instead, ACORN convinced lenders to adopt “more flexible underwriting criteria that take into account the realities of lower income communities.” Henceforth banks would accept “less traditional income sources such as food stamps.”

"Those ideas were ratified by the Carter era Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which opened up banking to ACORN-style agitation. This 1977 law punishes lenders for limiting loans to wealthier, more creditworthy markets, a practice called “redlining.” Banking regulators are given the power to make trouble for banks that fail to lend enough money to “underserved” minority communities.

"Since CRA went into effect, Alinsky-inspired groups such as ACORN... have gone into the shakedown business. It intensified when then-Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin presided over the Clinton administration’s effort to put the CRA on steroids. Banks began to make risky subprime loans and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac aggregated them for sale as mortgage-backed securities (MBSs). Those practices made it easier for banks to give in to ACORN’s demands because they knew they could offload their high-risk debt on Fannie and Freddie...

"Political activism drove the banks to make irresponsible decisions, and it has put taxpayers on the hook for bank and housing bailout packages costing potentially trillions of dollars.

"As Stanley Kurtz has observed, “For years, ACORN had combined manipulation of the CRA with intimidation-protest tactics to force banks to lower credit standards. Its crusade, with help from Democrats in Congress, to push these high-risk “subprime” loans on banks is at the root of today’s economic meltdown.” "

"ACORN pushed for changes in the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), a law that was meant to prevent racial discrimination in bank lending, by creating legal weapons to force banks to loosen their lending criteria. ACORN got those changes in 1989, in the wake of the savings and loan crisis.

"The rule changes have opened banks up to increased public scrutiny, allowing advocacy groups like ACORN to monitor bank operations. It also created an expanded liberal interpretation of CRA that minimizes creditworthiness as a factor in bank lending decisions and argues that lower rates of lending to the poor and minorities are ipso facto evidence of discrimination.

"Whenever banks have attempted mergers or buyouts, ACORN has been there to protest until the banks promise to lower their lending standards to assist people with poor credit who are statistically far less likely to repay them. The results are now apparent.

"ACORN faced one serious problem in its campaign to get the banks to water down their lending requirements. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pushed back and refused to accept so much questionable mortgage paper. They said their mandate was to expand housing ownership by extending credit to creditworthy would-be homeowners. So ACORN turned its powers of protest and persuasion on Congress, on the Clinton administration, and on Fannie and Freddie.

"ACORN got its way. The Clinton administration’s Department of Housing and Urban Development decided to count subprime loans as affordable housing credits. Congress several times acted to loosen up Fannie and Freddie’s loan requirements. Congress ignored warnings by free market critics, such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Fred Smith and the American Enterprise Institute’s Peter Wallison, and allowed Fannie and Freddie to balloon in size with these new potentially bad loans infl ating a growing housing bubble."

ACORN Election Fraud

Following examples, an elected democrat and republican give their conclusions.

“At least 54 ACORN employees and individuals associated with ACORN have been convicted of voter fraud. Voter fraud is a blanket term coined by lawyers. It refers to fraudulent voting, identity fraud, perjury, voter registration fraud, forgery and a variety of crimes related to the electoral process. ACORN itself was convicted of voter fraud in Nevada earlier this year.”

“ACORN’s former deputy regional director, Amy Busefink was convicted in 2010 of vote fraud stemming from a 2008 Nevada case. Judicial Watch found that, “while under criminal indictment in Nevada… [Busefink] managed an online program for Project Vote’s 2010 Colorado campaign, the ultimate goal of which is to allow people without a driver’s license or state identification to register to vote online.” Busefink is now national field director for Project Vote.”

Also noted in the article:

“ACORN and its voter registration arm, Project Vote, hire marginal and unskilled workers at very low rates and use incentive bonuses or quotas to encourage them to collect as many voter registrations as possible. The resulting flood of registrations are fraught with duplicates, errors and omissions, and a large number are overtly fraudulent, including names like “Donald Duck,” “Mickey Mouse,” “Tony Romo” of the Dallas Cowboys, etc. According to Matthew Vadum, the senior editor at Capital Research Center, a total of 400,000 bogus ACORN registrations were thrown out in 2008 alone.”

“The Employment Policies Institute has updated and re-released its report... "This report reveals ACORN's pattern and practice of deception and fraud," said EPI research director Craig Garthwaite...

“Former ACORN Miami-Dade field director Mac Stuart has declared an intent to sue ACORN and has made charges of rampant voter fraud operations. Stuart was employed and specifically tasked by ACORN to generate 103,000 new voter registrations from Dade County. He reports that ACORN threw out Republican registrations while paying for Democratic ones. Stuart also charges that ACORN targeted ex-cons and that he personally set up registration tables outside the Miami police department and Dade County jail. He went on to state, "The voter registration project has been operating illegally since it started."

“ACORN has paid workers for every voter registration card collected -- a felony in Florida and also illegal in Missouri and Pennsylvania. ACORN also routinely accepted signatures for Amendment 5 from individuals who were not currently registered to vote -- a requirement under Florida law.

