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NOTE: This gives general qualities and reasons why I support Romney but was written at the height of the Romney-Santorum duel, so there is contrasting with Rick Santorum.

7. Immigration. Romney has a solid record and platform addressing illegal immigration.

Rick Santorum says things that sound good, but as NY Times best seller and popular conservative pundit Ann Coulter explained, he has a record that has perpetuated illegal immigration, including voting against even the voluntary use of e-verify, and he has a platform that will continue to perpetuate the problem, which includes continued opposition to the use of e-verify.

6. Washington Outsider. This hardly needs any commentary. Rick Santorum spent 16 years as a Washington insider as a congressman (4 years in the house and 12 years in the senate), and since then over the last five years has remained there as a consultant to lobbying firms and other companies wanting a Washington insider's services. The executive director of the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington explained that Santorum "was a huge part of pay-to-play politics during one of the dirtiest eras in Washington."

By contrast Mitt Romney has never worked inside the beltway, and he has never worked as a consultant to lobbying firms.

5. Executive experience. Mitt Romney has experience running and rescuing billion dollar enterprises, including government enterprises, while Rick Santorum has no executive experience.

Massachusetts had the 11th largest economy in the nation, and it was doing worst than the rest of the country, ranking 50th in its increase in unemployment and bleeding fast when he took over. He balanced the multi-billion dollar Massachusetts state budget which had billions in structural deficit, leaving a $2 billion surplus. The year he left office, the state was 12th in the nation, in its improvement in the unemployment rate, which was decreasing and substantially lower than when he took office.

What better training and experience for a person to take over the multi-trillion dollar enterprise called the federal government, which is well over 15 trillion dollars in debt and sinking fast? This reason alone is more than ample reason, hands down, to support Mitt Romney over any of the remaining contenders as the future executive of the country.

4. Electability - The ability to beat the incumbent in a general election. There has been much ballyhoo lately about how Senator Rick Santorum is as electable as Governor Mitt Romney. To use Senator Santorum's not so eloquent words, "This is just crap!" And this is why:

History: There has only been one person in history to defeat an incumbent president, whose government experience was limited to being a legislator and senator. That was the Republican President Benjamin Harrison (1889-93), but he also had the credential of being a Civil War hero and General. He did such a poor job, that after one term the voters reelected his defeated predecessor, Grover Cleveland, to a second term. Since then, the country has never replaced a president with a senator having no executive government experience. But voters do like to replace presidents with governors, such as when Ronald Reagan defeated President Carter and Bill Clinton defeated President Bush.

Polls: While Santorum’s polling against Barack Obama improved a little for a short while, Romney has often tied or beat President Obama in the polls and still has a better polling average than Santorum. More telling, Romney has fared far better than Santorum in polls of battleground states and among independents.

Credentials: From the previously mentioned executive experience, to the next credentials listed, Mitt Romney has a resume and the experience that makes him more electable.

3. Business and economic understanding and experience. Graduating in the top of his class in Harvard in both business and law, Mitt Romney went on to create and save many businesses. Having someone who understands business, jobs and the economy is near the top in my criteria for a desired presidential candidate.

2. Fiscal Discipline. In addition to keeping businesses in the black (profitable), Mitt Romney has demonstrated fiscal discipline in government. When he took office, he revamped the existing budget, balancing it, then balanced all four budgets during his term in office without raising taxes. And although some fees were raised and some corporate tax loopholes were closed, he also repeatedly cut taxes. Rick Santorum on the other hand has been roundly criticized by peers and others for enthusiastically over-indulging in seeking increased earmarks and spending.

1. Turn-around artist. The skill, ability, credentials and track record of turning struggling or failing enterprises around is Mitt Romney's most impressive and appealing quality. The action I most would like to see occur with the federal government, with its runaway deficit spending, and with the U.S. economy, is a fiscal turnaround. Mitt Romney has a spectacular record and ability turning things around. This needs duplicating at the federal level.

~Webmaster, aboutMittRomney.com


3. Second Amendment Rights. Contrary to prevalent misinformation, Mitt Romney has a solid record in supporting second Amendment rights, as is documented on the Gun Owners’ Action League’s website, goal.org. (GOAL is Massachusetts oldest and largest gun-rights organization.)

Rick Santorum, not so much. He cosponsored gun-control laws including H.R.1412, a democrat sponsored mandatory background check law. He voted for H.R.3371 which had the popular title "Crime Bill (w/Brady Handgun Compromise S.A. 503)", and then voted to allow the Brady Act to be voted on, rather than blocking the measure, knowing it had the necessary votes and support to pass. It then passed the same day by well over 50 votes. He refused to join dozens of co-sponsors in gun-rights efforts, including S.2113, "A bill to restore the Second Amendment Rights" and H.Con.Res.11, "The Right of All Americans to Keep and Bear Arms", all in his first term in office.

What has given Romney’s detractors fodder on this issue are campaign statements he made while running for office in Massachusetts. (Even then, they are narrowly edited and taken out of context..) What matters most is a candidate’s actual record, combined with their presidential platform and commitment on the issue.

2. Abortion and Life Issues. While most are probably at least somewhat familiar with Mitt Romney's history on abortion views, how many know Rick Santorum's history on abortion views is quite similar? In fact if you read their two histories, a case could be made that Mitt Romney's shift to a solid pro-life stance was more genuine and less politically motivated than Rick Santorum's. I give them equal credit for having made the shift and arriving at the same conclusion.

While battling the state legislature, Mitt Romney fought so hard against creating and destroying human life for the purpose of embryonic stem-cell research that in addition to using vetoes, executive orders, editorials and so forth, he used his own funds to run radio adds against the issue. And Romney took the side of life on all other bills and actions as governor as well.

While Rick Santorum also has a good record with respect to opposing embryonic stem-cell research, during Rick Santorum's 16 year tenure in congress, Planned Parenthood literally received billions of dollars in taxpayer money to perform their mission. Where were Rick's fights in behalf of the prolife cause in opposing that funding, including filibusters, protests and battles against using such a large amount of money, which helps to fund the destruction of so much life? They are not there.

On this issue, Rick Santorum has a propensity to say and focus on things that ignite the base and scare the general electorate, while Romney focuses on the priorities that matter most to everyone, conservative, republican and independent, including fixing the economy and repealing Obamacare. But when it comes to pro-life issues, because of Mitt Romney's record of action in getting things done, he would probably be far more effective as president than Rick Santorum in accomplishing what actions can and should be taken on life issues, including actually addressing abortion related funding.

1. Healthcare. From Romney's well articulated and thought out healthcare policy and strategy unveiled in May 2011, to his Paul Ryan praised plan for fixing and reforming Medicare, to his strategy to repeal and replace Obamacare, Mitt Romney has plans and strategies that exceeds Rick Santorum's, where they even exist.

(And yes, Romney even has a leg up on Santorum on the federal mandate issue. Romney has never been in favor of a federal mandate, but Santorum has said in the past that he favors the approach.

Romney didn't even in favor an individual mandate at the state level. Instead, he proposed that those who can afford insurance who don't want to buy it, set up a trust fund to ensure they can pay their medical bills. If someone wouldn't do that, he proposed the state place their state tax refund in that individual’s trust fund rather than send the person a check. Romney proposed these solutions to stave off an effort in Massachusetts to create a socialized medicine approach.

The Massachusetts legislature did not give Romney his recommended law to sign. It was a compromise bill that Romney still vetoed 8 parts of. They were overridden, and then the legislature continued to tinker with the law, making it worst.)