“Voter registration and petition fraud is just the latest chapter in ACORN's long sordid history. The EPI report also reveals:

“ACORN Involved in Union Embezzlement -- In the late 1990s, ACORN's Project Vote was involved in an $850,000 embezzling scheme, where union funds and kickbacks were used to illegally aid the 1996 re-election bid of then-Teamsters President Ron Carey. A New York federal jury found the Teamsters political director guilty of the conspiracy.”

"The Obama-supervised Woods Fund report acknowledges the problem of getting donors and foundations to contribute to radical groups like ACORN - whose confrontational tactics often scare off even liberal donors and foundations...

"The Woods Fund report makes it clear Obama was fully aware of the intimidation tactics used by ACORN's Madeline Talbott in her pioneering efforts to force banks to suspend their usual credit standards. Yet he supported Talbott in every conceivable way. He trained her personal staff and other aspiring ACORN leaders, he consulted with her extensively, and he arranged a major boost in foundation funding for her efforts.

"And, as the leader of another charity, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Obama channeled more funding Talbott's way - ostensibly for education projects but surely supportive of ACORN's overall efforts."

"Obama Sued Citibank Under CRA to Force it to Make Bad Loans...

"Case Name:
"Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance

"As a former White House staff economist writes in the American Thinker, Obama represented ACORN in a 1994 suit against redlining. ACORN was also a driving force behind a 1995 regulatory revision pushed through by the Clinton administration that greatly expanded the CRA and helped spawn the current financial crisis.

"Obama was the attorney representing ACORN in this effort. Last November, he told the group, “I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career.” Indeed he has. Obama was and is fully aware of what ACORN was doing with the money and expertise he provided. The voters should be aware on Nov. 4 of the roles of both in creating the current crisis."


“Voter fraud, the crime the Left says doesn’t exist, keeps rearing its ugly head.

“Four Democrats associated with ACORN’s political party, New York’s Working Families Party, have entered guilty pleas in connection with an illegal scheme in Troy, N.Y.

“As Eric Shawn of Fox News reports, signatures were forged on absentee ballots in the Working Families Party primary in 2009. The four men to have pleaded guilty are former Troy Democratic City Clerk William McInerney, Democratic Councilman John Brown, and Democratic Party operatives Anthony Renna and Anthony DeFiglio.

“Voter fraud is both commonplace and standard operating procedure for the Left, as I write in my book Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers.”

“O'jahnae Smith is ready and registered to vote this November.

“There's only one problem: She's 7 years old.

“The Connecticut girl is 11 years too young - and nobody in her family knows how she ended up on a voter registration form submitted by ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now...

“But that didn't stop someone from forging the child's signature on a voter registration card and giving her a fake birth date that upped her age to 27...

“Voter registration fraud complaints like these continue to mount for the group, already under scrutiny in 11 states where hundreds, if not thousands, of new registrations are being questioned.

“ACORN volunteers have been found to register dead people and even put members of the Dallas Cowboys on Nevada lists...

“Meanwhile, state authorities in New Mexico, Indiana, Missouri, Connecticut, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Nevada have launched probes of bogus voter registration forms filed by ACORN.

“Roberta Casteel, a nurse, is one of several dozen Nevada voters caught in the web of fake ACORN registrations. Casteel, a registered voter since 1991, was shocked to receive a letter rejecting a voter application she didn't know she'd made.

“Authorities said they'd received two voter applications in her name: one as a Democrat and one as an independent. Both cards had her address, date of birth and Social Security number, and were submitted by ACORN workers. Neither signature matched her original one on file.

“A former ACORN worker in Pennsylvania has already been charged with 17 counts of identity theft and forgery.”

“Some have charged that ACORN is a “vote fraud factory.” Is that accurate? Yes, unless you really believe Mickey Mouse should be eligible to vote... In Orlando, Florida, this year, ACORN turned in a registration for the Walt Disney Company’s flagship character...

“In Ohio, a 19-year-old was reportedly registered to vote 73 times. At press time, ACORN was being investigated by 11 states and the FBI for its questionable electioneering activities, and several media outlets were aggressively digging into ACORN’s vote registering and union activism.

“Ohio’s conservative Buckeye Institute has filed a racketeering case against ACORN claiming votes are being diluted by fake and duplicate registrations...

“ACORN has been trying to bloat the voting rolls with people who are fictitious or ineligible to vote.

“For instance, in early October CNN reported that in Lake County, Indiana, ACORN turned in 5,000 voter registrations. Officials stopped counting after going through 2,100 registrations and determining that they were all -- every single last one of them -- fraudulent...

“In Ohio, in 2004, one worker for an ACORN affiliate was paid crack cocaine in exchange for fraudulent voter forms that included children, the dead, a fictional famous flying British nanny, Dick Tracy, and Jive Turkey.

“The Employment Policies Institute compiled ACORN cases for 2004 and 2005. Highlights include:

* “An ACORN employee in New Mexico registered a 13-year-old boy to vote. Citing this and other examples, state Representative Joe Thompson stated that ACORN was ‘manufacturing voters’ throughout New Mexico.”

* “In Ohio, a grand jury indicted an ACORN worker in Columbus for submitting a false signature and false voter registration form. In Franklin County, ACORN was forced to fire two workers for submitting what the director of the board of election supervisors called ‘blatantly false’ forms.”

* “The Virginia State Board of Elections admonished Project Vote and ACORN [in 2005] for turning in a significant number of faulty voter registrations. An audit revealed that 83% of sampled registrations that were rejected for carrying false or questionable information were submitted by Project Vote. Many of these registrations carried social security numbers that exist for other people, listed non-existent or commercial addresses, or were for convicted felons -- in violation of state and federal election law.”

“Before the 2006 midterm elections, the Wall Street Journal editorialized against ACORN’s efforts. The paper cited a string of cases:

* “[L]ess than a week before the midterm elections, four workers from ACORN… have been indicted by a federal grand jury for submitting false voter registration forms to the Kansas City, Missouri, election board.”

* “Acorn workers have been convicted in Wisconsin and Colorado, and investigations are still under way in Ohio, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.”

“Washington’s secretary of state Sam Reed reported that in 2006 ACORN submitted 1,800 new voter registrations, and all but six were fake. This year in Washington state, seven ACORN workers were indicted on felony voter registration fraud charges, after the organization had entered into a consent decree to refrain from improper voting activities.

A Republican's Conclusion:

“In Missouri, ACORN has had serious legal troubles that stretch back decades. Gov. Matt Blunt (R) recently told Human Events (Oct. 16) “This is not a Lion’s Club or a social club that tried to have a voter registration effort and made some mistakes. This is a group with a history of systematic fraud around election day.”

“According to Gov. Blunt, only half of the 5,000 registrations that ACORN submitted in St. Louis before the 2000 election were valid, and at least 1,000 of the invalid registrations were clearly fraudulent. Similar shenanigans were observed in the state’s 2004, 2006, and 2008 elections. That has lead to indictments or prosecutions of more than a dozen ACORN workers and to Blunt’s call for a far reaching federal investigation.” ”

CNN News Report Sums Up its findings on ACORN:

More examples could be given... for a conclusion by a democrat congressman, see the article here.

ACORN's Demise

Enter Andrew Breitbart.

Andrew Breitbart worked for DrudgeReport.com before helping found and work at the Huffington Post. He then left to create Breitbart.com. He launched a site called BigGovernment.com (now redirects back to Breitbart.com) with the debut of the ACORN scandal videos.

The ACORN scandal videos were a series of videos made and released in the fall of 2009 by a 20 year old female college student who posed as a prostitute and a 25 year old who posed as her boyfriend.

They visited ACORN offices throughout the country asking for advice on how to get tax breaks and housing for a prostitution ring that would include importing under-age girls from foreign countries.

In every instance ACORN tried to help them, including offering services in getting them in public housing and in getting tax shelter advice.

The Fox News Report - September, 2009

When the videos were released on Fox and Breitbart's website it caused such an uproar that ACORN was defunded and filed for bancruptcy in disgrace.

Additional Sources:

     http://www.infoplease.com/biography/var/andrewbreitbart.html      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACORN_2009_undercover_videos_controversy

“The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is part political group, part crime syndicate, part terrorist organization. Much of the time it operates outside the legitimate political process, waging war against the framework of society. ACORN is in the business of subverting the American system, so what Americans saw on the undercover “pimp and pro” videos released in 2009 was just another day at the office at ACORN...

“It took “a half-naked 20-year-old” to spark the nationwide backlash that erupted against the group in 2009. Without the undercover videos masterminded by conservative activists James O’Keefe III and Hannah Giles that showed ACORN employees offering advice on establishing an illegal brothel employing underage Salvadoran girls, Americans’ concern about the group’s persistent lawbreaking might never have reached a fever pitch that forced Congress to defund the group in September 2009, beginning its final slide into bankruptcy. ACORN was only conducting business as usual, but the videos provided graphic evidence that the group’s business was not only unsavory but illegitimate.”

ACORN Regrouped

"ACORN was supposedly disbanded in 2010 but resurrected itself under a slew of new names. Former ACORN President Bertha Lewis bragged that they created “…18 bulletproof community-organizing Frankensteins…” These are reproduced in the table below. Most of these groups occupy former ACORN offices, many with the same staff."

“The Obama-tied community organization supposedly shut down after a series of exposés about its illegal activities, including fraudulent voter registration drives and involvement in the housing market meltdown... The legal scandals led Congress to pass a 2009 law banning federal funding for ACORN, which for years enjoyed a huge flow of taxpayer dollars to promote its various leftwing causes.

“The Obama Administration has violated the congressional ACORN funding ban, however. Last summer Judicial Watch uncovered records that show ACORN got tens of thousands of dollars in grants...

“In addition to violating the ACORN funding ban, the grant was astounding because federal investigators had previously exposed fraud by the same Florida-based ACORN/AHCOA affiliate.”

“President Obama has given ACORN $729,849 so far this year...”

“ACORN Housing is the largest affiliate of ACORN... ACORN Housing changed its name a year ago to Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA) to escape the stigma of being associated with ACORN...

“ACORN’s state chapters have restructured themselves and now go by names such as New York Communities for Change and Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment...

“Despite ACORN Housing’s public posturing, there has never been a wall of separation between ACORN, the shell corporation that filed for bankruptcy on Election Day 2010, ACORN Housing and ACORN’s 370-plus affiliates. In fact, ACORN and ACORN Housing shared the same office space across America in 2009...

“The ACORN network has developed a tangled, deliberately complex mess of interlocking directorates and affiliated tax-exempt groups that routinely swap seven-figure checks and that has long cried out for a probe under federal racketeering laws.

“Although ACORN and ACORN Housing are legally separate corporate entities, in practice they have been virtually indistinguishable. ACORN Housing’s board is controlled by veteran ACORN activists, such as the corporation’s president, Alton L. Bennett (active with ACORN since at least 1991)...

“The Obama administration gave the grants to ACORN Housing based on a thinly reasoned legal opinion in which a government lawyer waxed philosophical on all the possible meanings of the word “affiliate” found in “Black’s Law Dictionary.” ...

“The opinion allowed the administration to get around the ban on federal funding of ACORN that became law at the end of 2009.”

"The remnants of the ACORN empire of activism are gearing up to help President Obama, a former ACORN employee, get reelected next year.

"ACORN’s voter registration and mobilization arm, Project Vote, continues to operate, and state ACORN chapters have taken new names.

"Two of those ACORN front groups, New York Communities for Change (NYCC), and Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), have been very active in organizing the increasingly violent Occupy Wall Street movement."

"White House visitor records show that attorney Estelle H. Rogers, director of advocacy at ACORN-affiliated Project Vote, met with a senior aide to Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and with Van Jones‘ former chief of staff...

"Project Vote’s official position is that voter fraud is a myth invented by Republicans to disenfranchise Democratic voters. The group vilifies as a racist anyone who thinks voter ID requirements are a good idea and constantly presses to make voting requirements in general even more lax than they now are.

"Historically, Project Vote and ACORN have been indistinguishable... they share a common belief that voter fraud is needed to push the nation even farther to the left."

“ACORN’s former deputy regional director, Amy Busefink was convicted in 2010 of vote fraud stemming from a 2008 Nevada case. Judicial Watch found that, “while under criminal indictment in Nevada… [Busefink] managed an online program for Project Vote’s 2010 Colorado campaign, the ultimate goal of which is to allow people without a driver’s license or state identification to register to vote online.” Busefink is now national field director for Project Vote.”

First News Reports of ACORN Fraud in 2012 Presidential Election:

“In September, the Obama campaign got 1.8 million donations from small contributors who did not break the $200 threshold requiring that their information be reported to the Federal Election Commission. They gave the campaign 98 percent of the $181 million it raised that month, a figure vastly higher than its take in any previous month...

“Now, in the last month of the 2012 race, Newsweek magazine has raised serious questions about Obama’s fundraising and its possible reliance on foreign donors and outright fraud to generate its funding.

“Newsweek raises questions, in particular, about Robert W. Roche, the co-founder and chairman of the board of Acorn International Inc., a media and branding direct-sales company based in Shanghai. He also owns the Obama.com website, which appears on the Internet throughout the world. Roche’s site links to Barackobama.com, the official campaign site, where it invites people to donate to the campaign. Obama.com gets 2,000 visits a day, two-thirds of which are from foreigners. Is it a giant money-laundering operation to feed foreign money into the Obama campaign? ...

“Roche, by the way, has visited the White House 11 times during Obama’s tenure, according to the visitor log.

“These questions arise because the Obama campaign, unlike Romney’s or, for that matter, Hillary Clinton’s in 2008, refuses to ask donors for their CVV number (the number on your credit card that one is often asked for after giving one’s name and expiration date). The CVV is designed to assure that the donor is actually physically holding the card...

“In 2008, The Washington Post reported that Mary Biskup was reported to have donated more than $170,000 to the Obama campaign in small donations. But Biskup says she never gave any money to the campaign. Some other donor must have given the money in her name.

“Given these past problems and the Obama campaign’s sudden influx of small donors, Newsweek wonders why the campaign does not require CVV numbers to minimize the chances of fraud.

“The magazine noted that the campaign’s past scandals “make it all the more surprising that the Obama campaign does not use … the card verification value [system].” The magazine added that “the Romney campaign, by contrast, does use the CVV — as has almost every other candidate who has run for president in recent years.” ”

“President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has been soliciting foreigners for donations, an explosive report from the conservative Government Accountability Institute (GAI) shows.

“Those foreign donors are allegedly visiting the Obama campaign’s donation solicitation Web pages through a social media website the campaign controls, and through an outside website that serves mostly Internet users from outside the United States.

“About 20 percent of visitors to the “my.barackobama.com” social media website “originated from foreign locations,” the report found. That Web address is owned and controlled by the Obama re-election campaign.

“ “At no point during the [website's] subscription process is a visitor asked whether he or she can legally donate to a U.S. election,” GAI notes.

“ “Once a visitor signs up, he or she immediately begins receiving solicitations for donations. In fact, numerous foreign nationals report receiving solicitation letters and thank you emails from the campaign for their support. Some of these emails have been reposted on blog sites to encourage friends to click on the donate link or get their names on the email list.” ...

“Federal law prohibits ”a foreign national, directly or indirectly,” from making “a contribution or donation of money or other thing of value … in connection with a Federal, State, or local election. The same section of law makes it a federal crime to “solicit, accept, or receive” such campaign contributions...

“GAI cites examples comprising what it calls “but a sample” of a large trend of Obama’s campaign soliciting foreign nationals for campaign donations. Those examples focus on foreign bloggers posting fundraising-request emails from the Obama campaign.

“The group identified such Obama fundraising solicitations sent to Chinese, Azerbaijani, Vietnamese, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian and Egyptian bloggers.

“In a report accompanying the GAI report’s release, former U.S. Attorney Ken Sukhia concluded that the Obama campaign is clearly soliciting donations from foreign nationals...

“In addition to soliciting foreigners for donations, the Obama campaign has chosen not to employ industry-standard safeguards against collecting unlawful foreign donations via its social media and online process, the GAI report says...

“GAI notes that the Obama campaign’s failure to use such security measures in its online donation system likely costs it “millions of dollars in additional fees” because “card processors charge higher transaction fees for campaigns that fail to use the CVV.”

“The group estimates that Obama’s 2008 campaign, which raised over $500 million, likely “paid at least an additional $7.25 million in fees to the banks that it could have avoided if it were to have used the CVV,” assuming the campaign paid typical rates for processing credit card transactions.

“The Obama campaign claims it has its own methods of confirming the legitimacy of credit card transactions. But it does require CVV data from credit card purchasers of hats, t-shirts and other campaign merchandise...

“In addition to fundraising practices employed at “my.barackobama.com,” another website — “Obama.com” — directs Web traffic to pages where the president’s campaign fills its coffers, GAI concluded...

“Obama.com was registered in September 2008 to Robert Roche, an Obama campaign bundler living in Shanghai, China, according to GAI.

“ “Roche is an American citizen (originally from Chicago)... By October 2, 2008, Obama.com began redirecting all visitors to specific content on my.barackobama.com,” GAI wrote. “Upon arrival to my.barackobama.com, visitors were asked for their name, email, and zip code and presumably were sent solicitation letters, like every other visitor who provides that information to the campaign... Sometime during 2012, the webpage began sending visitors to a donation page on the Obama campaign’s website. The campaign’s donation page loads an affiliate number to track the traffic and donations coming via the website. It continues to do so today.” ...

“The Obama campaign has not responded to The Daily Caller’s request for comment regarding this report.”

“According to knowledgeable sources, a national magazine and a national web site are preparing a blockbuster donor scandal story.

“Sources told Secrets that the Obama campaign has been trying to block the story...

“According to the sources, a taxpayer watchdog group conducted a nine-month investigation into presidential and congressional fundraising and has uncovered thousands of cases of credit card solicitations and donations to Obama and Capitol Hill, allegedly from unsecure accounts, and many from overseas...

“At the end of the 2008 presidential campaign, the Obama-Biden effort was hit with a similar scandal. At the time, the Washington Post reported that the Obama campaign let donors use "largely untraceable prepaid credit cards that could potentially be used to evade limits on how much an individual is legally allowed to give or to mask a contributor's identity.”


Black Panthers intimidate Voters - Obama DOJ Protects them from Prosecution

In the 2008 presidential election, Black Panthers in uniform, one brandishing a club, intimidated voters at a Philadelphia voting entrance. (See videos - they somewhat behaved when filmed)

Bill O'Reilly Show - Jul 31, 2012:

“The Bush administration filed a civil complaint against the New Black Panther party for allegedly violating the Voter Rights Act of 1965...

“The Black Panthers subsequently did not show up for the court hearing and one was found guilty of a civil violation but not punished in any significant way. The Obama Justice Department refused to pursue criminal charges against the Black Panthers, although there was strong evidence that they did violate the law, Attorney General Holder saying there simply was not enough evidence to charge the men in federal criminal court. But some believe that’s not true, and politics allowed the Panthers to get away with it...

“The Monday ruling from Federal Judge Reggie Walton could be trouble for Obama Justice Department Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, who denied the presence of political appointees in the decision not to pursue charges against the New Black Panthers for the incident...

“The watchdog organization Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) and they received documents — they obtained evidence — that Federal Judge Reggie Walton indicates political pressure was in play. Judge Walton writing, quote, ‘The documents reveal that political appointees within DOJ were conferring about the status and resolution of the New Black Panther Party case in the days preceding the DOJ’s dismissal of claims in that case, which would appear to contradict Assistant Attorney General Perez’s testimony that political leadership was not involved in that decision,’ unquote. Because of Judge Walton’s ruling, Mr. Perez may be investigated for perjury.” ”

Police Come:

Fox News goes on site to Report:

Student films voter Intimidation:

Democrats were explicitly involved. In both the Fox News report and the student video, one sees certified democrat poll watchers, wearing their badges, watching over the Black Panthers. As the Fox News reporter stated, when Fox arrived, the poll watcher ordered Fox News to leave even though they have a constitutional right to come and film. In addition, in both films one can see and hear the poll watchers call on their cell phones to alert others of a situation, and both Fox News and the student reporters are told to leave.


See Also "Military Voting" Subsection

On the military page under the Obama's Actions section:


Background - Military Voting

Both an original 1986 federal law and a 2010 amended federal law on military voting allows preferential treatment of military for absentee and early voting (Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act).

This is an attempt to overcome obstacles military members face in voting and help military voter turnout to increase.

("In the 2008 election cycle, only 54% of active duty military members voted" (Intervenor Military Groups' Memorandum - Doc #8-1 pg 14).

In contrast, 60% of Ohio voters voted for president in 2008 (Cleveland.com - Nov 5, 2008).)

Background - Ohio Voting

After long voting lines in 2004, Ohio added early voting for all voters, and still allows early voting for all voters.

In 2008, just under 6% of early voters (and just under 2% of all voters) waited until the 3 days before the election to vote:

"More than 1.7 million people in Ohio voted before Election Day in 2008, accounting for about 30% of all ballots cast. About 100,000 of them voted in person in the final three days before the election."

But due to election clerks potentially becoming overwhelmed in the days immediately before the election (Newsbusters.org),

and also due to cost and inconsistencies, in 2011, Ohio changed early voting, offering 3 less voting days for the general public:

"Prior to changes in the law passed by the Republican-controlled state legislature and by Governor John Kasich, everyone could submit an early ballot in person or by mail all the way through Monday, but access over the weekend for in-person voting was inconsistent in Ohio’s 88 counties. The counties would have to pay overtime over these weekends to keep offices open, which is probably why some didn’t do so. The new law restricted early voting to the Friday before the election, but left an exception for military members to cast votes in person through Monday."

But in keeping with the spirit of the federal law to provide special voting accommodations for military and overseas citizens, Ohio preserved the 3 days before election day as early voting days for military:

“Under the new Ohio laws, registered voters who fall under the federal Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voter Act may vote early, in person, through the day before Election Day, which is a Tuesday.”

Background - Motivation for Political Meddling

In 2008 when Obama won the election by a 7% margin and Ohio by a 5% margin, Obama lost the military vote by a 10% margin..

Obama's support has eroded, and the 2012 election will be much tighter, so Obama will probably lose the military vote by a larger margin in 2012.

Polls show the 2012 presidential election too close to predict, and Ohio too close to predict, with Ohio being one of the few battle-ground states that will likely determine the winner (CNN.com - Electoral Map).

Obama's Action

During the height of the campaign, Obama files suit against the military having 3 more early voting days than other voters, asking for an injunction, claiming he is trying to expand voting days for non-military rather than restrict the military's voting.

However, even in his own motion to intervene, filed August 1st, the Obama campaign recommends a possible course of action for the courts, which is to restrict the military's voting days:

"One remedy it reasonably may consider imposing—and which the State itself may advocate—would be to reduce the time period for early voting by members of the military to the earlier civilian deadline. The U.S. Supreme Court has held, “[W]e have never suggested that the injuries caused by a constitutionally underinclusive scheme can be remedied only by extending the program’s benefits to the excluded class.” ...

"Thus, a plaintiff’s success in an Equal Protection case reasonably may lead to “withdrawing the statute’s benefits from both the favored and the excluded class.” "


A successful case very likely would restrict the military's voting days rather than expand non-military early voting days.

Even if a successful case resulted in more early voting days for non-military voters in Ohio (a must win state for Obama) resulting in a few more non-military votes being cast, the demographics indicate this will still help Obama by watering down the effect of the military vote, which is already under-represented and more opposed to him.

It appears obvious that under the guise of expanding voting rights, Obama is playing politics, hoping for a result that at best will disenfranchise military voters and at worst water down their effect by getting more non-military votes for himself.

This maneuvering at this time, rather than filing the suit last year or even earlier this year if he was truly concerned about voting rights or leveling early voting opportunities to match the military, seems clearly for the purpose of personal gain in a tight election.

This maneuvering against the crucial battle-ground state of Ohio, rather than suing against the federal law granting military special opportunities in early voting, further indicates attempts at mere political manipulation.


Members of the military strongly oppose this action against them, as demonstrated by 15 military organizations opposing this law suit (Moritzlaw.osu.edu - Motion to Intervene: Doc #8 - Aug 1, 2012).

The Conservative Press sees this as an attempt to restrict the military vote for political reasons, e.g.:

Romney campaign Press releases on the subject:


Battleground State of Iowa

“Three Council Bluffs residents have been charged with voter fraud for allegedly illegally voting in at least one of two elections.

“A Department of Criminal Investigations inquiry into the 2010 and 2011 general and city of Council Bluffs elections resulted in three arrests Thursday...

“DCI Assistant Director Charis Paulson said the arrests were made after the department obtained information from Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz...

“Schultz’s office has stated they have learned that 3,582 non-citizens may have registered to vote in Iowa, and that 1,208 of those individuals voted in the 2010 election...

“Court records indicated DCI agents determined Albert Harte-Maxwell registered to vote in Pottawattamie County in 2010. On the registration, it asks the signer to swear or affirm in two sections that they are U.S. citizens. Albert Harte-Maxwell signed the registration and DCI determined he is a citizen of Canada.

“He filed an absentee ballot request form and a voting ballot in the 2010 general election. He also allegedly voted in the 2011 city election...

“Ayon-Fernandez is also a lawful permanent resident, but not a U.S. citizen, according to court documents. She registered to vote in Pottawattamie County in 2002. The investigation discovered she cast an absentee ballot in the 2010 general election.

“In August, a DCI agent interviewed Ayon-Fernandez. She allegedly said she originally registered to vote in California and had the registration switched to Iowa when she moved.”

Battleground State of Ohio

“More than one out of every five registered Ohio voters is probably ineligible to vote.

“In two counties, the number of registered voters actually exceeds the voting-age population: Northwestern Ohio’s Wood County shows 109 registered voters for every 100 eligible, while in Lawrence County along the Ohio River it’s a mere 104 registered per 100 eligible.

“Another 31 counties show registrations at more than 90 percent of those eligible, a rate regarded as unrealistic by most voting experts. The national average is a little more than 70 percent...

“What can Ohio’s chief elections official, Secretary of State Jon Husted, do to clean up the voter rolls? ...

“In a Feb. 10 letter, he asked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for a personal meeting to discuss how to balance seemingly conflicting federal laws so he could pare Ohio’s dirty voter list without removing truly eligible voters.

“ “Common sense says that the odds of voter fraud increase the longer these ineligible voters are allowed to populate our rolls,” Husted said. “I simply cannot accept that.”

“Holder’s office has never replied...

“Judicial Watch sued the Republican secretary of state in federal court in Ohio on Aug. 30.

“ “Those (inactive voters) are all potential names that could be used for voter fraud,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. “That’s a disaster, potentially. Certainly, it just shows that our lawsuit is right on target.”

“He said the group, which also is involved in similar lawsuits against Indiana and Florida, examined all 50 states and Ohio was among those that “bubbled to the top” as having the worst voter-registration records...

“In February, the Pew Center on the States released a study called Inaccurate, Costly, and Inefficient showing that about 24 million U.S. voter registrations were no longer valid or had significant inaccuracies.

“Since taking office in January 2011, Husted has removed the names of more than 150,000 dead voters as well as hundreds of thousands of duplicate registrations...”


“As Virginia legislators hotly debated a voter ID bill that narrowly passed the General Assembly, many were unaware of a state police investigation that, so far, has resulted in charges against 38 people statewide for voter fraud. Warrants have been obtained for a 39th person who can't be located.

“A majority of those cases already have resulted in convictions, and 26 additional cases are still being actively investigated nearly 3-and-a-half years after the state Board of Elections forwarded more than 400 voter and election fraud allegations from 62 cities and counties to Virginia State Police for individual investigation...

“A total of 194 cases statewide where police determined a violation likely occurred have been closed because the commonwealth's attorneys in those localities declined to prosecute those individuals, police said.”


“A private investigation into absentee fraud in the city of Hialeah exposed a major absentee ballot fraud “machine” in the “City of Progress.” Soon thereafter arrests were made, including the former mayor’s uncle.”


“MILWAUKEE – Alderman Michael McGee will go on trial in December, according to a judge ruling. The judge says McGee will have a single trial on all charges... of running a $5 per person vote buying operation...

“Two other defendants in the vote buying case, Garrett Huff and Khadijah Anwar will go to trial in March without McGee.”

“MADISON, Wis. (AP) — State elections officials have identified up to 195 felons who may have illegally voted in the November 2008 presidential election.”

“Two More Felony Vote Fraud Convictions in Milwaukee...

“Both Lewis and Martinez were convicted of one count of Voting by a Disqualified Person... Lewis was also charged with one count of Providing False Information to Election Officials; however, that count was dismissed as part of the plea agreement.”

“Man convicted of double voting...

“Sure, Michael Zore told police, he'd voted twice in last November's election, using the city hall polling stations of two different Milwaukee County suburbs in the space of six hours.

“The evidence against him included him signing up to vote using a false address in West Allis, after he'd already voted in Wauwatosa.

“But Zore, 44, told a jury Wednesday there was a good reason he shouldn't be convicted of felony counts of double voting and giving a poll worker false information:

“He forgot...

“Jurors needed just an hour of deliberation, and a lunch break, to reject this claim and find Zore guilty Wednesday.”

“University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire student Michael R. Howard, 20, of Appleton, appeared Thursday in Outagamie County Circuit Court with his attorney, Daniel Clausz...

“The criminal complaint contends Howard voted in the April 6 election with an Appleton absentee ballot and again in person in Eau Claire.

“He allegedly told investigators he was unaware of the fact that he could not vote twice in the same election.”

“Following a state task force investigation into a number of Wisconsin counties’ 2008 presidential election ballots, 20 Wisconsinites have been charged with committing election fraud...

“The DOJ and Milwaukee County prosecutors charged 11 felons for voting, six people for voter registration misconduct and two people for voting twice, according to a DOJ statement.

“Authorities also charged a Milwaukee County man after he acquired a ballot in his late-wife’s name so he could “fulfill her dying wish” to vote for Obama, according to the statement.”

A Democrat's Conclusion:

“Voter fraud is not a figment of your imagination, says former Congressman Artur Davis (D-Alabama).

“The use of absentee ballots makes massive electoral fraud possible, Davis told the Daily Caller’s Neil Munro in a startling interview. Davis’s comments came months after a Tunica County, Miss., jury convicted local NAACP official Lessadolla Sowers on 10 counts of fraudulently casting absentee ballots. Sowers received a five-year prison term.

“ “Most voter fraud doesn’t happen on Election Day,” Davis said... “It happens with the absentee ballots and counties in my old congressional district. Sometimes 50 percent of the votes cast in Democratic primaries were absentee ballots.”

“ “There is no reason that half the vote in a community ought to be absentee ballots... That comes about when there’s a strategy of cooking the books at the polls, voting people named Donald Duck and manufacturing ballots.”

“Davis can’t understand why those on the left oppose voter ID laws such as the law recently enacted in his home state of Alabama.

“ “People who are progressives should never be afraid of more transparency and accountability,” Davis said. “I always thought that one progressive core was that we want to know more and be more transparent about politics. The progressives I know believe in more campaign disclosure in terms of who’s putting money into campaigns. They believe in more disclosure in terms of how involved lobbyists are and special interests are in the process.”

“ “If you believe in more transparency around connections in politics and money in politics, how can you not believe in transparency when it comes to the core of politics which is voting?” ”

President of National Republican Lawyers Association Reports

“A comprehensive study of the 2004 election in Wisconsin by the Milwaukee Police Department found that there was an “illegal organized attempt to influence the outcome of elections.” American University’s nonpartisan Center for Democracy and Election Management found that 17 percent of individuals surveyed saw or heard of fraud at their polling places while 60 percent saw or heard of fraud at other polling places. A study by the Colorado secretary of state found that nearly 5,000 noncitizens voted in Colorado’s closely contested 2010 Senate race. Recently, the New Mexico secretary of state turned over 64,000 cases (which constitute nearly 10% of those who voted) to the state police for investigation of whether voter fraud was committed.

“Turnout would not be decreased by voter ID laws. In the Supreme Court case of Marion v. Crawford County Board of Elections, plaintiffs could not cite a single eligible resident who could not vote due to Indiana’s voter ID law. A 2009 University of Delaware study by Jason Mycoff found that in four elections from 2000 to 2006 “voter identification laws [did] not affect voter turnout.” A University of Missouri study by Jeffrey Milyo found that Indiana’s photo voter ID law had no effect on voter turnout in counties with higher concentrations of minority, poor, elderly or less educated voters. Voter turnout actually increased in counties with Democratic majorities...

“There is reason to doubt the statistics from leftist groups like the Brennan Center for Justice, which makes the outrageous claim of being nonpartisan. A large number of the Brennan Center’s staff worked for Democrats: Executive Director Michael Waldman was a speechwriter for President Bill Clinton, Liberty & National Security Program Co-Director Elizabeth Goitein worked for Senator Russ Feingold and Chief Counsel Frederick A.O. Schwarz Jr. was at the New York City Corporation Counsel under Mayor Ed Koch...

“Most Americans recognize the need for voter ID laws. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 75% of total voters “believe voters should be required to show photo identification, such as a driver’s license, before being allowed to vote.” According to the poll, 85% of Republicans and 63% of Democrats support photo voter ID. Groups like the Brennan Center and the DNC’s Voting Rights Institute are far more liberal than most Democrats when it comes to voter ID. With three-fourths of the electorate supporting voter ID, and so much research behind it, voter ID should be the law.”